Fox Hunt

by Jefferson James
Last worked on: 01.02.03

Kathy had endured all the lewd gesturing and catcalls that she could stand. She pressed the gas pedal of her car to the floor. It did no good. The battered green pickup and its degenerate occupants easily pulled along side once again. This time, the tall skinny blonde in the back was exposing himself, wagging his flaccid penis at her.

“Show us your hooters,” the man in the passenger seat yelled for what must have been the tenth time.

The driver simply waved, but the look in his dark, brooding eyes terrified Kathy far more than the other two’s moronic antics.

The road turned sharply to the left. As Kathy slowed to negotiate the curve, the truck slammed into the side of her car. Frantically, she attempted to maintain control of the skidding vehicle. Her car was completely sideways and in danger of rolling over as she slid along the rain soaked shoulder of the road. With all her strength, she turned the steering wheel. Slowly, the automobile responded. It turned and then came to a stop, stalling as it settled into a deep muddy rut.

Several yards ahead, the pickup had stopped too. The tall, skinny blonde who had been riding in its bed was loping toward her with his penis still hanging from the fly of his coveralls. If she hadn’t been so scared, Kathy would have laughed at his awkward, wide-legged gait and the goofy smirk on his face.

“Grab her, Lenny” the man in the passenger seat yelled. “I want to fuck that fox.”

“Don’t you worry, little brother.” Lenny called back over his shoulder. “I’ll get her for you, but I want seconds.”

Kathy’s first thought was to lock the doors. Her second thought overrode the first. They had been willing to run her off of the road and wreck her car. The glass of a window wouldn’t stop them. She needed to get the car started and escape. With trembling hands, she grabbed the keys, and started the engine. Shifting into drive, she pressed on the accelerator and the tires spun. She frantically tried reverse, and the tires spun again.

Lenny was getting dangerously close. Panic-stricken, she opened the car door and got out. She had no choice but to make a run for it. The ground rose steeply on the other side of her car. Her only path of escape was across the road and into the woods. As she scrambled across the pavement, she heard Lenny call to the truck.

“She’s running, Charlie,” he said. “If you want to do it to her, you’re going to have to help me catch her.

Charlie barreled out of the passenger side of the pickup, whooping and hollering, “Ooowee!! We got us a foxhunt. Run, foxy, run.”

Kathy had no intention of playing the role of stupid victim she had seen portrayed in the movies, scampering through the woods wearing inappropriate shoes, more concerned with what was happening behind her than with where she was going, screaming, making herself easy to follow. Instead, she kicked off her hi-heels and broke into a dead run without so much as a glance back at her pursuers. She was determined to get away.

A steep banked creek to her left forced Kathy to run diagonally. This would bring her closer to where Charlie would enter the woods, but she had a head start. Behind her, she heard Lenny hooting. His voice seemed to be a ways back. Apparently he had stopped long enough to tuck his penis back into his coveralls in order to protect it from the underbrush.

“Tally ho! The game is afoot,” Charlie yelled in a poor imitation of an English accent.

He was further ahead than Kathy had expected. He must know these woods and anticipated the path she would take due to the creek’s course. He was moving parallel to her and getting closer all the time. If she continued on the trail she was following, they would come face to face in less than a hundred feet.

“Here, foxy, foxy, foxy,” Lenny called from behind her.

The sound of his voice told Kathy that he was slower than his brother, both mentally and physically; he wasn’t gaining on her very fast. She had time to change direction without being overtaken. Hurdling a fallen tree, she charged through the undergrowth toward the creek. Briars grabbed and tore at her legs and short skirt, but she didn’t give them a second thought.

Suddenly the forest fell away and she was at the creek side. It was much closer than she had suspected. The bank was much lower here too. Without breaking her stride, she ran into the cold, shallow water.

Just as she reached the opposite bank, she caught a glimpse of Charlie out of the corner of her eye. He was about 50 feet downstream. The water was waist deep there and he was moving much slower than she was. As he waded across the creek, he laughed and said, “Run, foxy, run.”

Then, calling to his brother he yelled, “She crossing the creek, Lenny. Get her!”

Lenny responded by barking like a dog. He hadn’t seen her leave the trail and had run past where she turned. She now had a significant lead on both of them, but where was she going? If she didn’t find some sort of salvation soon, she would run out of breath and they would catch her. And then… She couldn’t let herself think about it.

A cornfield backed up to the creek and Kathy was soon running at top speed between the rows of tall stalks. She changed rows toward her left every so often, angling herself further and further away from the direction Charlie was coming from. Both brothers were barking and howling now. The primal quality of the sound and its closeness made her blood run cold. The lead she had gained at the creek was slowly diminishing.

Several yards ahead, Kathy saw a break in the rows of corn. There was a dirt road running through the field. As fast as she could, she ran towards it. If she could make it to the road, she might be able to escape. Although she had done well so far, she felt that once on the road, the adrenaline surging through her veins would give her an advantage. If she could put enough distance between herself and the cretins pursuing her, they might give up the chase.

When she got to the road, Kathy frantically looked both ways. To her left, the road seemed to go on forever, flanked by corn and nothing more. What she saw to her right nearly made her heart stop — a pickup truck. For a split second, she thought it was the same truck, but then she realized that this one was blue, not green, and it was being driven by a woman.

“Stop! Please, stop!” Kathy screamed, running into the road and waving her arms.

The truck skidded to a stop just short of running Kathy down. Rushing to the passenger door, she yanked it open and climbed in crying, “You’ve got to help me. They’re after me. Go! GO!”

The truck was just starting to roll again when Charlie and Lenny appeared from the rows of corn. The woman driving looked back at them as they disappeared in the cloud of dust behind the truck.

“That’s the Haneys,” she said, calmly. “Their brother Hamp must be around here somewhere. The three of them are always together.”

Kathy buried her tear-streaked face in her hands. Through choked off sobs she said, “They were going to…”

She could bring herself to say the word. Her fate had come so close to being sealed, she could picture it. …being overtaken on the road and dragged into the cornfield, too exhausted to resist as Lenny held her down with one hand and his other mauled her breasts, his long blonde hair framing his face and inane, leering grin while his younger brother, Charlie, ripped away her short skirt and her pantyhose, commenting on her ‘hooters’ one more time before…

“My name is Leanne,” her rescuer said. “I know exactly what they were going to do to you. They’ve chased me more than a few times. Most times, I out ran them. They like to run you down until you’re too tired to fight, then they’re on you like a pack of dogs. Two of them hold you down while the third one gives the business. If you ain’t a local girl, what happens there is just the beginning. They got a place they call the hen house where they take out-of-town girls, like you, for a couple of days.”

Leanne was a large, buxom blonde. With her scanty, cut off jeans and long ponytail, she looked almost like Daisy Mae from the Lil Abner comic strip. She was a strong, healthy farmgirl, and if the Haney brothers had raped her, as she implied, Kathy knew she wouldn’t have stood a chance against them.

“Why are they still loose,” Kathy asked, dragging her sweat-matted, auburn hair from her face. “Hasn’t anyone ever reported them to the authorities?

Leanne shook her head and said, “It wouldn’t do any good. Their daddy is a powerful man in these parts. They could easily get a whole mess of people to swear on a stack of bibles that the boys were at a prayer meeting on the other side of the county at the time.”

“My rental car is stuck in the mud at the side of the highway,” Kathy said.

Leanne smiled and told her, “I’ll radio my brother and ask him to get it for you. My place ain’t far from here.”

After a short time, Leanne turned the truck down a narrow winding lane nearly hidden by the tall grass. It turned this was and that with numerous switchbacks as it meandered across hills and valleys. Kathy almost felt like they were going in circles. Gradually, the trees became thicker and thicker, closing in on the barely visible track. Turning abruptly to the left, Leanne stopped in a small clearing. Behind two rusting cars up on blocks and a few discarded appliances stood a small cabin.

“It ain’t much,” she said, switching off the truck’s engine. “But it’s got electricity and indoor plumbing. That’s more than you can say about some homes in this county.”

As Kathy followed Leanne through the cabin’s front door, she started feeling uneasy. It had electricity; there was a CD radio crackling in one corner of the living room. Still, Kathy felt that the big, blonde girl hadn’t been honest about everything. The place was too dusty and in too much of a state of disrepair for anyone, besides a woman, to be living there full-time. Slowly looking Kathy up and down, Leanne grinned, picked up the radio’s microphone and said, “The fox is in the hen house. Set loose the dogs.”

In reply, Kathy heard the now familiar sound of Charlie and Lenny baying like hounds. Their voices were coming from inside the cabin, one each through the only two doorways besides the one she and Leanne had come in. Outside, the green pickup drove into the clearing, towing Kathy’s rental car behind it. Hamp was inside, grinning and waving.

“I sure hope you like the taste of pussy,” Leanne said, setting down the microphone. “I can’t wait to cum all over your pretty face.”

Not knowing what else to do, Kathy charged for the front door. Leanne easily intercepted her, holding her tight in a bear hug. Desperately, Kathy tried to break free as Leanne sucked and licked at her neck. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Lenny drag a mattress from what must have been the bedroom. She felt Charlie grab her arms and attempted to kick him.

“Get her tied down and then you can have your fun, sis,” said a deep voice Kathy hadn’t heard before.

She realized it must have been Hamp.

Leanne loosened her hugging grip slightly, moving her encircling arms downward. As Kathy twisted and turned, the big, blonde girl pulled her off of her feet. One of Kathy’s legs was passed off to Hamp. Charlie gave one of her arms to Lenny, and she was lifted into the air, carried onto the mattress, spread-eagled and tied. She was theirs.

She wanted to scream. She wanted to struggle, beg, offer them money, but all she could do was cry uncontrollably. She was barely aware of Charlie as he began opening her blouse, saying one more time, “Show us your hooters.”

“You know the rules, boys,” Hamp said. “Leanne gets her first. It was her that learned us how to get a woman for more than just a fuck in the woods.”

“That’s fine by me,” Charlie laughed. “Come on, sis. Show us your hooters. Make her lick ’em. Then, give this city girl a good taste of country pussy. I want to see if she can teach me a thing or two.”

Leanne began removing her clothes, giggling and saying, “Even Lenny could teach you a thing or two about eating pussy. You’re always in too damn big of a hurry.”

Kathy slowly began coming to her senses. Cold air bathed her chest as Charlie unclasped the front of her bra and pulled it open. She felt Hamp’s and Lenny’s rough hands coarsely caressing the insides of her spread thighs. She watched in dread as the now naked Leanne knelt, her thick, sandy blonde muff just inches from Kathy’s tear-streaked face.

“You do me real good, Foxy, or my brothers are going to hurt you bad,” Leanne theatened.

As a warning, Charlie reached behind and under his sister, viciously pinching Kathy’s nipples. She opened her mouth, crying out in pain, and immediately found it filled with pubic hair, labia, and the musk-like flavor of another woman. She tried to turn away, but her head was locked between Leanne’s muscular legs

“Slap her boobs, Charlie,” Leanne told her brother. “She ain’t sticking her tongue in me.”

“I stick my tongue in you real nice, don’t I?” Lenny asked.

“Hush up,” Hamp told him. “Hand me them scissors.”

Charlie’s hands smacked the sides of Kathy’s breasts several times, making her whimper into Leanne’s crotch. She knew she had no choice. As much as it disgusted her, she had to comply. The Haney’s could force her to do anything they wanted and she knew it. With a whine of resignation, her lips parted and she thrust her tongue upward, deep into Leanne’s moist vagina.

“Oh yes, Foxy,” Leanne moaned. “Fuck me with your tongue.”

As she suffered the indignity of having Leanne’s wet vulva sliding up and down over her lips, riding her tongue like a penis, Kathy heard the sound of fabric being cut. The tight confines of her skirt loosened and then were gone all together. Her ankles were pulled further apart by the ropes restraining her, and she was spread wider. A few seconds later, there was a tug, a small ripping sound, and she felt the cold steel of the scissors against her thigh as Hamp began cutting up the inside of the leg of her pantyhose.

Leanne began working her hips faster and faster. Her crotch grew wetter and wetter as she painted Kathy’s face with her sticky vaginal juices. Leaning further forward she forced her clit into Kathy’s mouth and groaned, “Suck it, Foxy. Suck and lick at the same time.”

Kathy followed her orders and felt Leanne shudder with pleasure. A moment later, the big blonde shifted position again, once more placing her drooling pussy over Kathy’s extended tongue. Gradually, Kathy became aware of a new taste in her mouth. It had a stronger, richer flavor, and she realized she was tasting female cum. The very thought sickened her, but she knew it was something she was going to have to get used to. She had no doubt she would find her face between Leanne’s legs more than a few times before she was released.

As his sister rocked and moaned in the final throes of her orgasm, Hamp continued cutting away Kathy’s underwear. Having made a large hole along the inseam of her pantyhose, he worked a finger into the leghole of her panties, lifting them from her body. One quick snip across their crotch and Kathy felt the fabric snap back, exposing her lewdly splayed pussy. Hamp’s fingertips slid through her neatly trimmed pubic hair and he chuckled, “You go a pretty one, maam. A real pretty one.”

Leanne moved to one side and began kissing and licking Kathy’s face as her brother, Charlie, moved to the foot of the mattress and hurriedly began undressing. Kathy knew she was only seconds away from having another women’s tongue in her mouth, and a strange man’s penis in her vagina. As best she could, she tried to mentally brace herself. Closing her eyes, she attempted to picture the man she was dating. She hadn’t yet let him go to bed with her, but his face was the first acceptable one to come to mind. Soft lips pressed against Kathy’s own. A tongue slipped into her mouth, passionately entwining with her own.

“Don’t you ladies look a sight,” Charlie said, shattering Kathy’s illusion. “I just love seeing women loving up on each other.”

“Can I suck her titties while you’re doing it with her?” Lenny asked. “Can I?”

Leanne had let her hair out of the ponytail she had worn earlier and Kathy’s face was in a tent of its long blonde tresses as the kissing and licking continued. She didn’t hear a reply, but when she felt Lenny’s mouth close over her nipple she knew Charlie must have nodded. The mattress compressed under the weight of another person and she knew Charlie was positioning himself over her bound and spread body. Then, she felt the sensation she had been dreading since the onset of the entire ordeal – the head of a penis between her pussy lips.

Charlie moved his cock up and down between Kathy’s labia once or twice until he found the opening of her vagina. Then, he lunged forward, attempting to enter her in a single shove. In response, she screeched into Leanne’s mouth. Kathy was completely dry and felt horribly stretched inward as if Charlie was trying to turn her inside out.

“You always go too fast,” Leanne told him. “You should have let Lenny lick her.”

Charlie pulled back, grunted, and shoved in again, making Kathy groan in pain.

“She’ll get wet soon,” he said. “…soon as she sees how big I am and how good I do it to her.”

Leanne chuckled and said, “…only if you last long enough.”

Charlie reacted to his sister’s words by angrily stabbing his penis into Kathy. With each stroke he jammed harder and deeper. In spite of the pain’s intensity, Kathy found the shame and degradation she was feeling to be even worse. She was a lady and was used to being treated like one. Even in her worst nightmares she hadn’t envisioned herself becoming the sexual plaything of a family of degenerate hicks.

She tried to shut reality out of her mind, but with each painful jab, Charlie kept symbolically driving that image home. Soon, Kathy’s juices began to flow and he was able to stroke her with his entire length. Her vagina surrendered, accepting the pistoning, raping invader within it’s smooth, gripping walls. She tried desperately to hold on to her tattered pride, but it was literally being pounded out of her.

“You make sure you get out soon enough this time,” Hamp said.

Lenny lifted his sucking mouth from Kathy’s breast. Almost as if he were reciting a lesson in school he said, “Never squirt inside. It makes her messy and too slippery for the others.”

The words made Kathy cringe. Charlie’s sister, Luann, had already straddled her face, riding it to orgasm, forcing Kathy to taste the result. He, himself, was now between her spread and bound legs, ramming his stiff hardon in and out, in and out of her. With each slamming thrust, each pussy filling stab, he came closer and closer to ejaculating.

But what did it matter? There were still two more waiting in line to lie between her legs, shove their dicks in her and use her like a whore. And what then? How many more times would she be raped? Nobody knew where she was. It would be days before anyone even began looking for her. Being rescued was out of the question and escaping was just as unlikely. She would lie there, spread-eagled on that mattress, eating pussy and being fucked by the Haneys for as long as they wanted.

The End for now… A work in progress to be continued, changed, etc.

(c) Copyright January 2003 by Jefferson James. All rights reserved. No portion of this story may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author, except for a single copy, by and for the person reading this notice, for private reading.