This list is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to condone the crime of rape. This subject matter is intended for adults who know the difference between fantasy and reality only. If you have additions to, or comments about, this list, please email them to me at



- Female breasts shown
- No Nudity
- Not rape but similar
- Not seen, seeking
- Pictures Only
- Full frontal nudity. Penetration not shown
- Seen and possibly seeking
- Penetration shown
- Excerpt
- Simulated penetration shown


Anal rape - Unwanted penetration of the anus
Attempted - A rape that is prevented or otherwise avoided.
Brutal - Extemely violent.
Child - A victim under the age of 18 years.
Coerced - Blackmailed or compelled by consequences other than direct physical injury.
Deception rape - Consensual sex under false pretenses such as mistaken identity.
Dildo rape - Insertion in a sexual manner of anything other than a body part.
Fantasy - Rape takes place in someone's imagination.
Fatal - Scene ends with death of victim(s).
Final - Scene ends with death of rapist(s).
Humiliation - Nonconsensual behavior other than that which is overtly sexual.
Impaired - Unconscious, Drugged, Drunk, etc.
Intimidation - Forced by threats of physical violence or the continuation of physical violence.
Molestation - Sexual violation other than intercourse.
Oral rape - forced fellatio or giving of cunnilingus
Overpowered - Taken by brute force.
Restrained - Held by bondage or accomplice(s).
Simulated - What appears to be a rape is later revealed not to be.
Violent - Harm beyond that needed to overpower.
Witnessed - Watched by someone not directly involved.

Codes: M/f, M/m, F/f, F/M, A/f, M/a, etc.

M - Male attacker
F - Female attacker
A - Animal, Alien, or other non-human antagonist
m - Male victim
f - Female victim
a - Animal, Alien, or other non-human protagonist



1. Complacent or unconscious
2. Reluctant and upset
3. Extremely upset
4. Traumatized
5. Devastated


1. More implied than shown
2: Improbable depiction
3: Shown only from the waist up
4: Body movement as a result is shown
5: Contact is shown

Acting ratings apply to actual scene only. Some movies listed are included because it was implied they contain forced sex scenes. This may not actually be the case. They will be removed once I am certain they are not appropriate for this list.

-unknown- and #

-unknown 1- (El Precio De Tu Amor) - ?N
M/f restrained rape. Gabriela Galván (Eugenia Cauduro) is bound, gagged, thrown on a bed and raped. Color Mexican TV series episode.

-unknown 2- (Eurocops) - ?N
M/f restrained off-camera rape. A gagged woman is tied to a bed and raped off-camera. Italian episode of a Eurovision TV series.

-unknown 4- (Prisoner) (1979) - ?N
"Caged Women" "Prisoner: Cell Block H"
Meg Jackson/Morris (Elspeth Ballantyne) is attacked, bound spread-eagle and raped by two men in her bedroom. Color TV series episode.

-unknown 5 - (Prisoner) (1979) - ?N
"Caged Women" "Prisoner: Cell Block H"
MM/ff restrained, attempted rape. Rita "The Beater" Connors (Glenda Linscott) and Alice "Lurch" Jenkins (Lois Collinder) are bound and gagged by two male inmates intent on raping them, but the women escape. Color TV series episode.

072 sentai: G renjâ (2010) - no link - ?3I
["Gôshi Kawano's 072 Squadron: G Rangers" "072 Squadron: G Rangers"]

2:37 (2006) - link - ?2Ix
["¿Quién muere hoy?" "2:37 - Two Thirty Seven" "2:37 antistrofi metrisi" "2h37" "All in a Day" "Two Thirty 7"]
M/f incest rape (Brother). Australian color movie directed by . 91 min.

3 Needles (2005) - link - ?2Sx
["3 agujas" "Három tu" "Los caminos de la vida" "Three Needles" "Trois destins" "Unidos Pelo Sangue"]
Canadian color movie directed by . 127 min.

5x2 (2004) - link - R1Ix
["5 fores to 2" "5 x 2 - Cinq fois deux" "5 x 2: Five Times Two" "5x2 - Bes kere iki" "5x2 - Fünf mal zwei" "5x2 - viis korda kaks" "Cinq fois deux" "CinquePerDue - Frammenti di vita amorosa" "Five Times Two" "Kärlek - tur och retur" "Kärlek tur & retur" "Nous deux" "O Amor em 5 Tempos" "Rakkaus - meno & paluu"]
M/f overpowered rape. Marion (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi) and Gilles (Stéphane Freiss) divorce and then have sex one last time. It begins consensually, but then becomes rape when she no longer wants to and he insists. French color movie directed by . 90 min.

6 Guns (2010) - link - G2Ix
MMM/f witnessed intimidation gang rape (dying husband). After seeing her children murdered and while her husband is dying from being shot, Selina Stevens (Sage Mears) is bent over a table and raped by three of the men who have invaded her home. Acting 4/5, Intensity 3/5 (*5/5?), Graphic 4/5. *It is arguable that the lack of intensity is due to her being in shock. Color movie directed by Shane Van Dyke. 95 min.

8mm (1999) - link - ?1I
["8mm - Acht Millimeter" "8 Millimeter" "8 milimetara" "8 millimètres" "8 mm - Kahdeksan millimetriä" " 8MM - Delitto a luci rosse" "8MM - Sekiz milimetre" "8MM: 8 milímetros" "Asesinato en 8mm" "Eight Millimeter" "Okto hiliosta" "Sexy World" "Super 8"]
M/f restrained rape. Color movie directed by Joel Schumacher. 123 min.

9 Lives of a Wet Pussy (1976) - link - X1I
["9 Lives of a Cat" "9 Lives of a Wet Pussycat" "Nine Lives of a Wet Pussycat"]
Adult color movie directed by  (as Jimmy Boy L). 70 min.

10 to Midnight (1983) - link - ?1I
["Éjféli leszámolás" "10 a la media noche" "10 före midnatt" "10 før midnatt" "10 lepta prin ta mesanyhta" "10 minut do pólnocy" "10 minut do polnoci" "10 minuti a mezzanotte" "Al filo de la medianoche" "Bloody Sunday" "Dez Minutos Para Morrer" "Dez para a Meia-Noite" "Diez Minutos Para Morir" "Diez a la media noche" "Diez minutos para morir" "Ein Mann wie Dynamit" "Ennen keskiyötä" "Geceyarisina 10 kala" "I sidste sekund Denmark" "Le justicier de minuit" "Mesanyhta para deka" "Ten to Midnight"]
M/f dildo rape (knife). Color movie directed by . 101 min.

10 Rillington Place (1971) - link - ?Sx
["Dom przy ulicy Rilington 10" "El estrangulador de Rillington Place" "John Christie, der Frauenwürger von London" "Kvæleren fra Rillington Place" "L'étrangleur de Rillington Place" "L'assassino di Rillington Place n. 10" "O Estrangulador de Rillington Place" "O strangalistis tis odou Rillington" "Rillington Place 10" "Rillingtonin kuristaja" "Stryparen på Rillington Place" "The Strangler of Rillington Place" "Violador de Rillington"]

24 (Latin Lover) - ?N
"Latin szeretõk"
A bound and gagged woman (Silvia Caballero) is the forced recipient of oral sex. A color TV series episode.

99 Women (1969) - link - B1Ix
["99 donne" "99 gynaikes" "99 mujeres (cut version) " "Der heiße Tod" "Island of Despair" "Isle of Lost Women" "L'amour dans les prisons des femmes" "Les brûlantes" "Prostitutes in Prison" "Sex im Frauengefängnis" "The Hot Death" "Women's Penitentiary XII"]
(1) F/f rape. (2) M+/f prelude to gang rape. An escapee (Valentina Godoy) is chased down by a group of guards. When they catch her, they throw her on the ground and begin ripping her clothes off. Spanish color movie directed by  (as Jess Franco). 86 min.

100 Years of Torture: The History (1975) - link - ?2I
["Gômon hyakunen-shi" "Histoire de cent ans de tortures" "Torture Chronicles: 100 Years"]

300 (2006) - link - ?1Ix
["300 - Bitka kod Termopila" "300 Paruthi Veerargal" "300 Spartali" "300, Eroii de la Termopile" "300: Bitva u Thermopyl"]
Color movie directed by . 117 min.

500 (Cop Shop) - (?) - GN
M/f rape. A woman is abducted at knifepoint. She is taken to a deserted shack where she is raped and tortured, mostly off-camera. TV series episode.

693 (America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back - Episode #693) - (2002) - GN
M/f restrained rape. A reenactment in which a woman is duct-taped to a bed and raped. Graphic: 1/5. A color TV series episode.

800 Fantasy Lane (1979) - link - X1I
Adult color movie directed by  (as Svet). 77 min.

1900 (1976) - link - ?1I
["1900 - Gewalt, Macht, Leidenschaft" "1900 - Kampf, Liebe, Hoffnung" "Novecento" "1900 - Deuxième acte" "1900 de Bertolucci" "1900: Seconde époque" "Dvadeseti vek" "Huszadik század" "Nineteen Hundred" "Novecento - Atto I" "Novecento - Atto II" "Wiek XX"]
M/m child rape. Italian color movie directed by . 317 min.

1945 Prede di Guerra (2005) - no link - X1I
Nazi's forcing women to have sex with them. Italian color movie directed by Tony Del Dudmo. 117 min.

2020 Freedom Fighters (1984) - link - G1Ix
["Anno 2020 - I gladiatori del futuro" "Texas v. 2000" "2020 Texas Gladiators" "Oi monomahoi tou Texas" "2020 - Os Gladiadores do Texas" "One Eye Force"]
(1) M/f prelude to rape and aftermath. (2) M/f attemped rape. (3) M/f attempted?/prelude to? rape. Italian color movie directed by  (as Kevin Mancuso) and  (uncredited). 91 min.



The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style (1978) - link - ?3I
["The ABC of Love and Sex"]
Australian color movie directed by . 85 min.

A Dama do Lotação (1982) - link - ?1I
["Die Dame im Bus" "L'inquieta" "Lady on the Bus"]
M/f marital rape. Brazilian color movie directed by . 90 min.

A Extorsão (1975) - link - B2I
Brazilian color movie directed by . 98 min.

A Freira e a Tortura (1983) - link - ?3I
Brazilian color movie directed by . 85 min.

A Menina do Sexo Diabólico (1998) - no link - X2I

A Menina e o Estuprador (1982) - link - X3I
Brazilian adult color movie directed by . 78 min.

A Prisão (1980) - link - Z3I
["Bare Behind Bars" "Desnuda Tras las Rejas" "Prison of Dead - Mädchen schutzlos hinter Gittern"]

Ai shimai: Tsubomi... Yogoshite kudasai (2004) - link - ?Sx
["Immoral Sisters: Blossoming"]

Ai zhi sha (1993) - ?N
["Love To Kill" "Nue zhi lian"]
M/f restrained rape. A babysitter (Julie Lee) is bound, gagged, and raped by the child's father (Anthony Wong). Possible marital rapes scenes too. A Hong Kong color movie directed by Siu Hung Cheung and Kirk Wong.

Abduction (1975) - link - R1Ix
["Aberración" "Apagogi" "apagogi tis Patricias Hearst, I" "Patricia" "Patty - Die meistgesuchteste Frau Amerikas" "Porwanie"]
(1) MM/f restrained rape. (2) M/f coerced fellation. Based, loosely, on the story of Patty Hearst's kidnapping by the SLA. (1) Patricia, kidnapped heiress (Judith-Marie Bergan), is seated on a bed, blindfolded, with her hands tied in front of her. Her kidnappers decide to break her spirit by gang raping her. (2) To prove his control over her, one of her captors forces her to perform oral sex on him. Color movie directed by Joseph Zito. 95 min

Abduction of Loreli (Roughies, The: Brute Lust - D2) - XI

The Abductors (1972) - link - R1Ix
["Young Girls for Sale"]
(1) M/fff Humiliation (Forced to strip) (3) Three girls who have been kidnapped to be sold as sex slaves are forced to remove all their clothing except for their panties. (2) M/f rape. (2) A woman (Gerie Bronson) is raped in order to break her spirit before being sold into white slavery. Color movie directed by Don Schain. 90 min.

Accident (1967) - link - ?3I
["Zwischenfall in Oxford" "Het ongeval" "Acidente Estranho" "Estranho Acidente" "Nehoda" "Ulykkesnatten" "Accidente" "Olyckan" "Onnettomuus" "To trigono ton amartolon" "Baleset" "L'incidente" "Wypadek" "Acidente" "Kraschen" "Kaza gecesi" "Accident - Zwischenfall in Oxford"]
UK Color movie directed by . 105 min.

Acción mutante (1993) - link - ?1I
["Ação Mutante" "Accion mutante" "Action mutante" "Akcija mutant" "Akcja Mutant" "Aktion Mutante" "Azione mutante" "Mutáns akció" "Mutant Action" "Operacja Mutant"]
Spanish color movie directed by . 90 min.

The Accused (1988) - link - B1Ix
["Acusados" "Angeklagt" "A vádlottak" "Anklagad" "Anklaget" "Appel à la justice" "De tiltalte" "Les accusés" "Oi katigoroumenoi" "Optužena" "Os Acusados" "Oskarzeni" "Reckless Endangerment" "Sanik" "Sotto accusa" "Syytetty"]
MMM/f overpowered/restrained rape. Sarah Tobias (Jodie Foster) is wrestled onto a pinball machine in a bar, held down, and gang raped by Danny (Woody Brown), Bob Joiner (Steve Antin) and Kurt (Kim Kondrashoff) while numerous men watch and cheer the rapists on. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 11. Timer: 1:24:48 - 1:32:55. Action: 0:5:34. Color movie directed by . 111 min.

Act of Vengeance (1974) - link - ?1Ix
["Acto de Vingança" "Acto de venganza" "Akt przemocy" "City Monster" "L'esecuzione... una storia vera" "O maskoforos viastis" "Rape Squad" "The Violator"]
M/f rape. Linda (Jo Ann Harris) is pursued and seeks refuge in an abandoned barn where she is subsequently raped. Color movie directed by  (as Robert Kelljchian). 90 min.

Act of Violence (1979) - link - ?N
["Acto de violencia" "Agressão Brutal" "Deadline Assault" "Gewalt" "I våldets grepp" "The Victim: Anatomy of a Mugging" "Väkivallan viidakko"]
M/f attempted rape. A TV reporter (Elizabeth Montgomery) is mugged by three men. One of them attempts to rape her.

Action (1980) - link - ?Sx
["Sodom 2000"]
M+/m gang rape.

Adam Resurrected (2008) - link - ?1I
["Ádám feltámadása" "Adam Ben Kelev" "Adam Renascido" "Adam ressucitat" "Adam resucitado" "Adam, memorias de una guerra" "Ein Leben für ein Leben - Adam Resurrected" "Stin kolasi tou olokaftomatos" "Zmartwychwstanie Adama"
M/m humiliation? Color movie directed by . 106 min.

The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide (1972) - link - ?1I
["Adventures of Dr. Jekyll" "La Vie intime du Dr. Jekyll" "The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hyde"]
Color movie directed by  (as L. Ray Monde). 75 min.

Adulterous Affair (1966) - link - GI
["The Love Blackmailer" "Room for a Stranger"]
M/f prelude to coerced rape. M/f prelude to coerced rape. Tina (Gillian Taylor) is blackmailed into having sex with Russ (Bruce Gray). Barbara (Jean Christopher) is blackmailed into having sex with Russ. Canadian black and white movie directed by Ted Leversuch.

Affairs Within Walls (1965) - link - ?2I
["Kabe no naka no himegoto" "Affairs Within Walls" "Geschichten hinter Wänden" "L'amour derrière les murs" "Les secrets derrière le mur" "Mystika piso apo ton toiho" "Secret Act Inside Walls" "Secrets Behind the Wall"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 90 min.

Afghan Knights (2007) - link - ?1Ix
["Afghanistan - Die letzte Mission" "Guerriers afghans" "Oi ippotes tou Afghanistan"]
Color movie directed by . 90 min.

Africa Erotica (1970) - link - ?1I
[A Happening in Africa" "Africa Erotica: A Happening in Africa" "African Thrills" "Afrika erotika" "Erotikaru Ahurika" "Frissons africains" "Happening in Africa" "Himojen puutarha" "Jungle Erotic" "Karen, the Lovemaker" "Lustschrei im Urwald" ""valtos tou erota kai tou tromou, O" "Tromos stin Afriki"]
Color movie directed by and . 90 min.

After School Surprise (2002) - XN
Dane (Forbidden). 55 min

The Afterman (1985) - link - BSx
MM/f attempted overpowered rape.

Aftermath (1994) - link - R3I
M/f Necro rape. During an autopsy, the medical examiner mutilates and has sex with a woman's corpse. Spanish color short directed by . 30 min.

Aftermath (2004) - link - ?3I
["Lad de små børn..." "Antakaa lasten tulla tyköni" "Låt de små barnen..." "Synepeies"]
Danish color movie direcrted by . 104 min.

The Ages of Lulu (1990) - link - RI
["Las edades de Lulú" "As Idades de Lulú" "As Idades de Lulu" "Le età di Lulù" "Les vies de Loulou" "Lulú" "Lulu"]

Aile serefi (1976) - link - ?2I
M+/f attempted gang rape. A group of men abduct a woman and are about to rape her when one of them stabs and kills a man attempting to rescue her, causing them all to flee. Timer: 1.24.28 - 1:28.02. Turkish color movie directed by Orhan Aksoy. 94 min.

Ahava Ilemeth (1982) - link - ?N
["Mute Love" "Secret of Yolanda" "Yolandan salaisuus"]

Akai kami no onna (1979) - link - BI
["Woman with Red Hair, The" "Femme aux cheveux rouges, La"]
(1) MM/f intimidation rape. (2) M/f restrained/overpowered rape. Two laborers rape the virgin daughter of their boss. Her face is slapped until she agrees to cooperate. (2) "The woman with red hair" is raped when there is a change of partner during consensual sex. Her partner holds her down until the rapist can overpower her.

Akelarre (1984) - link - ?2I
Spanish color movie directed by . 109 min.

Akt (1993) - link - ?N
Gang rape.

Al calar della sera (1992) - link - ?1I
["Submission of a Woman"]
M/f coerced rape. An intruder has bound and gagged a woman in the next room. He uses threats of hurting to convince Luisa () to let him have sex with her. Italian color movie directed by . 96 min.

Albification (2009) - link - G3I
M/f restrained gang rape. Gemma Teller Morrow () is knocked out and abducted. When she regains consciousness, she is cuffed to a chain link fence with her arms over her head. At least two masked men rape her. 0:43:18. Color TV series episode directed by . 55 min.

Álbum de Família (1981) - link - ?3I
Brazilian color movie directed by . 88 min.

Alexander (2004) - link - B2Ix
["Alejandro Magno" "Aleksander" "Alexandre" "Aleksandar Veliki" "Aleksanteri" "Alexander" "Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut" "Alexander Veliký" "Alexander Velký Slovakia" "Alexander: Alejandro Magno" "Alexander: Director's Cut (censored)" "Alexandre, o Grande" "Alexandros" "Büyük iskender" "Nagy Sándor, a hódító"]
M/f attempted rape. Although female breasts are elsewhere, none are seen in this scene. 0:10:56. Color movie directed by . 175 min.

Alice in Acidland (1969) - link - B1I
["Alice Goes to Acidland"]
Color movie directed by . 55 min.

Alien³ (1992) - link - G3I
["Alien 3" "A végso megoldás: Halál" "Alien 3 - A Desforra" "Alien³: I teliki anametrisi" "Obcy 3" "Osmi potnik 3" "Osmi putnik 3" "Tudin 3" "Yaratik 3"]
M+/f attempted gang rape. A group of convicts attempt to rape Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), but are interrupted. Color movie directed by David Fincher. 114 min.

Alien Force (1996) - link - ?N
Attempted gang rape.

Alin yazisi (1972) - link - ?2I
["Destiny - Turkey, The"]

All American Hustler (Roughies, The: Brute Lust - D4) - XI

All the Colors of Dark (1972) - link - ?3I
["Tutti i colori del buio" "Day of the Maniac" "Demons of the Dead" "Todos los colores de la oscuridad" "Toutes les couleurs du vice" "Todos los colores de la oscuridad" "L'alliance invisible" "Toutes les couleurs du vice" "Diestrammeni sta nyhia tou Satana" "Yilan ruhlu kadinin kâbusu" "They're Coming to Get You" "Die Farben der Nacht"]

All Women Are Whores (1980) - link - ?1I
["Dan Oniroku hakui nawa jigoku" "White Uniform in Rope Hell"]

Alley Cat (1984) - link - R2I
["Epreuve de force" "gynaika fantomas, I" "Karatekujan kujakissa" "Kujakissa"]

Almost Human (1974) - link - ?I
["Milano odia: la polizia non può sparare" "Der Berserker" "Gennimenos katharma" "La rançon de la peur" "Skylia tou ypokosmou" "The Death Dealer" "The Executioner"]

The Altar of Lust (1971) - link - ?1I
["Altar of -" "Altar of Love" "Altar of Lust" "The Doctor Knows Best"]

Alucarda (1977) - link - ?3I
["Alucarda, la hija de las tinieblas" "Alucarda - Tochter der Finsternis" "Innocents from Hell" "Mark of the Devil 3" "Mark of the Devil Part 3: Innocence from Hell" "Sisters of Satan"]

Amants criminels, Les (1999) - ?N
M/m anal rape.

The Amazing Transplant (1970) - link - ?1I
[Sex and the Swinging Girl" "Sinnliche Lippen"]

Amazon Jail (1982) - link - ?3I
["Curral de Mulheres" "Katadioxi ston Amazonio" "Obóz w dzungli" "Ausbruch der Pantherkatzen"]

Amazons in the Temple of Gold (1986) - link - ?3I
["Les amazones du temple d'or" "O Mistério do Templo de Ouro" "Golden Temple Amazons" "Temple of Amazon Women" "Der goldene Tempel der Amazonen"]
French color movie directed by  (as James Gartner) and  (uncredited). 86 min.

An American Affair (2009) - link - ?3Ix
["Amerikai viszony" "Boy of Pigs"]

American Gothic (1988) - link - ?1I
["Amerikai rémregény" "Amerykanski gotyk" "Dark Paradise" "Escóndete y tiembla" "Hide and Shriek" "La casa degli orrori - American gothic" "Os Anfitriões"]
Necro rape?

American History X (1998) - link - GN
M/m rape. Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) is raped in prison. Color movie directed by Tony Kaye.

American Mary (2012) - link - R3I
M/f impaired rape. At a party, Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle) is given a drugged drink, taken to a bedroom and raped.

American Me (1992) - link - ?1I
["Sans rémission" "'M' nie przebacza" "Életre-halálra" "América do Medo" "American me rabbia di vivere" "Americanos de Segunda" "Das Gesetz der Gewalt" "Mitt Amerika" "Moja Ameryka" "Santana ¿Americano yo?" "Sin remisión" "Uma Questão de Raça"]
M+/m overpowered rape.

The Amorous Lotus Pan (1994) - link - ?3I
["Siu lui Poon Gam Lin"]

Amuck! (1972) - link - ?1I
["Alla ricerca del piacere" "Hot Bed of Sex" "In Search of Pleasure" "Leather and Whips" "Replica di un delitto"]
(1) F/f prelude to impaired rape. (2) M/f overpowered rape. (3) M/f overpowered/impaired fatal attempted rape. (4) M/f overpowered rape. (1) Greta Franklin (Barbara Bouchet), is drugged by another woman and it is implied she rapes her. (2) A porno is watched featuring a Little Red Riding Hood rape. It becomes consensual and ends with the woman being the aggressor. (3) A drugged woman resists rape and is strangled. (4) Greta is raped.

An le zhen chang (1989) - link - ?3I
["Fatal Vacation" "On lok jin cheung"]
Hong Kong color movie directed by . 96 min.

Anabolyzer (1999) - link - ?2I
M/f implied fatal dildo rape (power drill).

Anarchy in Japan-Suke (1999) - link - ?3I
["Anâkî in Japansuke: Mirarete iku onna" "Anâkî in Japansuke: Rensa yûkai" "Anarchy in Japansuke" "Anarchy in Japanty" "Anarchy in [Ja]Panty" "You're Just a Jerk!"]

Andy Warhol's Dracula (1974) - link - ?1I
["Blood for Dracula" "Sangre para Drácula" "Aima gia ton Drakoula" "Andy Warhol's Young Dracula" "Dracula" "Dracula cerca sangue di vergine" "Dracula cerca sangue di vergine... e morì di sete!!!" "Dracula vuole vivere: cerca sangue di vergine!" "Du sang pour Dracula" "O Drakoulas dipsaei gia aima parthenas... kai pethainei dipsasmenos!" "O Drakoulas me to tsekouri" "Sangue Virgem para Drácula" "Vér Drakulának" "Young Dracula"]
M/f overpowered rape. In order to save her from a vampire who can only attack virgins, a young girl is raped. Italian / French color movie (in English) directed by Paul Morrissey. 106 min.

Andy Warhol's Frankenstein (1973) - link - ?1I
["Flesh for Frankenstein" "Andy Warhol's Young Frankenstein" "The Devil and Dr. Frankenstein" "Up Frankenstein" "Carne para Frankenstein" "Frankenstein" "Frankenstein, teurastaja" "Chair pour Frankenstein" "De la chair pour Frankenstein" "O varonos Frankenstein" "Sarka gia ton Frankenstein" "Zombi enantion Frankenstein" "Test Frankensteinnek" "Il mostro è in tavola... barone Frankenstein" "Cialo dla Frankensteina" "Carne Para Frankenstein" "The Frankenstein Experiment" "Carne para Frankenstein"]

Angel Guts: Red Vertigo (1988) - link - ?2I
["Tenshi no harawata: Akai memai" "Angel Guts 5" "Angel Guts 5: Red Vertigo" "Red Vertigo" "Tenshi no harawata 5"]
Japanese color movie directed by Takashi Ishii.

Angel of Death 2: The Prison Island Massacre (2007) - link - XI
["Angel of Death 2" "Angel of Death 2: The Prison Island Massacre" "Der Todesengel 2" "Flucht von der Todesinsel" "Frauengefängnis 4 - Flucht von der Todesinsel" "Prison Island Massacre" "Women Behind Bars 4" "Women Behind Bars 4: Escape from Prison Island"]

Angosto (2006) - link - ?I
["Kuudes käsky" "Nacht der Sonnenblumen, Die" "Night of the Sunflowers, The" "noche de los girasoles, La" "notte dei girasoli, La" "nuit des tournesols, La" "nyhta ton iliotropion, I"]

The Animal (1968) - link - R2I
["Das Tier" "Jeg - et sexdyr" "Pervers på brudar"]
(1) M/f coerced humiliation (Forced stripping). (2) M/f intimidation rape. (1) Ted Andrews ( billed as David Holmes), who calls Joan Clark () on the phone repeatedly and convinces her of his ability to kill her son, forces her to undress in front of a window so that he can watch through a telescope. He then forces her to masturbate for him. (2) After further convincing her of his ability to kill her son, he orders her to meet him. He takes her to a motel and makes her strip. Then, he throws her on the bed and beats her with a belt until she begs him to make love to her. He rapes her. The scene cuts back and forth between his fantasy of her enjoying it, and her hating it in reality. A B/W and color movie directed by . 88 min.

Animal Heart (2009) - link - ?3I
["Coeur animal" "Rapport aux bêtes" "Das Tier in meinem Herzen"]

The Animals (1970) - link - ?1I
["Apache Vengeance" "Bes vahsi adam" "Cinco Selvagens" "Die Bestialischen" "Five Savage Men" "I ora tou Chato" "Le 5 facce della violenza" Ta pente prosopa tis vias" "The Desperadoes" "The Desperatos" "Viisi pahaa miestä"]
Gang rape.

Anna, quel particolare piacere (1973) - link - ?3I
["Anna: the Pleasure, the Torment" "Secrets of a Call Girl" "Fra asken til ilden - Hvid slavehandel" "Ana, ese particular placer" "L'emprise des sens" "Mia thesi stin amartia"]

Any Body... Any Way (1968) - link - ?1I
["Behind Closed Doors" "Behind Locked Doors" "Sto gymno kormi sou" "Then Came Ecstasy" (X-rated version)]
M/f restrained rape.

Ao, le dernier Néandertal (2010) - link - Bx
["Ao - Ostatni Neandertalczyk" "Ao, der letzte Neandertaler" "teleftaios progonos, O"]
M/f attempted overpowered rape. Ao (Ilian Ivanov) wrestles with Aki (Aruna Shields) in an attempt to rape her, but is interrupted.

The Apartment - ZN
M/f overpowered anal rape. M/f overpowered anal rape. M/f overpowered rape. (Lisa Kinkaid). ZFX color movie.

Apocalipsis sexual (1982) - link - X3I
["Je suis une petite cochonne"]

Apocalypto (2006) - link - B2I
["Apokalipto" "Mel Gibson's Apocalypto"]

Arcana (1972) - link - B2I
M/f impaired rape. A fake psychic's son () develops real mental powers and rapes a woman while she is in some sort of trance. Although female breasts are seen elsewhere in the movie, none are shown during this scene. Italian color movie directed by . 103 min.

Arrombada: Vou Mijar na Porra do Seu Túmulo (2007) - X2I
["Arrombada: I Will Piss in Your Grave"]
Brazilian color movie directed by Petter Baiestorf. 39 min

As If I Am Not There (2010) - link - B2Ix
MMM+/f intimidation rape and humiliation. During the Bosnian war at a detention camp, Samira () is taken to a nearly empty room. Later, she is joined by three men who partially strip her, bend her over a desk and rape her. Afterwards they urinate on her and tell her to get up off the floor because she has more entertaining to do. A Bosnian language Irish film directed by Juanita Wilson. 109 min.

As Rainhas da Pornografia (1984) - link - X2I
Brazilian adult color movie directed by  (as Victor Triunfo). 80 min.

Asalto y violación en la calle 69 (1991) - link - X2I

Assault! Jack the Ripper (1976) - link - ?2I
["Bôkô Kirisaki Jakku" "Kuba Rozpruwacz"]

Assault of Innocence (1975) - link - X1I
["Rape! Rape! Rape!"]

Asylum of Satan (1972) - link - ?3I
["Hospital de Satán" "L'antre de l'horreur" "To asylo tou tromou" "The Satan Spectrum"]

ATM: Lack of money, Lack of love (2012) - ?3I

Atolladero (1995) - link - ?2I

Atrocity Circle (2005) - link - ?1I
["The Atrocity Circle"]

Attack on Darfur (2009) - link - ?2I
["Darfur" "Darfur - Der vergessene Krieg" "Darfur: Desierto de sangre" "Janjaweed"]

August Underground's Mordum (2003) - ?I

Aunt Peg (1980) - link - X3I
["I prostyhi theia Peggy" "Inran pafômansu: Kuwaeru"]

Autobiography of a Flea, The (1976) - link - X1I
["Autobiography of a Flea"]
MM/f overpowered rape.

Autumn Born (1979) - link - ?Nx
M/f rape. Tara Dawson (Dorothy Stratten) is raped from behind on a bed. Canadian color movie directed by Lloyd A. Simandl. 74 min

Avenged (1998) - ?N

Avere vent'anni (1978) - link - R3Ix
["Being Twenty" "To Be Twenty"]
M+/ff overpowered, restrained gang rape and violent dildo (tree branch) rape. Lia () and Tina () are forceable stripped and gang groped by a group of men in the woods. Tina is raped, and maybe Lia too. When a man comes at her with a tree branch, she breaks free, taking it from him. She attacks the man who is orchestrating the entire scene, but he takes the branch from her and knocks her down with it. She is then picked up by her ankles, and he jams the branch into her vagina twice. Lia his hit in the back of the head with a branch, and they are both left naked and unconscious lying on ground in the woods. Italian color movie directed by . 94 min.

The Awakening of Annie (1976) - link - R2I
["Annie la vierge de Saint-Tropez" "A Virgem de Saint-Tropez" "Annie" "Annie, a Virgem de Saint-Tropez" "Annie, i 17hroni parthena" "Annie: The Virgin of Saint Tropez" "Awakening of Annie" "Jouissances érotiques" "Magia erotica" "The Virgin of Saint Tropez" "The Virgin of the Beaches"]
M/f attempted rape. A French/Brazilian color film directed by Zygmunt Sulistrowski. 106 min.

Axe (1974) - link - ?2I
["Lisa, Lisa" "California Axe Massacre" "California Axe Murders" "The Axe Murders" "Siekiera" "The Virgin Slaughter" "Die Axt"]

Axed (2012) - link - G2Ix
["Désaxé" "Fangoria Presents: Axed" "Paranoikos" "Ryan Lee Driscoll's AXED"]
M/fm witnessed intimidation and restrained rape (Son and Daughter). Kurt Wendell (Jonathan Hansler) forces his wife Steph (Andrea Gordon) to have sex with his bound and gagged ex-boss in front of their son and daughter. UK color movie directed by Ryan Lee Driscoll. 84 min.

Axelle (2003) - link - ?I



B. O. R. N. (1988) - link - Bx
["Merchants of Death"]

Baat sin faan dim ji yan yuk cha siu baau (1993) - link - ?I
["Ba xian fan dian zhi ren rou cha shao bao" "Bunman: The Untold Story" "Human Meat Pies: The Untold Story" "Human Pork Chop" "The Untold Story" "The Untold Story: Human Meat Roast Pork Buns"]
M/f restrained, violent, fatal rape. Wong Chi Hang (Anthony Wong) rapes Pearl (Julie Lee).

Baby Not on Board (2008) - link - (Family Guy, S07E04) G1I
M/f prelude to rape. A woman is attacked on the beach and Aquaman is unable to help her.

Baby of Mâcon, The (1993) - link - R1I
["Barnet från Mâcon" "Beba iz Mejkona" "Das Wunder von Macon" "Dzieciatko z Macon" "El niño de Macon" "Maconi gyermek" "O Bebé de Macon" "O Bebê Santo de Mâcon" "To moro tis Macon"]
M+/f off-camera gang rape. The daughter (Julia Ormond) is raped by 250 soldiers behind a screen during a play. The audience sees this as a silhouette and hears her screams, but does not know it is real. Color movie directed by Peter Greenaway. 122 min.

Baby Sitter (1982) - link - X1I
["Being Captured" "Essere tenuto" "Il nano e la strega" "Il nano erotico" "Petites fesses juvéniles (pour membres bienfaiteurs)"]
Italian color movie directed by  (as Baron Corvo). 98 min.

Babyface (1977) - link - X2I
["Alex deRenzy's Babyface" "Garota Apetitosa" "Sätt lås på gylfen grabbar, brudarna är galna!"]

Babylon Blue (1983) - link - X1I

Babylon Pink (1979) - link - X2I
["Mantidi in amore" "Sonhos Sensuais" "Die feuchten Träume von Babylon"]

Bacanal en directo (1979) - link - ?3I

Back Alley Sex Kittens - X?

Back of Beyond (1995) - link - ?Sx
["Back to Death" "Na koncu swiata"]

Backyard (2009) - link - ?2I
["Backyard El Traspatio" "El traspatio" "Das Paradies der Mörder"]

Bad, Bad Gang (Roughies, The: Cum Crimes - D1) - XI

Bad Biology (2008) - link - ?3I
["Bad Biology - Kieroutunutta kemiaa" "Gyilkos orgazmus" "Halálos orgazmus" "Sex Addict"]
Color movie directed by . 84 min.

Bad Boys (1983) - link - G1Ix
["Anilika katharmata" "Bad Boys - Klein und gefährlich" "Juventude Em Fúria" "Losi momci" "Nehézfiúk" "Niegrzeczni chlopcy" "Pahat pojat" "Reformatorio" "Zli chlopcy" "Zli fantje"]
M/f violent rape. To avenge his brother's death, Paco Moreno (Esai Morales) beats and rapes Michael O'Brien's girlfriend, J.C. Walenski (Ally Sheedy). Color movie directed by Rick Rosenthal. 104 min.

Bad Company (1978) - link - XI
["Vromiki parea"]

Bad Girls (1999) - ?
Date rape. UK TV Series

Bad Girls Dormitory (1986) - link - ?3Ixxx
["Kova kakku" "Bunt wiezniarek" "Dormitory Girls" "Escape from Bad Girls Dormitory" "Bad Girls"]
(1) M/f attempted gang rape. (2) M/f prelude to intimidation, fatal rape. (3) M/f prelude to overpowered rape. (1) During a flashback, Lori () has consensual sex with her boyfriend. He then tells her to "take care of" his friends. While she is being raped, she shoots her boyfriend. 0:34:18. (2) While sneaking away to have a cigarette, Jen () is discovered, forced to strip and is presumably raped. Soon afterwards, she is found hanged. 0:38:27. (3) A guard enters Lori's rooms and begins raping her. A nurse looks in through a slit in the door and decides she's rather watch than interrupt. 0:52:16. Color movie directed by . 95 min.

Bad Girls Go to Hell (1965) - link - B3I
["Ich will dich ohne..."]
(1) M/f overpowered rape. (2) M/f overpowered final attempted rape. (3) M/f prelude to impaired rape. (4) M/f overpowered rape. (1) Ellen Green () is taking out her trash when the janitor () drags her into his apartment and rapes her. 0:8:07. (2) He later attempts to rape her again, but she hits him over the head, killing him. 0:11:28. (3) While on the lam, Ellen rents a room from a couple. The husband comes to her room while she is sleeping. When she resists his advances, he knocks her unconscious, strips her, and it is implied that he rapes her. 0:47:59. (4) It turns out that she was actually having a nightmare. Then, the beginning of the movie begins to repeat as her nightmare comes true. 1:02:51. All of the scenes are poorly acted and graphic at all. Black and white movie directed by . 65 min.

Bad Guy (2001) - link - ?1I
["Nabbeun namja" "Bad Guy - Parittaja" "Parittaja" "Rosszfiú" "Tipo Ruim" "Warui otoko"]

Bad Lieutenant (1992) - link - R1Ix
["A mocskos zsaru" "Den korrumperade snuten" "Diafthora" "Il cattivo tenente" "Paha poliisi" "Polícia Sem Lei" "Teniente corrupto" "Un maldito policía" "Un maldito policia" "Vício Frenético" "Zli poručnik" "Zly porucznik"]
M/f restrained rape and anal rape. M/ff coerced humiliation. A nun (Frankie Thorn) is held down and stripped by Julio (Fernando Véléz), and raped vaginally and anally by Paulo (Joseph Micheal Cruz). Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 9. Timer: 0:17:58 - 0:18:47. Action: 0:00:49. Two girls from New Jersey are pulled over and coerced into humiliating themselves by the lieutenant (Harvey Keitel). The passenger (Bianca Bakija) gets up sideways on the front seat, lowers her pants and shows her ass. The driver (Eddie Daniels) holds her mouth open and moves her tongue, demonstrating how she sucks cock as the lieutenant masturbates. There is an intercut for 00:04. Acting 5/5, Intensity 3/5. Scene 13. Timer: 0:27:40 - 0:35:27. Action: 0:02:50. A color movie directed by Abel Ferrara.

Bad Reputation (2005) - link - ?1Ix
["Bloody Revenge"]

Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession (1980) - link - R1Ix
["Bad Timing" "Blackout - Anatomie einer Leidenschaft" "Contratiempo" "Dynami tis sarkas, I" "Enquête sur une passion" "Illusions" "Lenzuolo viola, Il" "Outo intohimo" "Zmyslowa obsesja"]
M/f impaired rape. Alex Linden (Art Garfunkel) cuts the lingerie off of Milena Flaherty (Theresa Russell) and rapes her while she is unconscious. Color movie directed by Nicolas Roeg. 123 min.

Ballad of Narayama, The (1983) - link - ?1I
["Narayama-bushi kô" "A Balada de Narayama" "Balladen om Narayama" "La balada de Narayama" "Ballada o Narayamie" "Die Ballade von Narayama" "I balada tou Narayama" "La ballade de Narayama" "La ballata di Narayama" "Narajama balladája" "Narajaman balladi" "Narayama türküsü"]
A Japanese color movie directed by Shohei Imamura.

Ballata per un pistolero (1967) - link - ?N
[Balada de un pistolero" "Ballad of a Gunman" "Ballade pour un pisolero" "Ofthalmon anti ofthalmou" "Ringo, Pray to Your God and Die" "Rocco - der Einzelgänger von Alamo"]
MM/f attempted rape. (Monica Teuber).

Ballista 2: Ballista Vs. The Evil Dr. Menace - ZN

Bandit Queen (1994) - link - ?1I
["A Rainha dos Bandidos" "Bandittenes dronning" "Królowa bandytów" "Kraljica razbojnikov" "La reina de los bandidos" "La reine des bandits" "Phoolan Devi"]
M+/f restrained gang rape. Phoolan Devi (Seema Biswas) is raped by a group of men.

Bang Bang Gang, The (1970) - link - R2I
["Gun Girls, The" "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" "Viele Gesichter hat der Tod"]
(1) M/f coerced oral rape. (2) F/f coerced and restrained rape. (3) M/f overpowered fatal rape. (1) In order to protect her boyfriend from more harm, Dallas (Revel Quinn) performs oral sex on Chico (Edward Blessington). Acting 4/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 3/5. (2) In an attempt to gain freedom for herself and her boyfriend, Tami (Jae Miller) allows Lila (Bambi Allen billed as Chata Cruz) to tie her wrists and have sex with her. Acting 4/5, Intensity 1/5, Graphic 5/5. (3) Chico awakes from a drunken stupor, peeks into the next room and sees Lila raping Tami. He then proceeds to rape Dallas. Because he has already killed her boyfriend and she has been raped orally (and quite possibly gang raped between scenes), she has lost her will to live, puts up no resistance and shows no emotion. This angers him and he stabs her. Acting 4/5, Intensity 1/5, Graphic 5/5. Dutch color movie directed by Van Guylder. 93 min

Bao Je: Qing Qing (1996) - link - ?N
["Scarred Memory" "Sacred Memory"]
A flashback shows the rape of Ivy Yip (Veronica Yip).

Barbara Broadcast (1977) - link - X1Ix
["Baby Love" "Das geile Fressen" "Les limeuses"]

Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy (1968) - link - B1I
["Barbarela" "Barbarella, la Venus del espacio" "Barbarella, planeettojen valtiatar" "Barbarella, rumpigen og den sorte tyran" "Barbarella"]

Barbarian (2003) - link - ?N
["Barbarian: The Last Great Warrior King"]
M/f attempted rape. (Ekaterina Drobish) Color movie directed by Henry Crum.

Barbarian Queen (1985) - link - ?1I
["Queen of the Naked Steel" "Królowa barbarzynców" "La regina dei barbari" "Rainha Guerreira" "Reina salvaje" "Varvari vasilissa" "Yajû onna senshi: Amazonesu kuîn"]
(1) M+/f prelude to gang rape. (2) M/f attempted restrained rape. (3) M/f attempted restrained, final rape. 1. Taramis (Dawn Dunlap) is caught in a rope snare by a group of soldiers. It is implied that they rape her. (2) A woman is tied spread-eagle to a fence for a rape attempt. (3) Amathea (Lana Clarkson) is bound in a dungeon. Her torturer attempts to rape her, but she escapes and kills him. Color movie directed by Héctor Olivera.

Barbarian Queen II (The Empress Strikes Back) (1992) - link - ?1I
["Amazonesu 2" "Barbarian Queen II" "La reina barbara" "O Império do Medo"]

Basic Instinct (1992) - link - ?Sx
M/f overpowered anal rape (rough sex?). Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) has forceful anal sex with his ex-wife, psychologist Dr Elizabeth Garner (Jeanne Tripplehorn). A color movie directed by Paul Verhoeven.

Basket Case (1982) - link - B1I
M/f fatal rape. Sharon (Terri Susan Smith), the girlfriend of Duane Bradley (Kevin Van Hentenryck), is raped and killed by his horribly deformed separated Siamese twin brother, Belial. Scene 14. Color movie directed by Frank Henenlotter. 91 min.

Basket Case 2 (1990) - link - ?N
M/f rape. Belial, the horribly deformed separated Siamese twin brother of Duane Bradley (Kevin Van Hentenryck) sneaks into a sleeping woman's room and rapes her. Color movie directed by Frank Henenlotter.

Bastard, The (1968) - link - ?3I
["I bastardi" "Sons of Satan" "The Cats" "Os Bastardos" "Bastard" "Kelvottomat" "Le bâtard" "Ta katharmata" "O bastardo" "Insanlik ugruna" "Der Bastard"]
M/f witnessed rape. Italian color movie directed by . 102 min.

Bastard Out of Carolina (1996) - link - G1I
["Abuso a la inocencia" "Horungen" "La bastarda de Carolina Argentina" "Le Cercle du silence" "Marcas do Silêncio" "Schmutzige Liebe" "Schutzlos - Schatten über Carolina" "Viattomuuden loppu" "Viikonloppu maalla"]
M/f violent child rape. 10-year-old, Ruth Anne 'Bone' Boatwright (Jena Malone) is brutally raped by her stepfather, Glen Waddell (Ron Eldard). Color movie directed by Anjelica Huston.

Battle of Warsaw 1920 (2001) - link - ?2I
["1920 Bitwa Warszawska" "1920 - Die letzte Schlacht" "La Bataille de Varsovie"]
Polish color movie directed by . 115 min.

Beach Bunnies, The (1976) - link - ?3I
["Amartoles st' akrogiali tis idonis" "Red, Hot and Sexy" "Sun Bunnies"]
M+/f overpowered gang rape. What begins as a gang rape becomes consensual. Color movie directed by  (as A.C. Stephen). 90 min.

Beast, The (1975) - link - R1I
["La bête" "La bestia" "A Besta" "Bestia" "Das Biest" "Death's Ecstacy (censored version)" "La bête - Jomfruen og menneskedyret" "O Monstro" "Odjuret" "Pedon vallassa" "Peto" "The Beast in Heat" "To ktinos"]
A/f overpowered rape. During a fantasy sequence, a woman has her clothes ripped off while being chased by an imaginary beast. When she is finally caught, it rapes her.

Beast in Heat, The (1977) - link - RIx
["La bestia in calore" "A Fúria da Besta" "Djævelen fra Gestapo" "Evraiki sarka sta nyhia tou ktinous" "Holocauste Nazi" "Horrifying Experiments of S.S. Last Days" "Horrifying Experiments of the S.S. Last Days" "La bestia en calor" "Quand explose la dernière grenade" "S.S. Experiment Camp 2" "SS Hell Camp" "To teras ton SS"]

Beast of Tutor (2003) - ?1I
(1) M/f rape. (2) F/m rape. (1) A tutor named Hong (Ng Ting / Onal Ting) rapes one of his college pupils. (2) During a flashback, Hong is raped by his tutor. Hong Kong color movie directed by Peony Ma Sau Hing. 87 min.

Beast of Yucca Flats, The (1961) - link - ?3I
["The Atomic Monster: The Beast of Yucca Flats" "A Besta de Yucca Flats" "Girl Madness" "The Violent Sun"]
In at least two scenes, women are strangled and necro rape is implied. Black and white movie directed by . 54 min.

Beast Within, The (1982) - link - ?2I
["A bennemlakó szörnyeteg" "Das Engelsgesicht - Drei Nächte des Grauens" "Les entrailles de l'enfer" "Wcielenie"]
(1) A/f impaired (unconscious) rape. (2) A/f impaired (unconcscious) rape. (1) A creature chases a woman through the woods. She trips, knocking herself unconscious and is raped. (2) A creature chases a woman through the woods. She trips, knocking herself unconscious and is raped. She regains consciousness just before insertion, and then passes out again. Color movie directed by . 98 min.

Beasts, The (1980) - link - G3I
["Beasts" "Flesh and the Bloody Terror" "Shan Kou" "Survivre"]
(1)M+?/f rape and possible prelude and aftermath of gang rape. Timer: 0:37:30. (2) Attempted restrained rape. (1) A girl on a camping trip is ambushed by a group of men. She is raped by at least one of them. This scene is intercut with another. (2) Another girl is later captured and bound, but escapes before she is raped. Timer: 0:48:27. Chinese color movie with English subtitles, directed by . 90 min.

Beatrice (1987) - link - R1I
"La passion Béatrice" "Intohimojen keskiaika" "La pasión de Beatriz" "Die Passion der Beatrice" "The Passion of Beatrice" "Quarto comandamento"]
M/f prelude to incestuous rape. Béatrice de Cortemart () is raped by her father. French color movie directed by . 130 min.

Beauties and the Beast, The (1974) - link - R3I
["The Beast and the Vixens" "Desperately Seeking Yeti"]

Because of the Cats (1973) - link - R1Ix
["Niet voor de poezen" "C.A.T.S." "Cats" "Kissat" "Perché i gatti" "Por los gatos" "The Rape" "Z powodu kotów"]
MMM/f restrained, witnessed rape (husband). During a home invasion by six hoodlums, Ms. Maris (Delia Lindsay) is gang raped while her husband, Bob (Roger Hammond), is forced to watch. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 3. Timer: 0:4:37 - 0:09:20. Action: 0:3:15. Dutch color movie directed by Fons Rademakers. 98 min.

Behind the Green Door (1972) - link - X1I
["A zöld ajtó mögött" "Atrás da Porta Verde" "Bakom lustans gröna dörr" "Derrière la porte verte" "Por Detrás da Porta Verde - O Filme" "Tras la puerta verde"]
M/f restrained rape. Gloria Saunders (Marilyn Chambers) is abducted, bound and raped in front of an audience.

Bell from Hell (1973) - link - ?1I
"A Bell from Hell" "La campana del infierno" "A due passi dall'inferno" "Ein Toter lacht als letzter" "La cloche de l'enfer" "Oi kabanes tis kolaseos" "Os Sinos do Inferno"]

Belly of an Architect, The (1987) - link - ?3I
["Der Bauch des Architekten" "A Barriga do Arquiteto" "Arkitektens mave" "El vientre de un arquitecto" "Arkkitehdin vatsa" "Le ventre de l'architecte" "I koilia tou arhitektona" "Az építész hasa" "Il ventre dell' architetto" "Brzuch architekta" "A Barriga de Um Arquitecto" "Der Bauch des Architekten"]

Beloved (1998) - link - ?3I
["Amada hija" "Bem-Amada" "La bien-aimée" "Menschenkind" "gapimeni" "Rabszolgalelkek" "Umilowana" "Amada" "Voljena" "Älskade"]
Color movie directed by . 172 min.

Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979) - link - R2Ix
["Im tiefen Tal der Superhexen" "Más allá del valle de las Utra-Vixens" "Más allá del valle de las ultrazorras" "Ultra Vixen" "Ultra Vixens" "Ultra Vixens - Tutti gli uomini di Lola Langusta" "Ultravixens"]

Betrayed Teens (1977) - link - X2I
["Betrayed" "Betrayed Youth" "Betrayed.....!"]

Between Your Legs (1999) - link - ?2Ix
["Anamesa sta podia" "Entre as Pernas" "Entre las piernas" "Entre les jambes" "Jalkojesi välissä" "Lábad között" "Last mit der Lust, Die" "Mezhdu krakata" "Tra le gambe" "Zwischen deinen Beinen"]

Beulah Land (1980) - link - ?2I
["Çiftlik" "Geliebtes Land" "La Plantation, La"]

Beyond Love and Evil (1971) - link - R3I

Beyond the Call of Duty (1992) - link - ?N
M/f attempted restrained rape. (Jillian McWhirter)

Big Bad Mama (1974) - link - ?3I
["A Mulher da Metralhadora" "Krudt, knald og kællinger" "Els malifets de la mare" "Una mamá sin freno" "Mamin pahat tytöt" "Super nanas" "I arhigangsterina" "Keresztmama" "F.B.I. e la banda degli angeli" "Sroga mama" "Häftiga kurvor - stå på!" "Liebe böse Mama"]
Wilma McClatchie (Angie Dickinson) is raped while in jail. Color movie directed by Steve Carver.

Big Bad Wolf (2006) - link - B2Ixx
["A Fera Assassina" "Alaridos" "L'ordre du loup"]
(1) A/f overpowered withnessed fatal rape (Boyfriend). (2) M/f coerced oral rape. (1) A werewolf () breaks into a virgin girl's room and rapes her. Her boyfriend uses an axe to chop a hole in the door and witnesses part of the rape, then sees the werewolf rip her throat with its claw, killing her. (2) While attempting to collect evidence on her boyfriend's stepfather, Mitchell Toblat (), who is suspected of being the werewolf, Sam Marche () claims to have a crush on him and is forced to prove it by performing oral sex. Color movie directed by . 95 min.

Big Bird Cage, The (1972) - link - ?N
["Women's Penitentiary II"]
M+/f attempted gang rape. F/m rape.

Big Bust Out, The (1972) - link - ?3I
["Io monaca... per tre carogne e sette peccatrici" "La nonne et les 7 pécheresses" "A Monja e as Sete Pecadoras" "La nonne et les sept pécheresses" "3 bastardoi kai 7 amartoloi" "Epta gymnes ston ilio" "Die Rache der geschändeten Frauen" "Ich, die Nonne und die Schweinehunde" "Crucified Girls of San Ramon"]

Big Doll House, The (1971) - link - G1Ixx
["As Condenadas da Prisão do Inferno" "Bamboo Dolls House" "Cárcel de mujeres" "Naarashäkki" "Sesso in gabbia" "Women's Penitentiary" "Women's Penitentiary III"]
M/f intimidation rape. Miss Dietrich (Christiane Schmidtmer) by Harry (Sid Haig). Color movie directed by Jack Hill. 95 min.

Big Rape (Roughies, The: Sexual Assault - D3) - XI

Big Snatch, The (1971) - link - ?3I
["The Big Catch"]

Bijo no harawata (1986) - link - ?2I
["Entrails of a Beautiful Woman" "Guts of a Beauty" "Guts of a Virgin 2"]
M/f rape.

Biker Zombies from Detroit (2001) - link - ?Sx
["Biker Zombies"]

Biker's Orgy of Pain (1972) - X1I
Compilation of vintage porn loops by Alpha Blue Archives.

Billy Jack (1971) - link - ?1Ix
["Billy, el defensor"]
M+/f attempted restrained rape. Jean Roberts (Dolores Taylor ) is staked out nude on the ground for a gang rape. Most versions of the movie are edited to remove the nudity. Color movie directed by Tom Laughlin. 114 min.

Binding Contract (?) - ZD

Bitchcraft (2013) (American Horror Story Season 3, Episode 1) - link - ?3I
M+/f intoxicated rape. Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) is drugged at party and rape by some frat boys. Color TV series episode directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. 60 min.

Bitter Sweet Persuasion (?) - ZN
M/f restrained anal rape. M/f restrained rape. (Kimbery Noble). (Travis Lee) rapes (Suzi Sexton). ZFX movie.

Bizarre Encounters (?) - ?N
Mistress Tantala.

Bizarre Lust of a Sexual Deviant (2001) - link - ?2I
Impaired molestation (Chloroform).

Bizarre Ones, The (1968) - link - ?2I

Black Alley Cats, The (1973) - link - R2Ix
["agriogates tou erota, Oi" "bande des panthères noires, La" "Black Alleycats, The" "Black Cats" "Black Cats - Schwarze Katzen, Heisse Lust" "chattes sauvages, Les" "Me oplo to kormi mou" "New York Violenta" "New York violenta" "proie des vierges, La"]

Black Blooded Brides of Satan (2009) - link - ?2I

Black Book (2006) - link - H1I
["Zwartboek" "La lista negra" "?a??? ??sta" "A Espiã" "Black book - El libro negro" "Crna knjiga" "Czarna ksiega" "Das schwarze Buch" "El libro negro" "Fekete Könyv" "Infiltratøren" "Kara kitap" "Livro Negro" "Mavri lista"]
Dutch color movie directed by Paul Verhoeven. 145 min.

Black Caesar (1973) - link - ?Sx
["Black Caesar - Il Padrino nero" "Black Max" "Der Pate von Harlem" "El padrino de Harlem" "Fekete Caesar" "Godfather of Harlem" "Heiße Hölle Harlem" "Heisse Hölle Harlem" "L'emperador negre" "Mavros gigas" "Musta keisari" "O Chefão de New York" "O Chefão de Nova York" "O mavros nonos" "Street Kill" "T. Gibb - The Harlem Fighter" "The Godfather of Harlem"]

Black Devil Doll from Hell (1984) - link - ?I
A/f rape. A woman is raped by a ventriloquist's dummy that has come to life. Color movie directed by Chester Novell Turner. 70 min.

Black Heat (1976) - link - Gx
["Girl's Hotel" "Inside Straight" "gang des pourris, Le" "gang des tueurs, Le" "mavros exolothreftis, O" "Murder Gang, The" "Town Rats" "U.S. Vice"]
MMMM/f restrained gang rape. Terry (Jana Bellan)is playing poker and says that if she loses the next hand, she will "take on" all four of the men in the game. She loses. When she tries to make a run for it, they take turns holding her down and raping her. Color movie directed by Al Adamson. 94 min

Black Mama, White Mama (1972) - link - ?N
["Chained Women" "Chains of Hate" "Czarna mama, biala mama" "Donne in catene" "Frauen in Ketten" "Hot, Hard and Mean" "Mare negra, mare blanca" "Mulheres Acorrentadas" 'Women in Chains"]
Karen Brent (Margaret Markov) is raped.

Black Ribbon (2007) - link - R2I

Blackmail (1929) - link - ?1I
["Chantaje" "Erpressung" "Chantage" "Chantagem" "Chantagem e Confissão" "Erpressung (Notwehr)" "Eskotosa gia tin timi mou" "Kiristys" "La muchacha de Londres" "Meka milczenia" "Pengeafpresning" "Puhtauden lunnaat" "Ricatto" "Szantaz" "Utpressning" "Zsarolás"]
M/f Final attempted rape. Black and white movie directed by Alfed Hitchcock. 84 min.

Blackmail for Daddy (Roughies, The: Sexual Assault - D3) - XI

Blackout (1978) - link - ?2I
["Black out: I Nea Yorki sto skotadi" "Black-Out à New York" "Blackout: inferno nella città" "Bestien, Die" "Et la terreur commence" "New York Blackout" "New York Escapees" "New York antwoordt niet meer" "New York ne répond plus" "Pânico em Nova Iorque" "Pimennys" "Stroomstoring"]

Blackrock (1997) - link - ?1Ix
M+/f Witnessed gang rape and anal rape (Friend on an overlooking hill). Numerous intercuts. Begins at 21:00. Australian color movie directed by Steven Vidler. 103 min.

Blade of the Ripper (1971) - link - ?I
["Lo strano vizio della Signora Wardh" "Den djævelske kniv" "Der Killer von Wien" "El extraño vicio de la señora Wardh" "Epikindynoi anthropoi" "Hartstochtelijke nachten van Mme Wardh" "L'étrange vice de Madame Wardh" "Lâmina Assassina" "La perversa señora Ward" "Les nuits folles de Mme Wardh" "Mannen med rakkniven" "Next!" "O Estranho Vício da Senhora Ward" "O Estranho Vício da senhora Ward" "O amartolos kyklos ton ekviaston" "Szerelmi vérszomj" "The Next Victim!" "The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh" "Uma Faca na Escuridão"]

Blazing Zippers (1976) - link- X1I
["As Grandes Sacanagens do Sexo Explícito" "Hurjat seksiorgiat"]
M/f restrained rape. Melissa Blake (Lisa Sue Corey billed as Melissa Jennings). Adult color movie directed by Boots McCoy. 90 min.

Bleed with Me (2009) - link - ?Ix
["Hellride" "Instinkt" "Predatory Instinct" "Rovdrift"]

Blind Side (1993) - link - B2I
["Angle mort" "Báránybőrben" "Blind Side - Straße in den Tod" "Chantagem Fatal" "Hyytävää peliä" "Inimigo na Sombra" "Oltre il ricatto" "Sin testigos" "Udes"]
M/f rape/rough sex. What begins as consensual sex between Jake Shell () and Melanie () becomes rape/rough sex. This scene in incut with a consensual sex scene between Doug Kaines () and his wife Lynn (). Although female breasts are shown elsewhere in this movie, they are not show in this scene. Color movie directed by . 98 min.

Blindfold: Acts of Obsession (1994) - link - ?2I
["Blinde Leidenschaft" "Blindfold" "Blindfold - Mörderisches Spiel" "De Olhos Vendados" "Epikindynes emmones" "Jeux défendus" "Seducción oculta" "Sesso bendato"]

Blindness (2008) - R2Ix
["Ceguera" "Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira" "A ciegas" "Bílá tma" "Blindness - Cecità" "Die Stadt der Blinden" "Körlük" "L'aveuglement" "Miasto slepców" "Peri tyflotitos" "Sljepoća" "Vakság"]
M+/f+ coerced rape (1 fatal). Nine women, eight of which are blind due to illness, are forced to have sex with a group of men in exchange for food. At least one is beaten due to a lack of enthusiasm. She dies as a result of her injuries. Color movie directed by Fernando Meirelles. 121 min.

Blink (1994) - link - ?2I
["Assassínio nas Trevas" "Blink - Num Piscar de Olhos" "Blink - Tödliche Augenblicke" "Blink - sokea todistaja" "Blint vittne" "Kördügüm" "Me ta matia tou erota" "Occhi nelle tenebre" "Sola en la penumbra" "Szemfényvesztés" "Terror ciego" "Testigo" "Treptaj" "vlemma tou martyra, To" "yeux de braise, Les"]

Bliss (1985) - link - ?2I
["Blogosc" "Espérame en el infierno" "Viva Enquanto Puder"]
M/f coerced oral incest rape (Brother/sister) A teenage David Joy (Miles Buchanan) insists on oral sex from his sister Lucy Joy (Gia Carides) in exchange for drugs. Autralian color movie directed by Ray Lawrence. 112 min.

Bliss (1997) - link - ?3Ix
["Bliss - Im Augenblick der Lust" "El amor es éxtasis" "Bliss - eroottinen löytöretki" "Au-delà du désir" "Vágy" "Al di là del desiderio" "Hard Technique" "Desejo Íntimo"]

Blonde Excesse (1987) - No link - X3I
While writing a new book, imagines a series of erotic sexual encounters that eventually culminate with her being gang raped while her tied-up lover () watches on helplessly. She doesn’t seem to mind, though.

Blood and Lace (1971) - link - ?N
Attempted rape. Color movie directed by Philip S. Gilbert. 78 min

Blood and Sex Nightmare (2008) - link - R2I

Blood Games (1990) - link - B1I
["Baseball Bimbos in Hillbilly Hell" "Jogos de Sangue"]
(1) MM/ff attempted rape. (2) Attempted gang rape. Color movie directed by Tanya Rosenberg. 90 min.

Blood Link (1982) - link - B2I
["Blood Link - Blutspur" "Extrasensorial" "The Link"]
M/f deception rape. Craig Mannings (Michael Moriarty), identical twin (Siamese twins separate at birth) of Keith Mannings (Michael Moriarty) impersonates his brother and has sex with Julie Warren (Penelope Milford), his brother's girlfriend.

Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet (2009) - link - R2Ix
["Blood Night" "Blood Night - Die Legende von Mary Hatchet"]

Blood on Satan's Claw, The (1971) - link - ?Sx
["Aima sta nyhia tou Satana" "In den Krallen des Hexenjägers" "La nuit des maléfices" "La nuit du maléfice" "La pelle di Satana" "La piel de Satanás" "O Estigma de Satanás" "Paholaisen nahka" "Satan's Skin" "Satans kult" "Satans skinn" "The Devil's Skin" "The Devil's Touch"]

Blood Ranch (2006) - link - ?1Ix
M/f restrained rape. Val (Madeleine Lindley) is bound to a wall and raped. Color movie directed by Corbin Timbrook. 90 min.

Bloodlines (2007) - link - ?2I
["Fight to the Death - Das Kentucky Massaker" "Stickville"]

BloodRayne (2005) - link - R3I
["BloodRayne - Az igazság árnyékában" "BloodRayne, dipsa gia ekdikisi" "BloodRayne - Venganza de sangre"]
? Color movie directed by . 95 min.

Bloodsucking Freaks (1976) - link - RI
["The Incredible Torture Show" "Akuma no shitatari" "Blood Sucking Freaks" "Den blodsugande gatan" "Heritage of Caligula" "Incredible Torture Show" "Joel Reed's Bloodsucking Freaks" "Sardú, el teatro del miedo" "Sardu" "Sardu, Master of the Screaming Virgins" "The Heritage of Caligula: An Orgy of Sick Minds" "The House of the Screaming Virgins"]

Bloody Judge, The (1970) - link - ?3I
["Il trono di fuoco" "El juez sangriento" "O Juiz Sanguinário" "El juez sangriento" "El proceso de las brujas" "Le trône de feu" "Aihmalotes sadiston" "O dikastis tou tromou" "Night of the Blood Monster" "Throne of the Blood Monster" "Trial of the Witches" "Witch Killer of Broadmoor" "Witches' Trial" "Der Hexentöter von Blackmoor"]

Bloody Mama (1970) - link - B3I
["Os 5 de Chicago" "Os Cinco de Chicago" "Bloody Mama - gangsterfamilien Barker" "Mamá sangrienta" "Verinen Mamma Barker" "Oi 4 adelfoi dolofonoi" "Oi bastardoi" "Átkozott mama" "Il clan dei Barker" "Krwawa mama" "O Dia da Violência"]

Blue Desert (1991) - G3N
["Aventuras no Deserto Azul" "Blue Heat - Hilf dir selbst oder stirb" "Desierto azul" "El desert de la por" "Sininen erämaa" "Perverse Cop" "Silent Victim" "Kék sivatag" "Niebieska pustynia" "În deriva" "El desierto triste"]
M/f prelude to possible rape. Lisa Roberts (Courtney Cox) is dragged into an alley. The credits list her attacker as a mugger. While talking to the police, it is revealed that she had been raped six month before, but nothing is said about this attack being a rape. 0:0:44. Color movie directed by . 97 min.

Blue Heat (Roughies, The: Sexual Assault - D4) - XI

Blue Ice (1985) - link - X3I
["Amor de Alto Preço"]

Blue Movie (1978) - link - R2I
M/f attempted rape. Although this movie features full-frontal nudity, there is no nudity in this scene.

Blue Velvet (1986) - link - R1I
["Terciopelo azul" "Veludo Azul" "Ble veloudo" "Blue Velvet - Verbotene Blicke" "Blue Velvet - ja sinisempi oli yö" "Blue Velvet - och blåare var natten" "Kék bársony" "Mavi kadife" "Modry samet" "Plavi barsun" "Plavi somot" "Velluto blu"]
M/f coerced humiliation and rape. Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) is humiliated and then forced to have sex with a Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) in order to protect her husband and son. Color movie directed by David Lynch. 120 min.

Blunt Trama 3: Whiteslave (1996) - ZD

Body of Evidence (1993) - link - ?1Ix
["El cuerpo del delito" "Älska till döds" "A tanú teste" "Body" "Body of Evidence" "Body of Evidence - Il corpo del reato" "Body of Evidence - hyytävä syleily" "Corpo de Delito" "Corpo em Evidência" "Deadly Evidence" "Enoho kormi" "Hyytävä syleily" "Kanit vücutlar" "Klædt af til mord" "Madonna, Corpo de Delito" "Sidla milosci" "Telo kao dokaz"]
M/f anal rape. Rebecca Carlson (Madonna) is anally raped by Frank Dulaney (Willem Dafoe). Color movie directed by Uli Edel. 99 min / Australia:101 min / Spain:101 min / UK:101 min / USA:101 min (unrated version) / Argentina:102 min

Body Shots (1999) - link - ?2Ix
["Cuerpos salvajes" "Jello Shots" "Kormia se drasi" "Last Night" "Lyla Lelo Motzah" "Night Before, The" "Paixões Ardentes" "Pár-baj" "Seksiä ja rakkautta" "Sexe attitudes" "última noche, La" "Uma Só Noite"]
M/f date rape.

Bog of Beasts (2006) - link - R2Ix
["Baixio das Bestas" "Le marais des bêtes" "O valtos me ta terata" "Sumpf der Bestien"]

Boiling Point (1978) - link - X2I
["Intimate Illusions"]

Boiling Point (1990) - link - ?1I
["3-4 x jûgatsu" "3-4x 10 gatsu" "3-4x10 wol" "Forráspont" "Jugatsu" "Ponto de Ebulição" "San mainasu yon kakeru jyu gatsu" "San tai yon ekkusu jugatsu" "Tacka kljucanja" "Temperatura wrzenia" "The Third and Fourth of October"]
M/m rape. M/f rape.

Boko gundan sukegari (1982) - ?31
["Hunting Schedule Corps Assault"]

Bôkô honban (1987) - link - ?3I
["Lustmord" "Rape: For Real"]

Bolero (2004) - link - R2Ix

Bonds of Matrimony (2011) (Borgia, S01E05) - link - ?Sx

Bongwater (1997)- ?Nx
M/f rape. The rape of a woman (Alicia Witt) is shown in quick flashbacks.

Bonnie's Kids (1973) - link - ?2I
["hijas de Bonnie, Las" "Listeia pliromeni" "sorelline, Le" "Töchter des Bösen"]

Book of Blood (2009) - link - ?2I
["Clive Barker's Book of Blood" "Clive Barker'dan kan kitabi" "Clive Barker: A vér könyve" "Kniha krve" "Livre de sang" "Livro de Sangue" "Livro de Sangue de Clive Barker" "Veren kirjat"]

Book of Revelation, The (2006) - link - ?2I
["Ksiega objawienia" "libro de las revelaciones, El" "Livro da Revelação, O" "Livro das Revelações, O" "vivlio tis apokalypsis, To"]
FFF/m rape.

Boot Camp (2008) - link - ?1Ix
["Átnevelo tábor" "Ölüm kampi" "A Ilha - Uma Prisão sem Grades" "Campamento castigo" "De gré ou de force" "El campo de la serenidad" "I kataskinosi" "O Campo do Medo" "Straight Edge" "Suffer Island" "Výchovný tábor"]

Born Bad (2011) - link - B2Ix
M/f fatal overpowered rape. What begins as consensual sex between Dennis "Denny" Nelson (Michael Welch) and a girl, turns to rape. Afterwards, when she tries to leave, he smothers her with a pillow. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Timer: 0:00:00 - 0:03:01. Color movie directed by Jared Cohn. 86 min  | 92 min (uncut version).

Born for Hell (1976) - ?x

Born Innocent (1974) - link - G1I
["Nacida inocente" "Den uskyldige" "Inocência Ultrajada" "La ragazza del riformatorio" "Violação de uma Adolescente"]
F/f restrained, dildo rape. Chris Parker (Linda Blair) is held down by a gang of girls in a reform school and has her virginity taken with the handle of a toilet brush by Denny (Janit Baldwin). Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 12. Timer: 0:31:20 - 0:34:02. Action: 0:1:30. This scene is cut from some versions of the movie. In others, portions of the dialog have been removed. TV color movie directed by Donald Wrye. 98 min.

Born Losers (1967) - link - ?2I
["crédo de la violence, Le" "Engel der Hölle" "Gennimenoi katharmata" "Halálfejesek" "Stracency" "Violence"]

Bosque de sombras (2006) - link - G1Ix
["Backwoods" "The Backwoods" "BackWoods" "Backwoods - Die Jagd beginnt" "Das Geheimnis des Waldes" "Eidylliakos efialtis" "O Bosque das Sombras" "Spiral Violence" "The backwoods - Prigionieri del bosco" "Varjude mets"]
M/f attempted, witnessed, final rape (family). Lucy (Virginie Ledoyen) is molested, bent over a table, has her panties ripped off and is about to be raped, when she is rescued and the attacker is shot. UK / French / Spanish movie directed by Koldo Serra. 97 min.

Boss, The (1973) - link - ?1I
["Il boss" "Mafia-hævn" "Secuestro de una mujer" "Mafiapomo" "Le boss" "Murder Inferno" "Wipeout!" "Der Teufel führt Regie"]
Italian color movie directed by . 100 min

Boston Strangler, The (1968) - link - ?1I
["Der Frauenmörder von Boston" "El estrangulador de Boston" "A bostoni fojtogató" "Boston canavari" "Boston-kvæleren" "Boston-strypare" "Bostonin kuristaja" "Bostonski davitelj" "Bostonstryparen" "Dusiciel z Bostonu" "Kveleren fra Boston" "L'étrangleur de Boston" "Lo strangolatore di Boston" "O Estrangulador de Boston" "O Homem Que Odiava as Mulheres" "O strangalistis tis Vostonis"]
M/f attempted restrained rape. Using torn bed sheets, Albert DeSalvo (Tony Curtis) ties Dianne Cluny (Sally Kellerman) to her bed with the intention of raping her. He becomes distracted and she escapes. Color movie directed by Richard Fleischer. 116 min.

Boulevard (1994) - ?N
M/f rape.

Bound Tears (2006) - link - R3I

Boy and His Dog, A (1975) - link - B1I
["Psycho Boy and His Killer Dog" Un muchacho y su perro" "O Menino e seu Cachorro" "Apocalypse 2024: A Boy and His Dog" "Mad Don" "2024: Apocalipsis nuclear" "2024: Apocalipsis nuclear (Un muchacho y su perro)" " A fiú és a kutyája" "Apocalypse 2024" "Un ragazzo, un cane, due inseparabili amici" "Chlopiec i jego pies" "Um Rapaz e o Seu Cão" "Köpek ve çocuk - 2024 yilinda dünya" "Der Junge mit dem Hund" "In der Gewalt der Unterirdischen"]
M/f attempted rape. In a post-holocaust world, Quilla June Holmes (Susanne Benton) is about to be raped at gun point by Vic (Don Johnson) when the near presence of a gang interrupts things. Later, when it is time for the rape to continue, she is so grateful for being saved from the gang, she gives herself willingly. Color movie directed by L. Q. Jones.

Boys Don't Cry (1999) - link - G1I
["Los muchachos no lloran" "A fiúk nem sírnak" "Decaci ne placu" "Decki nikad ne placu" "Erkekler aglamaz" "Kluci neplácou" "Les garçons ne pleurent pas" "Meninos Não Choram" "Nie czas na lzy" "Os rapazes Não Choram" "Take It Like a Man"]
MM/f violent rape. Brandon Teena (Hillary Swank), a girl posing as a boy, is discovered, taken for a ride, beaten and then raped in the back seat of a car by the two brothers of the girl she has a crush on. Color movie directed by Kimberly Peirce. 118 min

Boys of St. Vincent, The (1992) - ?N
M/m child rape. TV movie

Bravados, The (1958) - link - ?1I
["Bravados" "Les bravados" "Ölüm Mahkûmlari" "El vengador sin piedad" "Estigma da Crueldade" "Hajtóvadászat" "O Vingador Sem Piedade"]
M/f prelude to? rape. A shopkeeper's daughter, Emma Steimmetz (Kathleen Gallant) is taken hostage by four men and is raped by Bill Zachary (Stephen Boyd). A color movie directed by Henry King. 98 min.

Braveheart (1995) - link - G1I
["Corazón valiente" "Hrabro srce" "A rettenthetetlen" "Braveheart - Cuore impavido" "Braveheart - Taipumaton" "Braveheart - Waleczne serce" "Braveheart - den okuvlige" "Cesur yürek" "Coeur vaillant" "Coração Valente" "Drossirdis" "Inima neînfricata" "Kartmatu" "Khorobre sertse" "Lev Amitz" "O Desafio do Guerreiro" "Pogumno srce" "Rettenthetetlen" "Statecné srdce" "Statocné srdce"]
M/f attempted rape. Color movie directed by Mel Gibson. 177 min.

Break (2009) - link - ?2I
["Viagem Macabra" "Break - No Mercy, Just Pain!" "Naked"]
The Austrian version is uncut.

Breakdown (Roughies, The: Sexual Assault - D4) - XI

Breaking Her Will (2009) - link - ?3I
Bill Zebub

Breaking Point - Pornografisk Thriller (1975) - link - ?2I
["Pornografisk thriller"]

Breaking the Waves (1996) - link - R1I
["Contra viento y marea" "Amor omnie" "Breaking the waves - Aallonmurtaja" "Dalgalari asmak" "Damazontas ta kymata" "Hullámtörés" "Kroz talase" "L'amour est un pouvoir sacré" "Laineid murdes" "Le onde del destino" "Lom valov" "Ondas de Paixão" "Ondas do Destino" "Przelamujac fale" "Rompiendo las olas"]
(1) M/f coerced humiliation. (2) M/f coerced rape. Although there is full-frontal nudity in this movie, none is shown in these scenes. (1) At her husband's instance, Bess McNeill (Emily Watson) gives a handjob to a stranger (Ray Jeffries) on the bus. Acting 5/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 24. Timer: 1:28:57 - 1:32:12. Action: 0:0:49. (2) Also at his instance, she dresses like a hooker, picks up a strange man (Owen Kavanagh) in a pub, takes him to a secluded spot and allows him to have sex with her. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 24. Timer: 1:43:44 - 1:43:56. Action: 0:0:10. Color movie directed by Lars von Trier. 159 min. USA: 153 min. (director's cut) / Argentina: 158 min.

Breeders (1986) - link - R2I
["Aullidos de terror" "Breeders - terrorin maihinnousu" "Eisvoli apo to sympan" "Killer-Alien" "La muerte ataca Nueva York" "Reproduktorki"]
(1) A/f restrained rape. (2) A/f prelude and aftermath of rape. (1) Karinsa (Frances Raines) is a model doing a photo shoot. During a break, the photographer's assistant transforms into a creature while alone with her. After a short chase, she is restained by tenacles and raped. (2) Later, Kathleen (LeeAnne Baker), the photographer, goes into the basement to reset a circuit breaker. The creature attacks her and apparently rapes her. Color movie directed by Tim Kincaid. 77 min.

Breeders (1997) - link - ?2I
["Deadly Instinct - Die Bestie aus dem All" "Deadly Instincts"]
A/f attempted rape.

Bride's Initiation, The (1976) - link - X2I
["Dracula and the Dirty Old Witch"]

Brides Wore Blood, The (1972) - link - ?I
["Blood Bride"]

Brigade des moeurs (1985) - link - ?3I
["Brigade of Death" "Teloittajat" "Todes-Brigade"]
French color movie directed by . 96 min.

Brimstone and Treacle (1982) - link - R1I
["Brimstone" "Brimstone - paholaisen kosketus" "Ha llegado un extraño" "Hazug angyal" "Inntrengeren" "Le due facce del male" "O Homem Que Fazia Milagres" "Pierre qui brûle" "Siarka i melasa"]
M/f impaired rape. Patricia Bates (Suzanna Hamilton), an autistic young woman, is raped by Martin Taylor (Sting). UK color movie directed by Richard Loncraine. 87 min.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974) - link - B1I
["Bring mir den Kopf von Alfredo Garcia" "Jakten på Alfredo Garcias huvud" "Tragam-me a Cabeça de Alfredo Garcia" "Apportez-moi la tête d'Alfredo Garcia" "Bana onun kellesini getirin" "Bring mig Alfredo Garcias hoved" "Dajcie mi glowe Alfredo Garcii" "Donesite mi glavu Alfreda Garcie" "Ferte mou to kefali tou Alfredo Garcia" "Hozzátok el nekem Alfredo Garcia fejét!" "Quiero la cabeza de Alfredo García" "Tráiganme la cabeza de Alfredo García" "Tuokaa Alfredo Garcian pää" "Voglio la testa di Garcia" "Vull el cap d'Alfredo García"]
M/f attempted coerced final rape. Elita (Isela Vega) is about to willing allow a gun wielding biker (Kris Kristofferson) to have sex with her in order to avoid having her boyfriend shot and herself forcibly raped, when the rapist is killed by her boyfriend. Color movie directed by Sam Peckinpah. 112 min.

Brisas do Amor (1982) - link - R3Ix
["Insaciável Desejo da Carne"]
M/f restrained rape. A man abducts a woman from a beach. He takes her to a warehouse, ties her to a pillar and rapes her while standing up. 1:02:06. Brazilian color movie directed by . 85 min.

Broken (2006) - link - ?1I
["Broken - Keiner kann dich retten" "Broken - Nessuno vi salverà" "Jigsaw: Dead or Alive" "Jogos Sangrentos" "Murtud" "Shizofreneia" "The Hearteater"]
M/f feigned consent?

Broken Rose (1996) - ?N
Possible scenes in flashbacks. Captor forces a woman (Angela Torano) to give him sex before he will feed her. UK? Movie directed by John Quinn.

Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001) - link - ?3I
["Le pacte des loups" "Pacto de lobos" "Der Pakt der Wölfe" "O Pacto dos Lobos" "Der Pakt der Wölfe" "Pagten" "Hundi vennaskond" "El pacto de los lobos" "Susien klaani" "Vargarnas klan" "I adelfotita ton lykon" "Vučje bratstvo" "Farkasok szövetsége" "Il patto dei lupi" "Ulvenes klan" "Braterstwo wilków" "O Pacto dos Lobos" "Pakt s vukovima" "Vargarnas pakt" "Kurtlarin kardesligi"]

Brother's Kiss, A (1997) - ?N
M/m child rape.

Brown Bunny, The (2003) - link - ?1I
["A barna nyúl" "Brazowy królik" "Brown Bunny" "I apoleia tou erota"]
M+/f impaired gang rape. Daisy (Chloë Sevigny as Chloe Sevigny) is drugged and gang raped. Color movie directed by Vincent Gallo. 93 min.

Bruna Surfistinha (2011) - link - ?Sx
["Bruna Surfistinha - O Doce Veneno do Escorpião" "Little Surfer Girl" "O Doce Veneno Do Escoprião" "O Doce Veneno do Escorpião"]

Brutal Hopelessness of Love (2007) - link - ?3I
["Hito ga hito o ai suru koto no dôshiyô mo nasa"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 117 min.

Brute Corps (1972) - link - ?2I
["Combat Corps" "Teufels tolle Hunde, Des" "Teuflische Söldner"]

Brute Lust (? ) - XD

Buccaneers, The (1995) - link - ?Sx
["Die Freibeuterinnen" "Hozományvadászok" "Las bucaneras" "The Buccaneers - Viattomat valloittajat" "Zdobywcy"]

Buffalo Heart (1996) - link - ?2I
["Buffalo Heart: The Path of Death"]

Buitres sobre la ciudad (1980) - link - RI
["Avvoltoi sulla città" "Vultures Over the City"]
M/f retrained violent rape. A man hits a woman, knocking her down. A second man holds her down. The first man hits her again and rapes her as a third man watches. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Timer: 47:51 - 52:50. Numerous intercuts of her partner being beaten up elsewhere. Spanish movie directed by Gianni Siragusa. 86 min

Bulletface (2010) - link - ?2I
["Bulletface - Espinal Medula"]

Bullies (1986) - link - ?2I
["Adistaktoi" "Les brutes" "Mustat vuoret" "Tyrani"]
M/f off-camera (shadows) rape.

Bully (2001) - link - R1Ix
["Bully - Diese Kids schockten Amerika" "Bully - Estranhas Amizades" "Bully - Juventude Violenta" "Bully: Mentes perdidas" "Genya" "Napasnik" "Oi daides"]
M/f overpowered rape. What starts as consensual sex turns into rape when Bobby Kent (Nick Stahl) forces Ali Willis (Bijou Phillips) to watch a gay male porno and then gets abusive. Color movie directed by Larry Clark. 113 min / USA: 109 min (R-rated version) / USA: 113 min (unrated version).

Bumrush (2011) - link - R2I
M+/f coerced sex. In order to support her boyfriend's drug habit, a woman is told to become a prostitute. A group of men at the club she will be working out of inititate her with a gang bang.

Bunny Game, The (2010) - link - X2I
(1) M/f imparied rape. (2) M/f impaired rape. (1) While unconscious Bunny (Rodleen Getsic), a drug addicted prostitute, is raped by one of her johns. (2) While hitchhiking, Bunny is rendered unconscious, raped and tortured by a truck driver. There are also scenes where Bunny's johns hurt, humilate and degrade her. Color movie directed by Adam Rehmeier. 76 min.

Burning Bed, The (1984) - link - ?1I
["Autopsia di un delitto" "Autopsie d'un crime" "Das brennende Bett" "Den brennende sengen" "Kuka murhasi hänen miehensä?" "Paklena postelja" "Plonace lózko" "Tuzfészek" "Égõ ágyban"]
M/f marital rape. Francine Hughes (Farrah Fawcett) is raped by her husband, Mickey Hughes (Paul Le Mat bill as Paul LeMat). Color TV movie directed by Robert Greenwald. 95n min.

Bushwhacker, The (1968) - link - ?3I
["The Bushwacker"]

Business of Strangers, The (2001) - link - ?2I
["Bosszúálló nők" "compagnie des autres, La" "Kryfes apokalypseis" "Muukalaisia" "Negócios Estranhos" "Oscuros negocios" "Vallan valtapeli" "ypotheseis ton allon, Oi "Ypotheseis xenon"]

Buster and Billie (1974) - link - B1Ix
["Billy... ena elefthero koritsi" "Buster liebt Billie" "Buster og Billie" "Erotas ston asterismo tis vias"]
M+/F impaired fatal gang rape. Billie Jo Truluck () is chased through the woods by a group of boys. When they catch her, she is unintentionally knocked unconscious. When she comes to, one of the boys is having sex with her. She scratches his face and he beats her to death. Color movie directed by . 100 min.

Butterfly in the Night, A (1977) - link - ?Ix
["mariposa en la noche, Una"]



C.I.A. Secret Story (1975) - link - ?3I
["Faccia di spia" "A História Secreta da CIA" "CIA - En spions ansigt" "Ta eglimata tis C.I.A."]

Cabaret Balkan (1998) - link - ?3I
["Bure baruta" "The Powder Keg" "Como barril de pólvora" "Sud prachu" "Das Pulverfass" "El polvorín" "Ruutitynnyri" "Baril de poudre" "Pyritidapothiki" "Lőporos hordó" "La polveriera" "Beczka prochu" "Nattmänniskor i Belgrad" "Barut fiçisi"]
M/f fear and humiliation. Serbian color movie directed by . 102 min.

Caged Fear (1992) - ?N
Color movie directed by Alan Caso.

Caged Fury (1985) - link - ?3I
["Presídio em Fúria" "Oi dieftharmenes" "A Fúria Börtönében" "Zimny gniew" "A Jaula das Mulheres" "Bestien hinter Gittern"]

Caged Hearts (1997) - link - R2I
["Bebörtönzött szívek" "Fylakismenes kardies" "Uwiezione"]

Caged Heat (1974) - link - BI
["5 femmes à abattre" "Cárcel caliente, La" "Caged Females" "Caged Heat - Das Zuchthaus der verlorenen Mädchen" "Celas em Chamas" "Confissões Íntimas de um Presídio Feminino" "Femmine in gabbia" "Goraca klatka" "Gynaikes piso apo ta sidera" "Naarashäkki" "Pako Connevillen naisvankilasta" "Renegade Girls" "Uwieziona pasja" "Wiezienna goraczka"]
(1) F/f rape. (2) M/f impaired molestation. (2) While Belle Tyson (Roberta Collins) is unconscious, she has her breasts bared and photographed by a doctor. It is implied that she is raped. Color movie directed by Jonathan Demme. 83 min

Caged Heat II: Stripped of Freedom (1994) - ?N
["Caged Heat 2: Stripped of Freedom" "Prisoners"]
M/f rape. After an escape attempt, Marga (Chanel Akiko Hirai) is raped by Warden Chen (Vic Diaz). A color movie directed by Cirio H. Santiago. 72 min

Caged Heat 3000 (1995) - ?3I
["Grades Violentas"]
MM/f humiliation. M/f off-camera oral rape. Kira (Lisa Boyle billed as Cassandra Leigh) is held from behind by one guard and ejaculated on by another. A woman in a hood unzips the mouth and kneels in front of a guard. Off-camera, forced oral is implied. Color movie directed by Aaron Osbourne.

Caged Virgins (1973) - link - ?I
["Vierges et vampires" "Requiem for a Vampire" "Caged Vampires" "Crazed Vampire, The" "Crazed Virgins" "Dungeon of Terror" "Jomfruer og vampyrer" "Requiem" "Requiem gia ena vampir" "Requiem pour un vampire" "Sex Vampires" "Virgins and Vampires" "Virgins and the Vampires"]

Caligula (1979) - link - B1I
["Caligola" "Caligula, My Son" "Caligvla" "Gore Vidal's Caligola" "Io, Caligola"]
M/mf intimidation rape / anal dildo rape (fist). During a wedding, Caligula (Malcolm McDowell) uses his power as emperor to rape the bride and anally fist Proculus (Donato Placido), the groom. Color movie directed by Tinto Brass.

Caligula's Spawn (2009) - link - ?3I
["Caligula: Následnice"]

Call Back (2009) - link - BN

Call Girl (1983) - link - X3I
["Hetaste liggen" "Marilyn, Desejos de uma Estrela" "Los polvos de Marilyn" "Ti thranio, ti porneio!..." "Amore a cavallo" "Hate and Love" "International Gigolo"]

Calles sangrientas (1990) - link - ?Ix
["Bloody Streets" "Porros" "Siete en la mira 3"]
Mexican color movie directed by . 84 min.

Cama de Gato (2002) - link - ?2I
["Cat's Cradle"]

Camp Fear (1991) - link - B2Ix
["The Millennium Countdown"]
M/f attempted rape. A biker knocks a woman unconscious. He rips open her shirt and begins to open the front of his pants when he is interrupted. Although females breasts are shown earlier in this movie, they are not shown in this scene. Color movie directed by Thomas Edward Keith. 86 min.

Candy Lips - XN
Incest, Gang rape

Candy Snatchers, The (1973) - link - ?1Ix(2)
["Ta lytra tou tromou"]
(1) M/f overpowered rape. (2) M/f restrained child rape (16). (1) Jessie (Tiffany Bolling) is raped. (2) Candy (Susan Sennett), a tied-up school girl who has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom, is raped by one of the kidnappers. Scene 28. Color movie directed by Guerdon Trueblood. 94 min x(2) 1:33.

Candy Stripe Nurses (1974) - link - B3I
["Angel of Mercy" "Le Pornoinfermiere della clinica del sesso" "Sweet Candy" "Volop pret in een ziekenhuisbed"]
M/f attempted rape. Marisa Valdez (Maria Rojos) has her breasts bared while held at gunpoint. She is ordered to lie on the floor. As her attacker is lying on top of her, he allows her to gain control of the gun. Color movie directed by Alan Holleb. 80 min.

Cannibal Ferox (1981) - link - ?1I
["Cannibal ferox" "Argos thanatos" "Canibal Ferox" "Cannibal ferox" "Cannibal ferox: Niech umieraja powoli" "Caníbal Feroz" "Caníbal feroz" "De kannibalen vallen aan!" "Die Rache der Kannibalen" "Hazlos morir lentamente" "Hitokui zoku" "Jaget af kannibaler" "Kanibale" "Lefki sarka sta dontia tous" "Los últimos canibales" "Make Them Die Slowly" "Na pethanoun arga" "Terreur cannibale" "Woman from Deep River"]
Italian color movie directed by Umberto Lenzi. 93 min

Cannibal Holocaust (1980) - link - R1I
["Cannibal holocausto" " Ad kannibalov" "Holocausto cannibal" "Kannibaalien polttouhrit" "Kannibal massakren" "Nackt und zerfleischt" :"Nadzy i rozszarpani" "Olokaftoma ton kanivalon, To" "Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust"]
(1) M/f fatal restrained dildo rape. (2) M/f M/f overpowered rape. (3) MMM/f overpowered rape. (4) MM/f restrained fatal rape. (1) A bound woman (Lucia Costantini) is brutally raped with a large phallic device that leaves her bloody. A ball of mud with spikes is then forced into her vagina and she is beaten to death. (2) During a raid by one native tribe on another, women are raped. (3) Alan Yates (Gabriel York), Jack Anders (Perry Pirkanen) and Mark Tomaso (Luca Giorgio Barbareschi) rape a native girl on order to incite her tribe into impaling her for her loss of virginity. (4) Faye Daniels (Francesca Ciardi) is held by a group of natives and stripped. Two of them rape her. She is then beaten and beheaded. Italian / Colombian color movie in English / Spanish directed by Ruggero Deodato. 95 min / UK:89 min (heavily cut) / South Korea:91 min (censored version).

Cannibal Terror (1981) - link - ?2I
["Groza kanibali" "Terreur cannibale" "Terror caníbal" "O tromos ton kannivalon"]
French color movie directed by Alain Deruelle (as A.W. Steeve), Olivier Mathot (uncredited) and Julio Pérez Tabernero (uncredited). 93 min.

Cape Fear (1962) - link - ?1I
["Rt straha" "2 gigantes sygrouontai" "Cabo de miedo" "Cape Fear- tuomitun kosto" "Den dömdas hämnd" "Ein Köder für die Bestie" "El cabo del terror" "Farlig främling" "Frygtens terror" "Il promontorio della paura" "Korkusuzlar" "Le cap de la terreur" "Les nerfs à vif" "O Círculo do Medo" "Przyladek strachu" "Rettegés foka" "Terror" "The Executioners" "To akrotiri tou fovou" "Tuomitun kosto"]
M/f prelude and aftermath of rape. (Robert Mitchum) Color directed by J. Lee Thompson. 105 min.

Cape Fear (1991) - link - ?1Ix
["Cabo de miedo" "Kap der Angst" "Les nerfs à vif" "Rt straha" "Cabo do Medo" "Cape Fear - A rettegés foka" "Cape Fear - Il promontorio della paura" "El cabo del miedo" "El cap de la por" "O Cabo do Medo" "Przyladek strachu" "Rt strahu" "To akrotiri tou fovou"]
(1) M/f violent restrained prelude to and aftermath of rape. (2) M/f final attempted rape. (1) What begins as consensual sex turns into violent rape once Max Cady (Robert De Niro), a convicted rapist who has been released from prison, gets Lori Davis (Illeana Douglas), a girl he meets in a bar handcuffed. He bites her and beats during a prelude to rape. Afterwards, we learn he broke her arm too. (2) Max later attempts to rape his former lawyer's wife, Leigh Bowden (Jessica Lange), and daughter, Danielle Bowden (Juliet Lewis), on a boat, but is killed during the attempt. Color movie directed by Martin Scorsese. 128 min.

Captain Barbell (2003) - ?N

Captive Factory Girls 2: The Revolt (2007) - ?I

Captive Rage (1988) - link - B2Ix
["Fair Trade" "Fire with Fire"]
M/f restrained rape. In what appears to be payment for drugs, a guard ties Chiga (Claudia Udy) to a cot with her arms over her head so that another man can rape her. South African movie directed by Cedric Sundstrom.

Captives, The (2001) - link - R1I
["I Spit on Your Corpse, I Piss on Your Grave"]
Color movie directed by . 71 min.

Captured for Sex (1987) - link - ?1I
["Daydream 2" "Hakujitsumu 2" "Hakujitsumu zoku"]
Japanese color movie directed by . ? min.

Captured Mother and Daughter: She Beast (1987) - link - ?2I
["Boshin kankin: Mesu" "Hahako kankin: mesu"]

Captured for Sex (1987) - link - B1I
["Daydream 2" "Hakujitsumu 2" "Hakujitsumu zoku"]
Japanese color movie with English subtitles.

Carcere amori bestiali (1994) - link - X2I

Cargo 200 (2007) - link - Rx
["Bádogkoporsó" "Fortio 200" "Freight 200" "Gruz 200" "Ladunek 200" "Náklad 200" "Teret 200"]

Cargo of Love (1968) - link - ?3I
["The Bed and the Beautiful" "Erotische Bestien"]

Carne (1968) - link - ?1I
M/f rape. Delicia (Isabel Sarli) is raped in the back of a meat truck. Argentinian color movie in Spanish directed by Armando Bo. 90 min

Cartel (1990) - link - ?I1x
["Bersaglio mobile" "Kartel" "Kuoleman kartelli"]
Fatal gang rape. x6:48

Cathy, fille soumise (1971) - link - ?Ix
["Cathy, Submissive Girl" "Kakuteru sekkusu - Midareta h4ada" "porno amante, La"]

Casa sperduta nel parco, La (1980) - RD
["Maison au fond du parc, La" "Schlitzer, Der" "Talo puiston laidalla" "Talo puiston perällä" " The House at the Edge of the Park" "The House on the Edge of the Park"]
M/f overpowered, fatal rape. Alex (David Hess billed as David A. Hess) rapes and strangles a woman in the backseat of her car. Italian color movie directed by Ruggero Deodato (billed as Roger D. Franklin). 91 min / UK:79 min

Case of Rape, A (1974) - link -?N
Elizabeth Montgomery. TV color movie directed by Boris Sagal.

Casualties of War (1989) - link - B1Ix
["Pecados de guerra" "Die Verdammten des Krieges" "A háború áldozatai" "Apoleies polemou" "Corazones de hierro" "Corações de Aço" "De kaldte os helte" "De kalte oss helter" "Obeti války" "Ofiary wojny" "Ororile razboiului" "Outrages" "Pecados de Guerra" "Savas günahlari" "Sodan arvet" "Uppgörelsen" "Victimes du Vietnam" "Vittime di guerra" "Zrtve rata" "Žrtve rata"]
(1) M/f restrained, witnessed rape (rapist's companions, including one who is sympathetic). (2) M+/f gang rape. (1) Tran Thi Oanh (Thuy Thu Le) is abducted in the middle of the night from her home, and her hands are tied behind her back. She is raped by Sgt. Meserve (Sean Penn) over the protests of PFC Eriksson (Michael J. Fox). Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5. (2) She is later raped by the all the others except one. Color movie directed by Brian DePalma. 113 min. x3:05

Cat Chaser (1989) - link - R1I
["Caça Grossa" "Dödliga förbindelser" "El cazador de gatos" "Hexenkessel Miami" "Kocur" "Macskafogó kommandó" "Oi synenohoi" "Oltre ogni rischio" "Progonitelj macaka" "Short Run" "Vaaran polttopisteessä"]
M/f dildo rape (gun). Color movie directed by Abel Ferrara (credited only). 90 min.

Cathy, fille soumise (1977) - link - X1Ix
["Cathy, Submissive Girl" "Kakuteru sekkusu - Midareta h4ada" "La porno amante"]
MMM/f restrained rape. Cathy (Erika Cool) is held down and raped by three men. Scene begins at very beginning of movie. French color movie directed by Robert Renzulli. 78 min.

Caught! (1985) - link - X1I
Dildo rape? House of Milan. Color movie directed by Barbara Behr.

Cecilia (1983) - link - R1I
["Diary of a Desperate Houswife" "Sexual Aberrations of a Housewife"]
M+/f gang rape. Cécilia (Muriel Montossé) is gang raped. French color movie directed by Olivier Mathot. 97 min.

Cellar Door, The (2007) - link - ?I3
["O Porão" "Broken 2: The Cellar Door"]

Cemetery Man (1994) - link - ?2I
["Demons '95" "Of Death and Love" "Pelo Amor e Pela Morte" "Zombie Graveyard" "Mi novia es un zombie" "Dellamorte Dellamore" "O milosci i smierci" "O smrti ljubavi" "Of Death, of Love"]
Color movie directed by . 105 min.

Center of the World, The (2001) - link - RNx
["Akai heya no koibito" "Centrum swiata" "El centro del mundo" "Le centre de l'univers" "Le centre du monde" "Maailman keskipiste" "Macht der Begierde" "O Centro do Mundo" "The Centre of the World" "To kentro tou kosmou"]

Centerfold Girls, The (1974) - link - ?N
["Girl Hunter"]
Attempted rape. Attempted rape. Impaired rape. Color movie directed by John Peyser. 91 min

Certain Fury (1985) - link - B3I
["Choque Mortal" "Y... al rojo vivo" "Scarlet & Tracy" "La cavale impossible" "Ore 13: dopo il massacro la caccia" "Szal" "Fúria Selvagem" "Kader Mahkumlari" "In der Hitze von New York" "New York - Stadt ohne Grenze"]
M/f attempted rape. A man drags Tracy () from the shower and attempts to rape her. Color movie directed by . 87 min.

Certain Sacrifice, A (1985) - ?N
M/f rape. Bruna (Madonna billed as Madonna Louise Ciccone), is raped in a restroom. A color movie directed by Stephen Jon Lewicki.

C'est arrivé près de chez vous (1992) - RI
["Man Bites Dog"]
MMMM/f restrained, fatal, witnessed, rape (husband). During a home invasion, a housewife named Martine (Sylviane Godé), who was having sex on the kitchen table with her husband (Zoltan Tobolik), is gang raped by the camera crew and Ben (Benoît Poelvoorde) as the husband is forced to watch. She is eviscerated and he is killed too. Acting 4/5, Intensity 3/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 7. Timer: 1:02:29 - 1:04:29. Action: 0:1:21. Belgian black and white movie directed by Rémy Belvaux.

Cette Femme est un Homme (1982) - X1I
["Les corps de chasse"]

Ceylon My Love (1982) - link - ?3I
[Samanka" "Fuga de Ceylán" "L'île des passions" "Passion Island" "Rituels de la passion" "To nisi tou pathous"]

Chain Gang Women (1971) - link - R2I
["Chain, The" "Violentata davanti al marito" "Women in Chains"]

Chained Fury: Lesbian Slave Desires (2003) - ?N
F/f rape

Chained Heat (1983) - link - ?3I
["Cadenas calientes" "Correntes do Inferno" "Rejas ardientes" "Kahlittu raivo" "Enchainées" "Les anges du mal" "Erotes kai pathi stis gynaikeies fylakes" "Slodkie anioly" "Prisão de Mulheres" "Das Frauenlager"]
M/f rape. M/f rape. M/f rape. Warden Bacman (John Vernon) rapes Carol Henderson (Linda Blair) in his office. Color movie directed by Paul Nicholas.

Chained Heat II (1993) - link - ?3I
["Prisão do Inferno" "Chained Heat - Enchainées" "Apodrasi apo tis gynaikeies fylakes 2" "Megbilincselt Forróság" "Sorvegliata speciale" "Chained Heat 2"]

Chaleurs Anales (1983 or 1985) - X2I
(1) Overpowered forced cunnilingus (2) Overpowered stripping. (1) Through the application of non-consensual cunnilingus, a man convinces a woman to have consensual sex with him, including anal. (2) Two male motorists force two female motorists to stop. They abduct them and and take them back to a villa, where they forceably strip them. The women then suddenly decide to have sex with them. After awhile, they are suddenly inside with the first woman and an anal orgy ensues. French color movie directed by Michel Ricaud.

Cham bin hung leng (2002) - link - ?2I
["Sleeping with the Dead"]
Hong Kong color movie directed by . 89 min.

Change of Partners, A (1976) - link - X1I
["Casais Trocados" "Come in Blue Movie" "Échanges de partenaires" "Exchange of Partners" "Visst vill du med mej..."]

Chaos (2001) - link - ?2I
["Caos" "Káosz"]

Chaos (2005) - link - B1Ix
M/f brutal, fatal rape. A woman is held down and one of her nipples cut off. She is forced to eat it, and is then rolled over, stabbed in the back and raped as she dies. Color movie directed by David DeFalco. 74 min. x 6:14.

Character (1997) - link - ?2I
["Karakter" "Carácter" "Caráter" "Character - miehen kuva" "Character bastardo eccellente" "Charakter" "Karaktären" "Moiraios haraktiras"]
M/m attempted child rape.

Château, The (1971) - link - X2I
["Chateau of Discipline"]
M+/f+ intimidation rape. The movie contains many scenes of enslaved women being tortured and forced to engage in sex acts. 61 min.

Chato's Land (1972) - link - ?1I
["Chato" "Les collines de la terreur" "Chato el Apache" "Chato földje" "Chaton maa" "Chatoova dezela" "Chatos Land" "De heuvels van de angst" "Desforra Apache" "Renegado Impiedoso" "Renegado Vingador" "Renegado vengador" "Çato - Devlerin ülkesi"]

Cheaters, The (Roughies, The: Cum Crimes - D3) - XI

Cheerleaders, The (1973) - link - R3I
["À nous, les jolies majorettes" "A Loucura das Colegiais" "Les cheeries font des ravages" "The 18 Year Old Schoolgirls" "Erotika skandala sto kollegio" "Return to Montclair High"]
(1) M+/f overpowered, attempted gang rape. (2) MM/ff overpowered attempted rape. The movie is a camp comedy. The plot revolves around the cheerleaders using sex to tire out the rival football team. (1) A girl who sneaks into the football team's locker room to take a shower, is chased and wrestled to the floor by a group of boys. 0:18:46. (2) Two cheerleaders instigate their own attempted rapes by attacking two toughs. This are interrupted by an onlooker. 0:52:40. Color movie directed by . 84 min.

Cheerleaders of Perilous U., The (1996) - ZD

Chek law dak gung (2002) - ?N
Gang rape

Chen mo de gu niang (1994) - link - ?2I
["The Wrath of Silence"]
Hong Kong color movie directed by . 98 min.

Cherry Falls (2000) - link - ?1I
["Cherry Falls - Asesino de vírgenes" "Corre... no grites" "Cherry Falls - Il paese del male" "Medo Em Cherry Falls" "Neitsytjahti" "O dolofonos tou Cherry Falls" "Sex oder stirb!" "Virgens de Sangue"]
Gang rape

Chik juk ging wan (1997) - ?I
["Bare Foot Thriller" "Chi zu jing hun" "Peeping Tom, The"]
(1) M/f rape. (2) M/f rape. (3) M/f witnessed rape (sister). (1) A woman (Rachel Tucker?) is abducted from an alley and is raped. (2) Kelly (Miho Namoto) is abducted from her sister's apartment and raped inside a van as a meter maid tickets it. (3) Kelly is then used as bait to lure her sister, Cheng Hsuen (Jade Leung), into a trap. Kelly is again raped as her bound sister is forced to watch. Hong Kong color movie directed by Kai Ming Lai.

Chikatetsu renzoku reipu (1985) - link - ?I
["Chikatetsu renzoku reipu 1" "Subway Serial Rape"]

Chikatetsu renzoku reipu: Aijin-gari (1988) - link - ?2I
["Subway Serial Rape: Lover Hunting" "Chikatetsu renzoku reipu 4"]

China de Sade (1977) - link - X1I
["China DeSade" "Partouzes spéciales pour jouisseuses hystériques"]
M/f rape. Adult color movie directed by Charles De Santos. 79 min.

China O'Brien (1990) - ?N
M/f restrained rape. A woman tied to a bed while being held as a sex slave is raped or tortured off-camera. Color movie directed by Robert Clouse.

Chloé (1996) - Rx
M/f violent rape. Chloé (Marion Cotillard) has her clothes torn off. She is then beaten with a belt and raped. Belgian color TV movie directed by Dennis Berry. Belgium: 100 min / Germany: 111 min

Choices of the Heart (1983) - ?N
May contain a rape scene. A TV movie.

Chôjin densetsu Urotsukidôji (1989) - link - B1I
["Urotsukidôji: Legend of the Overfiend" "Legend of the Overfiend" "Wandering Kid, The" "Urotsukidôji" "Urotsukidôji 1"]
F(A)/f overpowered rape and tentacle rape. M(A)/f restrained, fatal rape. M(A)/f coerced humiliation and rape. Japanese anime color movie with English dubbing directed by Hideki Takayama.

Chôjin densetsu Urotsukidôji 2: Chôjin jusatsu hen (1989) - link - B1I
["Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb"]
A/f rape. Japanese anime color movie with English dubbing directed by Hideki Takayama.

Chôjin densetsu Urotsukidôji: Mirai hen (1993) - link - B1I
["Urotsukidoji III: Return of the Overfiend"]
A/f tentacle rape. Japanese anime color movie with English dubbing directed by Hideki Takayama.

Chop Shop (2003) - link - ?1I
M+/f overpowered rape. Lisa Stewart (Shannon Michaels) is raped in an auto body shop.

Chô-yôma densetsu Uratsuki-dôji: Daiinshin fukkatsu-hen (1994) - ?N
A/f tentacle rape

Chô-yôma densetsu Uratsuki-dôji: Makai gakuen-hen (1994) - link - ?I
["ExorSister 1" "Exorsister 1: L'école maudite" "Uratsuki-dôji 1"]
A/f tentacle rape. F/f rape.

Chô-yôma densetsu Uratsuki-dôji: Hakui jigoku-hen (1994) - ?N
A/f tentacle rape

Chô-yôma densetsu Uratsuki-dôji: Joyô Senmenki-hen (1994) - ?N
A/f tentacle rape

Chung on sut luk: Tuen Man sik mo (1994) - link - ?2I
["Chong an shi lu Tun Men se mo" "Portrait of a Serial Rapist" "True life case files: Tuen Man sex maniac" "Tuen Man sik mo"]

Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (2000) - link - ?3I
["Atomic Hero 4" "Atomic Hero 4: Citizen Toxie" "El vengador tóxico 4" "Toksicni osvetnik 4: Gradanin Toksi"]

Citizen X (1995) - link - ?3I
["Le citoyen X" "Peto on irti" "Politis X" "X polgártárs" "Cittadino X" "Ciudadano X" "Obywatel X"]

Clairvoyant, The (1982) - ?N
["Killing Hour, The" "Killing Kind, The"]
M/f restrained, fatal rape. Betty Mercer (Olivia Negron) is tied to a bed, tortured, raped, and smothered. A color movie directed by Armand Mastroianni.

Clan of the Cave Bear, The (1986) - link - G1Ix
["Ayla und der Clan des Bären" "El clan del oso cavernario" "A Barlangi Medve népe" "A Tribo da Caverna do Urso" "Cro Magnon odissea nella preistoria" "Grottbjörnens folk" "Hulebjørnens klan" "Klan niedzwiedzia jaskiniowego" "Le clan de la caverne des ours" "Luolakarhun klaani" "O Clã do Urso das Cavernas" "Pleme spiljskog medvjeda"]
M/f overpowered rape. A Cro-Magnon woman, Ayla (Daryl Hannah), is raped by a Neanderthal man. Color movie directed by Michael Chapman. 98 min.

Clara (2002) - GC
M/f prelude to and aftermath of rape. A man and a woman (Reyes Moleres) are preparing to have sex in the woods. Suddenly his throat is cut and she is hand gagged from behind by two men who unexpectedly appear. She is wrestled to the ground and raped. As the second man prepares to rape her, she escapes. Italian TV color movie directed by Antonio Cuadri. 100 min

Class of 1984 (1982) - link - R1Ix
["A Classe de 1984" "Clase 1984" "Class 1984" "Classe 1984" "Curso 1984" "Die Klasse von 1984" "Guerrilla High" "I taxi tou 1984" "I taxi tou 84" "Insan degildiler" "Klasa '84" "Luokka 1984" "Luokka vuonna 1984" "Os Donos do Amanhã" "Årgang 1984"]
MM/f restrained rape. During a home invasion, students, Peter Stegman (Timothy Van Patten) and Barnyard (Keith Knight) rape Diane Norris (Merrie Lynn Ross), a music teacher's wife, in her bedroom while her husband is at a recital. They then abduct her. Although this movie has full-frontal female nudity, there is no nudity in this scene. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 13. Timer: 1:13:39 - 1:22:24. Action: 0:1:48 with one intercut for 0:28 and another for 0:14. Canadian color movie directed by Mark L. Lester. 98 min

Cleopatra's Second Husband (1998) - ?N
Anal rape. M/m?

Climax of Blue Power, A (1975) - link - ?1I
["A Taste of Blue Power" "Deviate in Blue" "The Impersonator" "The Passion of Blue Power"]
In his off hours, a creepy security guard masquerades as a police officer, hassles prostitutes who think he's a real cop and lets them go in return for free sex. One day he happens to witness a woman (Angela Carnon billed as Gloria Jane Medford) murder her husband, and he decides that she should be punished for her crime, but in his own way. Color movie directed by Lee Frost. 82 min.

Cloisetered Nun: Runa's Confession (1976) - link - ?1I
["Shûdôjo Runa no kokuhaku" "Im Kloster der heißen Nonnen" "Im Kloster der heissen Nonnen"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 74 min.

Clockwork Orange, A - BD
M/f restrained, witnessed implied rape (Husband). M+/f attempted rape. M+/f rape. During a home invasion Mrs. Alexander (Adrienne Corri) is held, gagged and has her clothing cut off of her as her beaten and gagged husband watches. It is implied that Alex de Large (Malcolm McDowell), and possibly the rest of his gang, rape her. A gang rape is interrupted so that one gang can fight with another. As part of his rehabilitation, Alex is forced to watch a surreal scene of soldiers raping a woman. Color movie directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Clockwork Orgy (1994) - ZD

Clockwork Terror (1973) - link - ?I
M/f rape. Gangrape

Close Encounters of the Sexual Kind - XN
M+/f rape. A woman is raped by three yard-workers at her home due to the effects of a magic talisman.

Closet Land (1991) - link - ?1I
["Tierra de armarios"]
M/f restrained rape. A writer (Madeleine Stowe) is accused of embedding political messages in her children's stories and is interrogated by the secret police. The interrogator (Alan Rickman) subjects her to several psychological tortures, after which she is bound on top a table and raped. Directed by Radha Bharadwaj. USA: 89 min Argentina: 94 min Canada: 94 min

Closure (2007) - link - ?1Ix
["Closure - Vendetta a due" "Den grymma leken" "Hideg fejjel" "Koston aika" "Straightheads" "Straightheads - Desejo de Vingança" "Traque sanglante" "W odwecie"]
M/f overpowered rape. Alice () is dragged from a car, bent over the hood and raped. UK color movie directed by . 80 min.

Club, The (1994) - link - ?3I
["Dimensão Diabólica" "Le club de la mort" "Kárhozottak klubja" "Il club"]

Code Blue (2011) - link - R2I
MM/f witnessed overpowered restrained rape (a woman from a distance). Marian (Bien de Moor) is looking out her window one night and sees two men who are walking with a woman drag her into the bushes. One holds her by the hair and shoves an orange into her mouth while the other strips her from the waist down and rapes her from behind.

Code of Honour (1987) - link - ?2I
["Brotherhood" "Code of Honor" "Promise Without a Word" "Triad Savager" "Triad Savages" "Yee boon mo yin" "Yi ben wu yan"]
Hong Kong color movie directed by Billy Chan. ? min.

Code of Hunting (1983) - link - ?2I
["Coto de caza" "Code of Hunt" "Ekfyloi eglimaties" "Hunting Ground, The"]

Co-ed Fever (1980) - link - X2I
["O Calor das Caloiras" "Coed Fever"]

Coffy (1973) - link - B3I
["Coffy - den nådeløse hævner" "Coffy - armoton kostaja" "Coffy, la panthère noire de Harlem" "I gynaika pou ekdikeitai me to sex" "Belali dilber" "Coffy - Die Raubkatze"]
Color movie directed by Jack Hill. 91 min.

Cold Blood (1996) - ?D

Coleção de Humanos Mortos (2005) - link - ?1I
["Dead Human Collection"]

College Girls (1968) - link - ?3I
["College Girls Confidential" "Verführung in der Pause"]

Comando Explícito (1986) - no link - X3I
["Explicit Command"]
Brazilian color movie directed by Alfredo Sternheim. ? min.

Come Deadly (Roughies, The: Cum Crimes - D4) - XI

Coming of Angels, A (1977) - link - X1I
["Momento Supremo" "Prisioneiras do Sexo" "A Comming of Angels"]

Comment le désir vient aux filles (Je suis frigide... pourquoi) (1972) - link - ?I
["Amore mio scaldami" "Comment le désir vient aux filles" "Egina psyhri meta to viasmo mou" "I Am Frigid... Why?" "Je suis frigide... pourquoi?" "Let Me Love You" "Miten himo tulee nuoriin naisiin" "Soy frígida... ¿por qué?" "Yo soy frígida... ¿por qué?" "Yo soy frigida.. Por que? Por que?"]

Complicity (2000) - ?N
M/f simulated rape. Yvonne (Keeley Hawes). UK color movie directed by Gavin Millar.

Con las bragas en la mano (1982) - link - ?2I

Concrete Romance (2007) - link - ?2I
["Armerad Betong" "Béton armé" "Camorra Vendetta" "Cemento armato" "giorno perfetto, Il" "Vendetta romana"]

Concrete Jungle, The (1982) - link - ?1I
["Confidências de uma Prisioneira Americana" "La jungla de cemento" "Kalteriviidakko" "Quartier de femmes" "A Selva de Cimento" "Ujetnice betonske dzungle" "Frauenzuchthaus 2" "Mädchen hinter Gittern"]
M/f rape. Rita (Camille Keaton) is raped by Eyes (Kendal Kaldwell). Color movie directed by Tom DeSimone.

Condemned, The (2007) - link - ?2I
["Os Condenados" "Zabij, nebo budes zabit" "Die Todeskandidaten" "La isla de los condenados" "The Condemned - Tuomittujen taistelu" "Les condamnés" "O teleftaios epizon" "A halálraítélt" "The Condemned - L'isola della morte" "Los condenados" "Potepiony" "Os Condenados" "Serbia Osuđeni"]

Conduct Unbecoming (1975) - link - ?3I
["A Honra do Regimento" "Regimentets ære" "Culpable sin rostro" "Gia tin timi mias gynaikas" "Neveletlenek" "Un colpevole senza volto" "Honor pulku" "A Honra do Regimento" "Officerssvinet" "Die Schande des Regiments"]
UK color movie directed by . 107 min.

Confession, The (T.J. Hooker) - GN
M/f rape. (Dorothy Fielding) is attacked and raped outside a church. TV series episode.

Confessions of a Serial Killer (1985) - link - B1I(cut - movie) (uncut - x)
["Confissões de um Matador"]
M/f restrained, fatal rape. A middle-aged housewife is bound spread-eagle, face-down on a bed. She is brutally raped and has her throat cut. A color movie directed by Mark Blair. The DVD version of this is cut.

Contos de Horror (1997) - link - ?2I

Contraband (1980) - link - R1Ix
["Luca il contrabbandiere" "The Smuggler" "Das Syndikat des Grauens" "La guerre des gangs" "Luca el contrabandista" "Luca the Smuggler" "Luca, o Contrabandista" "Lucas le contrebandier" "Napoli forbindelsen" "O Contrabandista" "O lathremporos" "The Naples Connection"]
M/f violent, restrained, witnessed, anal rape (husband - on phone). Luca Di Angelo (Fabio Testi) listens on the phone as a gang of mobsters brutally slap his kidnapped, bound and gagged wife Adele (Ivana Monti) and then anally rape her. Acting 4/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 19. Timer: 1:18:48 - 1:23:53. Action: 0:1:10.Italian color movie (dubbed in English) directed by Lucio Fulci.

Convent of Sinners (1986) - link - ?C
[Convento do Pecado, O" "Gresna nuna" "Kloster der 1000 Todsünden" "On l'appelle Soeur Désir" "monaca del peccato, La"
monastiri, To" "monja en pecado, Una"]

M/f Incestuous rape (father).

Convicts' Women (1973) - link - R1I
["Bust Out" "Hemd hoch oder ich schieße" "Hemd hoch oder ich schiesse]
(1) MM/f attempted rape. (2+) Multiple rapes. (1) Two escaped cons chase a woman, tearing off all of her clothes except her panties. One of them gets her on the ground and about to remove them when her father starts shooting at them, causing them to flee. Color movie directed by . 75 min.

Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover, The (1989) - link - ?1I
["Spica" "El cocinero, el ladrón, su mujer y su amante" "O Cozinheiro, o Ladrão, Sua Mulher e o Amante" "Kokken, tyven, hans kone & hendes elsker" "El cocinero, el ladrón, su mujer y su amante" "Kokki, varas, vaimo ja rakastaja" "Le cuisinier, le voleur, sa femme et son amant" "O mageiras, o kleftis, i gynaika tou kai o erastis tis" " A szakács, a tolvaj, a felesége és a szeretője" "Ha-Tabah, Ha-Ganav, Ishto V'Ha-Meahev" "Kokkurinn, þjófurinn, kona hans og elskhugi hennar" "Il cuoco, il ladro, sua moglie e l'amante" "El cocinero, el ladrón, su mujer y su amante" "Kokken, tyven, hans kone og hennes elsker" "El cocinero, el ladrón, su mujer y su amante" "Kucharz, zlodziej, jego zona i jej kochanek" "O Cozinheiro, o Ladrão, a Sua Mulher e o Amante Dela" "Kuvar, lopov, njegova žena i njen ljubavnik" "Kocken, tjuven, hans fru & hennes älskare" "Asci, hirsiz, karisi ve asigi" "Der Koch, der Dieb, seine Frau und ihr Liebhaber"]
Color movie directed by Peter Greenaway.

Corporate Assets - XN

Country Hooker (1974) - link - Rx
M/f overpowered fatal rape. A woman is raped and strangled. x1:16

Couples voyeurs et fesseurs (1977) - link - X3I
["Voyeur And Spanker Couples"]
French adult color movie directed by . 63 min.

Cover Girl Models (1975) - link - ?3I

Coward of the County (1981) - link - G2Ix
["Pelkuri" "Tag des Zorns"]
MMM/f prelude to (gang) rape. During a home invasion, the Gatlin brothers rape Becky (Largo Woodruff). Some sources say she is gang raped, but this seems to be unconclusive. She is thrown on her bed, there is a bit of a struggle and some off-camera screaming. Color TV movies directed by Dick Lowry. 95 min.

CQ2 (Seek You Too) - link - (2004) - Rx

Crack House (1989) - link - BIx(4)
(1) MMMM/f interrupted attempted gang rape. (2) M/f implied coerced rape. (3) M/f implied violent off camera rape. (4) M+/f beginning of witnessed gang rape (friend). (1) Melissa (Cheryl Kay), the girlfriend of a gang member who tried to quit the gang and instead winds up in jail, is chased by four other gang members. They attempt to rape her, but stop when another gang member convinces them that Steadman (Jim Brown), the gang boss, wants her. Scene 6. Timer: 0:29:48 - 0:33:19. Action: 01:13. (2) In order to get drugs on credit, Melissa is coerced by Dockett (Anthony Geary), her high school guidance counselor, into stripping to her bra and panties. It is implied she is further coerced off camera into paying "interest" on the loan with sex. Scene 8. Timer: 0:51:30 - 0:55:19. Action: 0:60. (3) Melissa is forced to become Steadman's sex-slave until her boyfriend repays a debt. She is examined and removed from his apartment. At the crack house, she is beaten (audio only) and it is implied that she is raped off camera. Scene 9. Timer: 0:55:19 - 0:59:11. Action: 02:30. (4) Steadman gives Annie (Heidi Thomas) to his gang, and tells them, "Do what you want to do with her." She is wrestled onto a coffee table so that she can be raped. Melissa is brought from the bedroom to watch and is told the same will happen to her if Steadman ever gets tired of her. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 3/5. Scene 12. Timer: 1:08:48 - 1:09:50. Action: 0:35. Color movie directed by Michael Fischa. 90 min. x(4)1:01 min.

Craig (2008) - link - Gx
["Craig: The Movie"]
M/f Necro Rape. Craig Anderson (Kim Sønderholm) shoots a woman and then rapes her. It is implied that she is dead before the rape begins. Danish color movie directed by Kim Sønderholm. 100 min x1:49.

Crash (2004) - link - G1I
["Crash - No Limite" "L.A. Crash" "Collision" "Fatalna nesreća" "Ütközések" "Hitraskout" "Crash - Contatto fisico" "Alto impacto" "Miasto gniewu" "Colisão" "Fatalna nesreća" "Çarpisma" "Crash - Alto impacto"]
M/f coerced, witnessed molestation (husband). During an unwarranted traffic stop, Karen (Nona Gaye) is groped and possibly fingered by Officer John Ryan (Matt Dillon) as her husband watches, being too intimidated to interfere. Color movie directed by Paul Haggis. 113 min / 115 min (director's cut).

Creature, The (1977) - link - RI
["La criatura"]
M/f marital rape. Cristina () is raped by her drunken husband. Spanish color movie directed by . 100 min.

Creep (2004) - link - ?2I
["0:34" "Borzongás - Hajsza a metróban" "Creep - Il chirurgo" "Creep - O Túnel do Medo" "Gad" "La criatura" "Lek" "Nakaza" "Plataforma do Medo" "Tromos sto metro"]
M/f interrupted attempted overpowered rape.

Creepy Tales: Girls Night Out (2003) - ?N
M/f attempted, restrained rape. Tina (Samantha Turk) is bound, gagged, and bent over a car in a rape attempt that is interrupted.

Crime & Passion (1999) - link - R3I

Crime + Punishment in Suburbia (2000) - link - ?2I
["Asesinato en Suburbia" "Bűn és bűnhődés Amerikában" "Brott och straff i förorten" "Crime + Punishment" "Crime + Punishment in Suburbia" "Crime and Punishment in High School" "Delitto + castigo a Suburbia" "Eglima kai timoria sta proastia" "Mörderische Verführung"]

Criminal Lovers (1999) - link - ?I
["Älskande på flykt" "Amantes criminales" "amantes criminales, Los" "Amanti criminali" "amants criminels, Les" "Bűnös szerelmesek" "kriminelles Paar, Ein" "Satanikoi erastes"]

Crow, The (1994) - ?D
M+/f overpowered, fatal rape. During a home invasion, Shelly Webster (Sofia Shinas) is gang raped and killed. Color movie directed by Alex Proyas.

Crow: Salvation, The (2000) - ?N
["The Crow 3" "The Crow III"]
In flashback, Lauren (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) is seen with her hands tied in front of her, being chased, raped and stabbed to death by a bunch of bad cops. Color movie directed by Bharat Nalluri.

Cruel: High School Student Sex Torture (1975) - ?I
Japanese color movie.

Cruel Horizon (1989) - link - ?2I
["Blutiger Horizont" "Cruel horizonte" "Insel der gequälten Frauen" "Insel der geschändeten Frauen"]

Cruel Justice (1999) - ?N
M/f child rape. Amy Metcalf (Nicki Aycox), a seventeen-year-old girl (16?), is raped by her boyfriend, Grant Chadway (Vince Corazza). Color TV movie directed by Gregory Goodell.

Cry for Me, Billy (1972) - link - ?3I
["Amor Selvagem" "Zähle deine Kugeln" "Gebrannte Haut" "Violación a una apache" "L'apache" "Stohos gia ola ta katharmata" "Meztelen bosszú" "Apache" "Apache-massakren" "Prestej svoje krogle" "Apache Massacre" "Billy" "Face to the Wind"]
M+/f restrained gang rape. 0:1:43. Color movie directed by . 93 min.

Cry of the Banshee (1970) - link - ?1I
["crocs de Satan, Les" "grito de la muerte, El" "Kravges pou skotonoun" "Saatanan katse" "Satana in corpo" "spook van de banshee, Het" "Todesschrei der Hexen, Der" "Uivo da Bruxa, O" "vloek van Satan, De" "vloek van de Weerwolf, De" "Zwiastun smierci"]

Cult, The (1971) - link - ?3I
["Die Töchter des Satans" "House of Bondage" "The Manson Massacre" "Together Girls" "Töchter des Satans"]
Color movie directed by . 69 min.

Cum Crimes (?) - XD

Curse of the Alpha Stone, The (1972) - link - ?3I
A university professor uses hypnotism, potions and smoke from a glowing stone to get women to have sex with him. Color movie directed by . 89 min.

Cut and Run (1985) - link - R1Ix
["Inferno in diretta" "Amazon: Savage Adventure" "Amazonia: La jungle blanche" "Anthropokynigito ston Amazonio" "Inferno em Directo" "Kuvaa ja pakene" "Kuvaa ja pakene!" "La guerra de la coca II" "Painajainen huumeleirillä" "Straight to Hell" "Szállj el messze"]

Cut-Throats, The (1969) - link - ?1I
["Cut-Throat Kommandoss" "SS Cutthroats" "She Devils of the SS"]

Cut-Throats Nine (1972) - link - B1Ix
["Condenados a vivir" "Bronson's Revenge" "Condenados a Viver" "Cutthroats 9" "Katadikoi me hryses alysides" "Todesmarsch der Bestien"]



Da she (1980) - RN
["Da se" "Frauen im Foltercamp" "Lost Souls"]
M/f rape. M/m rape. Hong Kong color movie directed by Tun Fei Mou.

Daddy (2003) - link - B2I
["Rigor Mortis"]
(1) A/f overpowered rape. (2) A/f overpowered rape. (3) M/f attempted incestuous rape (father). (1) A girl is raped by the zombie of her girlfriend's father. (2) A girl is raped by the zombie of her girlfriend's father. (3) In a flashback, a man is shown attempting to rape his daughter. She kills him with a hammer.

Daddy (?) - ?N
MF/f rape. A woman and her boyfriend rape a young girl.

Daddy's Deadly Darling (1972) - link - ?2I
["Daddy's Girl" "Granja macabra 2" "Horror Farm" "Lynn Hart" "Killer, The" "Killers, The" "Pigs" "Pigs - Ta gourounia" "Roadside Torture Chamber" "Strange Exorcism of Lynn Hart, The" "Strange Love Exorcist, The"]

Daehakno-yeseo maechoon-hadaka tomaksalhae danghan yeogosaeng ajik Daehakno-ye Issda (2000) - link - RI
["Killing Machine" "Teenage Hooker Became Killing Machine in Daehakroh" "Teenage Hooker Becomes a Killing Machine" "Tehanno de baishun shiteite barabara satsujin ni atta joshikôsei, mada Tehanno ni iru"]
Statutory rape. South Korean color movie directed by Gee-woong Nam. 60 min.

Dagon (2001) - link - B1I
["Dagon: Sect of the Sea" "Dagon, la secta del mar" "Dagon, to plasma tou vythou" "Dagon - Az elveszett sziget" "Dagon - La mutazione del male" "The Lost Island" "H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon"]
A/f restrained off-camera rape. While suspended by her wrists, Bárbara (Raquel Meroño) is lowered into the sea and is raped by Dagon. Color movie directed by Stuart Gordon.

Damga (1984) - link - B1Ix
Gang rape. Turkish color movie directed by Osman F. Seden.

Damned, The (1969) - link - ?2I
["La caduta degli dei (Götterdämmerung)" "La caída de los dioses" "Les damnés" "De lange knives nat" "Elátkozottak" "Gmertebis Dagupva" "Kadotetut" "La caduta degli Dei (Götterdämmerung)" "Lanetliler" "Les damnés (Götterdämmerung}" "Luchino Visconti's The Damned" "Luchino Viscontis Die Verdammten" "Oi kataramenoi" "Os Malditos" "Os deuses Malditos" "Zmierzch bogów"]
(1)Implied prelude to child molestation. (2)Implied prelude to child molestation. (3)MM/f Prelude to gang rape. (4)M/f Prelude to and aftermath of incestuous rape. (Mother). Italian color movie directed by Luchino Visconti. 156 min.

Damned River (1989) - link - B1Ix
["Il fiume maledetto" "Il maledetto fiume" "Kirottu joki" "Prokleta reka" "Rzeka przekleta"]
M/f witnessed intimidation rape (friend). A girl is raped at gunpoint while a friend watches. Color movie directed by Michael Schroeder. 95 min x 0:3:13.

Dämonenbrut (2000) - link - ?1I
["Demon Brood" "Dämonenbrut - Insel der Dämonen 2" "Insel der Dämonen 2" "Demon-Terror"]
A/f rape

Dan Oniroku bara jigoku (1980) - link - ?1I

Dan Oniroku kurokami nawa fujin (1982) - link - ?3I
["Dark Hair -Velvet Soul"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 66 min.

Dan Oniroku shoujo mokuba-zeme (1982) - link - ?2I
["The Girl and Wooden Horse Torture"]
A schoolgirl fantasizes about being raped by her teacher, the school nurse, and even her parents in a threeway. The girls fantasies become reality as she is taken back to the home of her teacher and is strung up, tortured, and tied to a wooden horse.

Dan Oniroku shoujo shibari ezu (1980) - link - ?3Is
Japanese color movie directed by . ? min.

Dang bu zhu de feng qing (1993) - link - ?3I
["Don't Stop My Crazy Love for You" "Dong bat chu dik fung ching"]
Hong Kong color movie directed by . 92 min.

Dangerous Game (1993) - link - Gx
["Snake Eyes" "Dangerous Games" "Epikindyno paihnidi" "Juego peligroso" "Juegos peligrosos" "Kockázatos játék" "Linha de Separação" "Occhi di serpente" "Olhos de Serpente" "Snake Eyes - käärmeensilmä" "Snake eyes - Les yeux de serpent"]
M/f overpowered rape. Sarah Jennings (Madonna) is raped.

Dangerous Prey (1995) - ?N

Dangerous Men (2005) - ?N

Daniel and Ana (2009) - link - ?3I
["Daniel & Ana" "Daniel y Ana"]

Danish Pastries (1973) - link - X3I
["I Jomfruens tegn" "Club privé pour vierges suédoises" "Bajo el ardiente signo de virgo" "Neitsyen merkeissä" "Blue porno college" "I jungfruns tecken" "In the Sign of the Virgin" "Das tosende Mädchenpensionat" "Emanuella hinter Klostermauern" "Heisse Girls aus Dänemark" "Heiße Girls aus Dänemark" "Venus-Passage"]
Danish color movie directed by . 92 min.

Dao (1995) - ?N
[" The Blade "]
M/f rape. M/f final? attempted rape. A woman is raped off-screen. A man attempts to rape another woman, but she stabs him.

Dark Confessions (2000) - link - ?3I
["Confessions interdites" "Chained Heat III: No Holds Barred" "Skoteines apokalypseis"]

Dark Love: Rape (2008) - link - 3?I
["Dâku rabu: Rape"]
Japanese color movie directed by . ? min.

Dark Tide (1994) - link - B1Ix
["Maré Violenta" "Heiße Nächte im Paradies" "Heisse Nächte im Paradies" "Marea oscura"]
M/f restrained rape. Andi (Brigitte Bako) is pinned to a chain link fence and raped by the captain of a boat her husband had chartered. A color movie directed by Luca Bercovici. x 0:0:51

Date with a Kidnapper (1976) (Hitch Hike to Hell and Kidnapped Coed) - GD
[ "Kidnapped Lover" "Kidnapped Coed"]
M/f restrained, witnessed, final rape (kidnapper/lover). Sandra Morely (Leslie Rivers billed as Leslie Ann Rivers) is tied spread-eagle to a hotel bed and raped by a man (Pinckney Greene) posing as the desk clerk while Eddie Matlock (Jack Canon), who kidnapped her and is beginning to fall in love with her, is forced to watch. Acting 4/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 4. Timer: 0:16:13 - 0:22:11. Action: 0:03:05. Color movie directed by Frederick R. Friedel.

Date with Darkness: The Trial and Capture of Andrew Luster, A (2003) - ?N
Date rape. TV movie.

Date Rape (1988) - ?N
Date rape. TV movie.

Daughters of Darkness (1971) - link - ?1I
["Les lèvres rouges" "Blood on the Lips" "Children of the Night" "Erzebeth" "The Promise of Red Lips" "The Red Lips" "The Redness of the Lips" "Le rouge aux Lèvres" "Escravas do Desejo" "El rojo en los labios" "I komissa Drakoulas" "Ta kokkina heili tou Satana" "Vörös ajkak" "La vestale di Satana" "Dzieci nocy" "Kirmizi dudaklar" "Blut an den Lippen" "Solo für einen Vampir"]

Daughters of Lesbos (1968) - link - ?2I
["Dominique in Daughters of Lesbos"]

Day of the Dove (1968) - link - (Star Trek - Season 3, Episode 7 [66][311]) - GS
M/f attempted rape. Chekov (Walter Koeng), under the influence of an alien life force, attempts to rape a Klingon female named Mara (Susan Howard), but is interrupted. Color TV series episode directed by Marvin Chomsky. 51 min.

Days of Whore (?) - XN
Several rapes ( Kristi Mist, Monica, and Bridgette Kerkove) Directed by Thomas Zupko.

De kus (2004) - link - Gx
["The Kiss"]
M/f overpowered child rape (15 or 16). Sarah Lenaerts (Marie Vinck) is roughed up and raped by 30-year-old Vic (Fedja van Huêt) in preparation for her new life of forced prostitution.

Dead Beat (1976) - G1I
["Avenged" "Getting Even" "Tomcats"]
(1) M/f fatal rape. (2) M/f fatal rape. (1) A waitress is raped and killed on the floor in the kitchen of a diner during a robbery. (2) Another waitress is bent over the console between the front seats and is raped from behind in the back of the robber's van. She is released at the side of the road, and then shot as she runs away. Color movie directed by  (as Harry E. Kerwin). 83 min.

Dead Boyz Can't Fly (1992) - link - ?3I
["Violenti e perversi"]

Dead Calm (1989) - link - ?1I
["Terror a Bordo" "Døden ombord" "Calma total" "Rasvatyyni" "Rasvatyyni - matka pelkoon" "Calme blanc" "Krouaziera stin akri tou tromou" "Halálos nyugalom" "Ore 10: calma piatta" "Terror ombord" "Martwa cisza" "Calma de Morte" "Opasno more" "Lugnt vatten" "Ölüm sessizligi" "Dead Calm: A Voyage Into Fear" "Todesstille"]
M/f coerced rape. Rae Ingram (Nicole Kidman) has sex with Hughie Warriner (Billy Zane), whom she despises, out of concern for her husband's life. Australian color movie directed by Phillip Noyce.

Dead Man Walking (1995) - link - G1Ix
["Mientras estés conmigo" "Os Últimos Passos de um Homem" "La dernière marche" "Dead Man Walking - Sein letzter Gang" "Pena de muerte" "Kuolemaantuomittu" "La dernière marche" "Tha ziso" "Ments meg, Uram!" "Gever Met Mahaleh" "Dead Man Walking - Condannato a morte" "Pena de muerte" "Przed egzekucja" "A Última Caminhada" "Mrtav čovek hoda" "Zadnji sprehod" "Ölüm yolunda"]
M+/f fatal rape. Hope Percy (Missy Yager) is raped by Matthew Poncelet (Sean Penn) and friends, and she and Walter Delacroix (Peter Sarsgaard) are killed. Color movie directed by Tim Robbins. 122 min

Dead Prison: Woman Hunting (2011) - ?2I

Deadbeat at Dawn (1988) - link - ?2I
["Gore en las calles"]

Deaden (2006) - link - ?2I
["Pain Killer"]

Deadgirl (2008) - link - ?1I
["Dead Girl" "Deddogâru" "Female Animated Corpse"]

Deadly Breed (1989) - ?N

Deadly Daphne's Revenge (1987) - link - ?2I
["Backlash" "Hunting Season, The" "Metsästyskausi"]

Deadly Darling (1985) - link - ?2I
["fili tou thanatou, To"]

Deadly Engagement (2003) - link - ?3I
["Arthurs" "Deuda de honor" "Omega Force"]
Color movie directed by . 92 min.

Deadly Kitesurf (2008) - link - ?N

Deadly Prey (1987) - link - ?3I
["Presa mortal" "Ultime combat" "A zsákmány" "Zywy cel" "O Caçador de Mercenários" "Tödliche Beute"]
M/f prelude to rape. Color movie directed by . 88 min.

Deadly Trackers (1972) - link - ?I
["Cavaleiro da Vingança, O" "Cavalgada da Vingança" "Djangos Spur" "Djangos blutige Spur" "Koston taival" "longue chevauchée de la vengeance, La" "Long Cavalcade of Vengeance" "lunga cavalcata della vendetta, La"]

Deadly Twins (1985) - link - ?2I
["Deadly Trigger" " Double Exposure"]

Dear God No! (2011) - link - R2Ix

Death and the Maiden (1994) - link - B2I
["A halál és a lányka" "A Morte e a Donzela" "Deklica in smrt" "Döden och flickan" "Ha-Alma V'Ha-Muv'it" "jeune fille et la mort, La" "mort i la donzella, La" "morte e la fanciulla, La" "muerte y la doncella, La" "Natt utan nåd" ""Noite da Vingança, A" "O thanatos kai i kori" "Ölüm ve bakire" "Smierc i dziewczyna" "Smrt i devojka" "Der Tod und das Mädchen" "Yö ei tunne armoa"]
The rape of Paulina Escobar (Sigourney Weaver) is discussed and described, but never depicted.

Death Angel December: Vengeance Kill (2011) - link - ?2I
["Death Angel December"]

Death Blow: A Cry for Justice (1987) - link - ?Ix
["I Will Dance on Your Grave: Lethal Victims" "Powiew smierci" "W.A.R.: Women Against Rape" "WAR"]

A Death in California (1985) - ?N
M/f restrained? rape. Hope Masters (Cheryl Ladd) is raped by D. Jordan Williams (Sam Elliott). TV color movie directed by Delbert Mann. 240 min

Death Proof (2007) - link - G1I
["À Prova de Morte" "Grindhouse présente Quentin Tarantino's à l'épreuve de la mort" "Death Proof - Todsicher" "Grindhouse: Surmakindel" "Boulevard de la mort" "Sikvdil-Gaumtari" "Otporan na smrt" "Grindhouse - Halálbiztos" "Hassin mav'et" "Grindhouse - A prova di morte" "A prueba de muerte" "À Prova de Morte" "Otporan na smrt" "Smrtno varen" "Ölüm geçirmez" "Grindhouse Presents: Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof" "Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof" "Quentin Tarantino's Thunder Bolt" "Quentin Tarantino's Thunder Bolt!" "Thunder Bolt" "Grindhouse: Death Proof"]
M/f possible prelude to overpowered rape. Lee () is left behind with Jasper (Jonathan Loughran) when three girls take his car for a test drive. Because the girls may or may not have returned the car, which they totalled, there is room for speculation as to the fate of Lee. A color movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. 113 min.

Death Rides a Horse (1967) - link - G1Ix
M+/ff witnessed overpowered fatal rape. A man is killed. His wife and daughter are raped and killed while his son who is in hiding watches.

Death Run (1987) - link - G2I
M/f prelude to intimidation rape. UK color film directed by Michael J. Murphy. 70 min.

Death Weekend (1976) - link - B1Ix
["Bluthunde" "Fim de Semana Mortal" "Fim-de-Semana Mortal" "Fim-de-Semana Sangrento" "Fin de semaine infernale" "Fin de semana sangriento" "House by the Lake, The" "Inferno im Moor" "Kanli tatil" "Miertelny weekend" "Party des Grauens" "Tappava viikonloppu" "Trágico fin de semana" "Vergewaltigung" "violento week-end di terrore, Un" "Week-end sauvage"]

Death Wish (1974) - link - B1Ix
["Mann sieht rot, Ein" "Desejo de Matar" "Giustiziere della notte, Il" "Justiceiro da Noite, O" "Justiciero de la ciudad, El" "The Sidewalk Vigilante" "Un justicier dans la ville" "Väkivallan vihollinen" "Våldets fiende nr. 1" "Yo soy la justicia" "Zyczenie smierci"]
M/f witnessed oral rape (mother). During a home invasion Carol Toby (Kathleen Tolan) is beaten, partially stripped, has her buttocks painted red and is forced to perform oral sex on one of the intruders, Freak #1 (Jeff Goldblum), as her beaten mother, Joanna Kersey (Hope Lange), watches. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 3/5. Scene 2. Timer: 0:09:02 - 0:12:00. Action: 01:15. Color movie directed by Michael Winner. 93 min

Death Wish II (1982) - link - B2Ixx
["Death Wish 2" "Bosszúvágy II." "Der Mann ohne Gnade - Death Wish II" "Desejo de Matar 2" "Ektelestis horis oikto" "El vengador anónimo II" "En mand ser rødt II" "Il giustiziere della notte 2" "Nådeløs By 2" "O Vingador da Noite" "Smrtonosna želja 2" "Un justicier dans la ville 2" "Väkivallan vihollinen 2" "Väkivallan vihollinen II" "Våldets fiende 2" "Vergelding zonder genade" "Yo soy la justicia" "Zyczenie smierci 2"]
M+/f overpowered rape. M/f implied rape. The maid, Rosario (Silvana Gallardo), is gang raped by men who break into the home of Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) in order to ambush him. A maid is forced to lay back while gang members take turns with her. Later a recovering rape victim is abducted, and it is implied that she is raped by a member of the gang. A color movie directed by Michael Winner. 88 min / Greece: 95 min (uncut version).

Death Wish 3- link - B2Ix
["El vengador anónimo 3" "Bosszúvágy III." "Death Wish 3 - Die Rächer von New York" "Death Wish III" "Desejo de Matar 3" "El justicier de la nit" "El justiciero de la noche" "En mand ser rødt 3" "Il giustiziere della notte 3" "Le justicier de New York" "O Justiceiro de Nova Iorque" "Prání smrti 3" "Se nomimi amyna" "Smrtonosna zelja 3" "Väkivallan vihollinen 3" "Våldets fiende 3" "Zyczenie smierci 3"]
M+/f off-camera rape. The prelude to the rape of a woman (Marina Sirtis) by a street gang.

Deathstalker (1983) - link - B3I
["El cazador de la muerte" "Deathstalker - O Guerreiro Invencível" "El último guerrero" "O kynigos tou thanatou" "Warrior King" "Lowca smierci" "Der Todesjäger"]
There are numerous attempted rapes, possible impending rapes and preludes to rapes, but it is never confirmed that any rapes actually take place. Argentinia color movie directed by . 80 min.

Deathstalker II (1987) - BC
["Cazador de la muerte II, El" "Deathstalker II - Duello di titani" "Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans" "Mystor - Der Todesjäger II"]
MMM/f final attempted rape. A woman (Monique Gabrielle) is knocked off her horse and attacked by three men. They rip off her top and are about to rape her when they are all killed by rescuers. Color movie directed by Jim Wynorski. 85 min

The Debauchers - link - X1I
["Samlag mot sin vilja"]

Debt Collector, The - ?N

Décadence (1999) - link - ?2I

Deep Compassion, A (1972) - link - X2I
["Deep Compassion"]

Deep Cover (1996) - ?N
M/f attempted rape. FBI special agent Kate Mason (Cynthia Rothrock) is abducted and one of her captors attempts to rape her. Color movie directed by Nicholas Celozzi.

Deep in the Heart (1984) - link - ?2I
["Arma de Fogo" "Hand Gun. Un bersaglio particolare" "Handgun" "Handgun - Der Waffennarr" "Kathleen" "Vapenmakt"]

Deer Crossing (2012) - link - ?2I

Defenceless: A Blood Symphony (2004) - link - ?1I

The Defiance of Good (1975) - link - ?1I
["Défiance" "Defiance!" "The Defiance"]
Color movie directed by Armand Weston. 72 min

The Defilers (1965) - link - ?3I
["Les profanateurs" "Les provocateurs"]

Degree of Murder (1967) - link - ?I
["macello, Un" "Mord und Todschlag" "slags mord, En" "Verentahrimat rahat" "Vivi ma non uccidere" "Vivre à tout prix"]

The Deliberate Stranger (1986) - ?N
TV movie

Delicious (1982) - link - X1I
["Uma Mulher para Todos"]
Gangrape. Veronica Hart.

Delirio caldo (1972) - link - R1I
["De Razende Seksmaniak" "Akraia psyhosexoualiki diatarahi" "Death at the Villa" "Delirium" "Crime" "Das Grauen kommt nachts"]

Deliver Us From Evil (2009) - link - ?2I
["Exagnismos tou kakou" "Fräls oss ifrån ondo" "Fri os fra det onde" "Szabadíts meg minket a gonosztól"]

Deliverance (1972) - ?N
M/m rape. Bobby Trippe (Ned Beatty) is forced to "squeal like a pig" while being raped by another man. Color movie directed by John Boorman.

Deliverer (Xena: Warrior Princess) (?) - GN

Deliveries in the Rear - XN

Demented (1980) - link - ?2I
M+/f gang rape. Linda Rodgers (Sallee Young billed as Sallee Elyse) is chased into a barn and raped by four men (Robert Brooks Mendel billed as Robert Mendel, Bill Martin, Jay Belinkoff, Mark Del Castille). Color movie directed by Arthur Jeffreys and Alex Rebar. 87 min Australia: 92 min

Demon Seed (1977) - link - G2I
["La generación de Proteo" "A komputer gyermeke" "A semente do demónio" "Datademonen" "Demonsko seme" "Des Teufels Saat" "Diabelskie nasienie" "Djævelens sæd" "Engendro mecánico" "Génération Proteus" "Generazione Proteus" "Geração Proteus" "I datamaskinens makt" "I epanastasi ton robot" "Proteus Generation" "Proteus-aika" "Proteus-generationen"]
A/f restrained rape. Proteus IV (Voice by Robert Vaughn), a computer, rapes Dr. Susan Harris () in order to perpetuate itself in human form. Color movie directed by Donald Cammell.

Demoniac Flash (2005) - ?N
M/f rape. A woman (Nicola Cheung) is raped in a dream.

Demoniacs (1974) - link - ?I

Demonlover (2002)- ?N
M/f overpowered rape. What starts as consensual sex becomes rape when the man gets out of control and won't stop. French color movie directed by Olivier Assayas.

Den lyubvi (1991) - link - ?1I
["Day of Love"]

Deported Women of the SS Special Section (1976) - link - ?1I
["Le deportate della sezione speciale SS" "Des filles pour la section spéciale" "Meisjes voor de SS" "Gestapo - Esquadrão da Tortura" "Las deportadas de las SS" "Kuoleman kommendantin naisleiri" "SS-erikoisosasto" "Les déportées de la section spéciale SS" "Deported Women" "Apelasmenes gynaikes gia to eidiko tmima ton SS" "Omada exontoseos" "As Deportadas no Campo Nazi" "SS Special Section Women"]

Der Lüsterne Türke (1971) - link - ?1I
["lüsterne Türke - Seine Nächte mit Eliza, Suleika und Ranah... und wie es ihm erging, Der" "Blonde mit dem süssen Po, Die" "blonde Haremsdame, Die" "blonde Sex Sklavin, Die" "blonde Sex-Sklavin, Die" "Glykes nyhtes tis Anatolis" "Seine Nächte mit Eliza, Suleika... Und wie es ihm erging"]
M/f rape. West German color movie directed by Michael Miller. 81 min

Der Todesengel (1998) - link - ?3I
["Angel of Death: Fuck or Die"]

Derailed (2005) - G1Ix
M/f intimidation rape. During a romantic tryst with Charles Schine (Clive Owen), Lucinda Harris (Jennifer Aniston) is raped at gun point by LaRoche (Vincent Cassel). Color movie directed by Mikael Håfström.

Deranged (2009) - link - ?2I
["Tortured" "Escaped Convicts" "Sex Slave"]
M/f intimidation oral rape, oral dildo rape (gun), molestation (labial with gun) and vaginal rape in three positions. A woman is abducted from the ladies room of a bar, put in the trunk of a car and taken to the woods where she is raped by one of two escaped convicts. UK color movie directed by . 60 min.

Descent (2007) - ?1I
(1) M/f rape, (2) M/m restrained rape. (1) Maya (Rosario Dawson) is raped by Jared (Chad Faust). (2) Maya arranges for Jared to be raped by Adrian (Marcus Patrick). Color movie directed by Talia Lugacy. USA:100 min. / USA:110 min

Desert of Fire (1971) - link - ?3I
["Deserto di fuoco" "Spirit of Death" "Le désert de feu" "I flegomeni erimos" "Kafti sarka sti flogismeni ammo" "Dolanie's Melodie Melodie des Todes" "Melodie des Todes"]

Desideria: La vita interiore (1980) - ?N
Child rape

Desire (1993) - link - ?2I
["Eshati epithymia" "Parfüm des Todes" "Ultimate Desire"]

Desyat Negrityat (1987) - link - ?1I
Russian movie based on Ten Little Indians.

The Detention Girls (1969) - ?N
Anal rape. M/m?

Detournement de mineur (1983) - link - ?2Ixx
["Carcere femminile speciale" "Sexo à Grande e à Francesa"]

Detroit (2006) - link - ?1Ix
["Corrupted Minds" "Panic in Detroit"]

Devassidão Total até o Último Orgasmo (1986) - ?1I

Devil Hunter (1980) - link - R3I
["El caníbal" "Manhunter - O Seqüestro" "Sexo Caníbal" "Chasseur de l'enfer" "Chasseurs d'hommes" "To anurwpokynhghto" "Il cacciatore di uomini" "Jungfrau unter Kannibalen" "Devil Hunter" "The Man Hunter"]

The Devil of Blue Mountain

Devil Rider! (1970) - link - ?I
["Master's Revenge"]

The Devils (1971) - link - ?3I
["De bezetenen" "Os Demônios" "Djævlene" "Djävlarna" "Paholaiset" "Les diables" "Ken Russell's Film of The Devils" "Oi daimonismenes" "Ördögök" "I diavoli" "Los demonios" "Diably" "Djävlarna" "Die Teufel"]

The Devil's Daughter - ?N
European. Very graphic.

Devil's Due (1973) - link - X1I
["Giving the Devil His Due"]

The Devil's Garden (1973) - link - ?1I

Devil's Little Acre (1972) - link - X1I
["Devil's Acre"]

The Devil's Rejects (2005) - link - ?1I
["House of 1000 Corpses 2" "House of 2,000 Corpses" "The Devil's Rejects: House of 1000 Corpses 2"]
M/f oral rape. Gloria Sullivan (Priscilla Barnes) is forced to give oral sex. Color movie directed by Rob Zombie. 109 min.

The Devonsville Terror (1983) - ?N
M/f rape?

Di ba zong zui (1996) - link - ?2I
["Dai baat jung jui" "Eighth, The"]

Diamondz n da Ruff (2006) - link - G1Ix

Diary of a Bad Lad (2010) - link - ?1I

Diary of a Rape (1971) - link - ?1I
"Alasti" "Depraved, The" "Eksponeret" "erotikes fantasioseis tis Lenas, Oi" "Exponerad" "Exposed" "Verbotene Früchte der Erotik"

Diary of a Schizo (Roughies, The: Brute Lust - D1) - XI

Diary of a Sex Addict (2001) - link - ?1I
["El diario de un adicto" "Viciado em Sexo" "Protokoll eines Sexsüchtigen" "Diario de un adicto al sexo" "Seksihullun päiväkirja" "Egy szexorült naplója" "Diario di un'ossessione intima" "Sex Diary" "Diário de Um Viciado em Sexo"]

Diary of a Sex Offender (2009) -B1Ix
M/f fatal, restrained, oral, dildo, rape.

Diary of a Sinner (1974) - link - R3I

Die blonde Sex Sklavin - ?I

Die Casting- ZN
M/f violent, restrained rape. A woman (Olivia Simon) is bound, tortured and raped. Eyewitness Production.

Die Siebtelbauern (1998) - link - ?2I
["Överraskande arv" "Az örökösök" "Els hereus" "Les héritiers" "Los herederos" "Perijät" "The Inheritors" "The One-Seventh Farmers"]

Die Watching (1993) - link - ?2I
["Kuolema kuvaruudussa" "Me to fako tou dolofonou"]

The Dirt Gang (1972) - link - ?3I
["Desert Biker Angels" "Daimones tis Kolaseos" "I demoni" "Hell riders går amok" "Desert Angels - Gott sei den Bullen gnädig" "Die Killer kamen aus der Wüste"]

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (?) - ZD

The Dirty Half Dozen (1976) - link - R3I
["Hustler Squad" "Commando Suicide" "Super femmes contre Chien Jaune" "Quattro donne disposte a tutto" "Profesyoneller" "Commander Stonewell" "Kommando - Unternehmen 'Rote Laterne'"]
Filipino color movie in English directed by  (as Cesor Gallardo). 98 min.

Dirty Love (2009) - link - B2I
M/f restrainted rape? It is difficult to tell whether the scene is meant to portray consensual sex with a bound prostitute that turns to brutal rape, or whether she has agreed beforehand to the very extreme nature of the session which involves her client having sex with her using a condom covered in pieces of a broken mirror. Chilean color movie directed by Patricio Valladares. 86 min.

Dirty O'Neil (1974) - link - B3I
["Sex en ypiresia" "The Love Life of a Cop" "Ein Bulle für alle Fälle"]
MM/f restrained and intimidation rape. While one man holds a woman down, a second man rapes her. When he is done, she is too traumatized to resist as a third man rapes her. Color movie directed by and . 89 min.

Dirty Pretty Things (2002) - link - ?1I
["Loin de chez eux" "Negocios entrañables" "Грязные прелести" "Coisas Belas E Sujas" "Dirty Pretty Things - Loin de chez eux" "Estranhos de Passagem" "Gyönyörű mocsokságok" "Kirli tatli seyler" "Kleine schmutzige Geschäfte" "Kleine schmutzige Tricks" "Negocios ocultos" "Niewidoczni" "Piccoli affari sporchi" "Slatke pokvarene stvari" "Viata la Londra" "Vromika omorfa pragmata"]

The Dirty Seven (1982) - link - R3Ix
["La belva dalle calda pelle" "Les 7 salopards" "Les sept salopards" "Il tempo delle belve" "Farlig oppdrag" "Emanuelle, Queen of the Desert" "Die gnadenlosen Sieben" "Dirty Seven"]

A Dirty Shame (2004) - link - R3I
["Adictos al sexo" "Clube dos Pervertidos" "Los sexoadictos" "Oi xediantropoi" "Szégyen és gyalázat" "Apetyt na seks" "Um Filme Indecente" "Kirli utanç"]
M/f molestation. Ronnie the Rimmer () sneaks up behind Marge the Neuter () and rims her. Color movie directed by . 89 min. There is also a "Neuter" version of this movie with a lot of the sexuality cut.

Dirty Weekend (1993) - link - ?2I
["Dirty weekend - likainen viikonloppu" "Dirty weekend, sporco weekend"]

A Dirty Western - X1I
M/f intimidation rape. M/f molestation. MM/f coerced rape. Escaped convict, Buck, rapes a rancher's wife (Barbara Bourbon) after threatening her with a gun. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 4-5. Timer: 0:20:53 - 0:25:12. Action: 0:3:30. Her daughter is forced to give a handjob by a member of his gang. To protect her daughters, the mother allows his gang to rape her. The girls are then abducted and raped. A color movie directed by David Fleetwood.

Disgruntled Employee (2012) - link - ?3I
M/f dildo (gun) rape. Color movie directed by . ? min.

¡Dispara! (1993) - FI
["Outrage" "Shoot!" "Spara che ti passa"]
MM/f restrained rape and implied bottle rape. Ana (Francesca Neri), an equestrian sharpshooter for a one ring circus in Madrid, has her trailer invaded by three young thugs. One rapes her while the other two hold her down. She is then turned over and another one rapes her, possibly anally. It is a dark scene and there is a lot of intercutting with the TV show she was watching. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 4/5. Scene 5. Timer: 0:42:00 - 0:45:16. Action: 0:2:16. Spanish color movie directed by Carlos Saura.

Disrobed (2000) (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, S01E13) - link - GI
M/f reference to coerced oral rape. Gina Silver (Kathryn Meisle) explains, "I had to pay my annual dues. ...on my knees." Counter 0:28:12. There are other references of women "on their knees" and one woman saying, "He made me go down while I was pregnant." Color TV series episode directed by David Platt. 43 min.

Disturbed (1990) - ?N
M/f restrained, off-camera rape. Mental clinic patient Kari (Maria R. Kelly billed as Maria Kelley) is tied to a bed by Dr. Derrick Russell (Malcolm McDowell) and raped off-camera. A color movie directed by Charles Winkler.

Disturbed (2009) - link - G2Ix
(1) M/f impaired rape. (2) F/m implied incestuous intimidation rape (Mother/son). (1) Melissa Deverian (Ashlee Fontaine) is knocked unconscious, placed on a bed face down, and raped from behind by Mason (Randy Aldridge billed as Randy E. Aldridge). She regains consciousness for part of the rape. (2) Flashbacks of Mason as a child (Brian McLaughlin) being raped by his mother (Cindy Aldridge) are intercut into the aftermath of the rape. Color movie directed by Randy Aldridge and Brian McLaughlin. 84 min.

Diversions (1976) - link - X2I
["Gefangenen-Express" "Linda au pays du sexe" "Sex Express"]

The Divide (2011) - link - G2I
["Aislados" "Hasadás Hungary" "Mahser Günü" "Os Humanos" "Podela Serbi" "Podjela Croatia" "The Divide - Die Hölle, das sind die Anderen!" "The Fallout"]

DLG12 - Dorothy Lane Productions - D

Doctor Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo (1972) - link - 3?I
["Doctor Jekyll and the Werewolf" "Dr Jekyll and the Wolfman" "Dr. Jekyll vs. the Wolfman" "Dr Jekyll Versus the Werewolf" "Drakoulas kai Lykanthropos ston pyrgo ton orgion" "O sadistis lykanthropos" "Dr. Jekyll vs. the Werewolf" "Die Nacht der blutigen Wölfe"]
Spanish color movie directed by . 96 min.

Dog Pound (2010) - link - ?N
M/m rape.

Dogma DDB-045
Numerous M/f rapes

Dog's Best Friend (Beverly Hills, 90210) - GN
M/f rape. Kelly (Jennie Garth) is raped. Color TV series episode.

Dogville (2003) - link - G1Ixx
(1) M/f overpowered/coerced rape. (2) M/f coerced rape. (3) M/f coerced molestation. (4) M/f coerced rape. Grace Margaret Mulligan (Nicole Kidman), a fugitive, is raped by Chuck (Stellan Skarsgård), the orchard owner. She puts up little resistance in order to avoid attracting attention from the police. Although I have rated this G for no nudity, Chuck's ass and scrotum are clearly seen from the back. Acting 5/5, Intensity 3/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 6.13. Timer: 1:31:43 - 1:36:56. Action: 0:0:45. (2) She allows Ben (Zeljko Ivanek), a freight driver, to have sex with her for similar reasons. Acting 5/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 4/5 Timer: 1:54:00 - 1:57:50. Action: 0:1:07. (3) She is humiliated but doesn't resist when Jack McKay (Ben Gazzara) puts his hand up her dress. Acting 5/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 4/5. Timer: 2:04:25 - 2:04:51. Action: 0:0:26. (4) A man has sex with her in a short scene symbolizing how all the men in Dogville take advantage of her desperation and force themselves on her. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 4/5. Timer: 2:05:11 - 2:05:19. Action: 0:0:08 Color movie of minimalist stage play directed by Lars Von Trier.

Dokuro act.2 (2010) - no link - ?3I
Japanese color movie directed by HiroA. 72 min.

Don Quixote (?) - ?N

Don't Answer the Phone! (1980) - ?N
["Não Atendas o Telefone" "No respondas al teléfono" "Soitto murhaajalta" "The Hollywood Strangler" "Todesschrei am Telefon"]
Off-screen rapes. Color movie directed by Robert Hammer. 94 min / USA: 85 min (DVD)

Don't Be Afraid (2011) - link - ?I
["No tengas miedo" "Mi fovasai" "N'aie pas peur" "Pokonac lek"]

Don't Deliver Us From Evil (1971) - link - ?2I
["But don't deliver us from Evil" "E non liberarci dal male" "Fräls oss icke från ondo" "Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal"]

Don't Go Near the Park (1981) - link - B2Ix
["Curse of the Living Dead" "Nightstalker" "No vaya cerca del parque..." "Pimeyden puisto" "La malédiction du fond des temps" "La collina dei morti viventi" "Sanctuary for Evil" "El santuario del mal" "Der Fluch des ewigen Lebens"]
MM/f prelude to overpowered rape?

Don't Sleep Alone (1999) - link - ?2I
["No duermas sola" "To koritsi tou thanatou"]

Don't Turn Out the Light (1987) - link - ?1I
["Die Angst im Auge" "Night of Retribution" "One Eyed Killer" "Skull: A Night of Terror!" "Tuomion yö"]

The Doom Generation (1995) - link - B2Ix
M/f restrained, witnessed rape (boyfriend). Amy Blue (Rose McGowan) is raped by George? (Dewey Weber?), a white supremacist, while she is bound with shrink wrap and her boyfriend is forced to watch. Although Rose McGowan's breasts are shown numerous times throughout this movie, they are not shown during this scene. Acting 5/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 4/5. Scene 21-22. Timer 1:12.51 - 1:15.04. Action: 0:01:05. Color movie directed by Gregg Araki.

Doppelter Einsatz - Der Mörder in dir (2002) - ?N
M/f restrained rape. A woman is bound spread-eagle, gagged and raped. German color TV movie directed by Markus Imboden.

Dört Ateşli Yosma (1977) - X3I

Double Exposure (1993) - ?N

Down the Rabbit Hole (1993) - ?N

Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster (1971) - link - ?I
["erotikes nyhtes tou aoratou anthropou, Oi" "Invisible Dead, The" "Love Life of the Invisible Man" "morte invisibile, La" "notti erotiche dell'uomo invisibile, Le" "Orloff Against the Invisible Man" "Orloff and the Invisible Man" "Orloff et l'homme invisible" "Orloff y el hombre invisible" "Schreckenshaus des Dr. Orloff, Das" "Secret Love Life of the Invisible Man" "unsichtbare Tod, Der" "vie amoureuse de l'homme invisible, La"]
A/f rape. A maid is raped by an invisible ape-man.

Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) (1969) - link - R3I
["Dracula ce vieux cochon"]

Dracula Exotica (1980) - link - X1I
["Love at First Gulp" "Dracula Erotica" "Aberraciones sexuales del conde Drácula"]
M/f restrained rape. M+F+/f molestation and M/f rape. A woman is raped from behind while in stocks. Dracula (Jamie Gillis) later drags in his virginal girlfriend and lets a group of people grope her while they pin her down on the dining room table and rip her clothes off. He then clears the room and rapes her.

Dracula Sucks (1978) - link - X3I
["Dracula's Bride" "Lust at First Bite" "Brazil Desejos à Primeira Mordida" "Drakoulas, o sexomanis" "Kaftes erotikes nyhtes tou Drakoula" "Dracula... ti succhio" "The Coming of Dracula's Bride" "La novia de Drácula" "Liebling, du beißt so gut" "Liebling, du beisst so gut"]

The Draughtsman's Contract (1982) - link - B1I
["El contrato del pintor" "O Contrato do Amor" "Tegnerens kontrakt" "El contrato del dibujante" "Piirtäjän sopimus" "Tecknaderna's contrackt" "Meurtre dans un jardin anglais" "A rajzoló szerzodése" "I misteri del giardino di Compton House" "Kontrakt rysownika" "O Contrato" "Tecknarens kontrakt" "Der Kontrakt des Zeichners"]
(1) M/f coerced, off-camera, oral rape. (2) M/f coerced, implied rape. (3) M/f coerced rape. (4) M/f coerced, molestation (genital fondling) and implied rape. (5) M/f coerced, implied rape. (6) F/m coerced, implied rape. (7) M/f coerced, molestation (cunnilingus) and implied rape. Although one of Janet Suzman's breasts is shown during the aftermath of a consensual sex scene, there is no nudity in any of the forced sex scenes. As fulfillment of her part of their contract, Mrs. Herbert (Janet Suzman) is forced to have sex with Mr. Neville (Anthony Higgins) in all the following scenes except #6. (1) The prelude and aftermath of implied fellatio is shown. Acting 5/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 5/5 (the spitting out of semen). Scene 2. Prelude timer: 0:14:55 - 0:15:48. Aftermath timer 0:16:13 - 0:16:26. (2) Aftermath of sex is shown. Acting 5/5, Intensity 1/5. Scene 3. Timer: 0:28:28 - 0:29:20. (3) Mrs. Herbert is taken in the barn. Acting 5/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 3. Timer 0:35.04 - 0:35.58. (4) Mrs. Herbert is taken on the lawn behind an umbrella. Acting 5/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 1/5. Scene 4. Timer 0:42.38 - 0:44.43. (5) Prelude to Mrs. Herbert being taken again. Acting 5/5, Intensity 1/5, Scene 5. Timer 0:54.45 - 0:56.54. (6) Prelude to Mr. Neville, who is being blackmailed, servicing Mrs. Talmann (Anne-Louise Lambert) Acting 5/5, Intensity 1/5, Scene 6. Timer 0:57.04 - 0:58.51. (7) Cunnilingus as a prelude to Mrs. Herbert being taken. Acting 5/5, Intensity 1/5, Scene 6. Timer 0:59.10 - 0:59.56. English color movie directed by Peter Greenaway.

Dream Lover (1986) - link - ?3I
["Pesadelo Cruel" "Sonho Fatal" "Drømmeelskov" "Pesadilla sin retorno" "Painajaisrakastaja" "Kochanek marzen" "Amante Sonhador"]
Color movie directed by . 104 min.

Dream Lovers (1983) - link - X2Ixxxx
["Belles de rêve"]
(1) M/f overpowered rape. (2) MMM/f restrained rape, restrained oral rape and restrained anal rape. (3) MMM/ff Restrained rape and oral rape. (4) MMM/f restrained rape. (5) MMM/fff Intoxicated rape, oral rape. (1) A woman taking a shower is knocked on conscious by a man dressed in black leather. When she regains consciousness, she is raped on the bathroom floor. This portion of the scene is shot from the rapist's point of view with the camera framing her face and moving as he apparently thrusts. (2) Three men grab a woman in an underground parking garage. They wrestle her onto her back atop the hood of a car. One fo them rips a hole in her pantyhose and rapes her vaginally and anally as the other two hold her down and force her to alternately perform oral sex on them. She is then turned over and one of the men that had been holding her down rapes her from behind. Just as she is rolled onto her side, a car enters the garage and they flee. (3) The same three men abduct two women and take them to a room used to store paper. One woman is gagged and held by one man as another rapes her. The second woman has her hands tied over her head by the third man. The first woman has her gag removed and is forced to perform oral sex on the man restraining her as the second woman has her clothing ripped opened and is fondled. The man raping the first one finishes and leaves. The second woman is then placed on her back atop a cabinet with her hands still bound and she is raped as the first woman continues to be forced to perform oral sex. This scene is intercut with a consensual sex scene featuring the rapist who left. (4) During a home invasion, the same three men attack a woman. Two of them hold her down on her back atop an ottoman as the third one rapes her. When he's finished, he leaves. It is revealed that he is the doctor treating the rape victims. (5) The investigating detective, another man, the doctor's wife and and two women are at the doctor's home/office. He puts something in their drinks, sending them into a drug-induced sexual frenzy where the women willfully have sex with the men. The entire movie, is of course, a dream. French color movie directed by Jean-Luc Brunet. 74 min.

Dressed To Kill (1980) - ?N
M/f fantasy rape. (Angie Dickinson)

Drifting into Chaos (1989) - ?2I

The Drug Connection (1976) - link - ?I
["Du hou mi shi" "Hong fen sha xing" "Kung Fu Brigade Schwarzer Panther" "The Sexy Killer"]

Drying Up the Streets (1978) - ?N
Date rape.

The Duchess (2008) - link - ?2I
["La duquesa" "A Duquesa" "Vojvotkinja" "A hercegnő" "Düses" "Die Herzogin" "Ha'dukassit" "Hertsoginna" "Herttuatar" "I doukissa" "Ksiezna" "La duchessa" "La duchesse" "Vévodkyne"]
M/f marital rape. Georgiana () is raped by her husband the Duke (). UK color movie directed by . 110 min.

The Dunwich Horror (1970) - link - ?1I
["Terror en Dunwich" "Dunwich Horror" "Horreur à volonté" "O thanatos gennietai" "Horror w Dunwich" "Voodoo Child"]

Dust (1985) - ?N
M/f rape. A South African man (Trevor Howard) rapes the wife (Nadine Uwampa?) of the black foreman of his plantation.



East End Hustle (1976) - link - RIx
["La justicière" "Cindy la justicière" "Folles perverses" "Cindy"]
M/f rape. A woman is held by one man as another rapes her in the ladies restroom.

Eastern Promises (2007) - link - ?2I
["Promesas del este" "Les promesses de l'ombre" "Promesas peligrosas" "Îsutan puromisu" "Eastern promises - Gyilkos ígéretek" "Epikindynes yposheseis" "La promessa dell'assassino" "Lubadused idast" "Promessas Perigosas" "Promesses de l'ombre" "Ruska obecanja" "Sark vaatleri" "Senhores do Crime" "Simanim shel Kavod" "Tödliche Versprechen" "Tödliche Versprechen - Eastern Promises" "Východní prísliby" "Wschodnie obietnice" "Zakletva"]

Easy (1978) - link - X3I
F/f rape. Janet McCulloch (Georgina Spelvin) rapes Kate (Jesie St. James). A color movie directed by Anthony Spinelli.

Eating Raoul - ?1I
M/f attempted rape. (Mary Woronov)

Ecstasy (2011) - link - ?3Ix
M/f impaired rape. A boy rapes a girl in the restroom as she vomits due to drugs. Color movie directed by ?. 96 min.

Ecstasy Girls: (1979) - XN
M/f simulated, restrained oral rape and dildo (lit candle) rape. A dominatrix (Serena) has the tables turned on her by her submissive (Jamie Gillis). He binds her and forces her to perform or sex on her. He later binds her in another position and rapes her with a lit candle. It is revealed afterwards that is was all consensual. Adult color movie directed by Harold Lime.

Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Heatwave (1997) - link - ?2I
["Chaleur meurtrière" "Distrito 87 - Uma Cilada Perigosa" "Distrito 87: Ola de calor" "Ed McBain - Der Lockvogel" "Ed McBain - Poliisipiiri 87: Kuuma aalto" "Heatwave"]

Eden Log (2007) - link - G2I
["Edén log" "Eden Log - A titokzatos faj" "Rezo Zero" "Ta kelia"]

Edge of Madness (2002) - link - G1Ixx
["A Wilderness Station" "Hulluuden raja" "Station sauvage"]
M/f overpowered marital rape.

Education of a Baroness (?) - XI

Eight Immortals Restaurant, The: The Untold Story (1993) - link - ?I1
["Bat sin fan dim ji yan yuk cha siu bau" "Ba xian fan dian zhi ren rou cha shao bao" "Bunman: The Untold Story" "The Untold Story"]

Eighteen Carat Virgin, The (1972) - link - R2I

El caballo del diablo (1975) - link - ?1I
M/f rape. Mexican color movie directed by Federico Curiel. 88 min.

El diabólico (1977) - link - ?2I

El juego del ahorcado (2008) - link - ?3Ix
["El joc del penjat" "The Hanged Man"]
Spanish color movie directed by . 114 min.

El Retorno de los Templarios (2009) - link - ?2I
["Graveyard of the Dead"]
Spanish color movie directed by . 70 min.

Electra (1996) - link - ?1I
["Serum X" "Genetic force" "Elektra"]
(1) F/f restrained dildo rape. (2) F/m restrained rape. (1) Lorna Duncan/Electra (Shannon Tweed) is bound spread-eagle on a tilted table, and is forced to orgasm by a woman with a vibrator. Graphic: 3/5. (2) Billy Duncan (Joe Tabb billed as Joe Tab) is later restrained on the same table and raped by Lorna/Electra, his stepmother. Color movie directed by . 87 min.

Emanuelle 2 - ?N
FFF/f rape In a flashback, a woman is raped by other women.

Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977) - R1Ix
["Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali" "Bloody Track" "Emanuelle chez les cannibales" "Emanuelle en de laatste cannibalen" "Emanuelle et les derniers cannibales" "Emanuelle i ostatni kanibale" "Emanuelle ja viimeiset kannibaalit" "Emanuelle och de sista kannibalerna" "Emanuelle og de sidste kannibaler" "Emanuelle på safari..." "Emanuelle prisonnière des cannibales" "Emanuelle und die letzten Kannibalen" "Emanuelle y los últimos caníbales" "Emanuelle's Amazon Adventure" "I Emmanouela ston kosmo ton kannivalon" "I Emmanouella kai oi teleftaioi kannivaloi!" "Nackt unter Kannibalen" "Viol sous les tropiques"]
(1) F/f restrained molestation. (2) M/f impaired molestation. (3) MMMM+/f impaired witnessed rape [two friends]. (1) A woman (Dirce Funari) who was raised by cannibals and is being held in a mental institution is strapped to a bed while wearing a straitjacket. Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) fondles her in an attempt to calm her down enough to question her. Acting 4/5, Intensity 1/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 2. Timer 0:04.15 - 0:06.11. Action: 0:00:49. (2) Donald McKenzie (Donald O'Brien) fondles Isabelle Wilkes (Mónica Zanchi) while she is asleep. Acting 4/5, Intensity 3/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 8. Timer 0:54.29 - 0:56.01. Action: 0:00:44. (3) Isabelle is captured and drugged by the cannibal tribe and is then gang raped. Four rapes are shown, but it is implied that she is raped by the entire male population of the tribe (30+ men), while Emanuelle and Professor Mark Lester (Gabriele Tinti) look on from afar. Acting 4/5, Intensity 1/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 12. Timer 1:21.05 - 1:25.20. Action: 0:01:50. Italian color movie (dubbed in English) directed by Joe D'Amato. 93 min / UK:87 min (heavily cut). x3 0:2:24.

Emanuelle Around the World (1977) - link - XIx
[Black Emanuelle autour du monde" "Confessions of Emanuelle" "Degradation of Emanuelle, The" "Emanuela: Alle Lüste dieser Welt" "Emmanuelle alrededor del mundo" "Emanuelle autour du monde" "Emanuelle - erotiikkaa maailman ympäri" "Emanuelle i det erotiske tempel" "Emanuelle - Perché violenza alle donne?" "Emanuelle reist rond de wereld" "Emanuelle Versus Violence to Women" "vice dans la peau, Le"]
(1) MM/f violent, restrained, simultaneous rape and anal rape. (1) During a home invasion, a man orders his three henchman to attack a woman. Two hold her while one beats her. He then rapes her as they hold her. One of them joins in, raping her anally. (2) M+/f restrained rape and M/f oral rape. (2) For amusement, a senator and some rich men force Miss Ohio (Juliet Graham as Elisabetta Terribile) to dance nude for some hobos. One of the hobos has a gun and things get out of hand. The girl is raped and Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is forced to give oral sex.

Emanuelle e Françoise le sorelline (1975) - link - R2I
["Blood Vengeance" "Demon Rage" "Dipsasmenes gia erota kai ekdikisi" "Emanuelle e Françoise (Le sorelline)" "Emanuelle - sündhaft und verdorben" "Emanuelle's Revenge" "Emmanuelle et Françoise" "Foltergarten der Sinnlichkeit" "Orgasmos thanatou"]

Emanuelle fuga dall'inferno (1983) - R2I
["Bunch of Bastards, A" "Blade Violent" "Emanuelle Escapes from Hell" "Emanuelle in Prison" " Laura II - Revolte im Frauenzuchthaus" "Révolte au pénitencier de filles" "Violenti, I" "Women's Prison Massacre"]
(1) MM/f molested (stripped) and possible fatal rape. (2) M/f impaired rape. (1) Irene (Antonella Giacomini) has her clothes ripped off and is possibly raped before being strangled with her own panties. (2) Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is drugged and raped. Italian color movie directed by Bruno Mattei. 89 min

Emanuelle in America (1977) - link - ?1I
["Black Emanuelle - Stunden wilder Lust" "Black Emanuelle en Amérique" "Brutal Nights" "Emanuelle Amerikassa" "Emanuelle i Amerika" "Emmanuelle en América" "Emmanuelle na América" "I Emmanouella stin Ameriki"]

Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976) - link - ?Ix
["Emanuelle nera: Orient reportage" "As Noites de Emanuelle" "Black Emanuelle 2 - Orientreportaget" "Black Emanuelle 2 Goes East" "Black Emanuelle 2. Teil" "Black Emanuelle II" "Black Emanuelle en Orient" "Black Emmanuelle 2" "Black Emmanuelle II" "Black Emanuelle Goes East" "Emanuelle negra se va a oriente" "Emmanuelle i det fjerne østen" "Emmanuelle in Bangkok" "I mavri Emmanouella stin Apo Anatoli" "La possédée du vice" "Musta Emanuelle Kauko-Idässä"]
Mx6/f overpowered gang rape.

Emanuelle: Queen Bitch (1980) - link - R3I
["I mavri Emmanouella" "Secrets érotiques d'Emmanuelle" "Die Königin von Sados" "Emanuelle: Erotikkens dronning" "Hembra erótica" "intohimojen saarella" "Emanuelle på passionernas ö" "Secrets érotiques d'Emmanuelle" "Emanuelle's Sweet Revenge" "Emmanuelle: Queen of Sados" "Black Emmanouella" "I Emmanouella sto nisi tis Afroditis" "Emanuelle: Queen of Sadoz" "Sexy Moon" "Emanuelle - kraljica Sadosa" "Emmanuel: Koroleva strasti" "Emanuelle the Seductress" "Die Nackte von Sados" "Emanuelle: Königin von Sados" "Emanuelle's Daughter" "Emanuelle: Queen of Sados"]
M/f overpowered rape. Livia Brindisi () is chased across the beach, caught and raped in the surf. Counter 1:19:19. Greek color movie directed by . 91 min.

Embrace the Darkness (1998) - ?N
F/f restrained molestation. A bound woman (Colleen McDermott) is fondled by another woman.

Emmanuelle (1974) - link - ?1I
["Emanuela" "Emmanuella" "Emmanuelle - Hisli duygular" "Lecciones privadas"]

Emmanuelle II (1975) - link - ?2I
["Emmanuelle: L'antivierge" "Een vrouw met jagersinstinkt" "Emmanuelle - A Antivirgem" "Emmanuelle 2: La Antivirgen" "Emmanuelle l'antivierge" "Emmanouella 2 - I antiparthena" "Emmanuelle 2." "Emmanuelle 2" "Emmanuelle - A Antivirgem" "Emmanuelle 2: Arzunun esiri" "Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Woman" "Emmanuelle 2 - Garten der Liebe" "Emmanuellel 2: The Anti-Virgin" "Emanuela II - antidevica"]

Emoções sexuais de um jegue (1986) - XI
["Sexual Emotions of a Donkey"]
Brazilian color movie directed by Renalto Alves and Sady Baby. 69 min.

Emperor Caligula, The: The Untold Story (1982) - link - X1Ix
["Caligola: La storia mai raccontata" "Caligula 2 - The Untold Story" "Caligula II" "Caligula II: The Forbidden Story" "Caligula II: The Untold Story" "Calígula - A Historia Que Não Foi Contada" "Calígula, o Outro Lado da História" "Caligula: The Untold Story" "Caligula: la véritable histoire" "Diastrofes tou Kaligoula" "Emperor Caligula" "Emperor Caligula: The Garden of Taboo" "imperatore Caligula, L" "Kaligula"]
M/f intimidation fatal (suicide) witnessed rape (boyfriend and attacker's bodyguard). Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Timer: 0:11:10 - 0:15:10 Action: 1:00. A girl (Fabiola Toledo) and her boyfriend are having a semi-romantic interlude in the forest. Caligula (David Brandon as Dave Cain) uses the power of his office to force himself on her. As the attack is ending she pulls his dagger from his belt and kills herself. The boyfriend is killed so that there are no witnesses. Although the movie contains X rated scenes, this scene is only R rated. Italian color movie directed by Joe D'Amato. 109 min / Australia: 95 min / USA: 92 min / UK: 86 min / Italy: 125 min (hardcore version). x 0:2:36.

Employee of the Month (2001) (The Sopranos - Season 3, Episode 4 - Episode #30) - link - G1Ix
M/f overpowered rape. Dr. Jennifer Melfi (Lorraine Bracco) is dragged into a stairwell and raped. Color TV episode directed by John Patterson. x 0:1:39.

Endangered (1994) - link - ?2I
["difficile preda, La" "Hunted, The" "Jagdzeit" "Most Dangerous Predator Is Man, The" "protogonos, O" "Uncivilized"]

Endgame - Bronx lotta finale (1983) - link - ?1I
["Confronto Final" "Duelos Mortais" "Endgame" "Endgame - Das letzte Spiel mit dem Tod" "Endgame, gioco finale" "gladiateur du futur, Le" "Koncowa rozgrywka" "Paihnidi thanatou" "Shannon - taistelija"]
A?/f restrained rape. Lilith (Laura Gemser billed as Moira Chen), who has been tied to a bed, is raped by a man/fish mutant.

Enemy Within, The (1966) (Star Trek - Season 1, Episode 5 [5][105]) - GS
M/f attempted rape. Capt. Kirk (William Shatner), who has been split into good and evil halves by a transporter accident, attempts to rape Yeoman Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney), but she manages to fight him off and escape. Color TV series episode directed by Leo Penn.

Ensenada Pickup (Roughies, The: Sexual Assault - D1) - XI

Entity, The (1983) - BDx
A/f rape. A woman (Barbara Hershey) is repeatedly raped by something invisible.

Episode #2.4 (The Lakes - S02E04) - link - ?2Ix
M+/f overpowered rape. Lucy (Kaye Wragg) is forced onto a pool table by three guys and gang raped. A color TV series episode.

Erik the Viking (1989) - link - G2Ix
["Aventuras de Erik, o Viking, As" "Erik el vikingo" "Eric il vichingo" "Erik il vikingo" "Erik le viking" "Erik o Viking" "Erik viikinkisoturi" "Erik viking" "Erik, a viking" "Erik, der Wikinger" "Vikingerne kommer" "Viking Erik" "Wiking Eryk"]
MMM/f attempted overpowered rape. A comedy.

Erosu wa amaki kaori (1973) - link - ?3I
["Le doux parfum d'Eros"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 75 min.

Erotic Boundaries (1997) - link - B2Ix
["Erotic boundaries - Gli scambisti del sesso" "Spiele ohne Tabus"]

Erotic Diary (1974) - link - ?I
["Diario erótico de un leñador" "Erotic Daughters of Emmanuelle" "Erotic Diary" "Erotic Diary of a Lumberjack" "Erotic Diary of a Lumberjack, The" "fröhlichen Holzfäller der nickenden Fichten, Die" "journal érotique d'un bûcheron, Le" "Porno giochi"]
Gang rape.

Erotic Journey - ?N

Erotic Vampire in Paris, An (2002) - link - ?3I
["The Vampire of Notre Dame"]

Escape (1987) - ?N
M/f restrained, prelude to rape. A betrayed, bound and gagged woman (Haydn Gwynne) is picked up and carried to the next room to be raped. A color US/UK TV movie directed by Misha Williams.

Escape Captivity: The Movie (2008) - link - ?2I
["Shin kankin tôbô: Gekijô-ban" "Girl in Captivity: Psycho Torture Chamber"]
Japanese color movie directed by . ? min.

Escape from Safehaven (1989) - link - ?N

Escape Velocity (1998) - ?N
M/f attempted, witnessed rape (Mother). A man attempts to rape Veronica (Michelle Beaudoin) as her bound mother, Billie (Wendy Crewson) watches, but the mother escapes and stops him. A color TV movie.

Escola Penal de Meninas Violentadas (1977) - link - ?1I
["Correctional Facility for Raped Girls"]
Lesbian sexual violence

Essex Boys (2000) - link - R1Ix
["Gangsters - The Essex Boys" "Los chicos de Essex" "Mafia Story" "Os Rapazes de Essex"]

Estupro (1979) - link - B2I
["Estupro!" "Estupro-perversão" "Perversão" "Perversão - Estupro!" "Perversion" "Rape"]

Eternal (2004/5) - ?N
F/f rape

Eugenie Sex Happening (1974) - link - R2I
["Eugenie" "Eugénie" "De Sade 2000" "Eugénie de Sade" "16hroni me matomena heria!" "Eugénie de Franval" "Eugenia" "Eugenie Sex Happening" "Eugenie de Sade"]

Evase - Storie di sesso e di violenze, Le (1978) - R1I
["Violez les otages!" "Escape from Women's Prison" "Jailbirds" " Women Against Women, a Tale of Sex and Violence"]
(1) F/m restrained rape. (2) F/f molestation and attempted rape. (3) M/f overpowered rape. (1) A bound bus driver is raped by a female escaped convict. (2) Diana (Marina Daunia billed as Marina D'Aunia) fondles and undresses one of the hostages. She intends to go further, but is interrupted. (3) The judge rapes Monica Hadler (Lilli Carati). Italian color movie (dubbed in English) directed by Giovanni Brusadori. 95 min / UK:87 min (DVD version) / USA:91 min

Every Afternoon (1974) - link - R3I
["De svenske vildkatte" "Chattes suédoises" "Swedish Wildcats"]
UK color movie directed by . 85 min.

Everybody Loves Sunshine (1999) - ?N
[" B.U.S.T.E.D."]
M/f attempted rape. During a home invasion, a member of a gang attempts to rape Clare (Rachel Shelley), the girlfriend of a rival gangster. UK color movie directed by Andrew Goth. 97min.

Evil Dead, The (1983) - link - B1Ix
["Evil Dead: Diabólico" "The Evil Dead - A Morte do Demônio" "Uma Noite Alucinante - A Morte do Demônio" "Uma Noite Alucinante I - A Morte do Demônio" "L'opéra de la terreur" "Posesión infernal" "Evil dead - kauhun riivaamat" "Kauhun riivaamat" "To katarameno asma" "Evil Dead - Gonosz halott" "La casa" "Shiryô no harawata" "El despertar del diablo" "Muerte diabólica" "Martwe zlo" "A Noite dos Mortos-Vivos" "Zla smrt" "Zli mrtvi" "Seytanin ölüsü" "Book of the Dead" "Evil Dead" "Into the Woods" "Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead" "The Evil Dead, the Ultimate Experience in Grueling Horror" "Tanz der Teufel" "Tanz der Teufel 1"]
A/f restrained rape. A woman running through a forest is attacked by vines. They rip off most of her clothes, spread her arms and legs, and rape her. Color movie directed by . 85 min.

Evil Dead Trap - link - ?2I
["Shiryô no wana" "Evil Dead's Trap" "Tokyo snuff" "A gonosz halott csapdája"]

Evil Toons - ?N
Raped by a cartoon.

Evil Town (1987) - BN
(1) MM/f abduction and prelude to restrained rape. (2) M/f restrained molestation (breast fondling). (1)Dianne (Lynda Wiesmeier) is chased topless through the woods by two men. She is caught, tied and gagged, and ends up thrown on the floor of a dingy room with her breasts exposed as a prelude to rape. (2) She is later seen tied to a chair and her breasts are fondled. Color movie directed by Edward Collins, Larry Spiegel, Peter S. Traynor and Mardi Rustam. 82 min

Evolution of Snuff, The (1978) - link - ?2I
["Civiltà del vizio" "Confessions of a Blue Movie Star" "Snuff"]

Ex Drummer (2007) - link - ?2I
["Ena paraxeno kouarteto" "Kell egy dobos!" "My Way Is the Highway"]

Excalibur (1981) - link - R1I
["Excalibor - Das Schwert des Königs" "Excalibur - kongernes sværd" "Excàlibur" "Excalibur - sankarin miekka" "Sankarin miekka" "Excalibur - Vér és mágia" "Ekskalibur" "Excalibur - Mec kralja Arthurja" "Krallar savasiyor" "The Knights"]

Exciting Love Girls (1983) - link - X3I
["Giochi carnali"]
Italian color movie directed by . 109 min.

Exitus interruptus - Der Tod ist erst der Anfang (2006) - link - X1I

Exorcism (1974) - link - R3I
["Les possédées du diable" "Caresses de chattes" "Exorcisme" "Les possédées du démon" "Lorna, l'exorciste" "Sexy diabolic story" "Linda" "Lorna... the Exorcist"]

Experiment, The (1983) - RN
F/f restrained, coerced, oral rape. F/f restrained, coerced, oral rape. Dr. Karl (Jason Whitman billed as Jeremy Whitman) forces Nurse Darla (Brandy Martin), who's hands and arms he has bound behind her back, to perform oral sex on Miss Beckett (Renee Baker). Nurse Connie (Bianca Corjay) is face up on table with her wrists bound behind her back and is forced to perform oral sex on Nurse Darla who is bound and suspended over her face by Max (Jeff Weeks). Color movie directed by Barbara Behr. 60 min

Exposé (1997) - link - ?1I
["Blackmail - Es geht um Dein Leben"]
M/f restrained, fatal rape. Ginna (Libby George), a high-priced call girl who blackmails politicians by videotaping them having sex with her, is tied standing up to a wrought iron grate with scarves for some kinky sex. She protests and demands to be let loose. The man stuffs a scarf into her mouth and rapes her. She chokes on the scarf and dies. The scene is seen during the playing back of the videotape. Scene 8. Color movie directed by Brian Rudnick.

Expensive Tastes (1978) - X2I
(1) MM/f intimidation, witnessed (date) oral rape, molestation (cunnilingus) and rape. (2) MM/f intimidation, witnessed (date) oral rape, molestation (cunnilingus) and rape. (1) Three intruders attack a man and his date in his apartment. She is forced to perform oral sex on two of them and on her date. Oral sex is performed on her and she is raped. She is again forced to perform oral sex on her date and is raped again. (2) A similar scene with a different woman. Adult color movie diirected by Joanna Williams.

Extreme Justice (1993) - ?N

Extreme Sleaze Showcase - 1970s (?) X2I

Extreme Vengeance (1990) - link - ?2I

Extremities (1986) - link - B2Ixx
["Akrotites" "Elszabadult indulatok" "Extremidades" "Extremities (La humillación)" "Humilhação" "Naisen kosto" "Oltre ogni limite" "Onur meselesi" "Seduzida ao Extremo" "Skrajnosci" "Tot het uiterste"]
(1) M/f humiliation and attempted rape. (1) M/f humiliation and attempted rape. Marjorie (Farrah Fawcett) is carjacked by a masked man (James Russo). He forces her to drive to a secluded place, unzip his pants and touch his genitals. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 1/5. (2) The same man, now known as Joe, later invades her home, terrorizes and humiliates her for a considerable amount of time. She tries to escape three different times. The third time she tries, he pins her to the living room floor, humiliating her further before attempting to rape her. She finally gets the upper hand and captures him. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5 (He is shown kissing her nipple). Color movie directed by Robert M. Young. 89 min.

Eye for an Eye (1971) - link -?1I
["Branded X" "Dente per dente" "sabor de la venganza, El" "Taste of the Savage" "Vengeance"]
Rape? Color movie directed by  (as Albert Marshall). 86 min.

Eye for an Eye (1996) - link - ?1I
["Oeil pour oeil" "Auge um Auge" "Silmä silmästä" "Au-delà des lois" "Ofthalmon anti ofthalmou" "Szemet szemért" "La prossima vittima" "Ojo por ojo" "Olho por Olho" "Oko za oko" "Öga för öga" "Göze göz"]
M/f overpowered fatal rape. Julie McCann (Olivia Burnette) is raped and killed by Robert Doob (Kiefer Sutherland) Color movie directed by John Schlesinger. 101 min

Eyes of a Stranger (1981) - B1I
(1) M/f violent prelude to fatal rape. (2) M/f prelude to fatal rape. (3) M/f molestation and attempted final rape. (1) After a series of threatening phone calls, Debbie (Gwen Lewis), has her apartment broken into and her boyfriend decapitated. The intruder [Stanley Herbert (John DiSanti)] rips open the front of her dress, punches and slaps her, rips her bra open, exposing her breasts, spreads her legs, gets between them and begins to strangler her. It is disclosed later that she was raped before/as she was killed. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 1/5. Scene 5. Timer: 0:12:50 - 0:14:51 Action: 0:44. (2) After a series of threatening phone calls, Annette (Kitty Lunn), who is working late, gets into her car. A man [Stanley Herbert] grabs her from behind and drags her into the backseat. It is disclosed later that she is raped and killed. Acting 4/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 1/5. Scene 10. Timer: 0:35:37 - 0:36:08. Action: 0:13. (3) Stanley breaks into the home of Tracy Harris (Jennifer Jason Leigh), who is blind and deaf, molests, and attempts to rape her, but she manages to shoot him. Color movie directed by Ken Wiederhorn. 84 min

Eyes of the Prey (1992) - link - ?1I
["Ich spuck auf dein Grab 2 - Ein Opfer blinder Wut" "Ich spuck' auf dein Grab 2"]

Eyes of the Spider (1998) - link - ?I
["Kumo no hitomi"]



Faat jung ching (1988) - ?N
["Among the Law Love" "Fa zhong qing" "Law or Justice"]
A model (Joey Wong) is raped by a photographer.

Fabulous Bastard from Chicago, The (1969) - link - ?3I
["The Fabulous Kid from Chicago"]
Color movie directed by . 95 min.

Face/Off (1997) - ?N
Date rape.

Faces of Death III (1985) - link - B1I
["Fear" "Face à la mort III" "A halál 1000 arca 3." "Faces of Death: Junk 3" "Janku 3 - Shi no shunkan" "Gesichter des Todes 3"]
M/f restrained, witnessed, fatal rape (Cameraman and video). During a re-enactment of a court case, a video is shown of a woman being raped by Mike Lorenzo (John Alan Schwartz). The scene is shown on a TV in the courtroom. Acting 5/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 3/5. Scene 3. Timer: 0:12.42 - 0:16.14. Action: 0:01:46. There are 4 intercuts; 0:01, 0:03, 0:05, 0:20. Prelude and aftermath is shown, the remainder is only heard. Her death is implied, but not actually part of the re-enactment. Many think this is actual footage of a real rape due to the fact it says so on the DVD box; it is not. The director admits it is a re-enactment and that he is playing the rapist and the woman playing the victim is his girlfriend. Color movie directed by John Alan Schwartz. 91 min

Fair Game (1986) - link - ?2I
["Acoso implacable" "Death Game: The Return of Jessica" "Desugeimu: jeshika no gyakushuu" "Hunting Season" "Naarasriista" "Open Season 2 - Die Jagd geht weiter" "She Was Fair Game" "Vadászat"]

Fair Warning (?) - ZD

Fait Accompli (1998) - link - ?2I
["Maldición familiar" "Maldición familiar" "Voodoo - Katarameni poi" "A bosszú mocsara" "Paura dietro l'ignoto" "Sprawa zalatwiona" "VooDoo Dawn" "Voodoo Dawn"]
M/f restrained attempted rape. A corrupt cop handcuffs a woman (Rosanna Arquette) and attempts to rape her on the hood of a car.

Faithless (2009) - link - X2I
Adult color movie directed by . ? min.

Fantacide (2007) - link - R2I
M/f violent fatal rape and dildo rape (bottle). Because Nancy Slice (Michelle Walkling) helped herself to some of a stash she was holding for a man, he brutally rapes her and mutilates her vagina with a bottle. He then gets off the bed, moves around behind her and strangles her with her bra. UK color movie directed by Shane Mather. UK: 117 min (original version).

Fantasm Comes Again (1977) - link - ?2I
["Fantasm '99" "Fantasm 2" "Fantasm 99" "Fantasm II" "Fantasm en gång till" "My Best Time"]

Fantom kiler (1998) - link - ?3I
Dildo rape (knife). Polish color movie in Russian directed by Roman Nowicki. 90 min

Farewell, My Love (2001) - ?N
Gang rape

Farmer's Daughters, The (1976) - link - X1I
["Farmer's Daughters" "Farmers Daughters"]

Fast Food Nation (2006) - link - ?1Ix
["Nação Fast Food - Uma Rede de Corrupção" "Megetetett társadalom" "Geração Fast Food" "Coyote"]

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965) - link - G1I
["Pussycat" "The Leather Girls" "The Mankillers" "Faster Pussycat... Kill Kill" "Oi agriogates" "Gyorsabban cicamica, ölj, ölj!" "Szybciej, kotku! Zabij! Zabij!" "Brže, mackice! Ubij! Ubij!" "Faster Pussycat! Wham! Bang!" "Faster, Pussycat! Go! Go!" "Die Satansweiber von Tittfield"]
Attempted rape.

Fat Girl (2001) - link - R2I
["À ma soeur!" "À Ma Soeur!" "A mia sorella!" "For My Sister" "Kizkardesim" "Meine Schwester" "Moja siostra" "Nővéremnek" "Para a Minha Irmã" "Sisarelleni" "Till min syster" "Za siostre!"]
M/f overpowered child rape. After witnessing the brutal murder of her mother and sister at a highway rest area, a thirteen year old girl, Anaïs Pingot (Anaïs Reboux), is backed into the woods and raped by the killer (Albert Goldberg), something she is not overly distressed by because it make her feel desireable even though she considers herself to be fat. Although this movie features full-frontal female nudity, only breasts are shown in this scene. Acting 4/5, Intensity 1/5, Graphic 4/5. Scene 17. Timer: 1:19:00 - 1:22:24. Action: 0:1:34. French color movie directed by . 86 min.

Fatal Pulse (1988) - link - ?3I
["Killer's Run"]

Fatal Secrets (2009) - link - ?2I
["Balancing the Books" "Erreur Fatale" "Fatal Secrets" "Fatal Secrets - Schuld und Vergeltung" "Secreto inconfesable" "Segredos Inconfessáveis" "Segreti fatali"])

Faust: Love of the Damned (2001) - ?N
Child rape

Favourite Game, The (2003) - link - B2I
["Le jeu de l'ange"]
M/f feigned forced stripping. A boy tries to hypnotise a woman. She pretends it works and undresses for him. Terrified, he runs away. Canadian color movie directed by .

Female Prisoner Sigma (2006) - link - ?2I
["Joshû Shiguma"]
Japanese color movie directed by . ? min.

Female Teacher: Under a Wet Piano (1991) - B3I
Japanese color movie directed by Feldspar Taka man.

Femmes DeSade (1976) - link - X1I
["Skandalen i Los Angeles" "Alex deRenzy's Femmes DeSade"]
M/f coerced, restrained rape. A woman tied to a bed (Abigail Clayton), submits to sex in order to protect her boyfriend from a beating.

Femmes Seules (?) - X1I
Compilation of black and white, silent movies

Femmine infernali (1980) - ?1I
["Escape" "Escape from Hell" " Evadées du camp d'amour, Les" "Flykten från helvetet" "Hellfire on Ice, Part 2: Escape from Hell" "Infierno de las mujeres, El" "Liebeshexen vom Rio Cannibale, Die" " Pako helvetistä"]
(1) M/f restrained rape. (2) M/f restrained anal rape. (1) A female inmate of a South American prison who has escaped is caught and held down by the guards as the head guard strips and rapes her. (2) A female inmate who was bathing in a pond is held by the head guard as another guard rapes her anally. Japanese color movie (dubbed in English) directed by Kazou Inoue. 118 min

Feng huang nu sha xing (1981) - link - ?1I
["Deadly Darling" "fili tou thanatou, To" "Lady Avenger, The"]

Ferozz: The Wild Red Riding Hood (2010) - link - ?I
["Molina's Ferozz" "Chapeuzinho Vermelho do Inferno"]

Fever (1991) - link - ?2I
["Febre do Desejo" "Fieber des Bösen" "Fiebre homicida" "Láz" "Silmitön raivo"]

Fifth Commandment, The (2012) - link - ?2I
["El quinto mandamiento" "Der Kreuzmörder" "Besinci Emir: Ölüm"]
Mexican color movie directed by  (as Rafael Lara). 93 min.

Fight for Your Life (1977) - link - ?1Ix
["Ausbruch zur Hölle" "Blood Bath at 1313 Fury Road" "Getting Even" "Held Hostage" "Hostage" "I Hate Your Guts" "Otages en sursis" "Staying Alive" "Taistelu elämästä" "Tappava pelko" "The Hostage's Bloody Revenge" "Tsakalia tis kolaseos"]

Final Call (Erotique) (1994) - ?N
["Final Call(Let's Talk About Sex)"]
M/f restrained, attempted rape. A man attempts to rape a bound and gagged teacher (Claudia Ohana) in a train compartment, but is interrupted. A color short directed by Ana Maria Magalhães, part of a collection of four released in the USA, Germany and Hong Kong.

Final Conflict, The (1981) - link - B2Ix
["Ómen 3 - Végső leszámolás" "7 tikaria" "7 tikaria - Omen III" "7 tikaria - omen 3" "A Profecia III - O Conflito Final" "Barbaras Baby - Omen III" "Conflito Final" "De 7 dolkarna" "De sju dolkarna" "De sju knivarna - Omen III" "El final de Damien" "Het laatste omen" "I teliki anametrisi" "La última profecía" "La malédiction finale" "La profecía III" "La profecía III - El conflicto final" "Omen 3" "Omen 3 - Siste kapittel" "Omen 3: Son Mücadele" "Omen III - Barbara's Baby" "Omen III - De 7 knivarna" "Omen III: Conflitto finale" "Ostateczny konflikt" "Seitsemän tikaria" "The Omen III" "The Omen III: The Final Conflict"]
M/f anal rape/rough anal sex. What begins as consensual sex between Damian Thorn () and Kate Reynolds () becomes rough anal sex or anal rape, depending on your point of view. UK color movie directed by . 108 min.

Final Executioner, The (1984) - link - ?2I
["chasse aux morts vivants, La" "Last Warrior, The" "Rasuto soruja" "Rockit - Final Executor" "Teloittajat" "Último Executor, O" "ultimo guerriero, L'"]

Final Victim, The (2003) - link - ?3I
["Tears at Dawn" "Bound Heat: Tears at Dawn" "Girl Camp 2003: Chained Vengeance"]
Part of the Bound Heat series. Canadian color movie directed by . 93 min.

Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! (1968) - link - ?3I
["Sexchok" "À corps perdus" "Marinai in guardia, amanti gementi!" "Null Null Sex"]

Fingered (1986) (Hardcore Collection, The) - link - X1I
M/f dildo rape. A man (Lung Leg) bends a woman (Lydia Lunch) over a car and rapes her with a gun. Color short directed by . 25 min.

Fiona on Fire (1978) - link - X1I
["White Flesh is Weak" "Quel dolce corpo di Fiona" "Die blonde Stute" "Fiona - Ein Körper voller Feuer" "Fiona - Feuer im Blut"]
MM/f overpowered, witnessed (Another female passenger) rape. A woman () is raped in a subway car by two punks ( and ) as Fiona () looks on through the window in a door. We learn later that Fiona arranged the whole thing. Adult color movie directed by  (as Kenneth Schwartz). 107 min.

Fire Down Below (Roughies, The: Sexual Assault - D1) - XI

Fire in her Bed (2009) - link - ?3I
Color movie directed by . ? min.

Fireworks Woman, The (1975) - link - X2I
["Angela - erotikens drottning" "Angela is The Fireworks Woman" "Angela, The Fireworks Woman"]
M/f overpowered attempted rape and overpowered rape. A fisherman attacks a woman onboard a fishing boat. He is stopped by another fisherman who hits him with a large fish. The fish wielding fisherman then takes her inside a cabin, throws her on a pile of ice and rapes her.

First Turn-On!!, The (1983) - link - ?3I
["La première fois" "Min første frække ferie" "Viva la juerga!" "Neanika xe-sikomata!" "Die grosse Anmache"]
Color movie directed by and  (as Samuel Weill). 88 min.

First You Dream, Then You Die (2013) - (Bates Motel: Season 1, Episode 1) - link - G3Ix
M/f restained, witnessed (Son), final rape. Keith Summers () attacks Norma Louise Bates (), bending her over a table, handcuffing her wrist to its leg, putting duct tape over her mouth, and raping her. He is interrupted by Norman Bates () who hits him with a flat iron, knocking him unconscious. When he begins to regain consciousness, Norma, who has been freed by her son, stabs him to death. 0:23:38. Color TV series episode directed by . 43 min.

Five Across the Eyes (2006) - link - ?1I
["Perdidas en la noche" "Perdidas" "Claques sanglantes" "Ta matia tou valtou" "Öt üldözött" "5 vite all'inferno" "Perdidas na Escuridão"]

Five Bloody Graves (1970) - link - ?3I
["Le rescapé de la vallée de la mort" "O Trinita ekdikeitai 7 katharmata" "Os Bandoleiros do Rio Bravo" "Five Bloody Days to Tombstone" "The Gun Riders" "The Lonely Man"]
Color movie directed by . 88 min.

Five Loose Women (1974) - link - ?3I
["De Gevangenis der hete Poezen" "Le pénitencier des chattes chaudes" "As Fugitivas" "Tyttöjengin pako" "Filles en cavale" "Athistaktes Satanathes tis Asphaltou" "5 Mujeres violentas" "Fugitive Girls" "5 Loose Women" "Fugitive Girls" "Hot on the Trail" "Women's Penitentiary VIII"]
Color movie directed by  (as A.C. Stephen). 90 min.

Five of Us, The (2004) - link - G2Ix
["Elles étaient cinq" "Öten voltak" "Alptraum einer Sommernacht"]

Flash (1981) - link - X2I

Flavia (1974) - link - R1I
["Flavia, la monaca musulmana" "Flavia the Heretic" "Castigata - Die Gezüchtigte" "Die Nonne und der Freibeuter" "Flavia - Leidensweg einer Nonne" "Flavia la défroquée" "Flavia the Rebel Nun" "Flavia, Priestess of Violence" "Flavia: Heretic Priestess" "Flavian verinen kosto" "Kolasmena kormia" "La novicia musulmana" "Nonnen bis aufs Blut gequält" "Pahuuden luostari" "The Heretic" "The Muslim Nun" "The Rebel Nun"]
(1) M/f overpowered / intimidation witnessed rape (Nun). (2) FM+/mf overpowered / restrained rape. (3) M/m restrained rape or gangrape. (1) A new Duke rapes a girl in a pig sty as Flavia Gaetani (), a nun, watches from afar. (2) Flavis forces a same woman from the first scene to mount the Duke''s penis as he is restrained and then she forces the woman up and down. It is meant to be a case of her raping him, but the girl wants no part in it. When the man is released during the act, he becomes a willing participant, rolling himself and the girl over and making it a matter of him raping her. (3) The Duke is again restrained, this time over a barrel, and is raped by a man, possibly many of them. Italian color movie directed by . 96 min | 101 min (uncut).

Flesh+Blood (1985) - R1Ix
["Amor e Sangue" "Amore e il sangue, L'" "Chair et le sang, La" "Conquista Sangrenta" "Fleisch & Blut" "Flesh & Blood" "Kött och blod" "Krev a maso" "Lihaa ja verta" "Señores del acero, Los" "The Rose and the Sword" "Tuliset miekat" "Vilde krigaren, Den"]
(1) M/f prelude to rape. (2) M+/f attempted restrained rape, restrained rape, attempted restrained rape. (3) M/f attempted restrained oral rape. (4) M/f prelude to rape. (5) M/f prelude to implied rape. (6) MM/f prelude to rape. After the taking of a castle, as the victors are pillaging, a woman is wrestled to the ground and the top of her dress it ripped open, exposing her breasts. She is presumably raped off-camera. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 1/5. Scene 2. Timer: 0:11:14. (2) The virgin fiancé of a nobleman's son, Agnes (Jennifer Jason Leigh), is found hiding in a wagon ambushed by a group of mercenaries. She is stripped and held down by the women so that Summer (John Dennis Johnston) can rape her. She manages to burn his buttocks with a flaming log and he stops his attempt. Martin (Rutger Hauer), the group's leader, orders that she be lifted into the air. He rapes her as they move her to and fro. She attempts to pretend she is enjoying it, but isn't very convincing. Summer is to be next in the intended gang rape, but Martin creates a diversion. Acting 5/5, Intensity 3/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 7. Timer: 0:43:59 - 0:49:59. Action: 04:13. (3) Agnes is riding in a wagon with her arms tied over her head to the side. Summer attempts to force her into performing oral sex, but Martin again creates a diversion. Acting 5/5, Intensity 3/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 8. Timer 0:53:47 - 0:54:24 Action: 0:20. (4) When Summer is once again denied Agnes, he begins to force himself on a cook. It is presumed that she is raped off-camera. Following this, there are two "love scenes" (Scene 9 and Scene 12) with Martin and Agnes which is arguably rape since she is play-acting in order to win his protection. (5) Summer, who is temporarily the leader of the mercenaries begins to molest Agnes. Since he was been denied her three times already, she is more than likely raped off-camera. Acting 5/5, Intensity 3/5, Graphic 1/5. Scene 13. Timer: 1:46:22 - 1:46:42. (6) After they are defeated, Polly (Marina Saura) one of the mercenary women is accosted by two soldiers. It is presumed she is raped off-camera. Acting 5/5, Intensity 1/5, Graphic 1/5. Scene 16. Timer: 2:01:23 - 2:01:36. Color movies released in the USA, Spain, and the Netherlands directed by Paul Verhoeven. 126 min. / Netherlands:125 min. / Sweden:117 min.

Flesh Gordon (1974) - link - X1I
["Las aventuras de Flesh Gordon" "Flesh Gordon, praktor '069' enantion tou planiti 'Porno'!"
F+/f molestation. Flesh's girlfriend is abducted by a group of lesbian Amazon's, who pin her to a table and fondle her.

Flesh Target: Rape (1979) - link - ?2I
["Niku no hyoteki: ubau "]

Flirting with Anthony (2005) - link - ?2I
M/m rape?

Flock, The

Flower and Snake (2004) - link - ?1I
["Hana to hebi"]

Fly Me (1973) - link - ?2I
["racket del sesso, Il"]

Footsteps Into Gangland (2011) - link - ?N

For Singles Only (1968) - link - ?2I

For the Love of Pleasure (1979) - link - X2I
["Hurjaa hekumaa" "The Cat Burglar"]
F/m fatal rape. Afterlife sex follows.

Forbidden Sun (1989) - link - ?3I
M/f prelude to rape. Color movie directed by . 88 min.

Forced Entry (1973) - link - X2D
["Jeraldo Stuarti's Forced Entry" "Shaun Costello's Forced Entry"]
Harry Reems. Color movie directed by Shaun Costello. 83 min

Forced Entry (1975) - link - B2I
["Last Victim" "ntrando à Força" "Nuori, kaunis... kuollut" "The Last Victim" "Viaii eisodos" "Un'ombra nel buio" "Last Rape" "The Last Entry" "Forced Entry - Erzwungener Eintritt"]
(1) M/f fatal intimidation rape. A woman whose car has broken down is attacked by a man who stops to help. He chases her through the woods, finally catching her and scaring her enough to allow herself to be undressed and raped. He then strangles her. (2) M/f prelude to and aftermath of rape. A woman home alone is held captive by a man. After he kills a delivery boy, he returns to her bedroom where she is bound and gagged. In the next scene, she is untied and distressed. He is asleep and the front of his pants are open. She attempts to sneak away, but screams when she finds the delivery boy's body. She catches him. Very soon afterwards, she kills him. Color movie directed by Jim Sotos. 88 min

Forced Entry (2002) - link - X2I
["Sesso e sangue"]
At least three rapes. Adult color movie directed by . 130 min.

Forced Entry (2004) - ZN
M/f restrained rape. A man strangles a woman (Lisa Kinkaid) into unconsciousness. She is bound spread-eagle and gagged. He then molests and rapes her. Color movie directed by Rick Masters. ZFX.

Forgive Me for Raping You (2010) - link - ?2I
Color movie directed by . 109 min.

Fountainhead, The (1949) - link - G3I
["De opstandeling" "Vontade Indômita" "Kun den stærke er fri" "El manantial" "Pilvenpiirtäjä" "Le rebelle" "Halyvdines psyhes" "A forrás" "La fonte meravigliosa" "Uno contra todos" "Vontade Indómita" "Pionjären" "Ein Mann wie Sprengstoff"]
M/f overpowered rape. Howard Roark () rapes Dominique Francon (). The scene is not at all graphic and there is some debate about whether or not a rape occurs. The screenplay is by Ayn Rand and is based on her best-selling novel by the same name. Referring to the same scene in her novel, Ayn Rand says, "If it's a rape, then it's a rape by engraved invitation." The scene is comparable to Rhett Butler 'taking' Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind. Black and white movie directed by . 114 min.

Four for All (1975) - link - ?Ix
["Fighting Killer" "Quei paracul... pi di Jolando e Margherito"]

Four of the Apocalypse (1975) - link - B2Ix
["I quattro dell'apocalisse" "Os Quatro do Apocalipse" "4 de l'apocalypse" "Chaco - Banditen" "Chaco - Teloittaja" "Chaco - teloittaja" "Dyo... alla yperohoi" "Four Gunmen of the Apocalypse" "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" "Les quatre de l'apocalypse" "Los cuatro del apocalipsis" "Siste vogn fra Salt City" "The Four of the Apocalypse..." "Vainotut" "Verdammt zu leben - verdammt zu sterben!"]
M/f restrained witnessed rape (Friends). Chaco () ties up Emanuelle 'Bunny' O'Neill () and her traveling companions, then rapes her. Italian color movie directed by . 87 min.

Four Times that Night (1972) - link - RI
["Quante volte... quella notte" "Une nuit mouvementée" "Vier Mal heute Nacht"]
M/f attempted date rape. A Rashômon type story where a man and woman's date is described four different ways, one of which involves the attempted date rape of Tina Brandt () by Gianni Prada (). Italian color movie directed by . 83 min.

Foxy Brown (1974) - link - ?1I
["Burn, Coffy, Burn!" "Foksi Braun" "Foxy Brown, i mavri tigris" "Uma Mulher e... Peras!"]

Frame Up (1991) - ?N
M/f restrained rape. A woman (Heather Fairfield) has her hands tied in front of her by two escaped convicts. One of them makes her dance with him, before putting her up on a counter and raping her.

Frances (1982) - link - B1I
["Frances, mia adesmefti gymaika" "Gecelerin kadini"]
M+/f impaired rape. While an inmate at an asylum, actress Frances Farmer (Jessica Lange), is prostituted by the night watchman. This movie contains nudity, but Jessica Lange is not nude during this scene. Acting 5/5, Intensity 1/5, Graphic 3/5. Scene 27. Timer:: 2:03:49 - 2:04:41. Action: 0:0:09.

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969) - link - ?1I
["Frankenstein Tem que Ser Destruído" "Frankenstein lægger hjernen i blod" "El cerebro de Frankenstein" "Frankenstein bör förintas" "Frankenstein on tuhottava" "Le retour de Frankenstein" "O Frankenstein prepei na pethani" "Frankensteint el kell pusztítani" "Distruggete Frankenstein!" "Frankenstein debe morir" "O Barão de Frankenstein" "Frankenstein död eller levande" "Frankenstein muß sterben!" "Frankenstein muss sterben!" "Frankenstein sucht ein neues Opfer"]

Frankenstein the Rapist (2008) - link - R2Ixxx
Color movie directed by . 109 min.

Frauen für Zellenblock 9 (1977) - R2N
["Flucht von der Todesinsel" "Tropical Inferno" "Visa pour mourir" "Women in Cellblock 9"]
M/f violent dildo rape. Karine (Karine Gambier), a female inmate, is bound to a table. An animal horn is forced into her vagina until it is bloody. Swiss color movie in English directed by Jesus Franco. 75 min

Frauengefängnis (1975) - ?N
["Barbed Wire Dolls" "Caged Women" "Women's Penitentiary IV"]
Swiss color movie directed by Jesus Franco.

Freddy vs. Jason - link - ?1I
["Freddy contre Jason" "Freddy enantion Jason" "Freddy protiv Jasona" "Freddy dae Jason" "Freddy kontra Jason" "Freddy Contra Jason" "protiv Džejsona" "Freddy Jason'a karsi" "A Nightmare on Elm Street 8" "A Nightmare on Elm Street 8: Freddy vs. Jason" "A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th" "A Nightmare on Friday the 13th" "Freddy Krueger Versus Jason Voorhees" "Freddy Versus Jason" "Friday the 13th Part 11" "Friday the 13th Part 11: Freddy vs. Jason" "Friday the 13th Part XI" "Friday the 13th Part XI: Freddy vs. Jason" "FvJ"]

Free Will, The (2006) - link - ?2I
["Desejo Liberado, O" "Eleftheri voulisi" "freie Wille, Der" "frie vilje, Den" "fria viljan, Den" "libre albedrío, El" "libre arbitre, Le" "szabad akarat, A" "Vapaa tahto"]

Freeway (1996) - link - ?1I
["Freeway - Sem Saída" "Autopista" "Maniak" "Sin salida" "Rankka pakomatka" "Prosefhisou na pethaneis" "Autocesta bez izlaza" "Pokolsztráda" "Freeway - No Exit" "Encuentro con el Lobo" "Spojrzenie mordercy" "Auto-Estrada do Inferno" "Autoput"]
Attempted Rape.

Freeze Me (2000) - link - ?1I
["Freezer" "Fagyassz meg!"]

French Erection (1976) - link - ?2I
["French érection"]

Frenzy (1972) - link - ?1I
["Frénésie" "Frenesí" "Frenzy - solmiokuristaja" "Frenitis" "Téboly" "Frenesí" "Szal" "Perigo na Noite" "Vanvett" "Cinnet"]
The graphic story of the "Necktie Killer". Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Fringe Benefits (1974) - link - X2I
["Nu står han, doktorn"]

Fright (1971) - link - ?N
["Acosadas por el pánico" "allucinante notte di una baby sitter, L'" "Baby-sitterens rædselsnat" "ekkremes tou tromou, To" "Fratze, Die" "galne hämnaren, Den" "I'm Alone and I'm Scared" "Korku" "Nacht des kalten Grauens, Die" "Night Legs" "Pelko" "Violenza a una Baby Sitter (Allucinante Notte di una Baby Sitter)"]

From Noon Till Three (1976) - link - G2I
["Zwischen zwölf und drei" "C'est arrivé entre midi et trois heures" "Déltől háromig" "Dödligt levande" "Da mezzogiorno alle tre" "From Noon Till 3" "Keskipäivästä kolmeen" "Mellem 12.00 og 15.00" "O Grande Assalto" "O Proscrito E a Dama" "Sucedió entre las doce y las tres" "To apomesimero enos tyhodiokti" "Três Horas Decisivas" "Três Horas Para Matar" "Tres horas de amor"]
M/f attempted overpowered rape / combination of intimidation rape and deception rape. Graham () attempts to rape Amanda () by overpowering her. He is interrupted by a distraction. After the distraction, Amanda decides it would be easier to just submit to the rape. Graham uses a ploy to convince her that the sex is consensual and she subsquently falls in love with him. Color movie directed by . 99 min.

Fuga scabrosamente pericolosa (1985) - link - ?2I
["Fuga" "Fuga... die Schöne und der Gesetzlose"]

Fugitive Killer (1974) - link - ?N
["Fugitive Women"]

Full Metal gokudô (1997) - link - B1I
["Full Metal Yakuza"]
MM/f restrained, fatal rape, necro-rape. During the first rape by a Yakuza member, Matsuba (Kazuki Kitamura billed as Yasushi Kitamure), of what is intended to be a gang rape, Yukari (Shôko Nakahara) who is chained and lying on a mattress seems oblivious until she suddenly screams and bites her own tongue off, thus committing suicide. This does not deter Yomo ; he rapes her anyway. Part 1 Acting 4/5, Intensity 1(5)/5, Graphic 4/5. Part 2 Acting 4/5, Intensity 0/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 14. Timer 1:27:49 - 1:30:20. Action (1): 0:43 with 5 brief intercuts. Action (2): 0:17. Japanese color movie directed by Takashi Miike. 102 min.

Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck, The (1988) - link - B3Ix
(1) F+/f molestation. (2) M/f rape. (1) Barbara Manchester () is held down and oiled my native women. Intensity: 1/5. (2) She is later raped from behind by their chief after he presents her with the severed head of her husband. Acting: 2/5, Intensity: 2/5, Graphic: 4/5. Color movie directed by . USA: 88 min / Sweden: 90 min.

Furyo shoujo noraneko no seishun (1973) - link - ?3I
Japanese color movie directed by . 69 min.

Future Shock - ZN
M/f restrained rape. A bound and gagged woman (Courtney Bishop) is raped from behind by a man (Travis Lee). ZFX.



Gabrielle (2005) - link - R1I
["Gabrielle - Liebe meines Lebens" "Trois soirées"]
M/f attempted Rape. French color movie directed by . 90 min.

Gacy (2003) - ?N
Anal rape. M/m?

Galaxy of Terror (1981) - link - B3I
["Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror" "Planet of Horrors" "Quest" "Galáxia do Terror" "Planeta del terror" "La galaxia del terror" "Kauhun planeetta" "La galaxie de la terreur" "O pyrgos tis frikis" "A félelem galaxisa" "Il pianeta del terrore" "Galaktyka terroru" "A Galáxia do Medo" "Planet des Schreckens"]
A/f fatal rape. Dameia () is raped by a giant maggot and dies from the shock. A color movie directed by  (as B.D. Clark). 81 min.

The Gamesters of Triskelion (1968) (Star Trek - S02E16 [46][217]) - GS
M/f off-camera attempted rape. Kirk listens from a nearby cell as Drill Thrall Lars (Steve Sandor) who has been "selected" for Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) attempts to force himself on her. He gives up due to her amount of resistance. Color TV series episode directed by Gene Nelson.

Gang Bangs - XC
M+/f rape. A woman (Christy Canyon) is raped on top of a pool table in biker bar. The scene quickly turns consensual.

Gangsterland (2010) - link - ?2I
["Sortie 67" "Exit 67"]

Gas! -Or- It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It. (1970) - link - ?3I
["Gas-s-s - kuolettava kaasu" "Gas!" "Gas, fu necessario distruggere il mondo per poterlo salvare" "Gaz" "Gas-s-s-s" "Gassss" "G.A.S.S. Oder - Es war notwendig, die Welt zu vernichten, um sie zu retten"]
Color movie directed by . 79 min.

Gatorbait (1974) - link - ?2I
["Alligaattoriansa" "Blodhævn" "Hetzjagd im Sumpf" "I agriogata" "Isca Perigosa" "marais de la haine, Les"]

Gatorbait II: Cajun Justice - link - ?2I
["Abrechnung im Dschungel" "Isca Perigosa II - A Justiça de Cajun" "Vendetta nella palude" "vengeance de la femme serpent, La"]

The Gauntlet - BS
M/f (attempted?) restrained rape. In a boxcar of a train, a woman (Sondra Locke) is held down, molested and possibly raped before her attackers are interrupted.

The Gay Deceivers, The - ?1I
M/f rape?

The Geek (1971) - link - X3I
(1) A/f overpowered rape. (2) A/f overpowered rape. Poorly done Sasquatch rape.

Gefangene Frauen (1980) - link - R3I
["Island Women" "The Women of Inferno Island" "Caged Women" "Prostitutas encarceladas" "Le corps et le fouet" "Le corps et le fouet - Femmes captives" "Les prisonnières de l'île aux rats" "Folli piaceri delle porno prigioniere" "Women's Penitentiary VII"]

The General's Daughter (1999) - link - R1Ix
M+/f restrained rape. Capt. Elisabeth Campbell (Leslie Stefanson) is attacked by a squad of cadets. She is beaten, stripped, spread-eagled, staked out on the ground and gang raped. There are two intercuts for 0:08 each. Most of the scene is dark and disjointed. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 5/5. Timer: 1:16:42 - 1:19:29. Action: 0:1:15. Color movie directed by Simon West.

The Gestapo's Last Orgy (1977) - link - ?1I
["L'ultima orgia del III Reich" "Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler" "Gestapo's Last Orgy" "As Condenadas" "La sequestrée des SS" "Orgie i Det Tredie Rige" "La última orgía de la Gestapo" "Bourreaux SS" "Des filles pour le bourreau" "Deux filles pour le bourreau" "Filles pour le bourreau" "Ta orgia tou G' Reich" "Ta teleftaia orgia tis Gestapo" "To stratopedo ton orgion" "Ostatnia orgia Gestapo" "A Última Orgia do III Reich" "Last Orgy of the Third Reich"]
Italian color movie directed by Cesare Canevari.

Get the Gringo (2012) - link - ?2Ix
["How I Spent My Summer Vacation" "Atrapen al gringo" "Uhvati Gringa" "Vacaciones explosivas" "Apanha-me Esse Gringo" "Atrapen al Gringo" "Börtönregény" "Dorwac gringo" "Hufsha katlanit" "Kick Over" "Kill the Gringo" "Most Wanted: Get the Gringo" "Oi kalokairines mou diakopes" "Plan de fuga" "Plano de Fuga" "Sumautos atostogos Meksikoje" "Vacaciones en el infierno" "Viaggio in paradiso"]
M/f attempted rape. Color movie directed by . 96 min.

Gewalt! Gewalt!: shojo geba-geba (1969) - link - ?3I
["La vierge violente"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 66 min.

Ghost Widow (2011) - ?2I

Giallo a Venezia (1979) - link - ?2I
["Giallo in Venice" "Gore in Venice" "Mystery in Venice" "Thriller in Venice"]

Gina (1975) - link - ?2I
["Stone Cold Revenge"]

Gina the Foxy Chick (Roughies, The: Sexual Assault - D2) - XI

Ginger (1971) - link - R1I
["Little Girls Lost"]
(1) M/f, restrained, coerced, prelude to rape. (2) M/f coerced humiliation and prelude to rape. (3) MMM/f restrained, child rape. (4) M/f restrained rape. (1) A naked prostitute is handcuffed by her client who claims to be an undercover cop. She tells him, "So, take your money back, and I'll do whatever you want, anything," in an attempt to avoid arrest. Acting 2/5, Intensity 1/5, Scene 7. Timer 0:50:05 - 0:55:17. (2) A woman is forced to strip, lie on the floor, spread her legs and offer sex in order to get her fix from Jimmy, a drug dealer. Acting 2/5, Intensity 2/5, Scene 7. Timer 0:55:20 - 1:02:00.(3) In a flashback to when she was 16, Ginger is raped by three men. Scene 9-10. Very poorly lit. Timer 1:21:28 - 1:24:50. Action: 0:56, inter-cut for 0:34. (4) Ginger (Cheri Caffaro) is knocked out by Rex Halsey (Duane Tucker). When she regains consciousness, she is lying face-down on a bed with her hands cuffed behind her back naked except for her panties. Rex removes them, rolls her over and rapes her. Acting 2/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 3/5. Scene 11. Timer 1:32:08 - 1:36:27. A color movie directed by Don Schain. 90 min / Netherlands: 102 min.

Girl 27 (2007) - link - G1I
Documentary about infamous rape. Color movie directed by . 86 min.

Girl Boss Revenge: Sukeban (1973) - link - ?3I
Japanese color movie directed by . 86 min.

Girl Chef (2011) - no link - ?3I
Thai color movie directed by jiewsak.

The Girl Grabbers (1968) - link - ?N
["The Grabbers"]
Poorly done.

Girl Hell 1999 (1999) - link - ?3I
["Shôjo jigoku ichi kyû kyû kyû" ""Shôjo jigoku 1999" "Injure Rape Murder Film" "Injured Rape Murder Film"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 65 min.

Girl in a Basket (Roughies, The: Brute Lust - D1) - XI

The Girl in Room 2A (1974) - link - ?2I
["Girl in Room 2A" "La casa della paura" "O Mistério do Quarto 2A" "The Girl in 2A"]

Girl in the Lift (2007) - link - X3I
Polish color movie directed by . 83 min.

The Girl Next Door (2007) - link - ?1I
["Jack Ketchum's Evil" "La ragazza della porta accanto" "Mano kaimyne - pornozvaigzde" "Devojka iz susedstva" "Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door"]
Color movie directed by  (as Gregory M. Wilson). 91 min.

Girl on a Chain Gang (1965) - link - ?1I
Color movie directed by . 96 min.

Girl Service (Roughies, The: Sexual Assault - D2) - XI

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) - link - RI
["hombres que no amaban a las mujeres, Los" "Men Who Hate Women" "Millennium 1: Los hombres que no amaban a las mujeres" "Dekle z zmajskim tatujem" "Devojka sa tetovažom zmaja" "Ejderha dövmeli kiz" "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo " "Homens Que Não Amavam As Mulheres, Os" "Karlar sem hata konur" "koritsi me to tatouage, To" "Lohetätoveeringuga tüdruk" "Män som hatar kvinnor" "Mænd der hader kvinder" "Menn som hater kvinner"" Miehet jotka vihaavat naisia" "Millénium" "Millénium - Le film" "Millénium, le film" "Millenium, les hommes qui n'aimaient pas les femmes" "Millennium 1. Os Homens que Odeiam as Mulheres" "Millennium: Mezczyzni, którzy nienawidza kobiet" "Millennium: mannen die vrouwen haten" "Muskarci koji mrze zene" "tetovált lány, A" "tetovált lány, A - A korrupció és a gonoszság anatómiája" "Uomini che odiano le donne" "Verblendung"]

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) - link - R2I
["chica del dragón tatuado, La" "Chica del Dragón Tatuado, La" "Dekle z zmajskim tatujem" "Dziewczyna z tatuazem" "Ejderha Dövmeli Kiz" "koritsi me to tatouage, To" "Mænd der hader kvinder" "Mergina su drakono tatuiruote" "Millénium: Les hommes qui n'aimaient pas les femmes" "Millennium - Os Homens que Não Amavam as Mulheres" "Millennium - Uomini che odiano le donne" "Millennium 1 - Os Homens Que Odeiam as Mulheres" "Millennium: Els homes que no estimaven les dones" "Millennium: Los hombres que no amaban a las mujeres" "Muškarci koji mrze žene" "Muskarci koji mrze zene" "Muzi, kterí nenávidí zeny" "Na'ara im ka'akua drakon" "tetovált lány, A" "Verblendung"]

The Girl, the Gold Watch, & Everything (1980) - link - G2I
["La chica, el reloj de oro y todo lo demás"]

Girls Are For Loving - link - R1I
["Ginger il simbolo del sesso con licenza... d'amare" "Die kühle Blonde mit der heißen Masche" "Pistolen Jenny - Kanonen unter heißen Röcken" "Schnelle Colts und heiße Lippen"]

(1) M/f restrained, fatal rape. (1) M/f restrained rape. (1) M/f restrained rape. (1) A naked woman is taken out in the snow, tied to a tree, raped and shot. (2) Ginger McAllister (Cheri Caffaro) is tied spread-eagle to a bed and raped as Ronnie St. Clair (Jocelyne Peters) challenges her to not enjoy it. (3) The scene is later repeated with the roles reversed. Color movie directed by Don Schain. 90 min

Girls for Rent (1974) - link - R1I
["Fatal Pursuit" "I Spit on Your Corpse!" "Skotoste to Call Girl"]
Color movie directed by . 92 min.

Girls of the White Orchid (1983) - link - B1I
["Death Ride to Osaka" "Operation Osaka" "La muerte conduce a Osaka" "Kuolemankyyti Osakaan" "Illusions perdues" "Sulle orme del dragone" "Osaka - Corrida Fatal" "Operation Osaka"]
M/f attempted rape. Carol Heath (Jennifer Jason Leigh)? Color TV movie directed by Jonathan Kaplan.

Girl's Punishment Classroom 2 (2008) - link - X3I
["Joshi gakusei taibatsu kyôshitsu 2" "High School Girl Beat Down"]
Japanese color movie directed by ?. 182 min.

Giselle (1980) - link - B1I
["Her Summer Vacation"]
M/f, M/f, M/m overpowered/intimidation rape.

The Giving Tree (2000) - link - ?1I
["Brutal Truth" "Emily hagyatéka" "Emilys Vermächtnis" "La dura verdad Argentina (video title)" "Locuri întunecoase" "Shaded Places"
"The Brutal Truth" "Verdad brutal"]
In a flashback sequence, two women (Tiffany Salerno) (Leslie Horan) are beaten and raped off-camera while a third (Christina Applegate) is forced to watch.

Go, Go Second Time Virgin (1969) - link - ?2I
["Yuke yuke nidome no shojo" "Go, Go You Who Are a Virgin for the Second Time" "Su su per la seconda volta vergine" "Va Va vierge pour la deuxième fois" "Vierge violée cherche étudiant révolté" "Zwei Mal Jungfrau"]
M+/f overpowered gang rape. Nineteen year-old Poppo () is gang raped on a rooftop. Japanese color movie directed by . 65 min.

The Godfather: Part II (1974) - ?N
M/f restrained off-camera rape?

God's Bloody Acre! (1975) - link - (God's Bloody Acre! Plus Tomcats) ?1I
Color movie directed by  (as Harry E. Kerwin). 86 min.

God's Gun (1976) - link - ?1I
["Diamante Lobo" "A Bullet from God" "A Arma Divina" "A Pistola de Deus" "Seis balas... una venganza... una oración" "Villi joukko" "Les impitoyables" "To pistoli einai o theos mou" "Isten fegyvere" "Pistola di Dio" "Det blodiga gänget" "Der Colt Gottes"]
Jenny (Sybil Danning). An Italian / Israeli color movie directed by Gianfranco Parolini. 94 min

God's Police Patrol (1969) - link - ?3I
["Die Funkstreife Gottes" "Viol de nuit" "La città del peccato" "Cash - Die Quittung schreibt der Tod" "Funkstreife XY, Ich pfeif' auf mein Leben"]

Goin' South (1978) - link - ?1I
["Com a Corda no Pescoço" "Con el lazo al cuello" "Med rebet om halsen" "Camino del Sur" "Mitäs täällä roikut, Henry Moon?" "En route vers le Sud" "To stavrodromi tou notou" "Irány délre!" "Verso il sud" "Heng ikke her, Henry Moon" "Idac na poludnie" "A Caminho do Sul" "Häng inte här Henry Moon" "Güneye Yolculuk" "Der Galgenstrick"]
M/f restrained marital rape. Henry Lloyd Moon (Jack Nicholson) ties his wife Julia Tate / Moon ( Mary Steenburgen) to their bed and rapes her. Color movie directed by Jack Nicholson. 105 min 109 min (DVD version).

Gold Digger Killer (2007) - link - ?2I
Impaired rape.

Gonad the Barbarian - ?N

The Good Girl (2002) - link - ?2I
["Una buena chica" "Por um Sentido na Vida" "Une bonne fille" "A Boa Rapaza" "Kiltti tyttö" "San kalo koritsi" "Jóravaló feleség" "Zyciowe rozterki" "É Agora ou Nunca"]

The Goodbye Kiss (2006) - link - ?2I
["Arrivederci amore, ciao" "Camino sin retorno" "Eiskalt - Arrivederci amore, ciao" "El frío beso de la muerte" "Elveda askim" "Goodbye My Love, Goodbye" "To fili tou apohairetsimou"]
Italian color movie directed by Michele Soavi.

Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff (1979) - RIx
["The Shaming"]
M/f overpowered rape. A schoolteacher, Evelyn Wyckoff (Anne Heywood) is raped on top of her desk by John Lafayette (Rafe Collins), a student/janitor. A color movie directed by Marvin J. Chomsky.

Goodbye, Norma Jean (1976) - link - ?3I
(1) M/f rape. (2) M/f restrained rape. (1) Marilyn Monroe (Misty Rowe) is raped by a cop as payment for not giving her a speeding ticket earlier that day. (2) During a photo shoot, the photographer binds Marilyn, undresses her, and possibly rapes her off-camera. Color movie directed by . 95 min.

Goreinvasión (2004) - ?N
Child rape

Gossip (2000/I) - ?N
Date rape.

Gothika (2003) - ?N
M/f restrained rape. A woman (Kathleen Mackey) is chained spread-eagle to a bed and possibly raped by a man (Charles S. Dutton).

Goya's Ghosts (2006) - link - ?1I
["Los fantasmas de Goya" "Les fantômes de Goya" "Sombras de Goya" "Sombras de Goya" "Goya et ses fantômes" "Goyovy prízraky" "Goyas Geister" "Los fantasmas de Goya" "Goyan aaveet" "Les fantômes de Goya" "Ta fantasmata tou Goya" "Goya kísértetei" "L'ultimo inquisitore" "Goya y la inquisición" "Duchy Goi" "Os Fantasmas de Goya" "Gojine utvare" "Goyeve prikazni" "Goyove prízraky" "Goya'nin hayaletleri"]

Graffiante desiderio (1993) - link - ?3I
["Deseo de amor" "Sonjas Exzesse" "Désir meurtrier" "Craving Desire"]

Gran Torino (2008) - link - ?N
M/f aftermath of rape.

The Great American Girl Robbery (1979) - link - B3I
Cheerleader's Naughty Weekend" "Salvem as Garotas da Torcida" "Teinityttöjen villi viikonloppu" "Bus 17 Is Missing" "Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend" "A.G.R. - The Great American Girl Robbery"]
Color movie directed by . 87 min.

The Great American Snuff Film (2003) - link - ?2I

The Great Ecstasy Of Robert Carmichael - ?I

Groper Train: Wedding Capriccio (1984) - link - ?3I
["Chikan densha: Chinchin hassha" "Molester Train 24" "Molester Train: Departure Whistle" "Molester Train: Wedding Capriccio"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 67 min.

Guang Zhou sha ren wang zhi ren pi ri ji (1995) - link - ?2I
["Diary of a Serial Killer"]

The Guardian (1984) - link - G2I
["Der Wächter" "El guardián" "L'amico silenzioso" "Le dernier rempart" "O Guarda" "O fylakas" "O prostatis" "Turvallisuusmies"]
M/f overpowered/coerced rape. Fran () is raped in the laundry room of her apartment building. Her attacker convinces her to stop struggling by threatening to hurt her young son. Color movie directed by . 105 min.

The Guilty (2000) - link - ?2I
["A bűnös" "Coupable ou non-coupable" "Le coupable" "O Culpado" "Presunto homicida" "Schuldig - Ein mörderischer Auftrag" "Tappajan varjossa" "The guilty - Il colpevole" "Vinovat Romania"]
Date rape.

Guilty of Romance (2011) - link - ?2I
["Koi no tsumi" "Bűn és kéjvágy" "Crime of Romance" "Enohoi idonis"]

A Gun for Jennifer (1997) - link - ?2Ix

A Gun in the House (1981) - link - ?2I
["L'éternel soupçon" "Seinää vasten"]

Günahsız Kadin (1973) - ?1I
["Beddua/Günahsız Kadin"]

Guncrazy (1992) - link - ?2I
["Arma Violenta" "Bella e dannata" "démon des armes, Le" "Fegyvermánia" "Fonikos erotas" "Guncrazy - Junge Killer" "Guncrazy - hullu rakkaus" "Sueños violentos"]
M/f prelude to final overpowered rape. Anita Minteer (Drew Barrymore) is raped by her stepfather. Afterwards, she shoots and kills him.

Gung hoi keung gaan fung (1993) - link - ?I
["Rape in Public Sea"]

Gutterballs (2008) - link - R1Ix

Gynaikes pou zitousan ton erota (1975) - link - ?2I
["anomales, Oi" "Gynaikes pou zitousan tin idoni" "Women Seeking for Love"]




H6: Diario de un asesino (2005) - link - ?1I
[H6 - Tagebuch eines Serienkillers" "H6-il diario di un assassino" "H6: Diary of a Serial Killer"]
M/f restrained rape. M/f restrained rape. Antonio Frau (Fernando Acaso) ties a woman spread-eagle on a table and rapes her. He does the same with another woman. Spanish color movie directed by Martín Garrido Barón. 92 min

Hakkyousuru kuchibiru (2000) - link - ?2I
["Crazy Lips"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 85 min.

Hako no naka no onna: shojo ikenie (1985) - link - ?3I
["Woman in a Box: Virgin Sacrifice"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 82 min.

Halloween (2007) - link - R2I
["Halloween, el comienzo" "Halloween - O Ínicio" "Halloween. El origen" "Halloween: I nyhta me tis maskes" "Noc Veštica" "Noc vještica" "Halloween - The Beginning" "Halloween: El inicio" "Noc Veštica" "Halloween: Retribution" "Rob Zombie's Halloween" "Untitled Rob Zombie Halloween Project" "Halloween: El inicio"]

Hana to hebi: hakui nawa dorei (1986) - link - ?3I
["Flower and Snake 4: White Uniform Rope Slave"]
A man uses his wife and daughter as collateral for a loan. When he becomes insolvent, a gang of yakuza, which gave him the money, steals the whole family. The women then have to endure endless humiliation and torture by the gangsters. Japanese color movie directed by . 73 min.

Hand of Pleasure, The (1971) - link - ?2I

Hand That Feeds the Dead, The (1974) - link - ?3I
["La mano che nutre la morte" "Ölümün nefesi" "Evil Face"]
Italian color movie directed by . 87 min.

Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The (1992) - link - ?2I
["La mano que mece la cuna" "Handen som gungar vaggan" "A Mão Que Balança o Berço" "A Mão Que Embala o Berço" "A kéz, amely a bölcsőt ringatja" "Besikteki El... Dünyayi Sarsar" "Die Hand an der Wiege" "Hånden på vuggen" "Hånden som rører vuggen" "Käsi joka kehtoa keinuttaa" "Käsi, joka kehtoa keinuttaa" "La main qui berce l'enfant" "La main sur le berceau" "La mano sulla culla" "La mano sulla culla... è la mano che governa il mondo" "Reka na kolysce" "Roka, ki ziblje zibko" "Ruka koja ljulja kolevku" "Ruka koja njise kolijevku" "To heri stin kounia"]
M/f humiliation.

Handmaid's Tale, The (1990) - link - ?2Ix
["cuento de la doncella, El" "Damizlik Kizin Öyküsü" "Declínio de uma Espécie, O" "Entre la furia y el éxtasis" "Geschichte der Dienerin, Die" "História da Aia, A" "istoria mias kamarieras, I" "Mardrömmen" "Opowiesc podrecznej" "Orjattaresi" "Povestea unei servitoare" "racconto dell'ancella, Il" "servante écarlate, La" "szolgálólány meséje, A" "Tjenerindens fortælling"]"

Hands of a Stranger (1987) - G3I
["Vieraat kädet" "La nuit tombe sur Manhattan" "Dlonie obcego, cz. I-II" "En främlings händer" "Hands of a Stranger - Ein Mann nimmt Rache" "In den Fängen eines Fremden"]
M/f prelude to and aftermath of restrained rape. Mary Hearn (Beverly D'Angelo) agrees to go a motel with her son's narcissistic basketball coach for sex. She backs out at the last moment. As she is leaving, a stranger enters with a gun. He robs them both, has them strip, gags and blindfolds them, and then rapes Mary. 0:35:06. There are numerous incuts throughout the scene.

Hanger (2009) - link - ?2I

Hangman (2001) - link - GNx
["Akasztófa-játék" "El ahorcado (Hangman)" "El penjat" "Hangman - Das mörderische Spiel" "Il gioco dell'impiccato" "O Jogo da Forca"]

Hannie Caulder (1971) - link - G2Ix
["Ana Caulder" "I atithasi" "In einem Sattel mit dem Tod" "Intikam melegi" "Jakten på bröderna Clemens" "La Texana e i fratelli penitenza" "Oi atithasoi" "Un colt pour trois salopards" "Un colt pour 3 salopards"]
MMM/f overpowered raped. Hannie Caulder (Raquel Welch) is raped by Emmett Clemens (Ernest Borgnine), Frank Clemens (Jack Elam) and Rufus Clemens (Strother Martin). Color movie directed by Burt Kennedy. 85 min

Happiness - ?N

Hard Ride to Hell (2010) - link - ?2I
["Corrida para o Inferno" "Eisodos stin Kolasi"]

Hard scandal: sei no hyoryu-sha (1980) - link - ?3I
Japanese color movie directed by . 71 min.

Hard Sensation (1980) - link - X2I
["Fuerte Sensacion"]

Hardgore (1976) - link - X3I
["Hard Gore" "Horror Whore" Sadoasylum"]
Adult color movie directed by  (uncredited). 63 min.

Hateman (1989) - link - B2Ix
["Pop's Oasis" "Swift Justice"]
MMM/f restrained violent rape. Marcy (Cindy Rome) is tied down in a junkyard, beaten, raped three times, and beaten again. Color movie directed by Harry Hope. 95 min.

Hatsujô kateikyôshi: sensei no aijiru (2003) - link - R2I
["The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai" "Die zauberhafte Welt der Sachiko Hanai" "Hanai Sachiko no karei na shôgai" "Horny Home Tutor: Teacher's Love Juice" "Szacsiko Hanai csodálatos élete"]

Haunts (1977) - link - G3I
["The Veil" "Haunts, spettri del passato"]
(1) M/f attempted rape. (2) M/f intimidation rape. (1) Ingrid () walking home alone at night is chased and tackled by a man. He tries to rape and kill her, but she hits him with a rock and escapes. 0:23:10 (2) Later, she is grabbed out of the shower and threatened with a pair of scissors. Her attacker wrestles her into the adjoining bedroom and throws her on the bed. Just as he is finishing, her uncle arrives and talks to her through the door. 0:50:23. Color movie directed by . 97 min.

Head-On (2004) - link - G2Ix
["Gegen die Wand" "Contra la pared" "Mot väggen" "Contra a Parede" "Cu capul înainte" "De plein fouet" "Duvara karsi" "Fallal szemben" "Glavom kroz zid" "Glavom kroza zid" "Glowa w mur" "Head On - A Esposa Turca" "La sposa turca" "Mazi, pote!" "Michigo sipeul ttae" "Mod muren" "Mot veggen" "Suoraan seinään"]
M/f impaired rape.

Heart of America (2003) - ?N
Gang rape

Heart of Me, The (2002) - link - B2I
["Erotiko adiexodo" "Rozdarte serce" "Meu Amor, Minha Perdição"]
M/f marital rape. UK color movie directed by . 96 min.

Heart of Midnight (1980) - link - ?1I
["Im Herzen der Nacht" "No Coração da Noite" "Corazón de medianoche" "Au coeur de minuit" "Kardies tis nyhtas" "Urla di mezzanotte" "Coração da Meia-Noite" "Heart of Midnight - Im Herzen der Nacht"]
(Jennifer Jason Leigh)

Heart of Stone (2001) - link - ?3I
["Megdermedt sikoly"]
Color movie directed by . 90 min.

Hearts in Atlantis (2001) - link - ?2I
["Nostalgia del pasado" "Coeurs perdus en Atlantide" "Hearts in Atlantis" "Atlantisz gyermekei" "Corações na Atlântida" "Corazones en Atlántida" "Cuori in Atlantide" "Gizemli yabanci" "Hearts in Atlantis - Das Rätsel eines Sommers" "Hjärtan i Atlantis" "Kardies stin Atlantida" "Kraina wiecznego szczescia" "Le viel homme doué de clairvoyance" "Lembranças de um Verão" "Pedon sydän" "Potonula srca" "Srdce v Atlantíde" "Srdce v Atlantide"]
Elizabeth Garfield (Hope Davis). Not very graphic. Color movie directed by Scott Hicks. 101 min

Heaven with a Gun (1969) - link - ?2I
["À Mão Armada" "Au paradis à coups de révolver" "Cennette Bile Affetmem" "Deka pistolia, mia thileia, mia aghoni" "Kourallinen lyijyä" "Kulan kom från en 44:a" "paraíso a golpe de revólver, Un" "pistolero di Dio, Il" "Præriens vildeste mænd" "Pulver und Blei" "violentos van al cielo, Los"]

Heavenly Desire (1979) - link - X2I
["Himmelsk begær" "Más caliente que el infierno" "Bucky Goes to the Movies Vol. 170: Heavenly Desire" "Heavenly Bodies" "Heavenly Desires" "Seka's Heavenly Desire: The Lost Movie"]
Adult color movie directed by  (as Jaacov Jaacovi). 89 min.

Heaven's Gate (1980) - link - R1I
["Das Tor zum Himmel" "Heaven's Gate - Das Tor zum Himmel" "O Portal do Paraíso" "La puerta del cielo" "Porten till evigheten" "Portti ikuisuuteen" "La porte du paradis" "I pyli tis Dyseos" "A mennyország kapuja" "I cancelli del cielo" "La puerta del cielo" "Brama niebios" "Wrota niebios" "As Portas do Céu" "Vrata raja" "Cennetin Kapisi" "Michael Cimino's Heaven's Gate" "The Johnson County Wars" "Das Tor zum Himmel" "Heaven's Gate - Das Tor zum Himmel"]
MM/f restrained rape. Three men attempt to gang rape Ella Watson (Isabelle Huppert) as a fourth who is on lookout watches through the window. She is held in a semi-prone position with her arms behind her back, her dress is lifted, her legs forced apart and two of them rape her before they are interrupted. There is full frontal nudity elsewhere in the movie, but it is minimal during this scene. Acting 5/5, Intensity 3/5, Graphic 4/5. Scene 34. Timer: 2:22:17 - 2:29:07. Action: 0:1:20. Color movie directed by Michael Cimino. 149 min (re-cut) / 219 min (original cut).

Heaven's Tears (1994) - ?N

Heißer Sex auf Ibiza (1982) - link - ?3I
["Sesso Caldo a Ibiza" "Nach Ibiza der Liebe wegen" "Ibiza al desnudo" "L'amour au soleil" "Sarabande Porno" "Heisser Sex auf Ibiza" "Hot Sex in Ibiza" "Hot Summer in Ibiza" "The Dark Side of Sex"]

Heist, The (Roughies, The: Cum Crimes - D1) - XI

Helga, la louve de Stilberg (1977) - link - ?I
["Bloody Camp" "calda bestia di Spilberg, La" "Girl Slaves" "Helga - Heksen fra Silberg" "Helga the Leather Mistress" "Helga, She Wolf of Spilberg" "Helga, a Loba de Stilberg" "She Wolf of Spilberg, The"]

Hell (1999) - link - ?1I
["Jigoku" "Japanese Hell"]
Japanese color movie directed by . ? min.

Hell Behind the Bars (1984) - link - R3I
["Perverse oltre le sbarre" "Infierno entre rejas" "Hell Penitentiary" "Gynaikes stin apomonosi" "Hell Behind Bars" "O Inferno Atrás das Grades" "Hölle im Frauengefängnis"]
French color movie directed by  (as Willy Regant). 82 min.

Hell Hath No Fury (2006) - link - R2I

Hell Mountain (1998) - link - ?1I
["Prisioneiras do Inferno" "Chained Heat 3: The Horror of Hell Mountain" "Chained Heat: The Horror of Hell Mountain" "To vouno tou Diavolou" "Dark Confessions" "Chained Heat 3: Hell Mountain" "La montaña del diablo"]

Hell Penitentiary (1984) - link - R3I
["Detenute violente" "Inferno dietro le sbarre" "Sévices à la prison de femmes" "Captive Women 8: Hell Penitentiary" "Captive Women Hell: Hell Penitentiary" "Infierno sin salida"]
French color movie directed by  (as Willy Regant). 90 min.

Hellcats, The (1968) - link - ?2I
["agriogates, Oi" "Biker Babes" "Gatas no Inferno" "Helvetesbrudarna" "pokol macskái, A"]

Hellhole Women (1981) - link - RI
["enfer du plaisir, L'" "Prisoners of the Flesh" "Sadomania" "Sadomanía (el infierno de la pasión)" "Sadomania - Hölle der Lust" "stratopedo me tis ekfyles, To"]

Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend (2013) - link - ?3I
["Figyua na anata"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 112 min.

Henry & June (1990) - link - ?1I
["Henry & June - Delírios Eróticos" "Henry og June" "Henry & June (El diario íntimo de Anaïs Nin)" "Henry ja June" "Henry et June" "Henry kai June" "Henry és June" "Henry y June" "Henry i June" "Henry e June" "Henry ve June"]

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986) - link - B1I
["Retrato de um Assassino" "Henry - Portrait d'un tueur" "Henry, retrat d'un assassí" "Henry, retrato de un asesino" "Henry Lee Lucas - sarjamurhaaja" "Henry, portrait d'un serial killer" "Henry, to portraito enos dolofonou" "Henry: Egy sorozatgyilkos portréja" "Henry - Pioggia di sangue" "Henry: portret seryjnego zabójcy" "Henry: A Sombra de Um Assassino" "Henri, portret serijskog ubice" "Henry - en massmördare"]
Female victim crime scenes. M/f restrained, fatal, molestation. M/f incestuous overpowered, final rape. The movie starts with a few scenes showing some of Henry's victims. Some have naked, bloody female corpses. Timer: 0:01:34 - 0:05:41. Henry (Michael Rooker) and Otis (Tom Towles) commit a home invasion. A woman (Lisa Temple) is molested while her husband (Brian Graham) lies tied and hooded on the floor. Their son (Sean Ores) comes home and is beaten and killed. His parents are killed soon afterwards. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 10. Timer: 0:53:15 - 0:57:20. Action: 0:2:15. Otis rapes his sister Becky (Tracy Arnold) vaginally and anally. He is interrupted by Henry. Becky stabs Otis in the eye with a metal rat tail comb and Henry finishes him off. There is no nudity in this scene. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 12. Timer: 1:09:21 - 1:13:11. Action (intercut): 0:0:39. Disk 2 of the 20th Anniversary Special Edition has two takes of a very short deleted scene in which a burglar attempts to rape Becky. He is interrupted almost immediately. There is no nudity in these scenes. Color movie directed by John McNaughton.

Her Name Is Carla (2005) - link - ?2Ix
["orgi tis Carla, I" "Visitors, The"]

Her Name Was Lisa - XI

Het debuut (1977) - link - R2I
["El debut" "The Debut" "To debouto mias 14hronis"]
M/f statutory rape (14). A 14 year old girl named Carolien () and a 41 year old friend of her father, Hugo (), fall in love. Soon their relationship becomes sexual. Dutch color movie directed by . 94 min.

Hidden in the Woods (2012) - link - ?2I
["En las afueras de la ciudad" "Afueras de la ciudad"]

High Kicks (1993) - link - ?I

High Plains Drifter - ?I

High Tension (2003) - link - B3Ixx
["Alta Tensão" "Alta tensión" "Haute Tension - Switchblade Romance" "Haute Tension - kiihtyvää kauhua" "Kiihtyvää kauhua" "Haute Tension" "Yperentasi" "Krvava romansa" "Magasfeszültség" "Alta tensione" "X-Tension" "El despertar del miedo" "Blady strach" "Krvava romansa" "El despertar del miedo" "X Tension" "Switchblade Romance"]
(1) M/f oral, necro rape. (2) M/f impaired, oral, dildo (fingers) rape. (1) Le tueur () rapes the mouth of a woman's severed head. 0:07:01. (2) He suffocates Marie () to near-unconsciousness. While she is recovering, he penetrates her mouth with his fingers as he fantasizes about doing the same to her. She hits him with a rock and then beats him with a piece of wood wrapped in barbed wire. 1:12:52. French color movie directed by . 91 min. x1 0:0:33. x2 0:2:13.

Higher Learning (1995) - ?N
Date rape

Highway to Hell (1991) - ZD

Hills Have Eyes, The (1977) - ?N
M/f implied rape.

Hills Have Eyes, The (2006) - ?I
M/f rape.

Hills Have Eyes II, The (2007) - link - ?2D
["The Hills Have Eyes 2" "El despertar del diablo 2" "Aima stous lofous 2" "Brda imaju oči II" "Brda imaju oci 2" "El despertar del diablo II" "El retorno de los malditos" "Ir kalnai turi akis 2" "La colline a des yeux 2" "Le colline hanno gli occhi 2" "Le visage de la peur 2" "Mägedel on silmad 2" "O Retorno dos Malditos" "Sziklák szeme 2." "Tepenin gözleri 2" "Wzgórza maja oczy II"]
(1) Oral rape with mutated tongue. (2) M/f rape. (1) Missy () is held down by a mutant who forces his extemely long tongue into her mouth. (2) A different mutant rapes Missy.

Hillside Strangler (2004) - link - R2Ixxxxxx
["El estrangulador de la colina" "Hillsiden kuristaja" "Hillsidestryparen" "O strangalistis tou skoteinou lofou" "Lo strangolatore" "The Hillside Stranglings"]
(1) M+/f forced prostitution. (2) MM/f prelude and aftermath of restrained, fatal rape. (3) MM/f restrained, fatal rape. (4) MM/f implied fatal rape. (1) Kenneth A. Bianchi () and Angelo Buono () lure Erin ( as Jennifer Kelly Tisdale) to L.A. with a phoney modeling scam. She is intimidated into being a prostitute and into luring her friend April () into the same trap. 0:25:17. (2) Posing as cops, they handcuff and abduct prosititue Janice Cooley (). They blindfold and gag her with duct tape. Angelo rapes her first, and then Kenneth, before they suffocate her. The actual rapes are not shown. 0:43:16. (3) Again posing as cops, they abduct Karyn Miller (). She resists and has to be wrestled into their car. She is next seen, naked from the waist up, blindfolded with duct tape, and handcuffed to a bed. Whether she has been raped, or is about be, is unclear. The next scene is of a dog barking, a motif used to indicate she is being killed. 0:53:21. (4) Tina Mayfield (), working as a hostess/call girl is lured to an empty apartment. They again pose as cops, and she is handcuffed. When they get her into the hall, she resists. They are almost caught, but get away, taking her with them. The next shot is of her naked, dead body. It is implied that they raped her too. 1:03:42. (5) Felicia Waller () comes by Angelo's to shop for floormats for her car. As she is dancing with Kenneth, Angelo grabs her from behind with a rope garrot. She is next seen naked, hogtied and gagged with duct tape as they prepare to rape her. This scene has a 0:1:12 intercut. She is last seen when Angelo injects antifreeze into her jugular as Kenneth holds her head. 1:12:13. (6) Working alone, Kenneth lures Lisa Erwin () and Sue Radigan () using the premise of them housesitting. Once he gets them inside, the scene cuts to him carrying Lisa, fully clothed and handcuffed, to a bed. When she asks about what is in the bed beside her, he pulls back the covers and shows her Sue's dead body. The next scene shows their fully clothed bodies being found. It can be assumed that Lisa was raped before she was killed. 1:22:50. Color movie directed by Chuck Parello. 97 min. x1 0:4:35. x2 0:9:20. x3 0:2:33. x4 0:2:23. x5 0:4:46. x6 0:1:28.

Histoire d'O: Chapitre 2 (1984) - ?N
["Story of O, Part II"]
M/f restrained simulated rape. O (Carole James) has her wrists tied in front while leaning over the hood of her car and is consensually raped. Only in the uncut version.

Historia sexual de O (1984) - link - ?3I
["The Sexual Story of O"]
Spanish color movie directed by  (as Jess Franco). 90 min.

History of Rape (Alpha Blue Archives - 4 Disk Set) - X1I

History of Violence, A (2005) - link - ?1I
["Una historia violenta" "Marcas da Violência" "Une histoire de violence" "Una historia de violencia" "To telos tis vias" "Povijest nasilja" "Erőszakos múlt" "Historia shel Alimoot" "Smurto istorija" "Una historia violenta" "Historia przemocy" "Uma História de Violência" "Umbrele trecutului" "Istorija nasilja" "Siddetin tarihçesi" "Una historia violenta"]

Hitch Hike - link - R2I
["Autostop rosso sangue" "O Fugitivo Sanguinário" "The Naked Prey" "La furia y la violencia" "El cínico y la casada" "La proie de l'autostop" "Death Drive" "Oto-stop" "Med morderen i baksetet" "Oto stop" "Hitch-Hike" "Hitchhike: Last House on the Left" "The Naked Prey" "Der Todes-Trip" "Wenn Du krepierst - lebe ich!"]
M/f witnessed rape (Husband). Eve Mancini (), is raped by Adam Konitz (), while her bound husband, Walter Mancini () is forced to watch. The scene becomes consensual before its end. Color Italian movie directed by . 104 min.

Hitch Hike to Hell (1977) (Hitch Hike to Hell and Kidnapped Coed) - link - G1I
["Oto stop gia tin Kolasi"]
A mama's boy picks up hitchhiking girls. If they are runaways, deserting their mothers, they are raped and killed. Poorly done. In most scenes rape would have been impossible due to clothing not being removed.

Hitch-Hiker's Hold Up (Roughies, The: Brute Lust - D2) - XI

Hitchhiker, The (2007) - link - B1Ix
(1) M/f rough sex which is regretted. (2) M/f intimidation witnessed rape (girlfriends). A woman has rough sex with the hitchhiker. She obviously regrets her decision once the sex begins. (2) In order to protect the life of one of her girlfriends, Melinda (Sarah Lieving) allows herself to be raped as her bound girlfriends watch. Although females breasts are shown in this movie, Sarah Lieving's are not. Scene is shown without sound. Color movie directed by Leigh Scott. 89 min

Hitchhikers, The (1972) - link - BI
["Le autostoppiste"]
M/f overpowered rape. Maggie () is caught looting a van by its owner and is dragged into the back and raped. Color movie directed and . 92 min.

Hitler's Harlot (1973) - link - X1I
["Hitler's Harlots"]

Hitler's Last Train (1977) - link - ?I
["Captive Women 5: Mistresses of the 3rd Reich" "Carne Especial para o III Reich" "Folterzug der geschändeten Frauen" "Helltrain" "Hitler különleges vonata" "Love Train for SS" "SS il treno del piacere" "Special Train for Hitler" "Special traino gia to stratopedo tis Kolaseos" "Train d'amour pour Hitler" "Train spécial pour Hitler" "Train spécial pour SS" "Tren especial para Hitler"]

Ho Ju Diang (2010) - ?1I

Hollow Man (2000) - link - ?1I
["Hombre sin sombra, El" "Homme sans ombre, L'" "Aorato aggigma" "Hollow Man - Mies ilman varjoa" "Hollow Man - Unsichtbare Gefahr" "Hollow man - L'homme sans ombre" "Homem Sem Sombra, O" "Homem Transparente, O" "Invisible" "Uomo senza ombra, L'"]
M/f prelude to overpowered rape. Scientist Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon) turns invisible. He spies on his neighbor (Rhona Mitra) and enters her room. After tormenting her for a bit, he shoves her onto her bed. It is implied that she is raped. Color movie directed by Paul Verhoeven. 112 min. There is an uncut version too.

Hollyoaks: No Going Back (2005) - ?N
Date rape.

Hollywood Kills (2006) - GS
M/f restrained, witnessed final rape (roommate). Chantelle Sholay, (Gillian Shure) a wannabe starlet, does a strip tease to her black underwear. She is knocked out and regains consciousness in an alley wearing a party dress, ankles and wrists tied behind with rope. A voice from a loudspeaker orders her to be raped and murdered. She is bend over a table and it is implied that she is raped from behind while two Japanese girls film it. During her rescue, she strangles her rapist. Most of the scene is close-ups of her face on a TV monitor screaming and sobbing. Intensity 4/5, Graphic 3/5. Color movie directed by Sven Pape. 90 min

Homo Homini Lupis (2002) (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Season 1, Disk 4 - Episode #14) - GI
M/f off-camera child rape overheard by mother in next room. A loan shark kidnaps an embezzling executive's wife and two daughters as collateral for a debt. The eldest daughter, Maggie Colter (Stephi Lineburg) is raped off-camera by Simon Matic (Ritchie Coster), one of her captors. It is suggested that she is raped repeatedly. A color TV series episode directed by David Platt

Honey Pie (1976) - link - X1I
["Sexo Masoquista" "Pornografiska porrnästet" "Honeypie"]

Hood Has Eyez, The (2007) - link - ?1I
Kimmy () Color movie directed by . 70 min.

Hooded Angels (2002) - link - G2I
["Glory Glory"]
M+/f+ prelude and aftermath of overpowered rape. Union soldiers invade a Texas town, raping many of the women. The remainder of the movie is about a group of the women getting their revenge against the men of the world. Color UK movie directed by Paul Matthews. 102 min.

Horror Castle (1963) - link - ?1I
["La vergine di Norimberga" "Back to the Killer" "Terror Castle" "A Mansão do Homem Sem Alma" "En Hitler-læges torturkammer" "El justiciero rojo" "La vierge de Nuremberg" "Panic" "The Castle of Terror" "Oi vasanistai tis Nyremvergis" "Nüremberg bâkiresi" "Das Schloss des Grauens" "Die Gruft der lebenden Leichen" "The Virgin of Nuremberg"]
M/f torture/fear. A bound woman has a cage containing a starving rat strapped onto her face. Italian colored movie (dubbed in Englis) directed by Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony Dawson). 84 min.

Horror Planet (1981) - link - G1I
["Inseminoid" "Horrorplanet" "Inseminóide" "Inseminoid" "Inseminoid un tempo nel futuro" "Samen des Bösen" "Viasmos apo exogiino"]
A/f rape.

Horseman, The (2008) - link - ?2I
["Az apokalipszis lovasa" "Horseman, The - Mein ist die Rache" "Orgi kai timoria" "Vingança Animal" "Vingança Brutal"]

Hospital, The (1971) -?N
["Anatomía de un hospital" "Anche i dottori ce l'hanno" "Ena trello... trello nosokomeio" "Hôpital, L'" "Hastane" "Hospital" "Hospital, O" "Kliniken" "Klinikka" "Right Smack Into the Wind"]
M/f rape. Dr. Bock (George C. Scott) rapes Barbara (Diana Rigg). Color movie directed by Arthur Hiller. 103 min

Hostage - ?N
(Talisa Soto)

Hostel: Part II (2007) - ?N
M/f attempted finale? rape. Beth (Lauren German) convinces the man who has paid for the right to torture her to death that she is attracted to him. He unties her and attempts to rape her on the floor. She manages to turn the tables on him. A color movie directed by Eli Roth. 93 min

Hostile Intentions (1995) - link - ?2I
["Kafti nyhta" "Una gita da incubo"]

Hot Box, The (1972) - ?3I
["Hell Cats"]
M/f overpowered rape. Filipino / American color movie directed by Joe Viola. 85 min

Hot Pistols (1972) - link - X1I

Hot Spur (1968) - link - R2I
["Fiery Spur" "The Longest Spur" "The Naked Spur" "Les éperons du désir" "Eldsporren" "Tulikannus" "L'éperon brûlant" "Et sexdyr i Texas" "Die Folterranch der gequälten Frauen" "Heisse Sporen"]
Color movie directed by  (as R.L. Frost). 91 min.

Hot Summer in the City (1976) - link - X1I

Hotel New Hampshire, The (1984) - link - ?1I
["Um Hotel Muito Louco" "El hotel New Hampshire" "Kaikki isäni hotellit" "L'hôtel New Hampshire" "I proti fora einai i kalyteri" "Hotel New Hampshire" "Hotell New Hampshire" "Das Hotel New Hampshire"]
M+/m attempted rape, M+/f gang rape.

Hotel St. Pauli (1988)
M/f oral rape

Hounddog (2007) - link - ?1I
["Untitled Dakota Fanning Project"]
Child rape. Dakota Fanning

House of Whipcord (1974) - link - R2I
["Flagellations" "E sul corpo tracce di violenza" "Tukthuset" "Stag Model Slaughter" "The Photographer's Models"]
Color movie directed by . 102 min.

House on Sorority Row (1983) - link - ?3I
["Seven Sisters" "House of Evil" "Siete mujeres atrapadas" "7 syntistä sisarta" "Non entrate in quel collegio" "A Casa na Esquina de Sorority"]
Rape? Color movie directed by . 91 min.

House on the Edge of the Park (1980) - link - R2I
["Maison au fond du parc, La" "Schlitzer, Der" "Talo puiston laidalla" "Talo puiston perällä" " The House at the Edge of the Park" "The House on the Edge of the Park"]
M/f overpowered, fatal rape. Alex (David Hess billed as David A. Hess) rapes and strangles a woman in the backseat of her car. Italian color movie directed by (billed as Roger D. Franklin). 91 min / UK:79 min

House of the Laughing Windows, The (1976) - link - ?I
["casa dalle finestre che ridono, La" "A casa das janelas sorridentes" "A neveto ablakos ház" "Das Haus der lachenden Fenster" "Het huis met de lachende vensters" "House with the Windows That Laugh" "La casa de las ventanas malditas" "La maison aux fenêtres qui rient" "La porte de l'enfer"]

House of the Spirits, The (1993) - link - B1Ix
["A Casa dos Espíritos" "Andarnas hus" "Åndenes hus" "Åndernes hus" "Beit Ha-Ruhot" "Casa de los espíritus, La" "Casa degli spiriti, La" "Dom dusz" "Geisterhaus, Das" "Henkien talo" "Hisa duhov" "Huis met de geesten, Het" "Kísértetház" "Maison aux esprits, La" "Spiti ton pnevmaton, To"]
Prelude to rape. Pancha Garcia (Sarita Choudhury) is chased in the woods by Esteban Trueba (Jeremy Irons) and raped. Color movie directed by Bille August. 140 min , Germany: 141 min , Spain: 146 min.

How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic (2005) (Rome: Season 1, Disk 1) - R1I
M/f intimidation rape. A Roman soldier has sex with a shepardess up against a tree in what seems a non-consensual situation. Although there is full-frontal female nudity throughout this series, there is no nudity during this scene.

Howling, The (1981) - link - ?1I
["Grito de Horror" "O Retiro dos Lobisomes" "Varulve" "The Howling - ulvonta" "Ulvonta" "Hurlements" "To ourliahto" "Az üvöltés" "L'ululato" "Aullido" "Aullidos" "O Uivo da Fera" "Urlikanje" ""Varulvarna" "Çiglik" "Das Tier"]
M/f restrained rape. During an interview, a moving playing in the background shows a woman (Dee Warren) being whipped and raped.

Hua jie kuang ben (1992) - link - ?3I
["Huída del burdel" "Escape from Brothel" "Dut gaai kwong ban"]
Hong Kong color movie directed by . 95 min.

Hukum karma (1982) - link - ?2I

Human Trafficking (2005) - link - ?1I
["Trafic humain" "Human Trafficking - Menschenhandel" "Tráfico humano" "Trafic d'innocence" "Sta plokamia tis porneias" "Mit ér egy élet" "Human Trafficking - Le schiave del sesso" "Dziewczyny z przemytu" "Tráfico Humano"]

Humanoids From The Deep (1980) - link - ?I
["Beneath the Darkness" "Grauen aus der Tiefe, Das" "Humanoides del abismo" "Humanoids de les profunditats" "Humanoidy z glebin" "Monster" "Monster (Humanoids from the Deep)" "Monster - esseri ignoti dai profondi abissi" "monstres de la mer, Les" "Monstro, O" "Morske posasti" "Tromos apo to vytho"]
A/f overpowered rape.

Humongous (1982) - link - B3Ix
["Dog Island" "A Ilha dos Cães" "Kirottu salaisuus" "Pelkojen talo" "La malédiction de l'île aux chiens" "Il figlio del plenilunio"]
M/f impaired final rape. (Unconscious). Ida Parsons (Mary Sullivan) runs into the woods to get away from a drunk. He follows her knocks her unconscious and rapes her. Afterwards, she finds him mutilated by a dog and kills with by smashing his head in with a rock. Timer: 0:2:24 - 0:7:59. Canadian color movie directed by . 97 min.

Hundra (1983) - ?N

Hunt for the Blue Diamond (1993) - ?N
M/f attempted rape. (Julia Kent).

Hunting Party, The (1971) - link - G1I
["Caçada Sádica" "Hunting Party" "Caza implacable" "Jakten" "Metsästys" "Les charognards" "O lofos tis timorias" "Vadászat" "Il giorno dei lunghi fucili" "Jaktselskapet" "Caçada Implacável" "De jagade" "Krvavi pregon" "Ölüm avi" "Cacería implacable" "Leise weht der Wind des Todes"]
M/f intimidation rape. Frank Calder (Oliver Reed) and his gang kidnap Melissa Ruger (Candice Bergen), a rich man's wife, for the purpose of forcing her to teach him to read. He becomes attracted to her and forces himself on her as she puts up token resistance. Acting 5/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 4/5. Scene 5. Timer: 0:24:02 - 0:30:52. Action: 0:2:56. UK color movie directed by Don Medford. 111 min

Hunting Season (2000) - link - ?1I
["Grave Vengeance"]
Available in 2D and 3D.

Hurt (2006) - link - ?3I

Hyena, The (1997) - link - R3Ix
["Hyena" "Fatal Seduction" "La iena"]
M/f intimidation, restrained rape. During a home invasion, an assassin who calls himself Chris (), who has already killed her maid, forces Emy () to allow him to bind her hands behind her back and gag her with duct tape. He then rapes her on top of a table. The aftermath is intercut with a scene of her husband cheating on her with Angela (). Once she is convinced her husband is cheating on her, she has consensual, or at least semi-consensual, sex with Chris. 0:17:29. Italian color movie directed by . 91 min. x 0:3:16.



I Accuse (2003) - link - ?1I
["Acusação" "J'accuse" "Angeklagt - Arzt unter Verdacht" "Ich klage an" "La confiance trahie" "La parola all'accusa" "Suçlu"]

I Bet You (2009) - link - ?N

I, Claudius (1993) - ?S
M/f prelude to fatal child rape. A young girl is about to be to be put to death is raped so that she does not die a virgin which would bring bad luck on the city.

I Don't Wanna Feel Nothin' No More (2011) - link - ?3I
M/f preludes and aftermaths to multiple incestuous rapes. Color movie directed by . 82 min.

I Drink Your Blood (1970) - link - ?2I
["Blood Suckers" "Buveurs de sang" "Dipsao gia aima" "Perros rabiosos" "Phobia" "rabbia dei morti viventi, La" "State Farm" "Satansbande, Die" "Tollwütigen, Die"]

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (1995) - ?N

I ragazzi della Roma violenta (1976) - link - ?2I
["La nuit des excitées" "The Children of Violent Rome"]
Italian color movie directed by . 86 min.

I Spit on Your Grave (1959) - link - ?2I
["Auf euren Hochmut werde ich spucken" "colore della pelle, Il" "Haluan sylkäistä haudallesi" "J'irai cracher sur vos tombes"]

I Spit on Your Grave (1978) - link - R1I
["Day of the Woman" "Tomar revancha" "A Vingança de Jennifer" "La vengeance de Jennifer" "La violencia del sexo" "I Spit on Your Grave - koston enkeli" "Koston enkeli" "Naisen päivä" "Oeil pour oeil" "Agria mera" "Tha ftyso ston tafo sas" "Non violentate Jennifer" "Non violentate Jennifer - I Spit on Your Grave" "El día de la mujer" "Pluje na twój grób" "The Housatonic Revenge" "Blood Angel" "Ich spuck' auf dein Grab"]
(1) M/f restrained rape. (2) M/f restrained anal rape. (3) M/f Unconscious rape. (4) M/f violent dildo (bottle) and oral rape. (1) Jennifer Hill (), a city girl trying to find peace and relaxation in the country is held down by Stanley (), Andy (), and Matthew Lucas () and raped by Johnny (). (2) Jennifer is bent over a large rock, and is held by Johnny, Stanley and Matthew. Andy anally rapes her. (3) Stanley beats Jennifer into unconsciousness and Matthew rapes her. He stops when she regains consciousness. (4) Stanley rams a wine bottle into Jennifer's vagina and rapes her orally. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 7-10. Timer: 0:20:14 - 0:46:46. Action (1): 0:04:27. Action (2): 0:04:20. Action (3): 0:03:30. Action (4): 0:01:35. Color movie directed by . 101 min.

I Spit on Your Grave (2010) - link - R2I
["Escupiré sobre tu tumba" "Doce Vingança" "Escupo en tu tumba" "Ma sülitan su hauale" "Escupiré sobre tu tumba" "Köpök a sírodra" "Dulce venganza" "Bez litosci" "Pljujem ti na grob" "Mezarina Tükürecegim" "Day of the Woman" "Night of the Woman"]
MMMMM/f overpowered rape. Jennifer Hills () is gang raped by five men. Color movie directed by . 108 min.

I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013) - link - R3I
["Escupiré sobre tu tumba 2"]
Color movie directed by . 106 min.

I, the Jury (1982) - link - B2I
["Død over morderen" "Egyszemélyes esküdtszék" "Gyilkos bábu" "I via einai to epangelma mou" "Ich, der Richter" "Io, la giuria" "J'aurai ta peau" "Ja, sprawiedliwy" "Jag är lagen" "justicia por su mano, La" "Med koldt bly" "Mike Hammer - Kanun benim" "Minä olen tuomari" "O Juiz Sou Eu" "Yo, el jurado"]
Color movie directed by . 111 min.

I Want You (1998) - link - R2I
["Beloved" "Desejo Você" "Halálos szenvedély" "Laços Fatais" "Pragne cie" "Se thelo" "Seni istiyorum" "Tahdon sinut"]

I Was a Teenage Strangler (2008) - link - ?2I
Color movie directed by . ? min.

Ichi the Killer (2001) - link - B1I
["Koroshiya 1" "Takashi Miike's Ichi the Killer" "Ichi - O Assassino" "Koroshiya ichi" "Ichi el asesino" "Ichi Zabójca" "Ichi the Killer"]
(1) M/f violent rape. (2) M/f violent rape. (3) M/f abduction rape and mutilation. (1) A prostitute is beaten by a Yakuza boss and raped. There are several very short intercuts. Acting 4/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 1. Timer: 0:2:05 - 0:3:05. Action: 0:01:00. (2) The same prostitute is beaten and raped again by the same Yakuza boss. Acting 4/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 8. Timer: 0:37:36 - 0:39:39. Action: 0:02:00. (3) A woman is abducted and raped in the back of a car. Acting 3/5, Intensity 3/5, Graphic 4/5. Scene 15. Timer: 1:21:56 - 1:22:21. Action: 0:0:07. When they arrive at their destination, one of her nipples is cut off. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 15. Timer: 1:22:25 - 1:22:38. Action: 0:00:13. There are many very brief intercuts of a schoolgirl being raped. Japanese color movie directed by . 129 min.

If I Die Before I Wake (1998/2000) - ?Q

Il Branco (1994) - link - B2Ix
["La Meute" "The Pack"]
(1) M+/f off screen-gang rape. (2) M/f indimidation, witnessed rape. (3) M+/f off-screen gang rape. (1) Two German female tourists are kidnapped by a gang. The older girl, Sylvia (), agrees to be gang raped if they leave the younger girl, Marion (), a virgin, alone. Syvia is then taken inside and Marion is left in a car with one of the gang members who attempts to seduce her. (2) Later, two of the gang members come out and convince Marion to get out of the car. She complacently allows herself to be stripped from the waist up. Her pants are then pulled down and she is bent over the front fender of the car and raped from behind by one of the gang members as his friend and the sympathetic gang member in the car watch. (3) After Sylvia is raped to death, Marion is taken inside so they can do the same to her. She escapes during a distraction. Italian color movie directed by . ? min.

Il Conto è chiuso (1976) - link - R1I
["I Anametrisi arhizei" "In den Klauen der Mafia" 1"The Last Round"]
M+/f restrained rape. Nina (Leonora Fani) is held down on her bed by Rico's henchmen (Nello Pazzafini, Giovanni Cianfriglia, Claudio Ruffini) and her dress is ripped open. Rico then rapes her. It is implied that the others may have raped her too. Italian color movie directed by . 95 min

Il grande racket (1976) - link - Rx
["Big Racket" "Big Racket, The" "Forajidos 77" "gran chantaje, El" "megali kobina, I" "Sam proti klanu"]
M/f overpowered fatal rape.

Il mio corpo per un poker (1968) - link - ?2I
["Belle Starr" "The Belle Starr Story" "Balladi Belle Starrista" "Blodigt spel i western" "Mein Körper für ein Pokerspiel"]

I'll Never Die Alone (2008) - link - ?I
["Hell, The: Next Stage" "Jag ska inte dö ensam" "No moriré sola" "Za heru: Nekusuto sutêji"]

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003) - link - ?1I
["Dead Simple" "Fuera de control" "Seule la mort peut m'arrêter" "Tha koimitho otan pethano" "Űzött vad" "Odpoczniesz po smierci" "Só a Morte me Pode Parar" "Spavaću kad budem mrtav"]
M/m rape. Color movie directed by . 103 min.

Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976) - link - R3I
["Ilsa, gardienne du harem des rois du pétrole" "Ilse - haremmets slavepisker" "Ilsa, gardienne du harem" "Ilsa, la chienne du scheik" "Diastrofes se stratopedo sadiston" "I thilyki taxiarhia tis kolaseos" "Ilsa, la belva del deserto" "Elza - strazniczka haremu" "Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks" "Ilsa - Haremswächterin des Ölscheichs"]
Color movie directed by . 85 min.

Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS (1975) - link - R1I
["Ilsa, la perra de la SS" "Ilsa, a Guardiã Perversa da SS" "Die Hündin von Liebeslager 7" "Ilse - hunulven fra SS" "La loba de las SS" "Ilsa - SS:n naarassusi" "Ilsa la louve" "Le nazi était là, les 'Gretchen' aussi" "Diastrofes se stratopedo sadiston" "Ilsa, i lykaina ton SS" "Sto stratopedo tis Kolaseos" "Ilsa la belva delle SS" "Elza - wilczyca z SS" "Ilsa: Honvargen från SS"](1) M/f restrained fatal rape. (2) F/fff intimidation dildo rape. (3) FM+/f intimidation rape. (1) A female prisoner is held down and raped by at least one and as many as seven guards, including a female who may have wielded a bottle. The scene is intercut with a whipping and is more implied than shown. Graphic: 1/5. (2) During one of her tests, Ilsa uses a high voltage dildo on three female prisoners. Graphic: 1/5. (3) A female guard begins raping a woman prisoner, inviting all the men to rape the woman when she is done. Only some molestation is shown, the rest is implied. West German / American color movie directed by . 96 min.

Ima, soko ni iru boku (1999) - ?N
Child rape

The Image (1975) - link - X3I
["L'esclave du plaisir" "France L'esclave" "L'image" "The Punishment of Anne" "The Mistress and the Slave"]
Adult color movie directed by . 89 min.

Imaginary Enemies (2013) (Orange is the New Black: S1E4) - link - G3I
Color TV series episode directed by . 54 min.

Imagining Argentina (2003) - link - ?2Ix
["Imaginando Argentina" "Verschleppt" "Kuvittelen kaiken, Argentiina" "Disparitions" "Álmaimban Argentína" "Immagini" "Mroczna Argentyna" "Aconteceu na Argentina" "Kayip hayatlar"]
M/f restrained rape. A woman in prison is bound bent over a steel rack and is raped by a guard. Spanish color movie directed by . 107 min.

Immagini di un convento (1979) - link - X2I
["Amartoles kalogries" "Eikones apo ena monastiri" "Images in a Convent" "amours interdites d'une religieuse, Les"]
MM/f Impaired rape and oral rape. Two men rape a nun. In the beginning, she is unconscious. Italian color movie directed by . 82 min.

Immoral Sisters: Two Premature Fruits (2001) - link - R2I
["Ai Shimai" "Las hermanas del amor" "Las Hermanas Del Amor" "Ai Shimai: Futari no Kajitsu" "Immoral Sisters"]
Animated Japanese movie. ?min.

The Impotent King (2005) - no link - ?3I
Hong Kong color movie directed by Maan Hak Duk (Manhattan). 92 min.

Improper Conduct (1994) - link - ?2I
["Akatallili diagogi" "Assédio Sexual" "Conduta Imprópria"]
Color movie directed by . 93 min.

Impulse (2008) - link - B2Ix
["Desejo" "Hevület" "Impuls" "Impulse - Tödliche Begierde" "Impulsion" "Impulso homicida" "Impulso sexual" "Moiraia fantasiosi"]
Color movie directed by . 101 min.

In a Glass Cage (1987) - link - ?2I
["Tras el cristal" "Üvegkalitkában" "Im Glaskäfig" "Prison de cristal" "To gyalino klouvi"]
M/m child rape. Spanish color movie directed by . 110 min.

In Cold Blood (1967) - ?Q
A bound girl (Brenda Currin) is fondled as a possible prelude to rape.

In Cold Blood (1996) - link - ?1I
["A Sangue Frio" "De sang froid" "Kaltblütig" "Med koldt blod" "A sangre fría" "In Cold Blood: Jääkylmä murha" "Jääkylmä murha" "n psyhro" "Hidegvérrel" "A sangue freddo" "Hladnokrvno ubistvo"]
M/f attempted rape. Perry Smith () pulls his partner Dick Hickock () off of Nancy Mae Clutter () as he is about to rape her. A color TV movie directed by . 240 min.

The In Crowd (2000) - link - ?1I
["Falsas Intenções" "Cercle fermé" "Die eiskalte Clique" "Verano de corrupción" "Verano de seducción" "Sisäpiirissä" "The in crowd - sisäpiiri" "Kleistos kyklos" "Veszélyes körök" "Zlo visokog društva" "Inre kretsen" "Círculo vicioso"]
Attempted rape. Color movie directed by . 105 min.

In Hell (2003) - link - ?3I
["Instinto asesino" "In Hell: Rage Unleashed" "Salvaje" "Kolasi" "Maga a pokol" "Hell - Esplode la furia" "Hell - Scatena l'inferno" "Nell'inferno - In Hell" "Skazany na pieklo" "Prisão Infernal" "Captivi in Iad" "The Savage" "Hell" "Security Housing Unit" "The S.H.U."]
M/m? anal rape. Color movie directed by . 98 min.

In Self Defense (1987) - link - ?2I
["Hollow Point" "Fim da Linha" "Terror 89" "Defensa sin leyvPetollinen ase" "Dangereuse défense" "Defesa Sem Lei" "Armed Response" "En defensa propia" "Im Zentrum der Hölle"]
Color movie directed by . 94 min.

In the Dark (2004) - link - (Without a Trace) - G1I
M/f witnessed (mentee) overpowered rape. A girl who recently went blind is kidnapped along with her mentor while the two are on a camping trip for the weekend. She witnesses, through flashes of sight, her mentor being raped. Color TV episode directed by . 60 min.

In the Devil's Garden (1971) - link - ?3I
["Assault" "The Creepers" "Meurtre à haute tension" "Mord im Teufelsgrund" "Nakertajat" "O drakos tou parthenagogeiou" "Terrore al London College" "Tecavüz" "Satan's Playthings" "Tower of Terror"]

In the Heat of Passion (1992) - link - ?N
["Heat of Passion" "In the Heat of Passion - Mord aus Leidenschaft" "Izzó szenvedélyek" "Juego de seducción" "Seduzione a rischio"]
(Sally Kirkland)

In the Land of Blood and Honey (2011) - link - ?1I
["A vér és méz földje" "Au pays du sang et du miel" "Be'eretz shel dam udvash" "En tierra de sangre y miel" "Kan ve Ask" "Na Terra de Sangue e Mel" "U zemlji krvi i meda"]

In the Realm of the Senses (1976) - link - X1I
["Ai no korîda" "Empire of the Senses" "O Império dos Sentidos" "I sansernes vold" "Aistien valtakunta" "Sinnenas rike" "L'empire des sens" "I aftokratoria ton aisthiseon" "Az érzékek birodalma" "Ecco l'impero dei sensi" "L'impero dei sensi" "Ai no corrida" "Ai no corrida 2000" "Sansenes rike" "El imperio de los sentidos" "Imperium zmyslów" "O Império dos Sentidos" "Carstvo cula" "Sinnenas rike" "Tutku imparatorlugu" "El imperio de los sentidos" "Im Reich der Sinne" "Love's Bullfight"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 109 min.

In Your Dreams (1997) - ?N
Date rape. TV movie.

The Incubus (1982) - link - G1I
["La semilla del diablo" "El íncubo" "Incubus" "Lidérc" "Incubus il potere del male" "A Violação" "Demonen" "Incubus - Mörderische Träume"]
A few preludes to rape. A color movie directed by . 93 min.

Infernal Rapist, The (1988) - link - ?2I
["El violador infernal"]

Inferno of Torture (1969) - link - R2I
["Tokugawa irezumi-shi: Seme jigoku" "Hell's Tattooers" "L'enfer des tortures" "Tokugawa II - Das Freudenhaus von Nagasaki"]

Initiation d'une Jeune Marquise (1989) - link - XI

Initiation: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4 (1990) - ?N
A/f insect rape. Color movie directed by Brian Yuzna.

Injo Shuuyoujo Prison Amazones (2009) - no link - ?3I
Japanese color movie directed by ?. 71 min.

Injû gakuen (1992) - ?N
A/f? Anal rape. Tentacle rape

Injû gakuen: Shikima-kai no gyakushû (1995) - link - ?1I
["Blue Girl: Revenge of the Shikima Realm, La" "Blue Girl Live 1: Revenge of the Sex Demon King, La"]

Injû gakuen 2: Mashô no hime tanjô jissha hen (1996) - link - ?1I
["Blue Girl Live 2: Live Birth of the Demon Child, La" "Blue Girl Live Action 2, La" "Blue Girl Part II, La"]

Injû gakuen 3: Kunoichi-gari (1996) - ?1I
["Blue Girl Live 3: Lady Ninja, La" " Blue Girl Live Action 3: The Hunt for the Ninja Girls, La"]
A/f tentacle rape.

Injû kyôshi (1995) - ?N
A/f tentacle rape.

Injû kyôshi II (1995) - ?N
A/f tentacle rape.

Inmu (1999) - ?N
A/f tentacle rape.

Inn of the Frightened People (1971) - link - ?I
["After Jenny Died" "Behind the Cellar Door" "ekdikisis, I" "Miedo sangriento" "passo dell'assassino, Il" "Revenge" "Terror from Under the House" "Violence en Sous-Sol"]

An Innocent Man (1989) - link - R1I
["A Revanche Final" "Tre år i helvede" "Syytön mies" "Délit d'innocence" "Enas athoos anthropos" "Egy ártatlan ember" "Anni Huff M'Pesha" "Un uomo innocente" "Un hombre inocente" "Um Homem Inocente" "Nevin čovek" "Oskyldigt dömd" "Suçsuz bir adam" "Hard Rain" "Von Bullen aufs Kreuz gelegt"]
M/m rape and/or gang rape.

Inserts (1975) - link - ?1I
["Taet pa" "Tæt på" "Gros plan" "Erotiko gros plan" "Feliratok" "Il pornografo" "Närgångna bilder" "Nahaufnahmen"]
M/f simulated rape. The making of a rape movie. UK Color movie directed by . 117 min.

Insiang (1976) - link - ?2I
["anya, a lány és a szerető, Az" "Insiang, o Lírio de Manila" "Mädchen Insiang, Das"]
M/f rape. Insiang () is raped by her mother's lover. Philippine color movie directed by . 95 min.

Inside/Out (2002) - ?N
Date rape.

Insight of Evil (2004) - link - G2I
M/f intoxicated rape. Canadian color movie directed by . 82 min.

Interrogatio 35 Die Tierhexe (2010) - no link - X2I
A/f restrained rape. An "animal witch" is subjected to torture, including the use of a raping machine. Inquisition Live color movie.

Intikam Kadini (1979) - link - R1I
["Turkish I Spit on Your Grave"]
MMM/f overpowered rape. A criminal staying at a farm rapes the farmer's daughter. Two of his associates then take advantage of the traumatized state and rape her too. 0:04:18. Turkish color movie directed by . ? min.

Intimate Lessons (1982) - link - X2I
F/m rape. Adult color movie directed by  (as Philip Marshall). 80 min.

Intimate Stranger (1991) - link - ?2I
["After Midnight" "Intimità mortale"]
Color movie directed by . 96 min.

Intimate Strangers (1986) - ?N
M/f prelude to rape. Sally Bierston (Teri Garr) has a flashback of the beginning of her rape while a nurse in Viet Nam during the war.. TV color movie directed by Robert Ellis Miller. 120 min (including commercials), Germany: 90 min

Intruder (1997) - link - ?2I
["Hung bou gai"]
Hong Kong color movie directed by . 87 min.

Intrusion (Roughies, The: Sexual Assault - D2) - XI

Invasion for Flesh and Blood (1994) - link - R3I
["A Taste for Flesh and Blood 2: Raising Hell"]
MMM/f attempted gang rape. Color movie directed by . 88 min.

Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973) - link - ?3I
["Invasão das Mulheres Abelhas" "Invasion der Bienenmädchen" "L'invasion des femmes abeilles" "I eisvoli ton thilykon melisson" "Oi gynaikes melisses" "A méhlányok inváziója" "L'invasione delle api regine" "Inwazja zbzikowanych dziewczyn" "Bibrudarna anfaller" "Graveyard Tramps"]
Color movie directed by . 85 min.

Invasion of the Love Drones (1977) - link - X1I
["Amours extra-terrestres" "Explosiva Sexträffar" "Heavenly Pleasure Girls" "Seksi-isku"]
Adult color movie directed by  (as The Sensory Man). 71 min.

Invitation to Ruin (1968) - link - R3I
M/f restrained witnessesed rape. Elaine Conway (Bobby Ross) is seen strapped spread-eagle to a wooden platform. Her clothes are ripped off and she is raped as two men watch through a window in the door of her cell. Remade as an adult movie using inserted sex scenes and renamed The Invitation. Color movie directed by . 71 min.

The Iron Girl (1994) - link - ?2Ix
["La ragazza d'acciaio"]
Italian color movie directed by  (as Larry Ludman). 80 min.

Irreversible (2002) - link - ?1I
["Irréversible" "Irreversível" "Irreversibel" "Irreversible - syntiset" "Mi anastrepsimos" "Nepovratno" "Visszafordíthatatlan" "Alex" "Nieodwracalne" "Irreversível" "Odpozadi" "Dönüs yok"]
M/f violent anal rape. Alex () is raped anally and beaten severely in an underpass. French color movie directed by . 97 min.

Isi neraka (1960) - ?N
M/f attempted restrained rape. Saadiah is tied and almost raped before her attackers are interrupted.

The Island of Bloody Plantation (1983) - link - ?3I
["Die Insel der blutigen Plantage" "Island of the Bloody Plantation" "Prison Camp Girls, Jailed for Love" "Filippinezika pathi" "Stratopedo kataramenon" "Escape from Blood Plantation"]

Island of Terror (1970) - link - ?3I
["5 bambole per la luna d'agosto" "Five Dolls for an August Moon" "Fem lig i fryseren" "Cinco muñecas para la luna de agosto" "L'île de l'épouvante" "5 koukles gia ena dolofono" "Kolasmena kormia" "5 dockor i augustimånen" "5 Dolls for an August Moon"]
Italian color movie directed by . 78 min.

Italia a mano armata (1976) - link - ?3Ix
["Terror og knippelsuppe/Violente City - Komissær Betti slår til igen" "Flic en jean" "Opération jaguar" "Diatagi exontosis katharmaton" "Oi kokkines taxiarhies htypoun" "Inspektor v akciji" "A Special Cop in Action" "Cop Hunter"]
Italian color movie directed by  (as Franco Martinelli). ? min.

The Italian Connection (1972) - link - BI
["La mala ordina" "Ajojahti" "Black Kingpin" "De dræber som sjakaler" "Der Mafia Boß - Sie töten wie Schakale" "Der Mafiaboss - Der Eisenfresser" "Der Tod des Paten" "Hired to Kill" "Hit Men" "Hitmen" "L'empire du crime" "Maffian ger order" "Man Hunt" "Manhunt" "Manhunt in Milan" "Manhunt in the City" "Nuestro hombre en Milán" "Oi ekviastes" "Oi skliroi tis Neas Yorkis" "Passeport pour 2 tueurs" "Por Ordem da Cosa Nostra" "Tromokrates ton megaloupoleon" "Vengeance of the Godfather"]
M/f prelude to rape. While a third man watches, two men manhandle a woman on a bed. One of them eventually rips open her blouse and pinches her breast. Italian color movie directed by . 95 min.



Jack Frost (1997) - link - G2Ix
["Jack Frost - Der eiskalte Killer" "Jack Frost: Terror en la nieve" "Maniakos hionanthropos"]
A/f overpowered fatal rape. Jill Metzner ( billed as Shannon Elizabeth Fadal) is taking a bath. The water turns cold and then to snow as Jack Frost (), a murderous snowman materializes. Her arms become frozen inside of him. It is implied that she is raped with his carrot penis, placing it back on his face as a carrot nose after her rape and death. Color movie directed by . 89 min.

Jack n' Jill (1979) - link - X2I
["Conviver, Gozar... e Não Só" "Jack + Jill" "Jack 'n' Jill" "Jack and Jill" "Kiimainen par"]
Adult color movie directed by  (as Mark Ubell). 74 min.

Jacklight (1995) - link - ?1I
M/f date rape. Color movie directed by . 91 min.

Jackson County Jail (1976) - link - B1I
["Terror bag lukkede døre" "La celda de la violación" "Vainottu" "Väkivaltainen maa" "La prison du viol" "Thyma viasmou" "Eccesso di difesa" "I skydd av lagen" "The Innocent Victim" "Gefangen in Jackson County" "Vergewaltigt hinter Gittern"]
M/f overpowered, witnessed (fellow inmate), final rape . While in jail, Dinah Hunter () is raped by a policeman as Coley Blake () watches from the next cell. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 13. Timer: 0:38:04 - 0:43:29. Action: 0:03:35. A color movie directed by . 89 min

Jaded (1996) - BC
FF/f rape. During a flashback (Carla Cugino) is raped by two other women (Rya Kihlstedt) and (Anna Levine aka Anna Thomson) Color movie directed by Caryn Krooth. 95 min

Jail Bait (1977) - link - X1I
["Weekend Orgy" "Jail Babe" "Older Than Jailbait" "Sweet Spot"]
M/f statutory rape. Adult color movie directed by . 82 min.

Jailbird Rock (1988) - ?N
F/f attempted restrained rape. A female convict (Rhonda Aldrich) cuffs and attempts to rape another woman (Valerie Gene Richards) in the shower, but is interrupted.

Jailhouse Girls - link - X1Ixx
["Perversidad en la cárcel"]
M/f restrained oral rape and restrained rape. While chained to the wall of a law enforcement transport van, Joanne MacIntyre () is forced to perform oral sex. She is then forced to stand and turn around while still cuffed to the wall. In a slightly bent over position, she is raped from behind. Adult color movie directed by . 84 min.

Jaloux (2010) - link - B2Ixx
(1) M/f aftermath of impair rape. (2) M/f impaired rape. (1) Marianne () wakes up the morning after she was raped by Jean Messier () while passed out. She finds her panties hanging from a rafter above the bed and suspects something may have happened that she is unaware of. Although her breasts are shown during this scene, the shot is out of focus. (2) Flashbacks of Marianne's impaired rape are shown as Jean tells what happened prior to the previous scene. Canadian color movie directed by . 95 min.

The Jammed (2007) - link - R3I
Australian color movie directed by . 89 min.

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005) - link - G1I
["Crimes no Paraíso" "Jesse Stone: Eiskalt" "Stone Cold - Eiskalt" "Külm kui kivi" "Crímenes en paraíso" "Jesse Stone: Videokameramurhaajat" "Psyhros ektelestis" "Gyilkos húzások" "Stone Cold - Caccia al serial killer" "Robert B. Parker's Stone Cold" "Stone Cold"]
Color TV movie directed by . 87 min.

Jessicka Rabid (2010) - link - ?2I
Color movie directed by . 82 min.

Jessi's Girls (1975) - link - ?1I
M/f witnessed (husband) gang rape. While her husband is tied up and forced to watch Jessica () is gang raped. Color movie directed by . 80 min.

Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist (2004) - link - ?2I
["Into Thy Hands" (censored version)]
A collection of still images meant to represent the aftermath of torture, rape and murder. Color movie directed by .

Jian Mo (1992) - link - ?3I
["Devil of Rape" "Devil of Love"]
Hong Kong color movie directed by and . 92 min.

Jigoku no tenshi: Akai bakuon (1977) - link - ?2I
["Hell's Angels: Crimson Roar"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 77 min.

Johnny Firecloud (1975) - link - B1Ix
["Nube de fuego" "Raivoisa kosto" "Aftos pou prepei na pethani" "Revenge of Johnny Firecloud" "Feuerwolke"]
M/f restrained rape and implied gang rape by 4 others. Acting 4/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 9. Five men hold Nenya (), a school teacher, down on top of her desk and rape her. Color movie directed by  (as William A. Castleman). 94 min.

Jokei: Gokinsei hyakunen (1977) - link - ?2I
["Torture Chronicles Continues: 100 Years"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 62 min.

Jokôsei: tenshi no harawata (1978) - ?N

Jolies petites garces (1980) - link - ?3I
["Nice Bad Girls"]
Canadian color movie in French directed by . 53 min.

Joshikôsei konkuriito-dume satsujin-jiken (1995) - ?N
Gang rape

Joshuu 701-gô: Sasori (1972) - link - B2D
["A 701-es női rab: Skorpió" "Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion" "La Femme scorpion" "Sasori - Scorpion"]
MMM/f interrupted gang rape. Nami Matsushima aka Matsu the Scorpion () is taken into the back room of a nightclub by a Yakuza gang. Her clothes are ripped off, she is slapped and raped until the boyfriend that, for his own financial gain, had set her up arrives. Acting 4/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 3/5. Scene 6. Timer: 0:14:44 - 0:18:22. Action: 0:01:18. Much of the scene is shot through a glass floor. Japanese color movie directed by Shunya Ito. 87 min / France:83 min

Joshuu sasori: Dai-41 zakkyo-bô (1972) - ?N
["Female Convict Scorpion Jailhouse 41" "Scorpion: Female Prisoner Cage #41"]
The prison warden orders four guards to rape Matsu (Meiko Kaji) while she is bound to a tree limb. Japanese color movie directed by Shunya Ito.

Journal intime d'une jeune fille en chaleur (1981) - link - X3I
["Adorable Lola" "Lola" "Lolita Call Girl"]
French adult movie directed by . 82 min.

Journey Among Women (1977) - link - ?3I
["Viaje alrededor de la mujer" "Gynaikes sti zougla" "Wild Queens"]
Australian color movie directed by . 93 min.

The Journey of O (1976) - link - X1I
["Hardiesses" "Journée d'O" "Seksihimo" "Delírios Sexuais" "Den erotiska resan med O" "Emanuelle im Lustschloss der Sinnlichkeit"]
Adult color movie dirrected by . 75 min.

Jóvenes perversos (1991) - link - ?2I
Mexican color movie directed by . 90 min.

Joy Division (2006) - link - ?2I
["Dvoji nepritel" "Dvojity nepriatel" "Escuadron letal" "Der Feind im Inneren" "O kokkinos kataskopos" "Regras da Guerra" "Regras de Guerra" "Resistance" "Sobriviventes de guerra" "Szpieg" "Vörös vihar"]
UK Color movie directed by . 105 min.

Julia (1974) - link - R2I
[Julia: Innocence Once Removed" "Es war nicht die Nachtigall" "Julia et les hommes" "I Julia kai oi andres tis" "L'usignolo e l'allodola" "Júlia e os Homens" "Julia och männen" "Julia" "Cynthia" "Die Nichte der O." "Es war nicht die Nachtigall" "Sylvia Kristel - Die Nichte der O"]
Attempted rape. German color movie directed by . 83 min.

Julie Darling (1982) - GD
["Bad Blood" "Daughter of Death"]
M/f fatal attempted rape. M/f attempted child rape. Susan? (Sybil Danning) Julie (Isabelle Mejias)

Julietta (2001) - ?N
Impaired rape

Jung gik keung gaan sau sing yau waak (2001) - ?N
["Zhong ji qiang jian shou xing you huo" "Crime Of A Beast"]
(1) M/f impaired rape. (2) M/f impaired, restrained rape. (3) M/f restrained rape. (4) M/f impaired, restrained rape. (5) M/f restrained rape. (6) M/f restrained witnessed rape (best friend - on phone) (1) Dr. Mazy Hui (Natalie Ng) is cloroformed and raped by Fun (?). (2) A woman is cloroformed, restrained on a table with tape, and raped while unconscious by Fun. (3) Chan Pui Shan (unknown) is dragged off the street, tied and raped by Fun. (4) Porn actress Joe (unknown) is lured into a trap by Fun and has her head banged against a wall. Semi-conscious she is bound to a staircase railing with plastic cable ties, has her clothes cut off, and is raped while being choked with a belt. (5) Sui Mei (Grace Lam) is abducted, bound and raped by Fun. (6) Fun calls Dr. Mazy Hui on the phone and makes her listen to her best friend, Sui Mei, begs for help while he rapes her again. Hong Kong color movie directed by David Lau.

Jungle Holocaust (1978) - ?1I
A native girl is raped.

Jungle Warriors (1984) - link - ?I
["Czar of Brazil, The" "Euer Weg führt durch die Hölle" "guerra de la coca, La" "guerreros de la jungla, Los" "guerriers de la jungle, Les" "Jungle Fever" "Jungle Warriors - Euer Weg führt durch die Hölle" "Viidakkosoturit"]

Junkyard Dog (2010) - link - G2Ixxx
["Rape Collector"]
(1) M/f prelude to indimidation rape. (2) M/f aftermath of intimidation rape and montage of several subsequent rapes. (3) M/f intimidation rape. (1) JYD () is a serial rapist/murderer/cannibal. He kidnaps women, holding them prisoner for a month while he repeatedly rapes them. He then kills them and has them for dinner with his next victim. Audra () is his November (tenth) victim. He begins to remove her blouse as a prelude to the first time he rapes her. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 1/5. (2) JYD attempts to have small talk with Audra after the rape. She angers him. What follows is a montage of the times she is raped over the next couple weeks. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 4/5. (3) A short scene, mid-rape. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 4/5. Color movie directed by Kim Bass. 96 min.

Jûsan-nin renzoku bôkôma (1978) - link - B2I
["Serial Rapist" "13-nin renzoku bôkôma" "Jusannin rensho bokyaku ma" "Le démon de la violence"]
Japanese color movie directed by Kôji Wakamatsu. 60 min.

Just for the Hell of It (1968) - link - ?2I
["Destruction, Inc."]
Color movie directed by . 81 min.

Justice (1999) - link - G1I
["A bosszú törvénye" "Backlash" "Dikaiosyni" "Justice - Eine Frage der Gerechtigkeit" "Oikeuden nimissä" "Operación justicia"]
M/f restrained fatal witnessed rape (Husband). Posing as a flower delivery person, a man and his accomplice force their way into a home, findng Alicia Gutierrez ( billed as Marie Aparis) and her son alone. As the son obeys his mother's orders and hides, she has her blouse ripped off and is forcibly gagged with it. Her hands are bound behind her back with a short length of rope and she is left lying on the floor near the front door. When her husband, Carlos Gutierrez (Ramón Franco), arrives home, he is also forcibly gagged with a piece of her blouse and is forced to watch as she is raped. Immediately afterwards, she, and then he, are shot and killed. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 6. Timer: 0:15:43 - 0:20:30. Action: 0:00:45. There is a 01:58 intercut in the scene, but not the action. TV color movie directed by . 103 min.

Justine - ?I
M/f attempted rape. M/f necrophilic rape. M/f rape. M/f necrophilic rape. A priest attempts to rape Justine. A baron's wife is murdered and her corpse is raped. The baron rapes Justine. Bandits kill the baron and Justin and rape her corpse.

Justine de Sade (1971) - link - R1I
["Justine" "ustine De Sade, Adaptation fidèle en roman-film de Claude Pierson" "Justyna" "The Violation of Justine" "Justine - Lustschreie hinter Klostermauern"]
(Alice Arno) French color movie directed by . 100 min.



Kairaku gakuen: kinjirareta asobi (1980) - link - ?3I
Japanese color movie directed by . 67 min.

Kairaku Onsenkyô: Nyotaiburo (1981) - link - ?3I
Japanese color movie directed by . 69 min.

Kalifornia: (1993) - link - ?2I
["Kalifornia - A halál nem utazik egyedül" "Kalifornia - Uma Viagem ao Inferno" "Kalifornia: Passasjeren i baksetet"]
M/f prelude to and aftermath of restrained rape. Carrie Laughlin (Michelle Forbes) is abducted by serial killer Early Grayce (Brad Pitt). Her boyfriend, Brian Kessler (David Duchovny), finds her handcuffed and in semi-shock. It is implied that she was raped. Color movie directed by Dominic Sena. 117 min , 118 min (unrated version).

Kalp Kalbe Karsidir (1978) - link - R2I
M/f rape. Figen Han, Alev Sezer, Tarık Şimşek, Tevhit Bilge. Turkish color movie directed by Çetin İnanç. 67 min.

Kankin kôjô: Hangyaku no Amazones-tachi (2007) - link - ?1I
["Captive Factory Girls 2: The Revolt"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 74 min.

Karate Girl (1974) - link - ?2I
["Kareteci kiz" "Golden Girl - Karate Girl" "Golden Karate Girl" "Sous l'empire de la haine"]

Karla (2006) - link - ?1I
["Karla - Paixão Assassina" "Deadly" "Perverse Karla" "Lethal Marriage"]
Color movie directed by . 99 min.

Kartal yuvasi (1974) - link - B2I
(1) MMf overpowered rape. (2) M/f fatal attempted rape. Turkish color movie directed by . 90 min.

Katharina und ihre wilden Hengste, Teil 1 - Katharina, die nackte Zarin (1983) - link - X2I
["Aikaterini i megali, i ekfyli Tsarina" "Caryca Katarzyna i jej dzikie ogiery, Czesc 1" "Catherine la Tsarine Nue" "Katharina - Die nackte Zarin"]
German adult movie directed by  (as Scott Hunt). 97 min.

Katharina und ihre wilden Hengste, Teil 2 - Katharina, die Sadozarin (1983) - link - X2I
["Caryca Katarzyna i jej dzikie ogiery, Czesc 2"]
German adult movie directed by  (as Scott Hunt). 82 min.

Keetje Tippel (1975) - link - RIx
["A Girl Called Katy Tippel" "Cathy Tippel" "Das Mädchen Keetje Tippel" "Forró verejték" "Hot Sweat" "Katie Tippel" "Katie's Passion" "Kitty Tippel... quelle notti passate sulla strada" "Moiraios erotas" "Namietnosc Kate" "O Amante de Kathy Tippel" "Sudor caliente" "Una novia llamada"]
M/f overpowered rape. A nude man attacks Katie. She bites his ear and attempts to crawl away. He climbs over her back and rapes her from behind. Dutch color movie directed by Paul Verhoeven. 100 min.

Ketika Hati Wanita Menjerit - ?N
["When Women's Heart Screams"]
A woman (Anna Tairas) was bound, gagged and raped by a serial rapist,
but the judge dismisses the case in court. Later he attacks her sister
(Nia Daniati) with the same method (bound, gagged and raped).

Keung gaan 2 chai fook yau waak (1998) - link - ?I
["Jiang jian 2 zhi fu you huo" "Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform Fan"]

Keung gaan ngon chung ngon (1993) - link - R2I
["The Complicated Raping Case"]

The Keys of Marinus (1964) (Dr. Who) - GS
M/f attempted rape. Barbara Wright (Jacqueline Hill) is chased around a cabin and thrown onto a bed by Vasor (Francis de Wolff) before being rescued by her companions. Black and white TV series episode directed by John Gorrie.

Kick or Die (1987) - link - B2Ix
["No Hard Feelings" "O Mistério das 6 Violações" "The Expert"]
Color movie directed by  (as Charles H Norton). 87 min.

Kidnapped (1989) - no link - X1I

Kidnapped (1987) - link - ?3I
["Kadonnut sisar" "Raptada" "Kidnappad"]
Color movie directed by . 100 min.

Kidnapped (2010) - link - GIx
["Secuestrados" "Solos en la oscuridad" "Dehset Evi" "Horas de Medo" "Kidnappés"]
M/f interrupted rape. During a home invasion, one of the intruders catches his partner raping Isa (Manuela Vellés), the daughter of the homeowner. Spanish color movie directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas.

Kids (1995) - link - G1Ix
["Kids - tämän päivän lapsia" "Klinci" "Kölykök" "Kizzu" "Kids, vidas perdidas" "Dzieciaki" "Miúdos" "Delikventi" "Mularija"]
M/f impaired rape. While unconscious, Jeannie (Chloë Sevigny as Chloe Sevigny) is raped by Casper (Justin Pierce). Scene 23. Graphic: 5/5. A color movie directed by . 91 min.

Kika (1993) - ?Sx
Kika (Verónica Forqué billed as Veronica Forque) is raped by an escaped convict in this comedy. Spanish / French color movie directed by Pedro Almodóvar. 114 min

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) - link - ?1I
["Tuer Bill: Volume 1" "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" ""Kill Bill 1" "Kill Bill - Volume 1" "Kiru Biru" "Nuzudyti Bila 1" "Nogalinat Bilu: 1.dala" "Kill Bill: La venganza, volúmen 1" "Kill Bill - A Vingança" "Kill Bill: Volumul 1" "Ubiti Bila, prvi deo" "Kill Bill - Vol. 1" "Kill Bill Volume 1" "Kill Bill" "Kill Bill Part 1" "Kill Bill: Volume 1" "Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill: Volume One" "Kill Bill: la venganza - Volumen 1" "Kill Bill Vol. 1: La venganza"]
Impaired rape Color movie directed by . 111 min.

The Kill (1968) - link - ?Ix
["Blood Hunger" "Reservoir Cats"]

Kill The Scream Queen (2004) - link - ?1I
(1) M/f restrained rape. (2) M/f restrained rape. (3) M/f restrained rape. (1) (Heather Taylor) is bound spread-eagle to a cross and her mouth is covered with duct tape. The cross is tilted and she is raped by (Bill Zebub). (2) (Kerri Taylor) is on a table with her hands bound behind her back and duct tape on her mouth. (Bill Zebub) rapes her. (3) (Debbie D) is bound to a cross, blindfolded and ball gagged. She is tortured with electricity and raped by (Bill Zebub). 74 min.

Killer Joe (2011) - link - ?1I
["Killer Joe - Matador de Aluguel" "Ubojiti Joe" "Gyilkos Joe" "Zabójczy Joe" "Kiler Džo" "Katil Joe" "Killer Joe: A Twisted Redneck Trailer Park Murder Story"]
Color movie directed by . 102 min.

A Killer Within (2004) - link - ?1I
["Der Mörder in dir" "El asesino interior" "Fonos protou vathmou" "Nicsak, ki gyilkol most?"]
Color movie directed by . 110 min.

Killer's Delight (1978) - link - ?N
Color movie directed by Jeremy Hoemack. 85 min

Killer's Moon (1978) - link - ?2I
["Floresta do Medo, A" "Killers Moon"]

The Killing Kind (1973) - link - B1Ix
["angeliko prosopo enos eglimatia, To" "Asesino de categoria" "Charakter zabójcy" "Kauhun tunne" "Lustmördaren" "Mordlust" "Origine di una perversione" "Raça Maldita" "Von mörderischer Art"]
M+/f restrained gang rape. Tina Moore (Sue Bernard) is chased under a pier on Venice Beach by a group of boys, held down and raped. They try to force Terry Lambert (John Savage) to join in, but he can't. Color movie directed by Curtis Harrington. 88 min.

Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects (1989) - link - ?1I
["Kinjite - Desejos Proibidos" "Kinjite - adgang forbudt" "Kinjite: prohibido en occidente" "Kielletty kohde" "Kinjite, sujets tabous" "Apagorevmenoi karpoi" "Tiltott dolog: Kinjite" "Soggetti proibiti" "Justiça à Margem da Lei" "Kanunsuz sehir" "Kinjite - Tödliches Tabu" "Kinjite"]
Humiliation (Public Molestation). Japanese color movie directed by . 97 min.

A Kiss and a Promise (2010) - link - ?2Ix
["Sex Killer - Lust. Mord. Wahnsinn"]

The Kiss of Death (1973) - link - ?I
["Du nu" "Kiss of Death" "Poison Girl" "Vietnam Rose"]

Klansman (1974) - link - ?2Ix
["The Klansman" "Atoka" "Czlowiek klanu" "Det flammende kors" "Devler Çarpisiyor" "Djävulsmännen" "El hombre del clan" "Flegomenoi stavroi" "Gennithikan katharmata" "Justicieros del mal" "KKK" "L'homme du clan" "L'uomo del clan" "Lángoló kereszt" "O Homem da Klã" "O Homem do Klan" "Os homens Violentos do Klã" "The Burning Cross" "Tierra ensangrentada" "Verflaucht sind sie alle" "Verflucht sind sie alle" "Verinen joukko"]

Konkurîto (2004) - link - ?1I
["Concrete" "Schoolgirl in Cement"]
Gang rape

Korkunc tecavuz (1972) - ?I
["Horrible Torture, The" "Horrible Murders, The"]
Emel Ozden, Yalcin Gulham, Ayfer Feray, Bulent Kayabas. Turkisk color movie. 58 min.



L. A. Confidential (1997) - ?1I
Rape aftermath. A woman (Marisol Sanchez) has been raped and held prisoner
for several days. She is tied spread-eagle on a bed, and gagged. Color movie.

La bestia nello spazio (1980) - link - X2I
["Beast in Space" "Bestia! Venus ja peto" "Die Bestie aus dem Weltraum"]
A/f overpowered rape. A satyr chases down a woman and rapes her with his obviously prosthetic penis. Italian color movie with English subtitles directed by Alfonso Brescia. 86 min.

La búsqueda (1985) - link - ?I
["Coartada" "Etsi, löydä, tuhoa" "Furia de mujer" "grieta, La" "Offer for Vold" "rodillas, De" "Search, The" "Suche, Die" "tödliche Inserat, Das"]

La ciudad al desnudo (1989) - link - ?2Ix
["ciudad para vivir, La" "Pandilleros en la ciudad al desnudo"]

La desnuda chica del relax (1981) - link - ?I

La gabbia (1985) - link - ?2I
["A Armadilha dos Desejos" "Collector's Item" "Dead Fright" "L'enchainé" "Erotiki pagida" "La jaula" "Der Käfig"
"The Trap" "A Última Visita"]
Italian color movie directed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi. 101 min.

La lunga spiaggia freddae (1971) - link - ?2I
["Death Company" "Kauhujen ranta" "Rocker sterben nicht so leicht" "The Lonely Violent Beach"]

La maison des filles perdues (1974) - link - ?1I
["La casa delle bambole crudeli" "The House of the Lost Dolls" "Das Schiff der gefangenen Frauen" "To spiti ton hamenon koritsion"]
French color movie written by and . Directed by  (as Peter Knight). 75 min.

La noche de los brujos (1974) - link - ?3I
["Night of the Sorcerers" "The Night of the Sorcerers" "Woodoo - Inferno des Grauens" "Woodoo - Orgie des Grauens"]
Italian color movie directed by . 80 min.

La nymphomane des sleepings (1979) - X2R

La ocasión (1978) - link - ?2I
Spanish color movie directed by . 85 min.

La ragazza del vagone letto (1980) - ?I
Gang rape

La ragazza di Trieste (1982) - link - ?Ix
["fille de Trieste, La" "Garota de Trieste, A" "Girl from Trieste, The" "koritsi apo tin Tergesti, To" "Mädchen von Triest, Das" "Rapariga de Trieste, A"]

La raíz del mal (2008) - link - ?I

La Settima Donna (1978) - link - ?I
["Junge Mädchen zur Liebe gezwungen" "Last House on the Beach, The" "séptima mujer, La" "Seventh Woman, The" "Sta nyhia tou tromou" "Terror" "Tromos sti villa ton parthenon" "Verflucht zum Töten"]

La Squale (2000) - link - ?N
["I anypotakti" "The Squale"]
Gang rape. French color movie directed by . 100 min.

La Svastica nel ventre, La (1977) - XI
["Living Nightmare" "Nazi Love Camp 27"]
Graphic rape scenes.

La Tigresa (1969) - link - ?1I
Color movie in Spanish directed by . 81 min.

La via della prostituzione (1978) - link - ?2I
["Black Emanuelle in Afrika" "Emanuelle afslører den hvide slavehandel" "Emanuelle and the Girls of Madame Claude" "Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade" "Emanuelle en de blanke slavinnen" "Emanuelle et les filles de Madame Claude" "Emanuelle ja valkoinen orjakauppa" "Emanuelle y el imperio de las pasiones" "Emmanuelle et les filles de Madame Claude" "I Emanouella sto dromo tis porneias" "Sklavenmarkt der weissen Mädchen"]

Ladies Club, The - link - ?2I
["10 kvinder ser rødt" "Bronx: distrito peligroso" "Kvinnoklubben" "Sisterhood, The" "Violated" "Violated, The" "Yön uhrit"]
Numerous implied or off-camera rapes. A Catholic schoolgirl is dragged into the bushes and raped.

Lady Dragon 2 (1993) - link - ?3I
["Ángel de furia" "Angel of Fury" "Anjo de Aço"]

Lady Stay Dead (1981) - link - ?2I
["Die Nacht der Apocalypse" "Le tueur de Malibu" "Murhapeli" "O Violador" "Thanasimi pagida"]

Lady Terminator (1989) - link - ?2I
["maledizione di Erika, La" "Nasty Hunter" "Pembalasan ratu pantai selatan" "Revenge of the South Seas Queen, The" "Shooting Star" "Snake Terminator: The Snake Wench Dies Twice" "Suneiku taamiineita: Hebi on'na wa ni-dou shinu" "Terminator Woman"]

Lady Vengeance (2005) - link - ?2I
["bosszú asszonya, A" "Chinjeolhan geumjassi" "I ekdikisi mias kyrias" "Kind-Hearted Ms. Geum-Ja" "Lady Vingança" "Lady vendetta" "My Lady Vengeance" "Pani zemsta" "Qin-joe-han gump-ja-she" "Señora venganza" "Shed Tears for Lady Vengeance" "Simpatía por la mujer venganza" "Simpatija za gdu Osvetu" "Simpatija za gdu. Osvetnicu" "Sincere geum-ja" "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" "Vingança Planeada"]

L'agression (1975) - link - ?I
["Act of Aggression" "agresión, La" "Agresja" "Agresszió" "Agressão, A" "Appuntamento con l'assassino" "Entfesselten, Die" "Epithesi en psyhro" "Farlig ungdom" "Karanlikta tecavüz" "Raivo"]

The Lair of the White Worm - ?1I
Nuns are raped by Roman soldiers.

L'alcova (1985) - link - R1I
["alcôve, L" "Alcove, The" "Alkowa" "Antikleidi, To" "Kuumat yöt" "Lust" "retape, La" "Sklavin für einen Sommer" "Zerbal"]
(1)M/f overpowered molestation (2)M/f restrained, witnessed rape. (Boss/cameraman, lover, rival and movie camera) (1) While peeping at his wife having sex with another woman (Laura Gemser) a man forces his secretary to rub him through the front of his pants. (2) Under the pretense of making a lesbian porno film, the secretary is tied down. The script calls for the wife, dressed as a nun, to force her to perform cunnilingus. After a few moments, however, the gardener is brought in and he rapes her. Italian color movie directed by . 86 min.

Lake Dead (2007) - link - G1I

Landlord, The (197?) - ?1I
M/f coerced rape. Sex to pay the rent. SWV.

Larger Than Life (2001) - link - ?2I
["Tuhog" "Pinilakan" "Skewered"]
Filipino color movie directed by Jeffrey Jeturian. 105 min.

Las adolescentes (1975) - link - ?N
["Protares, Oi" "Pubertà" "Adolescents, The"]
Ana (Koo Stark) is raped. French color movie directed by Valérie Minetto.

Las Edades de Lulú (1990) - ?2N
Anal rape.

L'assassino è costretto ad uccidere ancora (1975) - link - ?I
["Matador Implacável" "Ragno, Il" "Dark Is Death's Friend, The" "Killer Must Kill Again, The" "Killer Must Strike Again, The"]
M/f intimidation rape. An assassin (Antoine Saint-John billed as Michel Antoine) rapes the girlfriend of the man who stole his car. Italian color movie directed by Luigi Cozzi. 86 min

Last Dance at the Wrecker's Ball (1987) - link - (St. Elsewhere - S05E23) - G3I
M/f attempted, witnessed (husband), restrained, final rape. A paroled convict wants revenge on Dr. Jack Morrison ), so he takes his entire family hostage. His wife, Joanne (), is tied spread-eagle on the bed, and gagged. The con intends to rape her in front of her husband. He starts to do so, but is shot by their son. Color TV series episode directed by Eric Laneuville. 60 min.

Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989) - BI
(1) M/f coerced oral rape. (2) M+/f impaired rape. (1) As part of a scheme to rob sailors, Tralala (Jennifer Jason Leigh) offers them a blowjob for money so that her accomplices can sneak up behind the man and knock him out. During one of these instances, her accomplices intentionally do not complete their part of the scheme so that she is forced to actually give the sailor his blowjob. (2) In order to regain some of her previous popularity, a very drunk Tralala shows off the best tits in the western world . As she is passed from one male patron to another, one of the men asks, "Are you all tits and no cunt?" compelling her to offer herself to every man there. A color movie directed by Uli Edel.

Last Frontier, The (1986) - link - ?3I
["Viimeinen rintama" "L'ultime frontière" "Le soleil en plein coeur" "La última frontera" "Milosc na Antypodach" "Ostatnia granica" "Trespasses" "Verbranntes Land"]

Last Hard Men, The (1976) - ?1I
MM/f rape. Susan Burgade (Barbara Hershey) is kidnapped by Zach Provo (James Coburn) and his gang, and later raped by two of them, Will Gant (John Quade) and Portugee Shiraz (Morgan Paull). Color movie directed by Andrew V. McLaglen.

Last House on Dead End Street, The (1977) - ?N
["At the Hour of Our Death" "The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell" "The Fun House"]
Color movie Roger Michael Watkins. 78 min / USA :76 min (cut version).

Last House on the Left (1972) - link - B1I
["Pánico a medianoche" "Ultraje al amanecer" "Krug and Company" "Wes Craven's The Last House on the Left" "Aniversário Macabro" "Violencia en la última casa a la izquierda" "Rædselsnatten" "La última casa a la izquierda" "La dernière maison sur la gauche" "Viasmos sto teleftaio spiti aristera" "Az utolsó ház balra" "L'ultima casa a sinistra" "La última casa a la izquierda" "Ostatni dom po lewej stronie" "Poslednja kuća sa leve strane" "Kanli tecavüz" "Grim Company" "Krug & Company" "Last House on the Left" "Night of Vengeance" "Sex Crime of the Century" "Das letzte Haus links" "Mondo brutale"]
(1) MMF/f intimidation molestation followed by off-camera, witnessed rape (girlfriend). (2) MMMF/ff humiliation followed by off-camera, witnessed, lesbian rape (girlfriend). (3) M/f overpowered rape, fatal. (1) Phyllis Stone (Lucy Grantham) is molested by Sadie (Jeramie Rain) and Fred 'Weasel' Podowski (Fred Lincoln), and then is raped off-camera by Krug Stillo (David Hess) while Mari Collingwood (Sandra Cassel) watches. Acting 3/5, Intensity 2/5. Scene 3. Timer: 0:17:35 - 0:19:13. Action: 0:1:03. (2) Phyllis is forced by Krug to wet her pants, and then told to take them off. She and Mari are then told to "make it with each other". Phyllis' top is taken off and Mari stripped. Once they lie down, only a very short reaction shot of Mari is shown before Sadie replaces Phyllis. There is an intercut for 01:18, followed by off-camera sounds while Phyllis watches. Acting 4/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 1/5. Scene 5. Timer: 0:27:32 - 0:31:43. (3) Krug carves his name into Mari's chest, rapes and shoots her dead. Acting 4/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 3/5. Scene 8. Timer: 0:46:07 - 0:50:54. Action: 0:0:58. Color movie directed by Wes Craven film.

Last House on the Left (2009) - link - ?1I

Last Reunion (1980) - link - ?2I
["última reunión, La" "Ninja Nightmare" "Revenge of the Bushido Blade" "Samuraiens blodige hevn Norway" "Samurain kosto" "Viimeinen tapaaminen"]

Last Stand (2000) - B1Ix
["City of Fear" "Última resistencia"]
M/f intimidation rape. General Ivan Kragov (Orestes Matacena) rapes a woman from behind. Color movie directed by Lloyd A. Simandl. 94 min

Last Stop on the Night Train (1975) - link - ?1I
["Bête tue de sang-froid, La" "Dernier train de la nuit, Le" "Don't Ride on Late Night Trains" "Late Night Trains" "L'ultimo treno della notte" "Night Train - Der letzte Zug in der Nacht" "Night Train Murders" "Nighttrain Murders" "Torture Train" "Train de l'enfer, Le" "Train de la mort, Le" " Train de nuit pour un tueur" "Violenza sull'ultimo treno della notte" "Xmas Massacre"]
Italian color movie (dubbed in English) directed by Aldo Lado. 94 min

Last Summer (1969) - B1I
Peter (Richard Thomas), Dan (Bruce Davison) and Sandy (Barbara Hershey) rape Rhoda (Cathy Burns) at the beach.

Last Tango in Paris (1972) - link - ?1I

Law Abiding Citizen (2009) - link - G2Ix
["Días de ira" "Adalet pesinde" "Código de Conduta" "Ctihodný obcan" "El vengador" "En laglydig medborgare" "Gesetz der Rache" "Giustizia privata" "Gradjanin opasnih namjera" "Lainkuuliainen kansalainen" "Nådeløs hævn" "Nomotagis politis" "Prawo zemsty" "Que justice soit faite" "Törvénytisztelő polgár" "Um Cidadão Exemplar" "Un ciudadano ejemplar" "Un honnête citoyen"]
M/f restrained, witnessed (husband) fatal rape. During a home invasion, Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler), who is bound and has been stabbed, watches as his wife (Brooke Stacy Mills, billed as Brooke Mills) is bound, stabbed and raped. Color movie directed by F. Gary Gray. 109 min.

Le foto proibite di una signora per bene (1970) - link - ?2I
["Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion" "Apo pagida se pagida" "As Fotos Proibidas Duma Senhora Bem" "Días de angustia" "Forbudte fotos" "Fotos Proibidas" "Frauen bis zum Wahnsinn gequält" "I enohi nyhta ton ekviaston" "Kohtalokkaat kuvat" "Photo interdite d'une bourgeoise"]
M/f coerced rape.

Le Malizie di Venere, Le (1969) - link - ?D
["Devil in the Flesh" "El placer de Venus" "Fire in the Flesh" "Kiihottava kosketus" "Venere nuda" "V é nu s en fourrure" "Venus in Furs" "Venus im Pelz"]
M/f restrained rape. A maid (Renate Kasche) is raped while bound. Directed by Massimo Dallamano.

Leaving Las Vegas - ?1I
M/f violent anal rape. Sera (Elizabeth Shue) is beaten, anally raped, and videotaped by football players. The scene is mostly shown in flashbacks during an intercut shower scene.

Leaving Normal - ?N
M/f attempted rape. A man tries to a rape a former stripper (Christine Lahti) who is putting on a private show at his home.

Lèche-moi partout (1978) - link - XI
["Carol Connors Presents... Services Rendered" "Gymno symplegma" "Lambe-me Toda" "servante perverse, La"]
F/m rape.

Leng xue ren lang (1994) - link - ?2I
["Bloody Beast" "Laang huet yan long"]

Les grandes jouisseuses (1978) - link - X3I
["The Grande Sensualists" "Fièvres nocturnes" "Nuits brûlantes" "French Erotic Fantasies" "Oi filidones" "Pornodelirio" "As Grandes Gozadoras" "Passionate Pleasures"]

Lesser Evil (2006) - link - ?2I
["échelle du mal, L'" "echelle du mal, L'" "En toute impunité" "moindre mal, Le"]

Lesviakos Avgoustos (1974) - link - B2I
["Katakravgi" "Lesviakos erota" "Oi lykaines"]
M/f marital rape turned consensual.

Lethal Justice (1995) - link - ?2I
["Cassian's Kids" "Justiça Total"]

Lethal Victims - ?1I

Liars' Club, The (1993) - link - ?2Ix
["Cinkosok közt vétkes" "El círculo de la mentira" "El club de los mentirosos" "I leshi me tous pseftes" "O Círculo da Mentira" "Vennskapets makt" "Vergewaltigt - Jung und schuldig"]
M/f date rape.

Liebe deine Nächste! (1998) - ?N
Impaired rape

Liebes Lager (1976) - link - R1I
["To stratopedo tis akolasias"]

Life is Hot in Cracktown (2009) - link - R1I
MM/f overpowered rape.

Lifeline (1996) - ?N
M/f restrained witnessed rape (Fellow captive). Two women sitting on cots have their hands cuffed behind their backs and are chained to a wall. One of them is raped as the other watches. A TV color movie.

Like Water for Chocolate - ?1I

Lila Says (2004) - link - ?2I
["Det Lila sa" "Entre as Pernas de Lila" "Játék a tűzzel" "Lila Diz" "Lila dit ça" "Lila dice" "Ola gia ti Lila"]
Gang rape.

Lilian's Story (1996) - link - ?1I
M/f incest rape (father).

Lilja 4-ever (2002) - ?1I
["Lilja 4ever" "Lilya 4-ever"]
(1) M/f overpowered witnessed rape (young male friend). (2) M/f off-camera overpowered rape leading to forced prostitution. (1) Lilja (Oksana Akinshina), a young Russian girl, is raped during a home invasion by men claiming to be police as Volodya (Artyom Bogucharsky) her young friend is retrained. Acting 5/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 1/5. Scene 13. Timer: 0:59:43 - 1:00:41. Action: 0:1:00. (2) While taking a bath, Lilya is raped behind a closed door by Witek (Tomasz Neuman billed as Tomas Neumann) who is to become her pimp. Acting 5/5, Intensity 3/5. Scene 17. Timer: 1:18:26 - 1:19:43. Action: 0:0:15. Forced prostitution scene. Timer: 1:22:24 - 1:25:33. A Swedish color movie directed by Lukas Moodysson.

Lipstick - link - ?D
["Ahortaga heili" "Ajakrúzs" "Baton Vermelho" "Dziewczyna z reklamy" "Eine Frau sieht rot" "En pige ser rødt" "Hirveä kosto" "Ilik dudaklar" "Kosto" "Lápiz de labios" "Pelon kosto" "Raiskattu" "Stupro" "Viol et châtiment" "Violenta posesión"]
Kathy McCormick (Margeaux Hemingway) is battered, tied up, raped and sodomized. Both Mariel and Margeaux Hemingway played rape victims in this film. Older sister Margeaux played the woman first raped by her younger sister's (played appropriately by her younger sister, Mariel who was about 10 or 12 at the time) schoolteacher. A demeaning court case is heard, in which the defense attempts to imply that the rape had been desired (Margeaux played a model--again a bit of real life here) and was questioned on whether or not she ever had sexual fantasies while being photographed, etc., etc. Toward the end of the film the schoolteacher rapes Mariel, and Margeaux becomes a vigilante. The scenes are pretty brutal, and at least with Margeaux, fairly explicit. Don't exactly recall, as it's been quite a few years since I've seen this.

Lipstick and Blood (1984) - link - ?I

Liquid Sky (1982) - link - ?2I
["Cielo líquido" "Valuva taivas" "Ygros ouranos"]
Several rape scenes in this, including one lesbian one. Some are fairly graphic. The plot involves an alien which lives by extracting a chemical which occurs in the human brain during orgasm (this extraction kills the person). Thus, each time Margaret (Anne Carlisle) gets raped, the rapist dies -- much to her befuddlement. Color movie directed by Slava Tsukerman. 112 min.

Lisa, Lisa (1974) - link - GI
["Lisa, Lisa" "Axe" "California Axe Massacre" "California Axe Murders" "Die Axt" "Siekiera" "The Axe Murders" "The Virgin Slaughter"]
(1) MM/f humiliation (Forced stripping). (2) M/f final attempted rape. (3)M/f final attempted rape. (1) Two criminals on the run from the law terrorize a woman in a convenience store, including forcing her to strip down to her bra, slip and panties. (2) One to the criminals gets into bed with Lisa () in the night and attempts to rape her. She kills him with a straight razor. (3) A second criminal later tries to rape her and she kills him with a hatchet. Color movie directed by . 65 min.

Listen to Me (1989) - ?N
Date rape.

Little Bit of... Hanky Panky, A (1984) - link - X3I
["Hanky-Panky" "Hanky Panky" "Sexy Sexy"]

Little Deaths (2011) - link - R2I
["Obsession - Tödliche Spiele" "Pequenas Mortes" "Treis mikroi thanatoi"]

Little Girls Lost... (1983) - link - X1I
["Good Little Girls" "Gomenes gia kamakoma" "Raparigas Perdidas" "Deep Inside Hollywood" "Little Girls Lost" "Lost Dreams"]
(1) M/f intoxicated rape. (2) M/f anal rape. (1) A photographer (Ron Jeremy) drugs Alicia (Veronica Hart) in order to have sex with her. (2) While reluctantly working as a prostitute, Alicia is anally raped by her john. Color movie directed by . 95 min.

Little Orphan Dusty, The (1978) - link - X2I
["Jaws of Delight"]

Living and Dying - D

Lo chiamavano King (1971) - link - ?2I
["Bullet King" "His Name Was King" "On m'appelle King" "Viimeinen luoti"]

Lodge, The (2008) - link - ?1I
["O Refúgio do Medo" "Reservation"]

Loft (1985) - link - ?2I
["Loft - Die neue Saat der Gewalt"]

Lolita (1977) - ?N
(Dominique Swain)

Lolly-Madonna XXX (1973) - link - ?2I
MM/f Molestation and prelude to rape (gangrape?).

Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn, A (2003) - link - ?I
["Chikan gifu: Musuko no yome to..." "Den'en kannô roman - Chichishibori - Haitoku no gyûsha" "Father-in-Law" "Milking: The Pervert Stepfather, the Son's Bride and..."]

Long Days of Hate (1968) - link - ?1I
["Este hombre no puede morir" "Kremaste ta katharmata" "lunghi giorni dell'odio, I" "Ringo ne devait pas mourir" "Seine Winchester pfeift das Lied vom Tod" "Tämä mies ei kuole" "This Man Can't Die" "Uppgörelsen"]
Italian color movie directed by . 90 min.

Long Night's Journey, A ( Melrose Place) - GN
Allison Parker (Courtney-Thorne Smith) is raped. Color TV series episode.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977) - link - ?I
M/f fatal rape. Theresa Dunn (Diane Keaton) is raped and murdered by Gary (Tom Berenger). A color movie directed by Richard Brooks.

Lorna (1964) - link - ?I
["Lorna - Zuviel für einen Mann" "Lorna - liikaa yhdelle miehelle" "Lorna, l'incarnation du désire" "Ston pyreto tou sex"]

Loser Love (1999) - link - ?I
["Akraios erotas "]
M/f anal rape. What begins as consensual sex turns to anal rape.

Lost in Beijing (2007) - link - ?I
["Ping guo" "A pekingi gyermek" "Lost in Beijing - Alles ist möglich" "Zagubieni w Pekinie"]

Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano (2010) - link - ?3I
["Namae no nai onna-tachi"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 105 min.

Love Camp (1977) - link - RI
["Frauen im Liebeslager" "Camp d'amour pour mercenaires" "Camp érotique" "Mujeres en el campo de concentración del amor" "Orgia se stratopedo gynaikon"]

Love Camp 7 (1969) - RI
[" Nazi Love Camp 7"]
M/f, M/f intimidation rape. (Maria Lease) (Kathy Williams) (Bruce Kimball)

Love Crimes (1992) - ?N
Possible interest. American color movie directed by Lizzie Borden. 90 min

Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun (1977) - link - ?I
["Cartas de Amor de Uma Freira Portuguesa" "Cartas de amor a una monja portugesa" "Confessioni proibiti di una monaca adolescente" "istoria mias gynaikas, I" "Lettres d'amour d'une nonne portugaise" "Liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne, Die" "Love Letters from a Portuguese Nun" "Tuhansien himojen luostari"]

Love, Lust and Violence (Roughies, The: Brute Lust - D2) - XI

Love Slaves (1976) - link - XI

Lovesick: Sick Love (2004) - link - ?3I
["The Chambermaid"]

L'uomo che sfidò l'organizzazione (1975) - link - ?I
["Antimetopos me tin mafia" "hombre que desafió a la organización, El" "One Man Against the Organization"]
M/f witnessed overpowered rape (boyfriend and another man). Steven Barren (Ross Howard) and another man watch a movie of Margie (Karin Schubert) being raped. Acting 4/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 3/5.Timer: 0:55:24 - 0:56:31. Italian color movie directed by Sergio Grieco. 87 min.

Lust in the Dust (1985) - link - ?I
A John Waters comedy starring Divine.

Lust Inferno (1987) - link - XI
["Inferno Sexual"]
Lustful Revenge (1996) - link - BI
(1) M/f fatal rape. (2) M/f impaired fatal rape (1) What begins as consensual sex turns to rape when the man puts duct tape over the girls mouth and chokes her to death. (2) A man chokes a girl to unconsciousness. She regains consciousness as he is raping her. He then chokes her to death.

Lusty Transparent Man (1978) - link - ?2I
["Tômei-ningen: okase!" "Invisible Man: Rape!"]



Macon County Jail (1997) - link - ?Ix
["Apodrasi" "Crossroads of Destiny" "Destinos Cruzados" "Doble fuga" "Evasión" "évasion, L'" "Foragidos" "Jailbreak" "Unschuldig! Susan rennt"]

Mad Foxes (1981) - link - RI (Dubbed in English and German)
["Desperado's op wielen" "Lyssasmenes yaines ston dromo" "Mad Foxes - Feuer auf Räder" "Stingray 2" "violadores, Los"]
M/f intimidation rape. Spanish color movie directed by Paul Grau.

Mad Dog Killer, The (1977) - link - ?I2x
["Asylliptos, goiteftikos kai dieftharmenos" "Beast with a Gun" "belva col mitra, La" "Du brutales Schwein!" "Feroce" "Ferocious" "Ferocious Beast with a Gun" "Human Beast, The" "Mad Dog" "Mad Dog Killer" "Street Killers" "Tollwütige, Der" "Ultime violence" "Veszett kutya" "Wild Beasts with Machine Guns" "Wilde, Der"]

Mad Max (1979) - link - RI
["Çilgin Maks" "As Motos da Morte" "Interceptor" "Mad Max - Salvajes de autopista" "Mad Max: O ekdikitis tis nyhtas" "Pobesneli Maks" "Pobješnjeli Max" "Pobjesnjeli Max"]
M+?/mf prelude and aftermath of rape. Australian color movie directed by . 88 min.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981) - link - ?1I
["Mad Max 2" "The Road Warrior" "Çilgin Maks 2: Savasçi" "Asfalttisoturi" "Guerrero de la carretera" "Interceptor - Il guerriero della strada" "Le défi" "Mad Max 2, el guerrero de la carretera" "Mad Max 2, guerrero de la carretera" "Mad Max 2. - Az országúti harcos" "Mad Max 2: A Caçada Continua" "Mad Max 2: Maanteesõdalane" "Mad Max 2: O Guerreiro da Estrada" "Mad Max 2: le défi" "Mad Max II - Der Vollstrecker" "Mad Max II: El guerrero de la carretera" "Mad Max no 2: Ekdikitis pera ap' to nomo" "Pobesneli Maks 2" "Pobješnjeli Max 2" "Savasçi"]
M/f fatal rape. As Max (Mel Gibson) watches through a telescope, a woman is raped and murdered.

Madame Caligula (1981) - link - ?3I
["Tôkyô Karigyura fujin"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 60 min.

Madame O (1967) - link - ?I
["Zoku akutokui: Joi-hen"]

Maddening, The (1996) - link - ?I
["Orjíto" "Demencia" "Der Psychopath" "Hengenvaarallinen oikotie" "Inganno diabolico" "Perturbado"]

Madness (1980) - link - R2I
["Vacanze per un massacro" "Toy"]
M/f rape becomes consensual.

Mafia Girls (1975) - link - XI
["Erotas, idoni kai via!" "Gangster Girls" "Jeder Vogel braucht ein Nest" "Love, Lust and Violence"]

Mag Wheels (1978) - link - ?3I
["Duell am Canyon" "Les roues de l'amour" "Off Road - Sie spielten mit dem Tode" "Summer School"]
Color movie directed by . 81 min.

Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart, The (1970) - ?N
Date rape.

Magnetisörens femte vinter (1999) - ?N
Gang rape.

Maidens Revenge (1987) - link - ?3I
["Perawan disarang sindikat" "Virgins from Hell" "Virgins of Hell - Furien der Apocalypse" "Virgins of Hell - Sie wollen überleben"]

Maleficarum (2011) - link - R3I

Man of La Mancha (1972) - ?I
["Hombre de La Mancha, El" "Don Quijote - mies La Manchasta" "Don kisot" "Homem de la Mancha, O" "Homme de la Manche, L'" "La Mancha lovagja" "Mann von La Mancha, Der" "Mannen från La Mancha" "Uomo della Mancha, L'"]
M+/f prelude to gang rape. Dulcinea (Sophia Loren) Color movie directed by Arthur Hiller. 132 min

Män som hatar kvinnor (2009)

Man Who Came Back, The (2008) - link - ?I
["nomos sta heria tou, O" "Regresso de Um Homem, O"]

Man with a Maid: The Naughty Victorians, A - XI
Based on the Victorian erotic novel. Jack lures Alice to his secret basement where he rapes her. Awakened to the joys of the body, Alice agrees to participate. They rape/convert Alice's maid, and then the three of them rape a society lady and her prissy teenage daughter. High production values, lots of full nudity, lots of lesbian sex. There is a another version simply called The Naughty Victorians. It is a cut reissue with all scenes depicting women being restrained during sex edited out.

Manrape (1978) - link - ?I
["Män kan inte våldtas" "Einen Mann kann man nicht vergewaltigen" "férfiakat nem lehet megerőszakolni, A" "hommes ne peuvent pas être violés, Les" "Men Can't Be Raped" "Menn kan ikke voldtas" "Mezczyzn nie mozna zgwalcic" "Miestä ei voi raiskata" "Homens não Podem Ser Violados, Os" "Ston andra den ginetai viasmos" "uomini non possono essere violentati, Gli" "uomini non si possono violentare, Gli" "Wie vergewaltige ich einen Mann?"]

Mangiati vivi! (1980) - R1I
["Doomed to Die" "Eaten Alive by the Cannibals!" "Eaten Alive!" "Mangiati vivi dai cannibali" "The Emerald Jungle"]
M/f intimidation, fatal rape. MMM/f coerced, witnessed rape (fellow cult members). M/f impaired dildo rape. M/f coerced witnessed rape (Friend). A native girl is chased down, stripped, thrown down, rape, killed and eaten by cannibals. Scene 6. Graphic: 1/5. A widow is forced to have public sex with her three brothers-in-law on the ashes of her husbands funeral pyre as a cult rite. Scene 7. Graphic: 5/5. A woman explorer is drugged and than sexually assaulted by a cult leader using the handle of a stone axe that has be coated with snake blood. Scene 9. Graphic: 3/5. Because a female friend is being held with a knife to her throat, the sister the female explorer was rescuing, allows herself to be raped. She is then eaten alive, having her breast and leg cut off by cannibals who eventually kill her. Scene 12. Graphic: 5/5.

Manhattan gigolò (1986) - ?I
M/f restrained attempted rape. Leslie (Andrea Thompson billed as Rebecca Andrea Thompson) is bound and gagged during an attempted rape. Italian color movie directed by Amasi Damiani. USA: 103 min / Australia: 87 min

Maniac on the Loose (2008) - link - ?I

Mano rubata (1989) - link - HRx
Forced to strip.

Mansion de los Muertos Vivientes, La (1985) - link - BI
["Castle of the Living Dead" "Die Villa der lebenden Toten"]
A(M)+/f rape. A(M)+/f rape. Four lesbian tourists discover an abandoned medieval monastery. On separate occasions, two of them are gang raped by zombie monks. Spanish color movie directed by . 97 min.

Manson Family, The - ?Ix

Mantis Fists and Tiger Claws of Shaolin (1977) - link - ?I
["Xie hai tang lang chou" "Huet hoi tong lau chau"]

Marita Gonzaga (1995) - ?N

Mark of the Devil (1970) - link - ?1I
["Hexen bis aufs Blut gequält" "Austria 1700" "Brenn, Hexe, brenn" "Burn, Witch, Burn" "Hexen" "Satan" "Heksejægerens torturkammer" "Las torturas de la inquisición" "La marque du diable" "Diavolika simadia" "Kapste tin magissa!!!" "Boszorkányok, amíg a vér hajtja őket" "La tortura delle vergini" "Witches Are Tortured to Death"]
M/f rape. A woman (Ingeborg Schöner) is raped by a witch hunter (Herbert
Lom). German color movie directed by and  (uncredited). 90 min.

Mark of the Devil II - link - ?3I
["Hexen geschändet und zu Tode gequält" "Witches: Violated and Tortured to Death" "Heksejægeren går amok" "La Torture" "La marque du Diable II" "Mavres magisses" "Le streghe nere"]
German color movie directed by . 97 min.

Marauders (Savage Sinema from Down Under) - ?I

Marquis de Sade (1994) - link - XI
["Marchese de Sade, Il" "marchése De Sade, Il - Oltre ogni perversione" "Markisios de Sade"]

Martin - D

Masacre en el río Tula (1985) - link - ?I

Mascara - D

Matador (1986) - RI
["Kärlekens matadorer" "Kærlighedens matadorer" "The Bullfighter"]
M/f attempted rape. Angel (Antonio Banderas), a student bullfighter, spies on Eva (Eva Cobo), a model who is his neighbor and also his teacher's girlfriend with binoculars as she gets out of the shower. He then follows her down the street and drags her into an alley. She struggles, but stops when he forces her to lie back against the rear of a car and he implies he will damage her face with the saw blade of a Swiss Army knife, Reaching under her skirt, he yanks down her leggings and panties. He attempts to rape her, but fails due to pre-mature ejaculation He humps her while ejaculating on the insides of her thighs (it is learned later), and then apologizes. Acting 4/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 2. Timer: 0:10:07 - 0:13:50. Action: 0:1:30. Although her breasts are shown during his spying, and full frontal nudity of another actress (Assumpta Serna) occurs, there is no nudity during the rape attempt. Spanish color movie with English subtitles directed by Pedro Almodóvar. 110 min / Sweden:102 min

Mean Dog Blues (1978) - link - ?I
["Arizona campo 4" "Arizona campo quattro" "Asylliptos drapetis" "Cães do Ódio, Os" "Dobermänner - Zum Töten Abgerichtet" "Flykten från strafflägret" "Hücre" "Kahlekarkuri" "Teufelscamp, Das" "Teufelscamp, Im"]
M/m rape.

Memoirs of a French Whore (1979) - link - ?I
["Apodrasi apo ti laspi" "Dönüs" "Die Aussteigerin" "Ha-Soreret" "La derobade - vita e rabbia di una prostituta parigina" "Memoirs of a French Whore" "Minun tarinani" "The Getaway" "The Life" "To pezodromio" "Toda una mujer"]
M/f rape. A French color movie directed by Daniel Duval. Israel: 107 min, USA: 100 min, France: 120 min.

Men Should Weep (1994) (Cracker - Season 2, Disk 3) - GI
M/f prelude to and aftermath of intimidation rape. M/f prelude to and aftermath of intimidation rape. Catherine Carter (Marian McLoughlin) is raped by Floyd Malcolm (Graham Aggrey). DS Jane 'Panhandle' Penhaligon (Geraldine Somerville) is raped by a masked man. [DS Jimmy Beck (Lorcan Cranitch)]. BBC TV series episode directed by Jean Stewart.

Menina do Sexo Diabólico, A (1998) - ?I
MMM/f Restrained fatal gang rape. Rosana (Makerly Reis) is tied spread eagle on the ground, raped and killed by her three brother-in-laws. Brazilian color movie in Portuguese directed by Mário Lima. 93 min

Meninas, Virgens e P... (Troca de Óleo) (1983) - link - ?I

Mercy (2000) - ?N

Mi hun dang (1995) - link - ?1I
["Spike Drink Gang"]
Hong Kong color movie directed by . 92 min.

Midnight Blue (1979) - link - ?I
["domenica del diavolo, La" "Week-end me poly sex"]

Midnight Obsession (1995) - link - XHx
["Frauengefängnis, Das" "Fuga all'alba" "Fuga di mezzanotte" "Othomaniko dikaio"]
F/f cavity search in the presence of several men. May also contain a F/f rape scene.

Midnight Party (1976) - link - ?I
["coccolona, La" "Heisse Berührungen" "Lady porno" "partouze de minuit, La"]
Directed by Jesus Franco

Mie men can an II jie zhong (1994) - link - ?I
["Daughter of Darkness 2"]

Mie men can an zhi nie sha (1993) - link - ?I
["Daughter of Darkness" "Mit mun cham on ji yit sat"]

Millionairess, The (1974) - link - X1I
["Jail Time Girls" "The Love Millionairess" "Millions and Millions"]
Adult color movie directed by  (as Leo the Lion). 55 min.

Mishen (2011) - link - ?3I
["Meta" "Target"]

Missing 44 (2010) - link - ?I
["Misshingu 44"]

Missing 55 (2011) - link - ?I
["Misshingu 55"]

Misteri janda kembang (1991) - link - ?I

Mito, Il (1963) - ?N
["Lust und die Gewalt, Die" "Myth, The" "Pushover, The" "Violenza e l'amore, La"]
M+/f witnessed gang rape (husband). Italian black and white movie directed by Adimaro Sala. 89 min

Mnasidika (1969) - link - XI
M/f restrained fatal rape. A man () comes across a girl () in the woods who has an ankle trapped under a fallen log. This is a very confusing scene. It mixes his fantasy and reality together. It shows him freeing her leg and her bareing her breasts as if offering him sex. Then, her leg is trapped, but her breasts are still bared and he attacks her. If the following portion of the scene is meant to show he rapes her, it is very poorly done. He kills her, but she later comes back to life, perhaps in a vision only. Color movie directed by and . 70 min.

Modern Interrogatio: Bea - Akte 74-19 A (?) - XI

Mondo Keyhole (1966) - link - GI
["The Worst Crime of Them All"]

(1) M/f prelude to overpowered rape. (2) M/f M/f M/f prelude to overpowered rape. (1) Howard Thorne () chases a woman, wrestles her to the ground and it is implied that he rapes her. (2) Three scenes of the same man attacking women are intercut. The are all preludes to rape or fantasies about prelude to rape. Black and white movie directed by and . 70 min.

Monster (2003) - GI
M/f restrained final anal dildo rape. Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron), a Daytona Beach prostitute, regains consciousness after having been beaten to find herself tied across the front seat of her john's car. She is anally raped with a piece of pipe. She gets loose and kills her attacker. Color movie directed by Patty Jenkins.

Monstro, O see Bête, La (1975)

Moon ching sap daai huk ying ji chek law ling jeung (1998) - ?N
Anal rape. M/m?

Moon in the Gutter, The (1983) - link - ?I
["Holdfény a csatorna felett" "feggari ston yponomo, To" "Kuutamo katuojassa" "Lua na Valeta, A" "luna en el arroyo, La" "lune dans le caniveau, La" "Månen i rendestenen" "Mond in der Gosse, Der" "Moon in the Gutter" "Obsesión fatal" "specchio del desiderio, Lo"]

Morituris (2011) - link - ?I
["Debiruzu reipu" "Morituris: Kuoleman gladiaattorit" "Morituris: Legions of the Dead"]

Most Dangerous Woman Alive, The (1989) - link - GIx
["Justice de femmes" "Lethal Woman" "Thanasimo thilyko"]
M/f female overpowered rape. A military woman is raped by her commanding officer atop his desk because she refuses to quit being a better soldier than the men under his command, thereby hurting their morale. Some of the scene is off-camera, being reaction shots of two men in the next room who can hear her. Acting 5/5, Intensity 3/5, Graphic 3/5. Color movie directed by Christian Marnham. 96 min.

Mother, The (2003/I) - ?I
Date rape.

Mother's Day (1980) - BI
M/f overpowered, witnessed rape (girlfriend). Ike (Holden McGuire) and his brother Addley (Michael McCleery billed as Billy Ray McQuade) practice their rape tactics on Jackie (Deborah Luce) while their mother (Beatrice Pons billed as Rose Ross) supervises and Trina (Tiana Pierce) watches. Their first attempt is interrupted by their mother's criticism. Addley then rapes Jackie while Ike takes photographs, their mother supervises and Trina watches. Acting 4/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 5. Timer: 0:35:31 - 0:43:37. Action: 0:1:18. Color movie directed by Charles Kaufman.

Mother's Justice, A (1991) - ?N
M/f restrained rape. A woman (Carrie Hamilton) is abducted from a bus stop, bound and raped, mostly off-camera. A TV color movie.

Motor Psycho - ?I
A fisherman's wife is raped by bikers.

Mou jing shi fen (1993) - link - ?I
["A Day Without Policeman" "Mo ging si fan"]

Mountain of the Cannibal God, The (1978) - link - ?1Ix
["Bergets grymma hemlighet" "Góra Boga kanibalów" "Jakten på bergets hemlighet" "Kannibalernes dronning" "Lanetliler dagi" "montagna del dio cannibale, La" "montagne du dieu cannibale, La" "montaña del dios caníbal, La" "Montanha do Deus Canibal, A" "Mountain of the Cannibals" "Primitive Desires" "Prisoner of the Cannibal God" "Slave of the Cannibal God, The" "Sto vouno ton kannivalon" "Viidakon julma salaisuus" "vouno ton kannivalon, To" "weiße Göttin der Kannibalen, Die"]
M/f attempted, restrained rape. A man tries to rape Susan Stevenson () while she tied to a post as part of a sacrifice.

Moved to Tears - ?N
M/f restrained rape. A woman (Luccia) is tied inside a moving van in a standing position, with her arms off to the side, and is raped from behind. Forbidden Video

Ms. 45 (1981) - GI
["Angel of Vengeance" "Rape Squad"]
M/f intimidation rape. M/f intimidation rape - final. Thana (Zoe Lund billed as Zoe Tamerlis) , a mute seamstress, is dragged into an alley and raped on her way home by one man (Abel Ferrara billed as Jimmy Laine) and then again by another man burglarizing her apartment (Peter Yellen) once she gets there. There is an intercut in the first scene for 0:08. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 2. Timer: 0:3:42 - 0:43:37. Action (1): 0:1:15. Action (2): 0:1:00. Color movie directed by Abel Ferrara.

Mud Honey - ?I
Directed by Russ Meyer.

mujer del juez, La (1984) - link - RIx
(1) M/f blackmailed strip. (2) M/f blackmail/rape. (1) A judge's wife who is having an affair is blackmailed into stripping naked in front of a window so that the blackmailer can ogle her through binoculars. (2) Later, the blackmailer comes to her home and forces himself on her. She puts up token resistance, but is more concerned about the maid walking in on them. Spanish color fim directed by Francisco Lara Polop. 90 min.

Mujeres de media noche (1990) - link - ?I

Muerte de un quinqui (1975) - link - ?3I
["Death of a Hoodlum"]

Multiple Maniacs (1970) - link - ?I
A/f rape. Divine is raped by a giant lobster. A color movie directed by John Waters.

Mun ching sap daai huk ying (1994) - link - RI
["Chinese Torture Chamber" "Chinese Torture Chamber Story" "Man qing shi da ku xing" "sala de torturas chinas, La"]

Murder One (1988) - ?I

Murder-Set-Pieces (2004) - ?I
(1) M/f violent rape. (2) M/f restrained, violent rape. (1) A serial killer (Sven Garrett) picks up a brunette lapdancer and rapes and beats her on his bed. Later, the killer has a naked brunette in metal cuffs bent over on his bench press. He rapes her from behind in a frenzied manner while yelling at her in German. Color movie directed by Nick Palumbo. 105 min (Unrated), 83 min (R-rated version)

Murder Syndrome (1981) - link - ?I
["Delirium" "Fear" "Follia omicida" "Himomurhaaja" "Murder obsession" "ossessione che uccide, L'" "Paura" "Satan's Altar" "Satans Altar" "spiti tou tromou, To" "Svenuto" "Unconscious" "Wailing, The"]

Mushukunin-betsuchô (1963) - RI
["Escape from Hell"]

Mutilation Mile (2009) - link - ?I

My Little Sister (1971) - link - XI
Restrained rape. Dubbed silent porn. Poorly done.

Myra Breckinridge - ?I
F/m restrained rape. A man is tied to a table and raped. Raquel Welch.

Mysterious Jane - ?N
M/f restrained rape. A patient in a hospital (Amber Lee) is tied to a bed and raped by her doctor.

Mystique (?) - XI



Nabbeun namja (2001) - link - ?I
["Bad Guy" "Плохой парень" "Parittaja" "Warui otoko"]

Nail Gun Massacre, The (1985) - link - RI
["Carnage" "Massacre, O" "Massacro, Il" "Nail Gun Massacre" "Nail gun - pistola de clavos" "Texas Nailgun Massacre" "The Nailgun Massacre - Blutgericht in Arizona"]
M+/f prelude to restrained gang rape. A woman is held down and raped by a group of men at a construction site. Acting 2/5, Graphic 1/5. Color movie directed by and . 90 min

Naked (1993) - link - G2Ix
["Goli" "Naken" "Aroom" "Desnudo" "Gymnos" "Indefenso" "Mezítelenül" "Mike Leigh's Naked" "Nackt" "Nadzy" "Nu"]
(1) M/f overpowered, anal rape. (2) M/f overpowered rape. (1) A woman () is raped in an alley by Johnny (). Acting 5/5, Intensity 3/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 2. Timer: 0:0:36 - 0:01:14. Action: 0:0:27. (2) It is implied that Sophie () is going to have sex with Sebastian Hawks aka Jeremy G. Smart () thinking he is the landlord and that her roommate is behind in the rent. She changes her mind, and he anally rapes her. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 27. Timer: 1:18:00 - 1:19:08. Action: 0:0:16. UK color movie directed by . 131 min.

Naked Bunyip, The (1970) - ?N
Gang rape

Naked Cage, The (1986) - ?N
A prison guard rapes a woman (Amy Madigan?) in the infirmary.

Naked Lunch (1991) - link - ?3I
["Almuerzo desnudo" "Festín Desnudo" "Mistérios E Paixões" "Nøgen frokost" "Alaston lounas" "Naken Lunch" "Le festin nu" "Gymno gevma" "Meztelen ebéd" "Il pasto nudo" "Hadaka no lunch" "El almuerzo desnudo" "Naken lunsj" "Nagi lunch" "O Festim Nu" "Goli ručak" "Golo kosilo" "Müthis yemek" "David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch"]
A/m rape. A boy is raped by a female half-human monster. (Julian Sands?). Color movie directed by . 115 min.

Naked Massacre (1976) - link - ?I
["...E la notte si tinse di sangue" "Born for Hell" "Dipsasmenos gia eglima" "Hinrichtung, Die" "Né pour l'enfer"]

Naked Vengeance (1985) - link - ?2I
["Mad End" "Nuda vendetta" "Satin Vengeance" "Vengeance" "Vingança Nua"]
M+/f gang rape. Similar to "I Spit on Your Grave" but less graphic. Color movie directed by . 97 min.

Naked Violence (1969) - link - ?2I
["The Boys Who Slaughter" "La jeunesse du massacre" "Note 7 - Die Jungen der Gewalt" "I ragazzi del massacro" "Sex in the Classroom"]
Italian color movie directed by . 92 min.

Naked Weapon (2002) - link - B1I
["Chek law dak gung" "Fatal" "Chi luo te gong" "Naked Weapon Drei Todesengel in geheimer Mission" "Arma desnuda" "Organosi dolofonon" "Meztelen fegyver"]
MMM/fff impaired (drugged) rape. Three women are drugged and raped by three men. The men lift the women onto a table and tear their underwear. The men are shown thrusting into the women and after a while switch victims. Hong Kong color movie directed by  (as Tony Ching Siu Tung). 90 min.

Nakthotsao Phi Hian (2011) - no link - O3I
Thai movie directed by Maggy Loo.

Nan yang shi da xie shu (1995) - link - ?3I
["Erotic Black Magic" "The Eternal Evil of Asia" "Lam yeung sap dai che sui"]
Hong Kong color movie directed by . 89 min.

Nang bang ngao (2012) - no link - ?3I
Thai color movie directed by Panyanee. ? min.

Nangfa Nai Pa Phrai (2012) - no link - ?3I
Thai color movie directed by Kwanchanok Chompu. ? min.

Nappun yeonghwa (1998) - ?N
Gang rape

Narayama bushiko (1983) - link - ?I
["Ballad of Narayama"]
A Japanese color movie directed by Shohei Imamura.

Nashville Girl (1976) - ?N
["Country Music Daughter" "New Girl in Town"]
(1) M/f rape. (2) M/f witnessed rape (sister on phone). (1) While skinny-dipping, Jamie (Monica Gayle) is raped. Color movie directed by Gus Trikonis. 90 min

Natural Born Killers (1994) - link - ?1I
["Assassinos por Natureza" "Les meutres de sang" "Takoví normální zabijáci" "Sündinud tapjaks" "Asesinos natos" "Syntyneet tappajiksi" "Tueurs nés" "Gennimenoi dolofonoi" "Rođeni ubojice" "Született gyilkosok" "Gime zudyti" "Asesinos por naturaleza" "Urodzeni mordercy" "Assassinos Natos" "Rođene ubice" "Rojena morilca" "Takí normálni zabijaci" "Asesinos por naturaleza"]
M/f rape. Mickey Knox () rapes a captive named Emily (). There is an additional flash of her being raped in the Director's Cut. A color movie directed by . 118 min / 122 min (Director's Cut).

Naughty Stewardesses, The (1975) - link - ?3I
["Attenti... arrivano le svedesi tutto sesso!" "Dear Debbie" "Fresh Air"]
Color movie directed by . 102 min.

Naughty Victorians: An Erotic Tale of a Maiden's Revenge, The (1975) - link - X1I
This is a cut re-issue of A Man With a Maid: The Naughty Victorians in which all signs of women being restrained during sex have been edited out.

Nawa to chibusa (1983) - link - ?3I
["Rope and Breasts"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 69 min.

Nazi Love Camp 27 (1977) - link - X1I
["La svastica nel ventre" "Living Nightmare" "Campo Nazista 27" "Poupées nazies" "La svastica nel ventre" "La esvástica en el vientre" "Destin de femme" "Fräulein SS" "Special stratopedo ton Nazi" "Vrouwenkamp" "As Mulheres de Prazer dos Campos Nazis" "Nazistdockorna"]
MM/ff overpowered rape. This hardcore scene seems to be spliced in from another movie. Italian color movie directed by  (as William Hawkins). 86 min.

Necro Files 2 (2003) - link - ?3I
["Necro Files 2: Lust Never Dies"]
Color movie directed by Ron Carlo, Matt Jaissle (some scenes), Greg Lewis (some scenes), and Todd Tjersland (some scenes). 69 min.

Necro Files, The (1997) - link - ?3I
["Psycho Zombie Love Butcher"]
Color movie directed by . 72 min.

Necromancer (1988) - link - G1I
["Czarnoksieznik" "Necromancer: Satan's Servant"]
M/f restrained rape. Julie Johnson (Elizabeth Kaitan billed as Elizabeth Cayton), a college student having an affair with a professor, is held down by Carl Caulder () while Paul DuShane () rapes her, threatening to expose the affair if she tells anyone. Acting 4/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 6.13. Timer: 0:12:54 - 0:19:50. Action: 0:1:20. Color movie directed by . 88 min.

Nekromantik - link - ?2I
(1) MF/? necro rape. (2) M/f necro rape. (1) Robert Schmadtke ( as Daktari Lorenz), who cleans up after grisly accidents, brings home a corpse for him and his girlfriend, Betty ( as Beatrice M.) to enjoy sexually. (2) He later murders and rapes the corpse of a prostitute. German color movie directed by . 75 min.

Nemosu Idol Sosenkyo Battle (2011) - no link - ?3I
Members of an Idol group “Houkago Puritei Seitokai” are kidnapped in Akihabara and are inlisted to participate in a webcast game where the talents of the Idols are determined by a general election from the viewers. Each round the winner advances, but the loser will be subjected to rape, humilation and death. Japanese color movie.

Never Comeback (1992) - link - ?3I
["Never Come Back"]
Nigerian color movie in English directed by . ? min.

New York Nights (1984) - RC
M/f overpowered rape. A man begins to rape his ex-girlfriend (Missy O'shea) who is now married to another man. The scene rapidly turns consensual. Color movie directed by Simon Nuchtern

New Yorker Ripper, The (1982) - link - ?1I
["Lo squartatore di New York" "Psycho Ripper" "The Ripper" "El descuartizador de New York" "Estripador de Nova Iorque" "Nova York - Cidade Violenta" "Manhattan Ripper" "Blodig voldtaegt" "El descuartizador de Nueva York" "El destripador de Nueva York" "Viiltäjä" "L'éventreur de New York" "O anterovgaltis tis Neas Yorkis" "A New York-i mészárlás" "Nowojorski rozpruwacz" "O Estripador de Nova Iorque" "New York Ripper" "Der New York Ripper" "Der Schlitzer von New York"]
M/f dildo rape (Broken bottle). A stripper (Zora Kerova) has a broken bottle jammed into her vagina. Italian color movie directed by . 85 min.

Newlywed Hell (1975) - link - ?3I
["New Wife's Hell" "Niizuma jigoku" "Prisonnière du vice"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 76 min.

Night Corridor (2003) - link - ?2I
["Corredor Macabro" "Yao ye hui lang" "Yiu yau wooi long"]
F/m rape. Hong Kong color movie directed by . 73 min.

Night-Flowers (1979) - link - ?1I
["Blumen der Nacht" "Der Krieg hat sie kaputt gemacht" "Night Angels" "Scars"]
Color movie directed by  (as Luis San Andres). ? min.

Night in Nude, A (1993) - link - ?2I
["Nûdo no yoru"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 110 min.

Night of the Animals (Roughies, The: Brute Lust - D3) - XI

Night of the Askari, The (1976) - link - ?1Ix
["Albino" "Der flüsternde Tod" "Night of the Askari" "Con la bava alla bocca" "Death in the Sun" "Kuiskaava kuolema" "La souffle de la mort" "Thanatos ston ilio" "Whispering Death" "Whispering Death Der flüsternde Tod"]
M/f restrained, fatal rape. Saly (Sybil Danning) is scared into running outside by Whispering Death (Horst Frank). Two of his men grab her and a third strips her. He then rapes her standing up as his men hold. When he is finished, he scalps her. The scene is shot in fire light and heavily intercut with a man dancing. West German color movie directed by Jürgen Goslar. 97 min. x 2:02.

Night of the Bloody Apes (1969) - link - ?3I
["La horripilante bestia humana" "Gomar: The Human Gorilla" "Horror and Sex" "Horror y sexo" "La horripilante bestia humana" "Sex Monsters" "Efialtis tis nyhtas II" "Korang, la terrificante bestia umana"]
Mexican color movie directed by and  (uncredited). 81 min.

Night of the Executioner, The (1992) - link - ?I
["noche del ejecutor, La"]
(1) MM/f prelude to overpowered fatal rape. (2) MM/f witnessed, restrained fatal rape (father and other gang members). (1) During a home invasion robbery, the wife is taken into the master bedroom by two men to get her jewelry. They begin to rape her and the scene cuts back to the livingroom. Later, when the men return to the livingroom, one is seen cleaning blood off his knife. (2) The daughter is put on the coffee table and held down by three men, one holding each leg and the third using her long hair to keep her lying down. A fourth man, the gang leader, strips her and rapes her as her bound father watches in horror and the female gang member cheers. The man who was holding one of her legs then rapes her and chokes her to death. Acting 4/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Timer: 0:5:25 - 0:13:44.

Night of the Wilding (1990) - link - ?1Ix
["Desafío salvaje" "Kesyttömien yö" "Die Nacht der Bestien" "Wilding - Bande der Gewalt"]
M/f overpowered rape. During a home invasion, Allen () holds Doris ( as Kimberly Spiess) down on top of a table while Martin () rapes her. Meanwhile Betty Trooski () is taking a shower. The scene ends just before Betty is raped by Carl (). 0:15:38. Color movie directed by . 85 min. x 0:3:52.

Night Porter, The (1974) - link - ?3I
["Il portiere di notte" "Portero de noche" "Nightporter" "Nachtportier" "Portier de nuit" "O Porteiro da Noite" "Natportieren" "El portero de noche" "Yöportieri" "Portier de nuit" "O thyroros tis nyhtas" "Az éjszakai portás" "Nocny portier" "O Porteiro da Noite" "Nattportieren" "Gece bekçisi" "Der Nachtportier" "Nocni portir"]
Italian color movie directed by . 118 min.

Night Prowler 2 - ZN
ZFX color movie.

Night They Took Miss Beautiful, The (1977) - GD
M/f prelude to coerced rape. Cindy Lou Barrett (Karen Lamm) is a hostage who is ordered by her mother to let one of their captors have his way with her. Color movie directed by Robert Michael Lewis.

Night Train to Terror (1985) - link - ?1Ixx
["Noche en el tren del terror" "Train express pour l'enfer" "Shiver"]
(1) M/f prelude and aftermath of restrained rape or molestation. (2) M/f restrained, off-camera rape. (1) A woman is strapped to a table in an asylum. An orderly comes in and either molests her or rapes her. The scene is intercut with people singing in church. 0:8:44. (2) A man enters the hospital room of a sleeping woman () and handcuffs her wrists to the bed. She wakes up, but is unable to prevent him from spreading her legs and handcuffing her ankles. She screams, but he covers her mouth. He then rapes her. All that is shown is the bed moving. 0:13:52. Colored movie directed by John Carr, Phillip Marshak, Tom McGowan, Jay Schlossberg-Cohen and Gregg C. Tallas. 98 min.

Nightcomers (1972) - link - ?1I
["De verderver" "Os que Chegam com a Noite" "Den natlige gæst" "Los últimos juegos prohibidos" "Kauhujen yö" "Sanansaattaja" "Le corrupteur" "O anthropos tis nyhtas" "Éjszakai jövevények" "Improvvisamente, un uomo nella notte" "Koszmary" "Nocni goscie" "Os Perversos" "De besatta" "Karanlikla gelen adam" "Das Loch in der Tür"]
Miss Jessel () is bound and whipped by Peter Quint () before they have sex. Not so much a rape as submission through bondage and torment. UK color movie directed by . 96 min.

Nightforce (1987) - link - ?2I
[A Patrulha da Noite" "Dynami ekdikisis" "Night Fighters" "Night Force" "Nightforce - Schreckenskommando"]
Color movie directed by  (as Lawrence D. Foldes). 87 min.

Nightmare Honeymoon (1974) - link - ?1I
["Deadly Honeymoon" "efialtis tis protis nyhta, O" "Luna di miele fatale"]
Color movie directed by . 95 min.

Nightmare in Badham County (1976) - link - B1I
["Pesadilla" "Alambradas de cristal" "Badhamin painajainen" "Cauchemar au pénitencier" "Reclusorio para Mujeres" "Nocna mora" "Nightmare"]
(1) M/f overpowered rape. (2) F/f coerced rape. (1) A woman is raped in jail. (2) A female guard coerces a female inmate into having sex with her. TV color movie directed by . 100 min.

Nightmare Man (2006) - link - ?1I
A/f rape. Ellen () is raped by a figment of her delusional mind? Unrealistic?. Color movie directed by . 89 min

Nightmare Weekend (1986) - link - ?3I
["Koszmarny weekend" "Pesadelo no Fim-de-Semana" "Programmiert zum Töten"]
UK color movie directed by  (as H. Sala). 85 min.

Nightstalker (2002) - link - ?1I
["Éjvadász" "Nightstalker - Die Bestie von L.A." "O kynigos tis nyhtas" "O Maníaco"]
M/f restrained, fatal rape. A serial killer breaks into a home and attacks a sleeping woman, handcuffing, raping, and killing her. The scene is sped up and shot with jerky camera motion and quick cuts, making it nearly impossible to see what is happening. 0:5:23. Color movie directed by . 95 min.

NightThirst (2002) - ?N
A/f rape?

Nine 1/2 Weeks - link- (1986) - ?1I
["9 1/2 Semanas de Amor" "9 1/2 semaines" "Neuf semaines et demie" "9 1/2 uge" "Nueve semanas y media" "9 1/2 viikkoa" "9 semaines 1/2" "9 1/2 evdomades" "Devet i pol tjedana" "9 és fél hét" "9 settimane e 1/2" "9 1/2 semanas" "Dziewiec i pól tygodnia" "Nove Semanas e Meia" "Devet i po nedelja" "9 1/2 vecka" "9 1/2 hafta" "" "9-1/2 Weeks" "9 1/2 Weeks" "9 1/2 Wochen" "Neuneinhalb Wochen"]
Color movie directed by . Cut version 116:27 min | Uncut version 16:51 min.

Nine Deaths of the Ninja (1985) - link - ?1I
["9 Deaths of the Ninja" "9 fores skliros" "American Ninja" "Deadly Warrior" "Devet ninjinih smrti" "Die 9 Leben der Ninja" "Die neun Leben des Ninja" "Dziewiec smierci ninja" "Il colpo segreto del ninja" "Ninja - Programado Para Matar" "Ninja, mihani thanatou" "Ninja-fighteren" "O Vingador de Ninja"]
M/f attempted rape. A group of tourists in the Philippines have their bus hijacked. Later, one of the hijackers attempts to rape one of the female tourists (Emilia Crow). He puts tape on her mouth while she sleeps, but is interrupted. Color movie directed by . 94 min.

Ninfetas do Sexo Selvagem (1983) - link - X1I
["As Ninfetas do Sexo Selvagem" "Nymphette's of the Wild Sex"]
Brazilian adult color movie directed by  (as Izuaf Rusnam). 90 min.

No alla violenza (1977) - link - ?2I
["Death Hunt" "Ekdikisi kai via" "Kuoleman metsästäjä"]

No Blade of Grass (1970) - link - B1I
["A Mais Cruel Batalha" "En verden i undergang" "Contaminación" "Ei ruohonkorttakaan" "Terre brûlée" "2000: la fine dell'uomo" "Duemila: la fine dell'uomo" "Terra Queimada" "Ölümü beklerken" "The Death of Grass"]
MM/ff final rape (Attempted gang rape). A mother and daughter are abducted and raped. When a second abductor prepares to rape the mother, he and the other attackers are shot and killed. UK color movie directed by . 96 min.

No Dead Heroes (1986) - link - ?I
["Apostoli: Exontosi" "Commando massacre" "Geheimcode Leopard" "Os Boinas Verdes em Fúria" "Sotakone" "War Machine"]
M/f restrained rape. A woman (Toni Nero) is tied spread-eagle, face down on a bed, and is raped.

No Means No (1988) - ?N
Date rape. TV movie.

No One Could Protect Her (1996) - link - R3Ix
["O Inimigo Mora ao Lado" "Schutzlos ausgeliefert" "En manos del asesino" "Sem Protecção"]
M/f prelude to and aftermath of impaired rape (unconscious) An intruder breaks into the home of Jessica Rayner () while her husband is away. After a struggle, she and the intruder end up on the front lawn. He knocks her unconscious, drags her into the shadows and rapes her. This is a short scene and is intercut with the neighbor coming and chasing off the intruder preventing him from killing his victim. Color movie directed by . 97 min.

No Way to Treat A Victim (Vega$) (1978) - ?N
Possible. Color TV series episode.

North Country (2005) - link - ?I
["Tierra fría" "Северная страна" "Anisi mahi" "Class Action" "En tierra de hombres" "Kőkemény Minnesota" "Kaltes Land" "L'affaire Josey Aimes" "Le vent du nord" "North Country - Storia di Josey" "North Country - Terra Fria" "Terra Fria" "Untitled Niki Caro Project"]

Nosutoradamusu no daiyogen (1974) - ?N
Date rape.

Notorious Betty Page, The - D

Nu ji xie ren (1991) - ?Nx

Nu ji zhong ying (1973) - ?1I
["Bamboo House of Dolls" "Bamboo Women's Prison" "Bambuscamp der gequälten Frauen, Das" "Camps d'amour pour chiens jaunes" "Dragão de Ouro, O" "Orgia se stratopedo gynaikon" "Storia segreta di un lager femminile"]

Nu wang feng fu qiao (1981) - link - ?I
["Queen Bee Revenge" "Queen Bee's Revenge"]

Nude Body Case in Tokyo, The (1981) - link - ?3I
["Nu xing de fu chou" "Woman Revenger"]
A/f molestation? A woman is tied to a hybrid of a standard cross and a St. Andrew's cross, one that holds her arms out and her legs open. She is inverted and some sort of syrup is poured onto her. Ants crawl all over her and into her panties. Taiwanese color movie directed by  (as Chyun Ouyang). 81 min.

Nude Nuns with Big Guns (2010) - link - RIx
M/f rape. A nun is raped.

Nudo e selvaggio (1985) - RI
["A Baixada dos Dinosauros" "Cannibal Ferox 2" "Massacre in Dinosaur Valley" "Perdidos no Vale dos Dinossauros' 'Stranded in Dinosaur Valley" (cut version)]
M/f off-camera rape. Italian / Brazilian color movie directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini. 88 min / UK: 85 min (heavily cut)

Nun and the Bandit, The (1992) - ?N



O (?) - ?I

O Segredo dos Seus Olhos see Secret in Their Eyes, The (2009)
[" Øjnenes hemmelighed" "Dans ses yeux" "Gözlerindeki sir" "Hemligheten i deras ögon" "Hemmeligheten i deres øyne" "Il segreto dei suoi occhi" "In ihren Augen" "Katseeseen kätketty" "Sekret jej oczu" "Szemekbe zárt titkok" "To mystiko sta matia tis"]

Oase der Gefangenen Frauen (1981) - link - ?I
White slavers kidnap women and sell them into prostitution in Africa. They rape the women along the way. German or French.

Obeti: Znásilnení (2001) - link - ?2Ix
Czech color TV movie directed by Petr Slavik.

Objects in Space (2002) - link - (Firefly S01E10, Firefly - The Complete Series: Disk 4) - G1I
M/f threat of rape. Kaylee Frye (Jewel Staite) is threatened with rape by a bounty hunter. Color TV episode directed by . 44 min.

Observe and Report (2009) - link - ?I
Impaired date rape.

Octavia (1984) - ?N

Odjuret see Bête, La (1975)

Ohyaku: The Female Demon (1968) - link - ?3I
["Legends of the Poisonous Seductress Volume 1 - Female Demon Ohyaku" "Yôen dokufuden hannya no ohyaku"]
Japaneese color movie directed by Yoshihiro Ishikawa. 90 min.

Okasareru (1976) - link - ?N

Olga's Dance Hall Girls (Olga Triple Feature) (1969) - link - ?I

Olga's House of Shame (Olga Triple Feature) (1964) - link - ?I

Omega Diary (1999) - link - ?I

Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981) - link - BSx
["The Final Conflict" "Ómen 3 - Végső leszámolás" "7 tikaria" "7 tikaria - Omen III" "7 tikaria - omen 3" "A Profecia III - O Conflito Final" "Barbaras Baby - Omen III" "Conflito Final" "De 7 dolkarna" "De sju dolkarna" "De sju knivarna - Omen III" "El final de Damien" "Het laatste omen" "I teliki anametrisi" "La última profecía" "La malédiction finale" "La profecía III" "La profecía III - El conflicto final" "Omen 3" "Omen 3 - Siste kapittel" "Omen III - Barbara's Baby" "Omen III - De 7 knivarna" "Omen III: Conflitto finale" "Ostateczny konflikt" "Seitsemän tikaria" "The Omen III" "The Omen III: The Final Conflict"]
M/f nonconsensual rough sex. What begins as consensual sex gets rough, seemly against the woman's wishes.

On the Doll (2007) - link - ?I

On the Inside (2011) - link - ?I
["Desde el interior" "Folie Meurtrière" "In Northwood"]

Once Upon A Time In America - BI
(1) M/f intimidation rape. (2) M/f overpowered rape. (1) During a robbery, David 'Noodles' Aaronson (Robert De Niro) rapes Carol (Tuesday Weld), the "inside" woman who keeps asking him to hit her in order to avert suspicion. Due to the scene coming from his memory of the event, it seems semi-consentual. Acting 5/5, Intensity 3/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 32. Disk 1. Timer: 1:52:45 - 1:55:57. Action: 0:2:52. Off-camera for 1:07. (2) Noodles rapes his girlfriend, Deborah Gelly (Elizabeth McGovern) in the back seat of a car. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 42. Disk 2. Timer: 0:33:43 - 0:38:51. Action: 0:2:24. Italian / American color movie directed by Sergio Leone.

Once Were Warriors - link - ?1Ix
["El amor y la furia" "O Amor e a Fúria" "Nous étions guerriers" "Die letzte Kriegerin" "Guerreros de antaño" "Kerran sotureita" "L'âme des guerriers" "Itan kapote polemistes" "Egykoron harcosok voltak" "Once Were Warriors - Una volta erano guerrieri" "Somos guerreros" "Tylko instynkt" "A Alma dos Guerreiros" "Bili smo ponosni ratnici" "Krigarens själ" "Nekoc so bili bojevniki" "Bir zamanlar savasçiydilar"]
(1) M/f incestuous (uncle) rape. (2) M/f violent, implied prelude to, marital rape. (1) Grace Heke () is woken up by her uncle Bully () clamping his hand over her mouth. He then proceeds to rape her, telling her how it is her fault for being sexy and exciting him. She doesn't resist, apparently out of fear, but is visibly upset. (2) A man beats his wife, throws her a bed, and rips off his shirt. It is implied that he then rapes her, but it isn't shown. New Zealand color movie directed by . 102 min.

ondata di piacere (1975) - link - ?I
["Himon aallot" "Oleada de placer" "Wave of Lust" "A Wave of Pleasure"]

One Giant Leap (2006) (Heroes - Season 1, Episode 3) - GN
M/f fatal attempted rape. A man tries to rape Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere), but accidentally kills her. She later resurrects. Color TV episode directed by Greg Beeman. 60 min (including commercials)

One Hour Photo (2002) - link - RI
["Retratos de una obsesión" "Photo obsession" "Baski" "Câmara Indiscreta" "Fotografije za jedan sat" "Kiirfoto" "One Hour Photo - Ich beobachte dich" "Retratos de uma Obsessão" "Sötétkamra" "Skoteinos thalamos" "Stalker" "Tunnin kuva" "Zabranjene fotografije" "Zdjecie w godzine"]
M/mf humiliation. Seymour Parrish (Robin Williams) forces a couple with a knife to be sexual with each other as he photographs them.

One Way (2006) - link - ?I

One Way Out (1986) - link - ?2I
["Crazed Cop" "Crazed Cop: One Way Out" "Rastro de Vingança" "Sortie de secours"]

Only the Brave (1994) - ?N
Incest rape

Onna kyôshi-gari (1982) - link - ?I
["Female Teacher 11" "Female Teacher Hunting" "Onna kyôshi 11"]

Onna kyôshi: Seito no me no maede (1982) - link - B2I
["Female Teacher 10" "Onna kyôshi 10" "Female Teacher: In Front of the Students"]

Open Season (1974) - link - ?I
["cazadores, Los" "chasse sanglante, La" "Farlig jagt" "Ihmissaalis" "Jagdzeit" "kynigi ton viaston, To" "mele marce, Le" "Open Season - Jagdzeit" "Raakalaiset" "Recon Game, The" "Saalistajat" "symmoria ton lefkon kannivalon, I" "taxeidiotes, Oi"]

Open Window (2006) - link - BI
["À Espera da Felicidade" "Fever" "Para... viasmos"]
(1) M/f prelude to intimidation rape. (2) M/f aftermath of intimidation rape. (3) M/f flashback of intimidation rape. (4) M/f flashback of intimidation rape. (5) M/f flashback of intimidation rape. (6) M/f flashback of intimidation rape. (7) Nightmare of intimidation rape. (1) A rapist (Matt Keesler) who has climbed in through and open window and hidden in a closet of the photographic studio of Izzy Fieldston (Robin Tunney) threatens her with a phillips screwdriver and rapes her. (2) Izzy's boyfriend, Peter Delaney (Joel Edgerton) finds her in the same closet the rapist originally emerged from. She is naked from the waist down, has duct tape of her mouth and is bound. She has obviously been raped. (3) During a group therapy sessions with other rape victims, Izzy has a fragmented flashback of her rape. (4) While talking to Dr. Ann Monohan (Shirley Knight) Izzy recalls a portion of the rape in which she is threatened. (5) While talking to Dr. Ann Monohan (Shirley Knight) Izzy recalls a portion of the rape where the rapist demands more oral sex. (6) While talking to Dr. Ann Monohan (Shirley Knight) Izzy recalls a portion of the rape where the rapist is angry at her for refusing to give him more oral sex. The warns her not to go to the police. (7) Izzy dreams of confronting the rapist. She physically attacks him while having a fragmented flashback of her rape. All scenes: Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 1/5. Color movie directed by Mia Goldman. 97 min.

Operazione Kappa: sparate a vista (1977) - link - ?2I
["Day of Violence" "Giorni di violenza" "Kidnapping - ein Tag der Gewalt" "Opération K"]

Opposing Force (1986) - RSx
[" Camp de l'enfer, Le" "Campo del infierno" "Fuga infernale" "H.A.R.T. - Spezialeinheit 500" "Hell Camp" "Hellcamp" "Kauhujen leiri"]
M/f restrained, witnessed rape (fellow trainee). A military pilot, Casey (Lisa Eichhorn), is ordered to strip and is then tied up, gagged and raped by Becker (Anthony Zerbe), the commander of a training camp, and is seen by a trainee. Acting 5/5, Intensity 3/5, Graphic 5/5. Color movie directed by Eric Karson. 100 min / Norway:95 min

Organ (1996) - link - ?I
Japanese color movie directed by Kei Fujiwara. 110 min.

Orgasm Torture in Satan's Rape Clinic (2004) - link - ?I

Oro, Plata, Mata (1982) - link - ?I

Orville (2009) - link - ?I
["Jigsaw: Death Machine"]

Other Boleyn Girl, The (2008) - ?I
M/f rape. Tired of her teasing, Henry Tudor (Eric Bana) takes Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman) by force.

Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge (1999) - ?N
M+/f rape. A mentally retarded girl (Heather Matarazzo) is raped by high school athletes.

Outrage, The (1964) - ?I
(Clarie Bloom)

Oz (1997) - ?N
Gang rape. Anal rape. M+/m?



P (?) - XI

Paprika (1991) - RC
["Burdeles de Paprika, Los" "Kullanmuru" "Paprika - Ein Leben für die Liebe" "Paprika, Life in a Brothel" "Paprika, placeres prohibidos" "Papryka"]
M/f overpowered rape. Paprika (Deborah Caprioglio) is forced into a restroom on a train and raped from behind. The scene rapidly becomes consensual. Italian color movie directed by Tinto Brass. 99 min

Paradise Road (1997) - link - RI
Attempted Rape

Pariah (1998) - link - ?I
["Pariah - ulkopuolinen" "paries, Oi" "Skinheads vs. Hooligans" "Social Outcasts - Gewalt ist ihr Gesetz"]
M+/f overpowered gang rape. An interracial couple are beaten in a parking garage by a group of skinheads who then proceed to rape the woman in the backseat of their car. Intensity: 5/5, Graphic: 4/5

Paris Lockdown (2007) - link - ?_Nx
["Truands" "Gangsters" "Die City-Krieger" "Adistaktos gangster" "Pokoli alvilág" "Suç imparatorlugu" "Crime Insiders"]
Laure (Anne Marivin). French color movie directed by Frédéric Schoendoerffer. 107 min.

Paris Trout (1991) - link - ?Ix
["cuore nero di Paris Trout, Il" "Mies nimeltä Paris Trout" "misallodoxos, O" "Rage" "Tollwütig" "Veszettség"]
M/f marital, dildo rape. A racist man rapes his wife with a Coke bottle because she decides to try and help an African-American girl.

Parole (1982) - ?N
M+/m rape. TV movie.

Pars: Operation Cherry (2007) - link - ?I
["Pars: Kiraz operasyonu"]

Part 1 (Amiche) - ?N
M/f restrained rape. During a home invasion, a woman (Claudia Koll) is bound and raped on the sofa. Color TV series episode.

Passage, The (1979) - link - ?I
Kay Lenz.

Passager de la pluie, Le (1969) - GIx
["Rider on the Rain" "Uomo venuto dalla pioggia, L'"]
M/f restrained rape. During a home invasion, a man punches a woman (Marlene Jobert) twice in the stomach, incapacitating her. He throws her on the bed, ties her hands behind her back with the terrycloth belt of her bathrobe, rolls her onto her back and rapes her. Intensity: 4/5, Graphic: 3/5. French / Italian color movie directed by René Clément. 120 min / USA: 115 min

Patty (1962) - link - ?3I
["Case of Patty Smith" "La vergine della violenza" "El caso de Patty Smith" "Yo fui seducida" "Doctor Please Help Me" "Gang Rape" "The Shame of Patty Smith"]
Black and white movie directed by . 93 min.

Paura nel buio (1989) - link - ?1I
["Camper" "Fear in the Dark" "Hitcher 2" "Hitcher in the Dark" "Return of the Hitcher"]

Payback (1990) - link - ?I
Gang rape.

Peace Killers, The (1971) - ?N
Gang rape

Pegasus (2005) (Battlestar Galactica- Season 2, Episode 10 - Season 2.5: Disk 1) - link - GI
M/f (interrupted) rape. In the extended version, the rape is not interrupted. Lt. Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii (Grace Park) is raped by Lieutenant Alastair Thorne (Fulvio Cecere). Color TV series episode directed by . 60 min.

Pembalasan Ratu Pentai Selatan (1988) - ?Q
["Lady Terminator"]
A/f rape. A bound woman (Barbara Anne Constable) is assaulted by a snake.

Penetration Angst (2003) - link - BI
M/f restrained final rape. After convincing Helen () to remove her panties and stick her head out of the car window in order for him look up her dress, Jack ( billed as Phil Hayden) rolls up the window trapping her. He then stands up through the sun roof and rapes her from behind. When he is finished and she frees herself, she finds nothing but his bloody clothes. Her vagina ate him. UK color film directed by . 102 min.

Penthouse, The (1967) - link - GI
["Das Penthouse" "Med kniven på struben" "Mittarinlukija" "O Apartamento dos Sádicos" "Takvåningen" "To retire ton kolasmenon" "Un attico sopra l'inferno"]
(1) M/f inpaired rape. (2) M/f impaired rape. Bruce Victor () and Barbara Willason () are having an adulterous tryst in the penthouse of an unfinished building. Tom () and Dick () gain access by pretending to be meter readers. They pull a knife, tie Bruce to a chair and force Barbara to drink massive quantities of alcohol. Once she is severly intoxicated, they have sex with her, one in front of Bruce and the other later in the bedroom. Color movie directed by . 96 min.

Pensionnat de jeunes filles (1980) - XI

Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom (1980) - link - ?I
["I Pepi, i Luci, i Bom kai t' alla koritsia..." "Pepi, Luci, Bom" "Pepi, Luci, Bom és más lányok a tömegből" "Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls on the Heap" "Pepi, Luci, Bom and the Other Girls" "Pepi, Luci, Bom e Outras Garotas de Montão" "Pepi, Luci, Bom e le altre ragazze del mucchio" "Pepi, Luci, Bom et les autres filles du quartier" "Pepi, Luci, Bom i inne dziewczyny z dzielnicy" "Pepi, Luci, Bom ja muut tytöt" "Pepi, Luci, Bom und der Rest der Bande" "Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón"]

Perdita Durango (1997) - link - B1Ix
["Dance with the Devil" "Horevontas stin Kolasi" "Perdita Durango - Démoni szeretők" "Toiminnan nainen"]
(1) M/f witnessed molestation (co-workers and crowd of strangers. (2) F/m restrained / intimidation rape and M/f witnessed restrained / overpowered rape (victims boyfriend and rapist's girlfriend). (1) During a bank robbery, Romeo Dolorosa (Javier Bardem) forces a teller to expose her breasts. He then caresses them with the barrel of his gun. (2) While handcuffed and threatened with a gun, Duane (Harley Cross) is raped by Perdita Durango (Rosie Perez). Meanwhile, his girlfriend Estelle (Aimee Graham), who is also handcuffed, is forcibly stripped and raped by Romeo. Having finished first, Perdita and Duane watch as Romeo finishes raping Estelle. Color movie directed by Álex de la Iglesia. 126 min  | Australia: 125 min  | USA: 115 min (R-rated version)  | USA: 121 min(unrated version)  | South Korea: 95 min  | Hong Kong: 118 min  | Germany: 125 min (DVD version) x1 0:0:51. x2 0:4:12.

Perfume of the Lady in Black, The (1974) - link - ?3I
["Il profumo della signora in nero" "To aroma tis gynaikas me ta mavra" "Poseidas Del Demonio" "O Perfume da Senhora de Negro"]
Italian color movie directed by . 101 min.

Perverse NS Nonnen (1993) XI

Perversion Story (1969) - link - ?3I
["Beatrice Cenci" "Que o Céu a Condene" "Liens d'amour et de sang" "La vera storià di Beatrice Cenci" "The Conspiracy of Torture" "Die Nackte und der Kardinal"]

Petal, A (1996) - link - R1I
["Ggotip" "Un pétalo" "Tsubomi"]
Child rape

Piano Teacher, The (2001) - link - ?I
["daskala tou pianou, I" "Klaveriõpetaja" "Klavierspielerin, Die" "Pianista, A" "Pianiste, La" "Pianisten" "Pianistka" "Piano Player. The" "Pianolärarinnan" "Pianolærerinnen" "Pianonopettaja" "Piyanist" "profesora de piano, La" "Professora de Piano, A" "zongoratanárnő, A"]
An Austrian color movie directed by Michael Haneke. 131 min

Pieces - ?N

Pigalle Girl (1982) - link - XIx
["Ma mère me prostitue" "Mädchen von Pigalle, Die" "Mädchen vom Place Pigalle, Die" "ragazze di Pigalle, Le"]

Pink 'N' Pretty (1986) - XN
F/m rape

Pink Flamingos - ?I

Pink Floyd The Wall (1982) - link - BI
["Pink Floyd: The Wall" "Duvar" "Ha-Xoma" "Pink Floyd: A fal" "Pink Floyd: El muro" "Pink Floyd: To teihos" "Pink Floyd: Zid Serbia" "The Wall"]
M/f overpowered rape. While rampaging, Pink's followers come upon a Black man making out with a White woman in a car. He is pulled from the car and beaten. One of the attackers gets in the car and rapes the woman. Color movie directed by . 95 min.

Place Called Today, The (1972) - ?N
M/f restrained rape. A woman is raped (Cheri Caffaro) while bound and gagged.

Platoon (1986) - link - ?I
["Cata" "Ceta" "Kamp-patruljen" "Müfreze" "Pelotón" "Platoon - Nuoret sotilaat" "Platoon - Os Bravos do Pelotão" "Platoon, The" "Pluton" "Plutonen" "Plutonul" "Puratôn" "szakasz, A" "Vod" "Vod smrti"]

Platoon Warriors (1988) - link - ?I

Player's Club, The - ?I
(Lisa Raye)

Playing Clandestine (2004) - ?N
Acquaintance rape. Color movie directed by Shannon Christian.

Pleasure Palace (Roughies, The: Brute Lust - D4) - XI

Poison - ?N
Male rape.

Poker House, The (2008) - link - ?I

Polycarp (2007) - link - ?I
["Kinky Killers"]

Poor Cecily (1974) - RN

Porno Exotic Love (1980) - link - XI
["Amor Porno-Exotico" "Exotic Love" "mavri Emmanouella se erotes stin Taiti, I" "Porno Esotic Love" "Sexy Erotic Love"]

Porno Holocaust (1981) - link - ?I

porno shop della settima strada, Il (1979) - link - XI
["New York 7a strada" "Pleasure Shop on the Avenue" "Pleasure Shop on 7th Avenue, The" "porno shop della 7a strada, Il"]

Pornographers, The (1966) - link - ?I

Poruno no joô: Nippon sex ryokô (1973) - link - ?I
["Journey to Japan" "Pornstar Travels Around Japan, The" "Sexrejsen til Japan" "Sexresan Till Japan"]

Positive I.D. (1986) - link - ?I
["Doppia personalità" "Identidad positiva" "Positive I.D. - Eine Frau sieht rot" "Salainen kostaja"]

Possessed by the Night (1994) - ?N
Color movie directed by Fred Olen Ray. 84 min / Australia: 94 min

Pray For Death (1985) - ?N
M/f fatal rape. A ninja's wife (Donna Kei Benz ) is hurt in an automobile accident. While she is in the hospital, a man seeking vengeance for something the ninja did rapes and kills her.

Pressure Point (1962) - GI
MM/f intimidation, humiliation and implied rape. During an prison psychological interview, the patient (Bobby Darin) and another man are shown in a flashback intimidating a woman (Mary Munday) and then playing tic-tac-toe with lipstick on her face and body. It is implied that they may have raped her. A black and white movie directed by Hubert Cornfield. 91 min

Pretty Peaches - XI
MF+/f restrained rape and dildo rape. A woman is raped by multiple people in front of a paying audience.

Prime Cut (1972) - ?I
A woman is gang raped for a nickel a piece. The actual rape is probably not shown. Color movie directed by Michael Ritchie. 88 min

Prince of Tides - ?I
(Kate Nelligan) Rape of minors, gang rape.

Prison Girls (1972) - link - ?I

Prison Heat - ?N
M/f anal rape. M/f humiliation. A woman prisoner (Lori Jo Hendrix?) is fondled and then anally raped by the warden on his desk. Later, during an interrogation, he fondles her again.

Prison of Hell: K3(2009) - link - ?3I
["K3: Prison of Hell" "Prison of Hell"]
Color movie directed by . 106 min.

Prisoner of Pleasure - XV
MM/f restrained rape and oral rape. A woman is abducted and raped. Avon

Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann, The (1974) - link - XI

Private Little War, A (1968) (Star Trek - Season 2, Episode 19 [45][216]) - GS
M/f fatal, interrupted, attempted gang rape. Nona (Nancy Kovak), in an attempt to become a powerful leader, offers a stolen phaser to the villagers. They, however, are more interested in forcing themselves on her. When they are interrupted, they suspect a trap and kill her. Color TV series episode directed by Marc Daniels.

Probable Cause (1994) - link - ?I
["Caso seguro" "Pithani aitia" "Riittävät perusteet" "Segredo Assassino" "Sleepless" "Victime du passé" "Zsarugyilkosságok"]
TV Movie

Professoressa facciamo l'amore see Teacher, The (1974)

Profumo (1987)

Professional, The: Golgo 13 (1983) - link - RI
["Golgo 13"]
Animated color movie directed by . 95 min.

Progeny (1998) - link - ?I
["Ameaça Alienígena" "embrió, L'" "embrión, El" "enviado, El" "epigonos, O" "Höllenbrut" "Progeny - Il figlio degli alieni" "Progeny - L'enfant du futur" "Progeny - O Intruso" "Willkommen in der Hölle"]

Promised Land (2004) - link - ?Ix
["Gelobtes Land" "Ha-Aretz Hamuvtachat" "Hotel Terra Prometida" "La tierra prometida" "Promised Land" "Terre promise"]

Proposition, The (2005) - link - GIx
["A Proposta" "Az ajánlat" "Escolha Mortal" "Kanli Teklif" "La proposta" "La propuesta" "Paranomi dikaiosyni" "Ponuda" "Propozycja" "Propuesta de muerte" "The Proposition - Ehdotus" "The Proposition - Tödliches Angebot" "Uvjeti predaje"]
M/f off-camera, witnessed, overpowered, final rape (Husband). Martha Stanley (Emily Watson) is dragged from one room to another so that she can be raped in front of her husband who has been severly beaten. Just as the rapist is opening his pants, the camera cuts to outside. It follows a man into the room. Having apparently completed the act, the rapist is sitting astride Mrs. Stanley and is singing to her. He is shot in the head, and she throws his body off of her. Color movie directed by John Hillcoat. 104 min.

Prostitute Torture Hell (1973) - link - ?3I
["(Maruhi) jorô seme jigoku" "The Hell-Fated Courtesan" "Osen la maudite"]
Japanese color movie directed by . 77 min.

Psycho Game (2006) - link - BIx
["Rojo intenso" "Ein skrupelloses Spiel"]
M/f overpowered rape. Ignacio (Fabián Mazzei) raped Laura (María Elena Swett) on top of a table. Chilean color movie directed by Javier Elorrieta.

Psycho Holocaust (2009) - link - ?I
["Final Weekend"]

Psycho Sisters (1995) - ?N
Possible. 112 min

Psycho Sisters (1998) - ?I
["Psycho Sisters 2: Beyond the Brink of Madness" "Psycho Sisters: Beyond Madness"]
Three sisters Jackie Sicole (J. J. North), Jane Sicole (Theresa Lynn) and Janice Sicole (Kris Burrt) are raped and Janice is killed. Color movie directed by Pete Jacelone. 96 min

Psychotic, The (Roughies, The: Sexual Assault - D3) - XI

Pulp Fiction - ?S
M/m rape.

Punishment of Anne - ?N
Anne is beaten by her mistress while simultaneously performing oral sex on the male narrator. Based on the novel "Beauty's Punishment" by A. N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice); a part of the "Beauty" series. French movie.

Pussy Hunters, The (1972) - link - XI



Qing ben jia ren (1992) - ?N
["Pretty Woman"]
M/f restrained, fatal rape. An office worker (Veronica Yip) who has stayed late is bound, gagged, raped, and accidentally killed by a co-worker.

Qing lou shi er fang (1994)
[" Ancient Chinese Whorehouse"]

Quando l'amore è oscenità (1980) - link - ?I

Quake (1992) - link - ?I
["Aftershock" "Earthquake - Inferno des Wahnsinns" "Remegés" "The Stalker" "Vittima di un incubo" "Wstrzas"]

Quelli che contano (1974) - link - ?1I
["Cry of a Prostitute" "Cry of a Prostitute: Love Kills" "Die Rache des Paten" "Guns of the Big Shots" "O nomos tou ektelesti" "The Big Shots"]
Italian color movie directed by Andrea Bianchi. 97 min

Quills - BI
M/f coerced, marital rape. Dr. Royer-Collard (Michael Caine) informs his child bride, Simone (Amelia Warner), that a wife has certain nightly responsibilities. She is obviously distressed, but does not resist when he rips her chemise and takes her from behind as she lies on her side. There is no nudity in this scene. Acting 5/5, Intensity 2/5, Graphic 4/5. Scene 7. Timer: 0:38:25 - 0:39:51. Action: 0:0:40. Color movie directed by Philip Kaufman.



Raakh (1989) - link - ?I
Indian color movie directed by Aditya Bhattacharya.

Rabid Dogs (1974) - link - ?3I
["Cani arrabbiati" "Semáforo rojo" "Les chiens enragés" "Semaforo rosso" "Kidnapped"]
Italian color movie directed by and  (uncredited).

Rambo (2008) - link - ?I
["John Rambo" "John Rambo - Regreso al infierno" "Rambo 4" "Rambo 4: John Rambo" "Rambo IV" "Rambo IV: End of Peace" "Rambo IV: In the Serpent's Eye" "Rambo IV: Pearl of the Cobra" "Rambo: Do pekla a naspat" "Rambo: Do pekla a zpet" "Rambo: First Blood Part IV" "Rambo: Regreso al infierno" "Rambo - Regreso al Infierno" "Rambo - Regreso al infierno" "Rambô: Saigo no senjô" "Rambo: To Hell and Back"]

The Ramrodder (1969) - link - BI
["Cattle Riggers" "Le totem du sexe" "Savage Passion" "Vergini Indiane per il Totem del Sesso"]
M/f overpowered off-screen/off-camera fatal rape. A cowboy chases down and attacks Cochina (Catherine Share billed as Kathy Share), an Indian chief's daughter. Once the actual rape begins, they roll off-camera and her screams are heard. The majority of the scene, however, is off-camera. Timer: 0:31:54. Color movie directed by Van Guylder. 92 min.

Rape (1976) - link - BI
["Desnuda inquietud"]
(1) M/f attempted overpowered rape. (2) M/f attempted overpowered rape. (1) A man attempts to rape a María (), but is stopped when her occult powers scare him. (2) During a previous life regression session, María recalls being an Indian girl who escapes from her captors. One of the conquistadors chases her down and attempts to rape her, but is stopped by another one. Spanish color movie directed by . 90 min.

Rape! (1976) - link - ?I

Rape! 13th Hour (1977) - link - ?I
["Reipu 25-ji: Bôkan"]

Rape is a Circle - ?I
F/f dildo rape (soldering iron).

Rape Me (2000) - link - XIx
["Baise-moi" "Baise-moi - Fick mich!" "Baise-moi - Scopami" "Blodsøstre" "Fóllame" "Fick mich" "Fick mich (Baise-moi)" "Fuck Me" "Gamise me" "Gwalt" "Kresni me" "Legyél velem!" "Pane mua" "Ríddu mér" "Shag-Me" "Tseluvai me" "Viólame"]
MM/f, M/f overpowered rape. Manu (Raffaëla Anderson) and a girlfriend are abducted and raped by three men (Ian Scott, Philippe Houillez, and Steven Jhonsson). Manu submits complacently, but her girlfriend fights back and is beaten severely. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 1. Timer: 0:08:28 - 0:13:29. Action: 0:2:42. French color movie directed by Virginie Despentes and Coralie Trinh Thi.

Rape of a Housewife - XD

Rape of a Tourist - XD

The Rape of Doctor Willis (1991) - link - ?I
["Ärztin unter Verdacht" "Misstänkt för mord" "Tohtori Willisin omatunto" "Venganza del destino" "Vingança Acidental"]

Rape of Love (1978) - link - RIx
[L'amour violé" "Das Ende der Nacht" "De verkrachte liefde" "El amor violado" "O Amor Violado" "Saldiriya ugramis ask"]
MMM/f restrained rape, restrained anal rape and restrained oral rape. Nicole (Nathalie Nell) is riding a moped and is run off the road by four men in a truck. They abduct her and take her to a barn where she is forced to strip. She is then raped by one of them. A second one rapes her vaginally and anally. She is then forced to perform oral sex on a third one. Acting 5/5, Intensity 5/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 8-16. Timer: 0:16:43 - 0:31:37. Abduction action: 0:0:19. Strip action: 0:3:45. Rape action: 0:3:00. French color movie directed by Yannick Bellon.

Rape Party (?) - XD

Rape Victims (1975) - link - XI
["Lust!" "Victims of Love" "Victims of Lust"]
(1) MM/f rape, oral rape and humiliation. (2) FF/m restrained rape (3) M/f restrained rape. (1) In a flashback, a girl is abducted, rubbed down with grease, raped, and then urinated on by two men. (2) A bound man is forced to have sex with a woman while inserting his fingers in the vagina of another (Vanessa Del Rio). The women then change positions and he is forced to insert his fingers into the vagina for the first woman, while the second one forces him to perform anal sex on her. (3) During a home invasion, a manforces a woman to undress. Then he binds, gags and rapes her. Color movie directed by Richard Mailer. 56 min.

Raped by an Angel - I

Raped by an Angel 5: The Final Judgement

Raped Female Special Agents - ?I

Rapeman 1 (1993) - link - ?I
["Japanese Dexter, The" "Rapeman, The" "Reipuman, The"]

Rapeman 2 (1994) - link - ?I
["Japanese Dexter 2, The" "Rapeman 2, The" "Reipuman 2, The"]

Rapeman 3 (1994) - link - ?I
["Japanese Dexter 3, The" "Rapeman 3, The" "Reipuman 3, The"]

Rapeman 4 (1994) - link - ?I
["Japanese Dexter 4, The" "Rapeman 4, The" "Reipuman 4, The"]

Rapeman 5 (1995) - ?I
["Japanese Dexter 5, The" "Rapeman 5, The" "Reipuman 5, The"]

Rapeman 6 (1995) - link - ?I
["Japanese Dexter 6, The" "Rapeman 6, The" "Reipuman 6, The"]

Rapeman 7 (1995) - link - ?I
["Japanese Dexter 7, The" "Rapeman 7, The" "Reipuman 7, The"]

Raping! (1978) - link - ?3I
M/f (+) A woman on her way to Tokyo is repeatedly raped by various men she encounters on the way. Japanese color movie directed by . 69 min.

Rashomon - ?I

The Ravager - ?I

The Raven (2006) - link - ?3I
["Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven" "El cuervo (The Raven)" "O Corvo" "To koraki"]

Realm of the Senses - ?D

Re-Animator (1985) - link - ?I
(Barbara Crampton)

Reason to Believe, A (1995) - link - ?I
["Ta kalytera mas hronia"]
M/f date rape.

Red Canyon (2008) - link - ?I

Red Diaries (2001) - ?I
Gang rape

Red Heat (1985) - ?Sx
Christine Carlson (Linda Blair), the wife of a US serviceman stationed in West Germany, is kidnapped after witnessing the KGB capture a Russian fugitive. She is taken to a Soviet work-prison which is run by one of the female inmates. She is raped by a male interrogator and several female prisoners are raped by other women wielding furniture.

Red Ridge (2006) - link - ?I
["Rape & Revenge" "Texas Violence"]

Red Room (1999) - link - ?3I
["Akai misshitsu (heya): Kindan no ôsama geemu" "Red Room: The Forbidden King Game"]
M/f dildo rape (lightbulb). Japanese color movie directed by Daisuke Yamanouchi. 68 min.

Red Spirit Lake (1993) - link - BIx
M/f impaired rape. A woman is forcefully given an injection which leaves her conscious but incapacitated. She is carried upstairs to a bed, laid face down and raped. Color movie directed by Charles Pinion.

Redacted (2007) - link - ?I

Redneck Zombies - ?I

The Redsin Tower (2006) - link - ?I

Reform School Girls - ?I
(Wendy O. Williams)

Relentless 3 (1993) - link - ?I
["nuovo caso per l'ispettore Dietz, Un" "Relentless III" "Sunset-Killer 3, Der"]

Rendezvous in Hell (Roughies, The: Brute Lust - D1) - XI

Repulsion (1965) - ?I
Carole Ledoux (Catherine Deneuve) imagines she is being attacked by ghost-like figures that come out of the walls of her apartment.

Requiem for a Dream - I

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) - GI
["Resident Evil 3: Extinción" "Ölümcül deney: Insanligin sonu" "Biohazard III Japan" "Resident Evil 3" "Resident Evil 3 - A Extinção" "Resident Evil: Afterlife" "Resident Evil: I exontosi" "Resident evil - La extinción" "Resident evil - Väljasuremine" "Resident evil: Tuho"]
M+/f attempted rape. A group of men try to rape Alice (Milla Jovovich). Color movie directed by Russell Mulcahy. 95 min Argentina: 93 min

Restless Souls - I

Resurrection County (2008) - link - ?I

Revenge: A Love Story (2010) - link - ?I
["Ekdikisi: Mia istoria agapis" "Fuk sau che chi sei" "Revenge - Lupa tappaa" "Revenge: Sympathy for the Devil"]

Revenge on a Motorcycle Mama (Roughies, The: Cum Crimes - D3) - XI

The Revenger (1989) - ?I
An abducted woman (Nancy Mulford) is bound and gagged in a chair. Her captor (Oliver Reed) molests her as a possible prelude to rape.

Rezubian reipu: Amai mitsujû (1991) - link - ?I
["Garashu no silencer" "Lesbian Rape: Sweet Honey Juice" "Silencer Made of Glass"]

Rica 2: Lonely Wanderer (1973) - link - ?I
["Konketsuji Rika: Hitoriyuku sasuraitabi" "Rika karateci kiz"]

The Rifleman of the Voroshilov Regiment (1990) - link - ?2Ix
["Voroshilov's Shooter" "Vorosilov mesterlövésze" "Voroshilovskiy strelok"]
M+/f gang rape. Katya (Anna Sinyakina) is raped by a group of boys.

Righteous Kill ( ) - I

Riot in a Women's Prison (1974) - link - ?I

Riot on Sunset Strip (1967) - ?N
Gang rape

Ritorno dalla morte (1991) - link - ?I
["Frankenstein 2000" "Return from Death: Frankenstein 2000"]

Rivelazioni di uno psichiatra sul mondo perverso del sesso (1973) - link - XI
["Revelations of a Psychiatrist on the World of Sexual Perversion"]

Rivers Wash Over Me (2009) - link - ?I
["Wasser und Blut"]
M/m rape.

Riyon densetsu furea (1986) - ?N
A/f tentacle rape.

The Road From Erebus (2000) - ?N
Anal rape. M/m? TV movie

Rob Roy (1995) - link - ?Ix

Robot Ninja (1989) - link - ?I

Rolf (1984) - link - B3I
["Représailles" "Viimeinen taistelija" "O teleftaios misthoforos" "Rolf, o Mercenário" "Der Tag des Söldners" "The Last Mercenary"]
M+/f intimidation fatal gang rape. Five men force a woman to strip. They then take her into the bedroom and rape her one after another. As they are leaving, the last man out the door shoots her.

Roller Blade Warriors: Taken by Force (1989) - link - BI
["Roller Blade Warriors"]
M+/f gang rape. Gretchen Hope (Elizabeth Kaitan) is tied to a giant spool and gang raped.

Romance - I

The Rookie (1990) - ?S
F/m restrained rape. While tied to a chair, veteran cop Nick Pulovski (Clint Eastwood) is raped by Liesl (Sonja Braga), a criminal's girlfriend. Color movie directed by Clint Eastwood.

Room 237 (?) - RN
M/f implied dildo rape and implied anal dildo rape. A woman (Jewell) is bound bottom up in a box. The box is sealed and two dildos are insert through holes in the box. Color movie directed by Jeff Gord.

Roommates (1981) - link - X3Ix
M/f coerced oral rape. Billie () is forced to perform oral sex on her boss, Marv () in order to keep her job. 1:15:32. Adult color movie directed by . 89 min.

Rose (2011) - link - ?I

Rosemary's Baby (1968) - ?I
A/f impaired, restrained rape. Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow) is drugged by her husband, a Satanist, tied to a bed, and raped by the Devil (Clay Tanner - uncredited). Acting 5/5, Intensity 1/5, Graphic 4/5. Scene 11. Timer: 0:45:47 - 0:48:20. Color movie directed by Roman Polanski.

Ruff Sex (1990) - link - ?2I
["Animal Fucking" "Horse-Woman-Dog" "Mitsuryo no migiwa" "Uma to onna to inu" "Uma to onna to inu: Chô-abunômaru 'sanjûku'"]
Japanese color movie directed by Hisayasu Sato (as Hisayasu Satô). 58 min.

The Rules of Attraction (2002) - ?Ix
["Regeln des Spiels, Die "]
M/f impaired rape. Lauren Hynde (Shannyn Sossamon) passes out at a college party and is being videotaped losing her virginity to someone she doesn't know when she regains consciousness. Acting 5/5, Intensity 1/5, Graphic 5/5. Scene 1. Timer: 0:3:53 - 0:5:12. Action: 0:0:19. Color movie directed by Roger Avary.

Run! Bitch Run! (2009) - link - BIx
(1) M/f overpowered witnessed rape (female friend). (2) F/f witnessed humiliation and forced cunnilingus (female friend). (3) M/f fatal attempted rape. (1) Rebecca () is raped as a horrified Catherine () watches. (2) In a continuation of the same scene Rebecca is then forced to suck a woman's toes and perform oral sex on her as Catherine watches. (3) Later, in a forest, a man begins to rape Catherine (), forceably stripping her. He then gets distracted by her demeanor, letting her get up and run. She falls off a cliff and is killed.

Ryôjoku mesu ichiba - kankin (1986) - ?N
["Female Market: Imprisonment"]
M/f coerced, oral rape. M/f restrained rape. MMM/f restrained rape. A woman (Unknown) is ordered to give oral sex in order to avoid further punishment. A bound and suspended woman is raped. A woman (Kaori Asô aka Kaori Asou aka Kaori Mai) is bound and raped on top of a table by three men.



Sacrilege (1971) - link - XI

Sadistic Hypnotist, The (1969) - link - BI
["Wanda the Hypnotist" "Wanda, The Sadist Hypnotist"]
F/m restrained rape. Comedy

Sadomaster (2005) - link - ?I
["Cruel Shi Nuezhe" "Sadomaster Redux"]

Saldirgandler (1979) - ?I
Turkey’s first official X rated movie. Two gang rapes.

Salige er de som tørster (1997) - link - ?2Ix
["Blessed Are Those Who Thirst" "Rache für meine Tochter" "Saliga äro de som törstar"]
Implied rape?

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom - link - ?I

Salvador (1986) - BI
["Outpost: Salvador"]
M/f , M/f, M/f, M/f overpowered/restrained fatal rapes. A lay worker, Cathy Moore (Cynthia Gibb billed as Cindy Gibb), and three nuns, Sister Stan (Danna Hansen), Sister Burkit (Sigridur Gudmunds), and Sister Wagner (Erika Carlsson billed as Erica Carlson), get stopped by a group {Rapist #1 (Tomás Leal), Rapist #2 (René Pereyra)} of drunken policemen. All are raped and killed. Acting 5/5, Intensity 4/5, Graphic 3/5. Scene 16. Timer: 1:16:54 - 1:18:56. Action: 0:0:52. Color movie directed by Oliver Stone.

San Francisco Ball (1971) (Roughies, The: Cum Crimes - D2) - XI
M/f rape. Color movie directed by Jack Gennaro.

Sand (2000) - ?I
Attempted gang rape.

Sand Trap (1998) BD
M/f role-played prelude to rape. Jack Greeley (Brad Koepenick), who is supposedly her thought-to-be-dead husband's best friend, breaks into the motel room of Margo Yeager (Elizabeth Morehead) and pretends he is going to rape her. He drops the pretext of rape before the actual sex begins because he thinks continuing would mean she would have all the fun. Color movie directed by Harris Done. 100 mins

Sapatos Pretos - ?N

Sasori in U.S.A. (1997) - link - ?I
["Scorpion's Revenge"]
M/f impaired, restrained, final rape. A female prison inmate (Yohko Saitoh) is beaten to unconsciousness by guards. While being raped by the warden, she regains consciousness and kills him.

Satan's Bed (1965) - ?I
Ito (Yoko Ono)

Satan's Children (1975) - link - ?I

Satan's Skin (1970) - ?N

Saturday Night Special (Roughies, The: Cum Crimes - D4) - XI

Savage Encounter (1980) - link - ?I
["Demon Lust"]
Prelude to / aftermath of rape, or off camera rape.

Savage Justice (1988) - link - BI
["I epistrofi tou pezonafti" "L'étouffante loi de la jungle"]
(1)F/f molestation. (2)M/f prelude to intimidation rape. (1) One of the women who is interrogating Sarah () fondles her. (2) Sarah attempts to kill a man holding her captive. He disarms her and wrestles her underneath him. If is implied that he then rapes her. It is also implied that he repeatedly rapes her over the next year as he brain washes her into becoming part of organization. Although female breasts are seen at one point in this movie, none are shown during these scenes. Color movie directed by .

Savage Fury - XI
Five coeds are raped by five men who break into their dormitory. Christy Canyon. April May. Bunny Bleu. Josephine Carrington. Beverly Bliss. Craig Roberts. David Sanders., Rick Savage., Peter North. Tony Martino.

Savage Lust (Roughies, The: Cum Crimes - D2) - XI

Savage Streets - link - ?Ix
["5 Deadly Angels" "Calles salvajes" "Dromoi tis vias" "Dzikie ulice" "Kegyetlen utcák" "Ruas Selvagens" "rues de l'enfer, Les" "Savage Street - Straße der Gewalt" "Zombie Brigade"]
A deaf-mute girl (Linnea Quigley) is gang raped in the boys' locker room of a high school gym.

Savage Vengeance (1993) - link - B2I
["I Spit on Your Grave 2: Savage Vengeance" "I Will Dance on Your Grave: Savage Vengeance" "Return to the Grave"]
(1) MMM/f overpowered rape and M/f oral rape. (2) MM/f overpowered rape, fatal dildo rape (Knife) and implied necro rape. (3) M/f overpowered rape. (1) Four men attack Jennifer ( billed as Vickie Kehl). Three of them rape her and the fourth one forces her to perform oral sex. Graphic 2/5 (She is wearing blue jeans the entire time.). (2) What begins as a consensual makeout session becomes rape when Sam () won't agree to sex is taken upstairs and thrown on a bed by the man she was making out with and his friend. The first man raped her. When she resists being raped by the second man, he gets angry and shoves a knife in vagina, killing her. When the first man complains that he wasn't through with her, the second man laughs and says it isn't too late and she won't be resisting anymore. (3) When Jennifer comes to the same cabin in search of Sam and finds she has been murdered and cannibalized, she tried to escape. The first man chases her through the woods, catching and raping her. Graphic 2/5 (She is wearing blue jeans the entire time.). Color movie directed by . 65 min.

Scandal in Black (1990) - link - ?3Ix
["Appuntamento in nero" "Appointment in Black" "Blind Date" "Naked Rage"]
M/f overpowered rape.

Scarlet Diva - D

Scarlett (1994) - ?I
M/f rape. M/f rape. Scarlett O'Hara (Joanne Whalley billed as Joanne Whalley-Kilmer) is raped. Another woman is raped. Color TV mini series directed by John Erman. 360 min / Brazil: 155 min (video version) / 45 min (8 episodes)

The Scavengers (1969) - link - ?I
["Aasgeier, Die" "Ambush!" "Cache ta femme, prends ton fusil, voici les scavengers" "Grabbers, The" "Lännen haaskalinnut" "Nascondi la tua donna..." "Prendi il fucile, nascondi la tua donna, arrivano gli Scavengers" "Rebel Vixens" "Renegade Raiders" "Saatanat. Tosi hurja joukko" "Satan" "Scavengers" "scavengers, Les" "symmoria ton arpahtikon, I" "Tombstone Territory"]

Schooldays (1975) - ?N

Schoolgirls in Chains (1973) - link - ?1I
["Abducted" "Come Play with Us" "Girls in Chains" "Let's Play Dead" "The Abduction"]
M/f rape. The older brother rapes Ginger. The younger brother molests her. Color movie directed by Donald M. Jones.

Schulmädchen-Report 5: Was Eltern wirklich wissen sollten (1973) - link - RI
["Ap' ta thrania noiosame ton erota" "comportamento sessuale delle studentesse, Il" "Naughty Freshmen" "Schoolgirl Report Part 5: What All Parents Should Know" "Uusi koulutyttöraportti no. 2"]

Schulmädchen-Report 6: Was Eltern gern vertuschen möchten (1973) - link - RI
["Campus Pussycats" "Erotic Young Lovers" "Lolite supersexy" "Schoolgirl Report 6: What Parents Would Gladly Hush Up" "Thranio No 6: Erotikes adynamies mathitrion"]

Scorned (1994) - link - G1Dx
["A Woman Scorned" "Die Rache einer Frau" "Sin escrúpulos" "Haute infidélité" "Poussée à bout" "Vengeance tous risques" "Bűnhődjenek az ártatlanok" "Uma Mulher Atraiçoada" "Acorralada"]
M/f coerced rape. Patricia Langley (Shannon Tweed) is convinced by her husband, for the benefit of his career, to let Mason Wainwright (Stephen Young), a business associate, have sex with her. Color movie directed by Andrew Stevens. 100 min


Scream... and Die (1973) - BI
["Don't Go Into the Bedroom" "Psycho Sex Fiend" "The House That Vanished"]
M/f fatal rape. Lorna Collins (Judy Matheson) is raped and killed. UK color movie directed by José Ramón Larraz. Australia: 103 min / USA: 96 min

A Scream in the Streets (1973) - link - RI
["Der Schlächter" "Girls in the Street" "Koritsia stous dromous" "Scream Street"]

Screaming Dead (2003) - BC
A/f attempted, restrained, dildo rape. Maura Holloway (Rachael Robbins) is bound spread-eagle in a device that stretches her and gives electric shocks as she is threatened with impending vaginal penetration by a red hot, rotating, screw-like device. She is rescued. Although there is some female nudity in this movie, there is none during this scene. Color movie directed by Brett Piper. 88 min

Scum (1979) - link - ?N
M/m rape

The Secret in Their Eyes (2009) - link - ?1I
["El secreto de sus ojos" "O Segredo dos Seus Olhos" "Øjnenes hemmelighed" "Dans ses yeux" "Gözlerindeki sir" "Hemligheten i deras ögon" "Hemmeligheten i deres øyne" "Il segreto dei suoi occhi" "In ihren Augen" "Katseeseen kätketty" "Sekret jej oczu" "Szemekbe zárt titkok" "To mystiko sta matia tis"]
M/f rape. Color Argentinian / Spanish movie directed by . 129 min.

Secret Things (2002) - link - ?I

Seduction of the Innocents (1975) - link - XI
Statutory Rape.

Seed (?) - ZN
F/f restrained, dildo rape (hot comb) and molestation (cunnilingus). F/f restrained molestation (including cunnilingus). F/f anal, dildo rape and oral rape. A woman (Penelope Pace), under alien influence, sexually uses and abuses her roommate (Lisa Kinkaide). Color movie directed by Rick Masters. 75 min

Seiju gakuen (1974) - ?I
["School of the Holy Beast" "Convent of the Sacred Beast"]
Possible; there are rape victims.

Seijûden: Twin Dolls (1994) - ?N
A/f tentacle rape.

Sekreter (1985) - link - RC
M/f interrupted attempted rape. A boss attacks his secretary and attempts to rape her. He is interrupted by the woman's boyfriend and another man. The boss convinces them it was consensual. This movie contains numerous scenes of bosses peeking at their secretaries and grabbing their breasts. Turkish color movie directed by Temel Gürsu. 80 min.

Sélect Hôtel (1996) - RC
["Select Hotel International"]
M/f intimidation rape.

Seni sevmek kaderim (1970) - link - ?I

Senketsu no kizuna: Kichiku reipuhan o shinkan saseta shimai (2000) - link - ?I
["Blood Sisters"]

Sennentuntschi: Curse of the Alps (2010) - link - ?Ix

Sensitive New Age Killer - ?I

The Sensuous Detective - XI
M/f intimidation oral rape and restrained rape. A female detective (Serena) is chloroformed and tied up. When she regains consciousness, she is forced to perform oral sex at gunpoint and is then raped.

Senza scrupoli (1986) - link - BIx
["Adistakti ston erota" "Skrupellos" "Unscrupulous"]

The Serial Rape-Murderer (1983) - link - BI
["Renzoku bôkan" "Serial Rape"]

Serpico (1973) - link - RI

Serenity (?) - GI

Serial Kisser: Gang Rape (2010) -?I
Japanese color movie.

Seven Days (2010) - link - GI
["7 Days" "7 dni" "7 jours du talion, Les" "sept jours du talion, Les"]
M/f crime scene of fatal child rape.

Seven Beauties - ?D
Mental patient raped while spread-eagled.

The Sewing Circle (1992) (The Hardcore Collection) - ?I
Attempted Rape. Directed by Richard Kern.

Sex & Fury - ?I

Sex and Zen (1992) - link - XI
["Yu pu tuan zhi: Tou qing bao jian" "Sex and Zen - Il tappeto da preghiera di carne"]
M/f overpowered rape. A woman () is in a large wooden bath tub stimulating herself with a large calligraphy brush while her gardener secretly watches. He jumps in with her, forces the wooden handle of the brush into her mouth and holds it there during a long rape scene that turns consensual. A woman () is bound and gagged on her hands and knees. Behind her is a man with his hands tied behind and his hips pressed against her rear. He has a leather strap hooked on his nose and going over his head into the hands of a Mistress. The Mistress jerks back on the strap and whips his ass repeatedly causing him to thrust forward into the woman who throws her head up and neighs like a horse each time. Hong Kong color movie directed by . 99 min.

Sex Asylum (Roughies, The: Sexual Assault - D3) - XI

Sex Crimes (1992) - link - BC
(1) M/f overpowered rape. (2) M/f overpowered, fatal rape. (1) Rosanna (Maria Richwine),a prosecuting attorney, is raped in a barn by an escaped convict. (2) An erotic dancer (Kirsten Ashley?) is abducted from the club where she works, taken to the same barn by the same man and raped while being strangled. Although female breasts are exposed in other parts of this movie, there is no nudity in either of these scenes. American color movie directed by David Garcia

Sex in the Classroom (1974) - ?N

Sex Psycho (Roughies, The: Cum Crimes - D4) - XI
["Widow Blue"]

The Sex Thief (1974) - link - ?I

Sex Traffic (2004) - B1Dx