Daryl’s Run – Chapter 1

by Jefferson James
Last worked on: 11.03.06

“Not a bad take,” Daryl said to himself, as he counted the money in the cash box. “Looks like tonight could be the night.”

He had been employed at the 24-hour gas station for almost a year now. Whenever it was his turn to work the nightshift, the temptation to run off with the money was almost overpowering. Business was always good during the late evening, but being a little out of the way meant there were barely any customers from midnight to dawn. He could be long gone before anyone even knew to look for him.

As he was counting the money again, a car pulled into the station unexpectedly. It stopped by the pumps, but left the engine running. That was always a sure sign of someone who just wanted to use the restroom. Sure enough, the driver got out and headed for the side of the building. Daryl gave him the finger a split second after the man disappeared around the corner.

A moment later, as Daryl was about to return the money to its proper place, something caught his eye. There was a woman sitting in the passenger seat of the car. It was hard to tell from the fuzzy picture on the security monitor, but it looked like she was wearing expensive jewelry. Looking back out the front window, he quickly appraised the situation. It was a large, American luxury car and chances were good that she had a purse full of credit cards.

With his mind racing, Daryl stuffed the money from the cash box into his jacket pocket and rushed into the mechanic’s bay. A few seconds later, he was heading for the men’s room with a screwdriver in one back pocket, a bundle of baling wire in the other, and a towing strap in his hands. The woman was still in the car and didn’t seem to notice him.

He was just approaching the men’s room when the door started to open. Rushing forward, he grabbed its handle and yanked it shut. The man inside was taken by surprise and it took him a moment to react. By then, Daryl had the towing strap tied around the knob. With the extra leverage, it was much easier to keep the door closed. He wrapped the other end around one of the posts designed to keep cars from running into the building, and tied it off.

“Thanks for sweetening the deal, mister,” he said, chuckling.

The man started yelling and pounding on the door. But with the windows rolled up, the woman didn’t hear him. Daryl took the screwdriver from his pocket and sprinted toward the car. He was in the driver’s seat with the door closed by the time she knew anything was amiss. She let out a startled gasp. But before she could scream, he grabbed her short dark hair, yanked her head back, threatened her with the screwdriver and told her, “Sit still and quiet, or you’ll ruin the upholstery. You don’t want to get blood all over the rich Corinthian leather, do you?”

She started to say something, but stopped when Daryl jabbed the screwdriver closer to her eye and said, “I told you to be quiet. You don’t want this sticking in your brain, do you?”

She was shaking so badly, he would have known just by looking at her. With his fingers tangled in the hair on the back of her head, it was even more obvious. She was breathing hard and her chest, with its plump breasts, was rising and falling rapidly. Her large brown eyes were open wide in terror, but she was trying obviously to not move a muscle or to even breathe loudly.

“If you don’t want to get hurt, you’re going to do exactly what I tell you to do, nothing more and nothing less. And the first thing you’re going to do is turn all the way around in your seat and put your back to the door. Do it!” he said, moving closer and leaning over the center console so that he could still hold onto her as she compiled.

Once she had repositioned herself, Daryl moved the screwdriver away from her face slowly, watching closely for any signs of disobedience. Their eyes were locked. She seemed much more concerned by the determined look on his face and the tone of his voice than by the weapon in his hand. Other than breathing and swallowing hard, she remained completely immobile as his hand disappeared for moment behind his back and he took the bundle of baling wire from his pocket, tossing it into her lap.

“Wrap it around your knees and twist it off real good,” Daryl said, taking a quick look up and down the road to make sure no other cars would be arriving unexpectedly. “…exactly what I tell you to do, nothing more and nothing less.”

Picking the wire up in her long slender fingers, she looked up and down the road too, and around the gas station’s lot. Her eyes closed for a second and when they opened again there was an air of hopelessness about her. No one had come to her aid, and it didn’t look like anyone would. Sniffling, she straightened her ankles, lifting her feet to tiptoes, raised her knees and fed the wire under them. Then, taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and slowly twisted the loose ends around each other several times.

When she had completed her assigned task, Daryl helped her turn back around in her seat and told her, “That’s just to make sure you don’t try and jump out of the car while I’m driving. We don’t want you getting hurt, do we?”

He put the car in gear and pulled out onto the road. Looking back over her shoulder, the woman watched helplessly as the night swallowed up the lights of the gas station. Closing her eyes, as if expecting the worse, she asked softly, “…my husband?”

“He’s locked in the restroom,” Daryl said, proud of his ingenuity and his success thus far.

She seemed to have another question. But before she could ask it, Daryl said, “Hand over all your cash, credit cards and jewelry.”

Nodding her head, she bent forward to retrieve her purse from where it had fallen on the floor.

“…slowly,” he added. “Show me you don’t have a gun in there.”

She held her purse open for a moment to allow inspection of its interior, and then began surrendering her valuable’s one by one. Daryl stuffed them into his jacket pockets, thanking her facetiously each time. They were approaching the interstate, and as the car moved into the turn lane for the entrance ramp, she looked around. There wasn’t another vehicle as far as the eye could see.

“Please let me out here,” she said, softly. “By the time I walk back to the gas station you’ll have a good head start. I’ll wait as long as I can before reporting the car stolen and I’ll say I didn’t see who took it.”

Turning the corner and speeding up, Daryl shook his head and said, “First, I’m putting a lot of distance between us and where this little adventure began.”

He checked to make sure there was no traffic to merge with and accelerated.

“Then, I’m going to find a nice secluded place where you and I can have ourselves a private moment. But then, you knew that, didn’t you?” he asked, reaching over and squeezing her leg just above the knee.

Daryl felt her shudder. He grinned, nodded his head, and said, “You knew the second I grabbed you by the hair that you and I would be having ourselves a private moment, didn’t you? I’ll bet you’re all aquiver, ain’t you?

“Please, don’t,” she whispered.

He squeezed her leg again asked, “What? …don’t rape you, or don’t kill you?

Tears started streaming down her cheeks. Daryl chuckled and withdrew his hand, saying, “Look. I’m a nice guy. I’ll do one or the other, but not both. Not only that… What’s your name?


“Not only that, Lori, I’ll let you chose which it is. How’s that for a deal?”

She didn’t answer, and they drove on in silence for several miles. The road signs showed the next town was even farther ahead than the gas station was behind. They were approaching a junction with a road that, as they got closer, seemed to go nowhere. Grinning at his terrified captive, Daryl flipped on the turn signal and pulled into the exit lane. Then, placing his hand back on her thigh a little higher than before, he asked, “Still thinking it over? …trying to decide if rape is a fate worse than death?”

Lori waited until they were sitting at the stop sign before responding at all. The smaller road ran perpendicular to the interstate in both directions, disappearing into dense forests and darkness. Folding her arms over her chest, she glanced at Daryl, looked back out the side window and said, quietly, “I don’t want to die. Please don’t kill me. I’ll…”

Daryl squeezed her leg and flipped on the turn signal with an exaggerated movement. As they pulled on to the smaller road, he returned both hands to the steering wheel. When he had accelerated up to the speed limit, his fingers tangled in the hair at the back of Lori’s head again, serving as a potent reminder of the threats he’d made earlier.

“Understand something,” he said, with a touch of malice in his voice. “I don’t like people messing me around. We both know, one way or another, you’re going to say and do anything and everything I want. Don’t be dodging questions; it’s just going to piss me off. Now, I didn’t ask what you don’t want me to do. Tell me what you do want me to doing when we get to our special place?”

Releasing her, he calmed down a bit and asked with mock concern, “I want this to be your choice. Which would you prefer, Lori? Would you rather have me shove this screwdriver in your eye, or have me shove something else somewhere else? Do you want me to kill you or rape you?”

She tried to answer, but couldn’t. She opened her mouth repeatedly to speak, but began blubbering each time. Daryl put his hand on her thigh again and began stroking it as if comforting her.

“There, there,” he said. “Just relax. You’ve got a few more minutes to think about it.”

About two miles later, Daryl slowed the car and turned onto a dirt road. As they bumped along, heading deeper and deeper into the forest, he smiled at Lori and asked, “What’s it going to be? What do you want me to do?”

She wasn’t crying as hard as before, but she was still sobbing. It had begun to rain, and the car windows were now a little wetter than her face. Staring out the one on her side of the car and into the cold night, she said, in a hushed voice, “Rape me.”

As soon as the words left her lips, Lori buried her face in her hands and started bawling. Noticing for the first time the large diamond on her finger, Daryl said, “…all of your jewelry. Hand over your wedding ring.”

It was almost a full minute before Lori could calm herself enough to lower her hands to her lap. Even so, she just sat there staring. Then, closing her eyes, she started to cry again.

“One way or another, you’re going to say and do anything and everything I want,” Daryl reminded her. “If it’ll ease your conscience to get the shit beat out of you and be left for dead, we can play that game.”

Lori shook her head, tugged her wedding ring off and dropped it into Daryl’s hand. Tossing it into the air and catching it, he asked, “How long have you been married?”

“Seventeen years.”

“Have you been a good girl?”

Lori gave him a question look. Putting the ring into his jacket pocket, Daryl grinned and asked, “Have you ever cheated? …spread ’em for another man?”

Shaking her head slowly, she started sniffling again. Daryl slowed the car to a crawl and switch off the lights. Because of the rain clouds, it was so dark he could barely see where he was going. On the other hand, the road was so deeply rutted the car practically steered itself. Lori was again staring out the side window. He stroked her hair with mock compassion, and told her, “I know what you’re thinking.”

They looked at each other’s reflection in the window, and he asked. “You’re wondering what’s going to be like feeling a different dick in you after all these years, aren’t you?

Clenching her eyes shut, Lori turned her face further away.

“…aren’t you?” he asked, with more firmness in his voice.

Lori nodded. Daryl chuckled and told her, “Don’t worry; I won’t just ram it right up your cunt. You’ll get a chance to familiarize yourself with it first. …kiss it and lick it and feel it in your mouth before we even get to the part where it’s sliding in and out of your pussy. Or should I say ‘his pussy’? Now there’s a question for Miss Manners: Is a wife’s pussy hers or her husbands?”

Daryl chuckled and turned his attention to the road for a moment. It was raining harder and getting more and more difficult to see. Still, he wanted to be further from the highway and so continued driving. He glanced at Lori. She was shaking again. It wasn’t cold, so he knew it had to be anxiety. Smirking, he began stroking her hair, and told her, “We’re probably close enough to where we’re going to stop, Lori, for you start getting undressed. Let’s have a look at your rack.”

Lori looked around, peering out of the car’s windows almost as if she expected to spot someone watching. Then, closing her eyes and swallowing hard, she raised the front of her sweater slowly and grudgingly.

“All the way off, and the bra too,” Daryl said, “…to the flesh, baby. When I climb between those short little legs of yours, I want you wearing nothing but your bush.”

With tears again streaming down her cheeks, Lori did as she was told. She stripped for the waist up, placing her clothing on the seat between her and Daryl. Grinning, he reached over and began fondling her grapefruit-sized breasts.

“They probably wouldn’t win you a wet t-shirt contest, but not a bad set,” he said, rolling her stiffened nipple between his thumb and index finger. They’re actually perkier than I expected for a woman your age. Looks like you’ll be getting a tittie-fucking too. You ever had ’em fucked?”

Lori gave Daryl a confused look.

“You know,” he said. “A dick stroking in your cleavage while you push your tits together.”

She shook her head almost unnoticeably. Daryl whistled softly and said, “That’s almost like a cherry, and I get to take it. I wonder if you got anymore cherries for me.”

The car rolled to a stop and Daryl switched off the engine. For a moment he just sat letting his eyes get accustomed to the darkness, listening to the quiet sobbing coming from the seat beside him. Then, gripping Lori behind the neck, he pulled her closer and leaned over. The moment his mouth closed over her breast, her entire body went rigid and she began whimpering, but didn’t resist.

“Please don’t do this,” she begged.

Daryl pulled his mouth free, and asked, “You haven’t changed your mind about which you want me to do, have you?”

“Just let me go. Take the car and leave me here.”

Chuckling, Daryl told her, “I will, after I’m done doing what I’m going to do. Now tell me again what it’s going to be.”

“Please don’t make me say it again,” Lori whined.

Daryl suddenly grabbed her by the jaw and forced her to look him in the eye.

“I warned you once already,” he said, angrily. “I don’t like people messing me around. You’re going to say it again, and say it as many times as I want you to, or you’ll wish you had.”

Lori licked her lips nervously. Her eyes closed and she whispered, “Rape me.”

“Hands on your knees,” Daryl ordered, smiling at the fresh batch of tears pouring from her eyes.

He waited for her to obey. Then, taking the loose ends of the bailing wire binding her legs, he secured her wrists and told her, “Say it again.”

“Rape me.”

Snickering, Daryl tangled his fingers in her hair and tilted her head back. Pressing his lips to hers, he forced his tongue deep into her mouth and kissed her with exaggerated passion. His other hand squeezed and molded her breasts. Lori groaned in protest, but didn’t attempt to pull free.

For almost a full minute, he kissed her, twirling his tongue around hers, licking her lips and sucking them between his own. When he released her finally, he gripped her jaw and looked her in the eyes again, telling her, “I’m going to get out of the car and come around to your side. While I’m doing that, you might have enough time to get loose, and you might not. Either way, you won’t have nearly enough time to get loose and to get away. Don’t even try it; you’ll piss me off.”

As he opened his door, he smiled and added, “Besides, you want me to… What was it again?”

Lori turned away. Staring out her window, she said in a hushed voice, “Rape me.”

When Daryl opened the car door on the passenger side, Lori was sniffling and staring straight ahead. At the sound of his zipper going down, her eyes closed and she turned away, but offered no resistance when he gripped her chin, rotated her head and pulled her face to where he wanted it. His erection pressed against her quivering lips and she instantly turned away again.

Grabbing her by the hair, Daryl yanked her head back viciously and hit her hard, slapping her face to one side. Then, he backhanded her, knocking it in the opposite direction. She groaned in pain and her eyes snapped open, blazing with anger and hatred.

“You asked me to rape you, and I’m going to,” he told her. “Getting yourself roughed up is optional. If that’s what you want, I’ll be happy to accommodate. Just keep being uncooperative and I’ll work you over real good. Just because I said that if you want me to rape you I won’t kill, that doesn’t mean I can’t beat you half to death. You calm yourself down, or you’ll wish you had. Do I make myself clear?”

The look on Lori’s face rapidly turned to fear again. Her eyes closed. She nodded her head, and whispered, “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

She allowed her face to be guided into position again. The touch of Daryl’s penis against her lips made her cringe, but she didn’t turn away. She sniffled as it pushed into her mouth, and began sucking gently.

“Much better,” Daryl said, stroking her hair. “Much better. It ain’t half as bad as getting your jaw broke, ain’t that right?”

Lori didn’t react. Complacently, she allowed Daryl to move her head back and forth, and sucked gently as her lips slid up and down the shaft of his penis.

“Ain’t that right?” Daryl asked again.

She glanced up for a second and nodded her head slightly. There was neither hate nor fear in her eyes, only shame and humiliation. Daryl grinned back at her and asked, “This ain’t something new for you, is it? I’m real sure your mouth wasn’t cherry. You high society ladies suck cock just like any girl, don’t you?”

He pushed and pulled Lori’s face a few more times, making her take more and more of his hardon into her mouth. Then sliding his cock out of her mouth, he asked, “Don’t you?”

“Just do what you’re going to do,” Lori said, looking at Daryl with the slightest hint of anger in her eyes. “Don’t talk to me. I don’t want to answer your questions about my personal life.”

Grabbing her hair and yanking her head back, Daryl wrapped the fingers of his other hand around her long neck and tightened his grip menacingly.

“You don’t want to get fucked either, but you’re going to,” he said, snarling.

Lori’s eyes opened wide as she struggled to breathe. There was nothing in them now, except terror. She attempted to speak, but Daryl interrupted her.

“Actually, you do want to get fucked,” he said, his voice softening. “You want me to rape you. You asked me to; I heard you. I can make you do and say anything I want. That means you answer me when I ask you something. Don’t lie to me. Tell the truth like your life depends on it, because it does. Do I make myself clear?


“Do you suck cock?”

“Some,” she whispered. “Not a lot.”

Rubbing the head of his penis back and forth across her lower lip, he asked, “Do you swallow?

Lori shook her head slowly.

“Not ever?”

Turning away, Lori hung her head in shame and answered in a hushed voice, as if she thought someone else might hear her, “I did once or twice when I was in college, but not since then.”

Daryl laughed.

“I’ll bet you were a sorority girl. They do all kinds of wild stuff in college and then later act like they never did. I’ll bet you even licked pussy. Well, in just a bit, you’re going to be getting yours licked; I love the way women taste. Do you like the way men taste?”

Lowering her head, Lori said, softly, “Not especially.”

Daryl two fingers under the chin and tipped her head back up.

“You see, I got this theory,” he said. “I think every woman, every single female over the age of say 20, has had a dick in her mouth at one time or another. Every time I look at a woman I check out her lips and I picture her sucking cock. I’ve been thinking about how your mouth would feel from the second I laid eyes on you. Now I know.”

He pushed his penis back between Lori’s lips and began moving her head again.

“Now I’m thinking about how your pussy is going to taste,” he continued. “And I’m going to know that too. I’m going to know how it tastes and how it feels. You’ve got soft lips, but I’m willing to bet your pussy lips are even softer.

[Note: Physical position not believable and needs correcting]

The End for now… A work in progress to be continued, changed, etc.

(c) Copyright July 2006 by Jefferson James. All rights reserved. No portion of this story may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author, except for a single copy, by and for the person reading this notice, for private reading.