Office Party

by Jefferson James

Paul and I decided to knock over a collection agency. Through inside information, we’d learned that they had a lot of cash on hand due to being shorthanded and a deposit not being made the day before. The insider had no direct connection to us, he was just some guy we overheard at lunch, and the job looked to be a cinch. We packed up the tools of the trade, and headed downtown.

Just a few minutes before 5:30, we strolled into the place. As I bolted the front door, pulled the blinds and put out the little sign that said the place was closed, Paul herded everyone into the larger of two back offices. There were two older guys that no one would mistake for being anything other than accountants. Standing between them was the girl who worked the front counter. In front of her was an older woman who looked and acted like she owned the place.

One of the guys gave up the bulging deposit bag without a word. It wasn’t even locked in a safe. …easy pickings. The woman tied up both men and gagged them. I checked her work and it was good enough. She told the girl everything was going to be all right and motioned for her to sit in a chair. She picked up another piece of rope from the pile Paul had dumped on one of the desks. That’s when I stopped her.

Things had gone so smoothly, I decided on a change of plan. The girl looked to be about nineteen or twenty. She had short blue-black hair and she was wearing red-black lipstick. Her eyes were large and brown, and the heavy eyeliner she wore made them look even bigger. Her eyebrow had a ring through it, her tongue had a stud through it, and there was a tiny silver star on the side of her nose. She was short and thin so her tits and ass were a little on the small side, but all in all she was a pretty hot package.

“I think we have time for a little fun before we go,” I said, looking her up and down.

The woman stepped between us and said, “You leave her alone.”

“What’s your name?” I asked, trying to look around her.

The woman glared at me and said, “Ms. Hartman.”

“Not you,” I said, pushing her aside.

The girl wrapped her arms around herself, closed her eyes and didn’t say anything. She was starting to shiver. It had to be out of fear because the room was warm. In fact, I was starting to sweat a little. Although, I think it was more out of anticipation than anything else.

“What’s your name?” I asked again, with a little more edge to my voice to prove I meant business.

Ms. Hartman stepped back into the way. She gave me this real nasty look and told me, “Her name is Star. Now leave her alone.”

Paul looked a little worried. I think Ms. Hartman was actually intimidating him a little. I just found her amusing. He clutched the money bag tight in one hand, his gun in the other, shuffled his feet a little and said, “Maybe we should just go.”

“Come here, Star,” I said, ignoring Paul.

Nobody moved or said anything. I repeated myself. Ms. Hartman snarled and said, “Leave her alone and go.”

“What if I don’t?” I asked, pointing my gun at her head. “Do you think a bullet through your head will protect her? I know it’ll shut you up.”

She tried to hide the terror in her eyes, but I saw it as clear as day when she said, “You wouldn’t dare. You know as well as I do that a gunshot will bring the police.”

Paul recognized her bluff for what it was just like I did. Shaking his head, he took aim at her head too, and said, “If you believed that, you wouldn’t have given us the money.”

“Come here, Star,” I said a third time.

Each of them, haltingly and grudgingly, taking half steps at a time, moved. Ms. Hartman stepped aside and Star came to me. Putting my gun in my jacket pocket and zipping it shut, I put my arm around her shoulders. Then, pulling her closer, I started playing with one of her little tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipple got stiff, immediately.

“You like a good fucking, don’t you?” I asked.

She cringed and sniffled, but didn’t answer. Sounding almost like she was begging, Ms. Hartman said, “Leave her alone. She’s just a kid.”

“…just a kid,” I said, chuckling. “Look at her. She’s no cherry.”

Ms. Hartman got real quiet. She was thinking hard about something. Then, it a soft voice, almost a whisper, she said, “If you can’t control yourself and you have to rape someone, rape me. I won’t resist. I’ll do anything you want, just leave her alone.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Ms. Hartman was fifty if she was a day, probably older. She had definitely been something special in her day, but the years were showing. Shaking my head, I reached down and tried to get my hand between Star’s legs. She whimpered and turned away so that I couldn’t. If I hadn’t had her by the shoulders, she would have gotten away from me. There would be no getting up her without a fight.

“Let’s see what you got,” I said, smiling at Ms. Hartman, “Strip. Not a stitch…”

Her eyes opened wide in surprise. She looked into the next office and then back at me. Trying to control the shake in her voice, she asked, “Here? I thought…”

She didn’t wait for me to repeat myself. When I started reaching for Star’s crotch again, Ms. Hartman nodded her head rapidly and said, “Okay, okay.”

I was actually surprised at how little time it took for her to be standing there in front of me in her birthday suit. She wasn’t all that hard on the eyes, either. Her tits sagged a little and had stretch marks, but they were a mouthful and a hell of a lot more. In the ass and leg department, she wasn’t exactly scrawny, but nothing to write home about either. She had a gray bush that proved she’d been dying the hair on her head light brown for more than a few years. It was thick and untrimmed, a pubic hairstyle I’m not really fond of.

“Can you at least turn their chairs around?” she asked quietly, referring to the two bound men who were blatantly looking her up and down.

One of them even had a hardon poking the front of his slacks out.

“What do you guys think?” I asked. “If you were me, who would you fuck? …the old gray mare, or the pretty young filly?”

I made another grab for Star’s pussy and got a hold of it this time. She squealed and started kicking her legs wildly. I had to literally pick her up by her crotch to hang onto her. She was a little wildcat. Ms. Hartman started to say something, but I interrupted her by motioning toward the other office with my head and saying, “I don’t care what you thought. You’re going to hold her down. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. …fucked, but not hurt. You’re going to do it for your own good and hers too. If I have to shoot you, I’ll have to pistol whip her. She’ll get fucked up and fucked. No matter what, though, my dick is going up her cunt.”

Nodding his head, Paul waved with his gun, telling Ms. Hartman to get moving. I moved ahead of her, still carrying Star, and blocked the way to the front of the building. With tears running down her face, Ms. Hartman hurried into the smaller office. She looked at the phone as if weighing her odds of calling 911 while I was busy wrestling with Star. Then, she began moving chairs to make room on the floor, telling Star over and over, “I’m sorry.”

“Shut up and grab her hands,” I ordered, slamming Star down. “You’re doing her a favor. This way, I won’t have to fuck her up or kill anyone. She might get pregnant, but no one will get hurt.”

Star hit the floor hard, and it knocked the breath out of the little spitfire, and some of the fight too. Still apologizing, Ms. Hartman pinned Star’s wrists to the floor while I pushed the young hottie’s black tshirt up. I was all over those sweet little titties like a human vacuum cleaner as my hand rubbed up her thighs and crotch. She was gasping for all she was worth, and her right leg was still flailing around. I was lying on her left one, and that made it possible for me to unbutton her Levi’s.

Getting them off wasn’t going to be as easy, though. It took five or six good yanks just to get them down to her knees. Star was twisting and turning, crying and cussing. She called me a pig, a bastard, a son of a bitch, and a bunch of other things. Ms Hartman was nearly hysterical. She was shaking all over and crying her eyes out like a newborn hungry for tit. Seeing Star’s thong ripped off and stuffed between her dark red lips almost sent her boss over the edge. Ms. Hartman let out a long, loud whine, saying, “Oh, God. Oh God, I’m so sorry.”

Star’s pussy was a sight to behold. Its lips were so tight you can barely see the slit between them. She trimmed her bush just the way I like it, a narrow strip and really short. Predictably, she had a star-shaped tattoo near her mound. One of her kicks went a little wide and I was on her like white on rice. She keep swinging her legs around wildly, but I was between them busy getting my dick out of my pants.

A few seconds later, I was busy getting my dick in her. Her pussy wasn’t very wet, and it was tighter than any I’d had in a long time. A couple of good shoves, though, and I was half way up her. The look on her face was priceless. I don’t think she actually believed it would happen until her cunt told her it already had. There was horror on her face, tears in her eyes, panties in her mouth, and my dick in her pussy. …an unbeatable combination.

I usually don’t like a woman who just lies there. On the other hand, when Star quit struggling and started whimpering in defeat, it was heavenly. Her tough bitch look and street-wise ways were in total opposition to the reluctant acceptance of having lost the battle. As I pumped her, she started whimpering and tears began filling her big brown eyes. No matter how hard she had been on the outside, she was soft of the inside, and that’s exactly where I was.

Man, what a sweet fuck she was. Her firm little nipples rubbed against my chest. Her hot little pussy hugged my dick. The last few kicks of her legs had tilted her pelvis to the perfect angle for maximum penetration. I was going at her like there was no tomorrow and she had no choice but to ride it out. I’m sure she was still calling me nasty names, but she had begun to blubber so hard I couldn’t make out anything she was saying even though she had spit out her thong.

I stroked her deep and hard, pounding every bit of my dick into her skinny body. She was probably getting rug burns on her ass I was going at her so hard. Her hot little box had finally gotten good and slick and was swallowing cock like a cunt should. She was about to get a whole lot wetter too. Stabbing into her as far as possible, I let the cum fly.

Star wrinkled up her nose like she could actually taste it. Her eyes closed and she quieted down like something inside of her had died. I couldn’t help wondering if she wasn’t using birth control and wasn’t contemplating the possibility of something coming alive inside of her. As I pulled out, Ms. Hartman released her, burying her own tear-streaked face in her hands.

“You know what they say about a star being born.” I said, grinning. “What about a Star giving birth? …to a rapist’s baby?”

Star just sniffled and curled up in a ball.

“You want some of this?” I called to my partner.

Paul came in and looked at Star lying on the floor. He had a strange look on his face. He was feeling bad about what I had done to the girl, but he was obviously turned on by it too. Turning slowly to Ms. Hartman, he said, “Stand up.”

When she had gotten to her feet, he moved stepped behind her and grabbed her by the shoulders. Guided by him, she moved to the side of the desk.

“Bend over,” he told her.

Looking back at him with fresh tears rolling down her cheeks, she sniffled a couple of times and then nodded her head slowly. As she laid her head on the desk’s top, she bit her lower lip, obviously dreading what he would say or do next.


Paul said it and Ms. Hartman did it. Her thick bush with its curly gray hair was open for business and offering up its prize. She had some nice looking stuff, too. I don’t know what I expected an older woman’s pussy to look like, but hers had full taut outer lips and small flared inner ones. I was thinking about sampling her myself when Paul was done. There was definitely something about her submissive cooperation that was sexier than hell.

Ms. Hartman cringed a little at the sound of Paul’s pants opening, but she stayed put. Her eyes clenched shut and her hands balled into fists, but she was clearly his to fuck without protest or question. I wasn’t dumb enough to think she wanted it, though. A blind man could have seen the humiliation and distress on her face. A deaf man could have heard the anguish in her groan when she felt the head of Paul’s cock between her labia. She took a deep breath, Paul shoved, and she whimpered. He was in, and she was rape meat.

While he was stroking his way up her accommodating cunt, I checked to make sure the two accountants were still tied up. They were both sitting quietly. One looked like he was about to start bawling. The other had a wet spot on the front of his slacks and was straining to listen. He was obviously enjoying the fact that the boss-lady was getting raped in her own office.

When I got back, Ms. Hartman’s eyes were open as wide as can be and she was begging, “Go slow. Oh, God, go slow. It hurts.”

“…you tapping her tush?” I asked.

Paul didn’t answer, but Ms. Hartman nodded her head, still begging, “Please, just stop of a second and let me adjust. You’re killing me.”

Sighing loudly, Paul quit pushing. Almost half a minute went by. Then, Ms. Hartman nodded her head again, whispering, “Okay. I’m ready.”

When Paul started pumping her butt again, she winced, whimpered and sniffled, but she didn’t do any more begging or complaining. She was getting her south forty plowed good and proper and taking it like it wasn’t anything all that new to her.

“A refined and respectable lady getting it up the ass,” I said, taunting her. “It’s obviously not your first time, either. Who would have thunk it? You don’t look the type to like it in the caboose, but you must. You’ve got experience, that’s for sure, and a woman like you wouldn’t if it wasn’t something she liked. Under any other circumstances you wouldn’t have had any problem declaring your backdoor off-limits, otherwise.”

Star was still curled up on the floor weeping quietly. She was totally devastated and looked as submissive as her boss. My dick twitched back to life and I decided there was no point in me standing around watching a cornholing when I could be giving one. Star cringed a little when I knelt down beside her, but otherwise didn’t move a muscle. Forcing her onto her tummy, I laid over her back. She would have had to been a complete idiot not to know what she was in for. She knew; she was just too traumatized to care. Like her boss, she obviously wasn’t an anal virgin either. She took my dick up her little rectum like only a butt slut could.

I gave her a good pounding, flat out letting her have it, burying my bone to the hilt and slamming it home each and every stroke. From the sound of things, my partner was going at Ms. Hartman just as fast, deep, and hard. She was carrying on more than Star, but only a little more, sniffling a little and letting out the occasional agonized groan. About the only thing the guys in the other office could hear was a sound of flesh smacking together.

After a minute or so, Paul started moaning, and I followed suit, both of us creaming girl butt. There is nothing quite like draining your balls deep between a set of female cheeks; face or ass. I like them all. Our rape meat both took their load without a sound. I’ve done close to fifty strong-arm robberies, and raped a half dozen or so women during them. Never were the women this compliant. The older one wanting to protect the younger one was a real blessing.

Ms. Hartman took her next set of orders without batting an eye. She sucked us both clean. She tied up Star and let us tie her up. It was a good day between the cash and the ass. I’m already scoping out the next job, though. This time I’m looking specifically for an older woman running a place with a cute young receptionist. A mother and daughter would make things even more interesting. With any luck, in a week or so Paul and I will be throwing another office party.

The End

(c) Copyright June 2008 by Jefferson James. All rights reserved. No portion of this story may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author, except for a single copy, by and for the person reading this notice, for private reading.