Society Slaves Chapter 1

I disliked my stepmother. I never really hated her, but I couldn’t stand her uppity attitude. Before she had become a congressman’s wife, she was nothing; just a nobody with big dreams. Now, you would think she was the world’s biggest philanthropist. She was constantly saving some wetland or funding an orphanage in some third world country; all with my father’s money – my inheritance.

It wasn’t difficult to see what my father saw in Angie, his new bride. She looked good for a woman in her early forties. Due to her daily workouts, her tummy was hard and flat, and her small breasts and tight buttocks showed no signs of sagging. She was actually pretty sexy for a woman her age, or any age for that matter.

I know my dad likes small breasts. I also know that he has a thing for oral sex, and that it was no accident he had married a woman with big, full, pouting lips. The sort of lips that drive 18-year-old boys like me wild.

One day I was watching those lips as Angie spoke on the phone to one of her high society friends. As she went on and on about how awful it was that the husband of one of her friends was being ruined by a scandal, I was peeking through the crack of the door. From my vantage point all I could see of her face was her pert nose and those luscious lips sticking out past her short, feathered, black hair.

Holding a bondage magazine in one hand, and stroking my dick with the other. I pictured her tied to her chair, bound and fitted with a ring gag like the woman in the magazine. Glancing to the picture on the opposite page, I envisioned her wearing nipple clips. Being so caught up in my fantasy, I didn’t even notice that her phone conversation was coming to an end.

Suddenly, she hung up the phone and strode towards me. As I frantically stuffed my hardon back into my pants, I looked for a place to hide the magazine. Stuffing it behind a vase of flowers on a nearby table, I yanked up my zipper and attempted to look nonchalant.

As she emerged from the den, Angie gave me a worried smile.

“That poor woman,” She said, with her wonderfully sexy southern accent. “Did you hear? If her husband wasn’t working on that anti-pornography legislation with your father, the tabloids wouldn’t be prying into her private life this way. They’re trying to ruin him.”

She turned to leave, then stopped. Pulling the bondage magazine out from behind the vase, she spun around and slowly looked me up and down. As her big brown eyes fell on the bulge in my pants, and the accompanying pre-cum wet spot, her worried smile was replaced with an expression of shock.

“You disgusting little pervert…” she said, throwing the magazine at me. “You were fantasizing about me, weren’t you? I saw you peeping at me. I’d tell your father about this and have you thrown out of the house if we didn’t need to pretend to be the wholesome American family the voters expect us to be. This is just the sort of thing those media vultures would love to get their hooks`into. Don’t you care about your father’s career?”

As Angie stormed off, I started thinking about what she had said. She was so frightened by the prospect of a scandal that I was now certain I could get away with almost anything if I went about it correctly.

Two weeks later, I was sitting in my bedroom with Ernie. We first met at school. Being the ‘token African American’, he was the only Black guy in the entire school. We weren’t real best friends or anything, but I was the closest thing he had to a friend at the snooty private school we attended.

I had once defended him against a bunch of racist bullies. Ever since then, there was sort of an unspoken agreement between us: He owed me. I had spent the previous weeks hinting and questioning to see if he would help me carry out my plan. Finally, I told him the whole story and dropped a few spurious comments that led him to believe my stepmother was a bit of a racist. He agreed to help me.

“Did you bring the camcorder?” I asked.

“Sure did,” he replied, patting his gym bag.

“And the other stuff?”

“It’s in the bag,” Ernie said.

He was as excited as I was. Heading for the bedroom door, I said, “Let’s go. I slipped her the roofies about a half hour ago. She ought to be out cold by now.”

We found my stepmother unconscious and slumped over my dad’s desk in the den. Setting down the gym bag, Ernie quickly moved behind her and began feeling her tits. Rummaging through the gym bag, I told him, “Let’s get her gagged and tied up, first. I don’t want to take any chances.”

I threw him a ball gag from the bag and then fished out two sets of leather cuffs. Standing on either side of Angie, we eased her back into the chair. As Ernie gagged her, I placed the cuffs around her wrists and ankles, connecting each set with a pad lock. Once she was secure, we both spent a few minutes molesting her, playing with her breasts, pulling up her skirt and feeling her up through her pantyhose.

“This is going to be great,” I said, pressing my finger to Angie’s lips and smearing some of her bright red lipstick onto the white ball in her mouth. “Let’s get her into the bedroom.”

Holding her firmly into the desk chair, we rolled her down the hall to the master bedroom. The butler —he was actually more like my dad’s personal assistant — had gone on a business trip with my father. And Marta, the cook/housekeeper was busy in the kitchen. We had this portion of the house to ourselves.

“I’m not just taping it, right?” Ernie asked as we lifted her onto the bed. “I get to have some fun too, right?”

“Sure,” I laughed. “My dad is out of town all weekend. We’ll take turns.”

After we had lifted her onto the bed, I attached her wrist cuffs to the headboard. Using a short length of rope attached to the bed’s frame and looped through her cuffs, I secured her ankles so that she was stretched out in the center of the bed like a laboratory specimen. As we both copped a few more feels, Ernie grinned and said, “Your mom is a babe.”

“She’s my stepmother,” I corrected. “But you’re right. Seeing her bound and gagged like this is making me real hot.”

Then we left.

When we returned, two hours later, Angie was fully conscious and furious. I just looked at her and grinned. She gave me this look that scared the hell out of me. For a second I was starting to wonder if this was a such a good idea. But, I was in too deep to back out now. I had to bluff. If she smelled my fear, I was sunk.

“Did you enjoy your nap?” I asked, lifting her skirt and giving Ernie a peek. “Are you all rested up and ready for some fun?”

Angie’s eyes flashed from me to Ernie, who was preparing the video camera. Her eyes widened and she began fighting her restraints twice as hard as before. Once I was sure the tape was rolling, I sat beside her on the bed and placed my hand on her leg just above the knee. She tensed up instantly, and made this angry growling sound through her gag.

“What’s wrong? You don’t seriously believe you were unconscious all that time without us feeling you up, do you?” I asked her, inching my hand up her thigh. “I guess it is different now. Now you can feel my hand moving up your leg and there is nothing you can do except lie there as my fingers are getting closer and closer to your pussy.”

I stopped short of feeling her up by less than inch. I was enjoying taunting her and I wanted to stretch it out a little longer. Slowly withdrawing my hand, I smiled at her and said, “We played with your titties too. We didn’t suck on them or anything. A couple of feels and squeezes is all. But now, I think we would both like to have a peek at them .

My confidence was starting to come back. I reached out and touched Angie’s tits lightly with just the tips of my fingers, and then started slowly unbuttoning her blouse. She was so mad, her face was red and the veins were sticking out on her neck. As I opened her bra and exposed her little titties, I thought she was going to explode.

“Do you know what these are for?” I asked, taking a pair of nipple clips from my shirt pocket.

Angie stopped struggling and her demeanor quickly changed from anger to fear. Her eyes pleaded with me, making me smile. The last of my anxiety melted away and was replaced with eager anticipation. This was going to be as much fun as I had imagined.

“You do know, don’t you?” I laughed. “And you know they’re going to hurt too.”

As Ernie moved closer with the camcorder, I told her, “If you look right into the camera, I’ll put them on real slow so that you have a chance to get used to them gradually.”

Nodding her head, my once self-assured, now terrified stepmother sniffled and turned her face toward the camera. I grinned at her and opened the jaws of the alligator clips as wide as they would go, positioning them around her fear-stiffened nipples.

Slowly, I allowed the clips to close. As the teeth began to bite into her flesh, Angie’s face twisted in pain and her eyes began to well up with tears. The fact that it was being caught on tape made the expression on her face all that much more delicious.

Now that we had footage of her experiencing slow and gradual pain, I wanted to see her reaction to quick and sudden pain. I snickered, knowing it would make her look away from the camera and at me. It worked. She glanced over for a mere second, but it was all the excuse I needed.

“You flinched,” I laughed, opening the clips wide and letting them snap shut.

Angie arched her back and howled. The ball gag did little to mute her screams. Her tortured cries filled the room, bringing a wicked grin to Ernie’s face too. It was a good thing Marta always played the radio in the kitchen full blast.

“Did that hurt?” I asked Angie, wiping the tears from her cheek.

She tried to say something, but the gag made her impossible to understand.

“Just think,” I said, patting her cheek. “It’s a long weekend.”

Ernie moved in and got a close-up of the terror in Angie’s eyes as she contemplated her predicament.

“And you are going to do exactly as you are told from now on,” I said, tugging on the nipple clips for emphasis. “In fact, you are going to be eager to please, understand?”

As she slowly nodded her head, I removed her gag.

“You’ll pay for this,” she whined. “When your father gets back, he’ll castrate you, you little pervert.”

I tugged on her nipple chain, making her yelp.

“Like I said, it’s a long weekend,” I reminded her. “And before the weekend is over, you’ll have accepted things for the way they are going to be from now on.”

“Let me go this instant, you little shit!” she hollered.

“I have a better idea,” I said, slipping my hand under her skirt and squeezing her pussy through her pantyhose. “Why don’t you give me a blowjob?”

Gasping slightly, Angie pulled away from me as best as her restraints would allow.

“You put your cock in my mouth, and I swear to God I’ll bite it off,” she said, glaring at me.

I winked at her. Ernie’s gym bag was sitting on the nightstand. I opened it and took out a ring gag.

“I thought you might feel that way,” I said, dangling the gag in front of her face. That’s why I brought this.”

Defiantly, Angie clamped her mouth shut and turned her face away. I pulled on her nipple clips and she whimpered, but she kept her mouth tightly shut. I yanked even harder, but she refused to cooperate.

“You could always knock her out again,” Ernie suggested. “Like you said, we have all weekend.”

“That’s an option,” I agreed. “But I have a better idea. …one that will teach her she needs to obey.”

Reaching into the gym bag I took out a more vicious pair of nipple clips. These had larger, sharper teeth and much stronger springs. They looked like a mini pair of jumper cables. I showed them to Angie and said, “Imagine how these would feel on your titties.”

As I climbed on top of her, straddling her waist, she stared right through me with this stubborn, hateful look in her eyes. Grinning, I slid down until I was sitting on her knees. She got this confused look on her face. When I flipped her skirt up and started tugging down her pantyhose, the looked turned to horror.

“Now, imagine how they’ll feel on your clit,” I said, motioning Ernie around to the foot of the bed.

“Oh God, NO!” Angie cried. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Have you got a good shot,” I asked Ernie. “Make sure you can see her pussy and her face. This is going to be good.”

Angie’s tone of voice suddenly became much softer.

“Please,” she begged. “Don’t! I’ll do it. I’ll do it. I’ll suck your cock, just please don’t.”

I didn’t ignore her pleas. I was enjoying them far too much for that. But I wasn’t quite ready for her to give in. I wanted to hear her beg some more. After I had finished pulling down her pantyhose, I yanked the crotch of her panties to one side. With her legs clamped together, it was difficult, but I wasn’t concerned about being gentle.

Grinning at her, I started softly stroking her neatly trimmed, black bush, rubbing her clit with my thumb. I liked the contrast of rough and gentle. I wanted to keep her guessing, never knowing what I might do next. …like a whimpering dog with its tail between its legs, not sure if it was going to get a petting or a beating.

“I’m going to want to deep throat you,” I said, spreading her pussy lips with my fingers and pressing a cold metal clip to her engorged clit.

“Okay, okay!” she whimpered. “Anything you want. I’ll give you the best blowjob you ever had. Just please stop. Please!”

Opening the jaws of the clip and letting its teeth scrap her delicate cunt flesh, I asked her if she swallowed. She didn’t answer right away. Then, with a sniffle, she said in a low voice, “No. But I will. If that’s what you want. Please, I’ll do anything.”

Setting the clips down beside her, I repositioned the crotch of her panties and started scooting up her legs. She literally sighed with relief when I leaned forward and kissed her. I waited for Ernie to get into place and I kissed her again. Then, whispering in her ear, I told her what I wanted her to say. She gave me this whipped puppy look, and closed her eyes. For a second, I thought she wasn’t going to obey. But then, she swallowed her pride, opened her eyes and stared into the camera lens saying, “I’m going to suck my stepson’s cock, let him deep throat me, and then I am going swallow his cum.”

“Why?” I asked, prodding her.

“Because I am a filthy slut,” She whispered.

“Open your mouth,” I said, picking up the ring gag.

She shook her head slightly and said in a wonderfully submissive sounding voice, “You won’t need that.”

Looking up at me, nervously licking her lips, she didn’t even look like the same woman I knew as my stepmother. There was something real sexy about the scared look in her eyes. But I still didn’t trust her. …not yet.

“Open your mouth,” I repeated.

She gave me this crooked little frown, then opened her mouth and let me fit her with the gag. Once it was securely buckled, she laid her head back down on the pillow and turned her face away. Her eyes were closed, but when she heard my zipper going down, she sniffled and started sobbing.

I can’t tell you how sweet that sounded. My stepmother, whose self-esteem was so high just hours ago, was ashamed. Humiliation and degradation were written all over her pretty, tear streaked face.

Guiding my hardon with my hand, I drew a circle around her mouth, smearing her lipstick and coating her lips with the small amount of cum leaking from the tip of my dick. She opened her big brown eyes and looked at me with this pitiful expression in one final attempt to get me to reconsider. Instead, it had the opposite effect.

As I lifted her head and started filling her mouth with my dick, her eyes closed again. I really wasn’t prepared for how fantastic it felt. I was no virgin. I had dated a girl earlier in the year. She and I had fucked a few times. But she was the only girl I had ever had sex with, and she wouldn’t suck me. The little bitch thought oral sex was dirty.

But my stepmother didn’t have any choice. She had to just lie there and let me use her mouth. Of course it would have felt better without the ring gag. She couldn’t close those full sexy lips of hers and really suck me. But the warm wetness of her mouth and the feel of her tongue on the underside of my dick was almost more than I could stand.

Because of the angle, she couldn’t really deep throat me, but she tried her best. Each time my hardon hit the back of her throat, she would gag and whimper, but she didn’t try to pull away. In fact, she pushed herself further onto my dick in an attempt to live up to her end of the agreement.

I had never suffered from premature ejaculation before, but then I had never raped my stepmother’s mouth before either. The sound of her whimpering and the way her tongue moved as she choked on my hardon were too much for me. I had been fucking her mouth for only a minute or so when my dick suddenly erupted and began flooding her mouth with cum.

“Don’t swallow yet.” I groan, as I continued shooting off in her mouth. “Catch it in your mouth. I’ll tell you when to swallow.”

The first blast shot into the back of her throat and she didn’t have any choice but to swallow it. Then, pulling out a little, I deposited the remainder of my thick, warm load onto her tongue. I continued thrusting in and out of her mouth for several more seconds, enjoying the warm slipperiness and the agonized look on her face.

“You did good,” I told her, slipping out of her mouth and wiping my dick on her cheek. “That was great.”

Lowering her head back onto the pillow, I turned her face toward Ernie.

“Look right at the camera,” he told her, sticking my finger into her mouth.

She must have been too humiliated to comply. It wasn’t until she felt a painful tug on her nipple chain that her eyes snapped open and looked into the camcorder’s lens. Smiling at her, I pulled my cum coated finger from her mouth and rubbed it on her upper lip and the ring holding her jaws open. As it lewdly dripped back into her mouth in long ropy strands, I told Ernie to zoom in. Then, as an added insult, I placed a small dot of cum on the tip of her nose.

“After you lick up that mess, you can swallow,” I told her. “Then, because you’ve been such a good little slut, I’ll remove your gag. I’m sure your jaws are starting to get swore.”

The sight of her tongue licking up my gooey load was priceless. Ernie was so close that I knew her mouth would fill the entire screen when we watched the tape later. It would be bigger than life, and I was looking forward to watching it again and again.

“Hey, wait a minute,” Ernie protested as I started to remove Angie’s gag. “I want some head too.”

Angie’s eyes opened wider and she looked back and forth between me and Ernie.

“I don’t think she wants your dick in her mouth,” I laughed. “In fact, I’m sure she doesn’t.”

“But you said we were going to take turns,” Ernie complained, sounding more hurt than mad.

“Well if she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t want to,” I told him.

I paused for a few seconds to let Angie feel a small sense of relief. Then I winked at Ernie and added, “But tied the way she is, and having that ring in her mouth, she really doesn’t have much choice, does she?”

Ernie chuckled.

“You going to tape that too?” he asked.

“Sure, why not?” I answered, moving around the bed to take the camera from him.

As I came up the other side of the bed I felt my stepmother’s pussy.

“She must have enjoyed that face fucking almost as much as I did,” I laughed, taking the camera from Ernie. “She’s wet.”

Angie tried her best to hide her face from us, but her movements were too restricted. She was beet red, but not from anger this time. This time, she was embarrassed. I knew the wetness was just a physical reaction and had nothing to do with her being aroused, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered to me was the way my comments made her feel.

I grinned. Going back to the side of the bed I had been before, I chuckled and said, “Mmmmm Mmmm… She’s hot. Maybe after you’ve done her mouth she’ll let us fuck her.”

Climbing up on top of my stepmother, Ernie laughed and said, “I’m sure she will. Like you said, tied the way she is, she doesn’t have any choice.”

He positioned himself in front of Angie’s face and opened the front of his pants. I moved around to the side of the bed and zoomed in, relishing the helpless and disgusted look in my stepmother’s eyes. Being the southern belle she was, that fact he was Black was obviously distressing her as well. Ernie must have realized that too.

“Just think of it as an eclair,” he told her. “It’s chocolate on the outside, and filled with cream.”

As her head was lifted, she made a soft sobbing sound and closed her eyes. A second later her mouth was once again filled with the dick of a boy young enough to be her son. And once again, she started whimpering and the tears started flowing.

Ernie was much more in control of his lust than I had been. He slowly moved Angie’s head back and forth, her mouth sliding on and off his hardon. His breath hissed between his teeth as he deeply inhaled and exhaled.

“Oh, God, this is great,” he moaned. “I’ve never forced a woman to suck me before. I’ve never even had my dick in a White woman’s mouth before; besides a Congressman’s wife.”

“Maybe we’ll do your mother next,” I laughed.

“Eeewww… Don’t be gross,” Ernie said, laughing with me. “But that French exchange student staying with us… Now that would be fun. I’d love to make that fridgid little bitch choke on my dick.”

He yanked Angie’s face as far into his groin as he could as if demonstrating what he would like to do to the French girl. Angie gagged and began fighting her bonds, trying in vain to pull herself free of the penis lodge deep in her throat. I guess Ernie’s dick was a little longer than mine. The gurgling noises she made when he finally let her pull her head away made us both smile.

“Yeah, that would be great,” I agreed.

Ernie returned his concentration to Angie’s mouth. Gradually, he moved her head in and out faster and faster. He was pulling her so far forward she was now making those gurgling sounds with each stroke. I guess his dick must have been making it around the corner at the back of her mouth and down her throat a short ways. Even in this position, he was able to throat fuck her some.

“How is it, Mrs. Congressman?” he asked, moving her head faster and faster. “Do you like swallowing my big black dick?”

An angry sound issued from deep in her throat. I was just about to tease her about talking with her mouth full when Ernie moaned and said, “Then swallow this and see if you like it any better.”

His eyes clenched shut and he made several animal-like grunting sounds. Angie’s eyes were clenched too. By watching her throat, I could see she was swallowing as fast as she could. Ernie’s dick was in her face as deep as it would go, and he was draining his balls.

When he finally pulled out, she started coughing, sputtering, and gasping for breath. I was afraid she might choke to death on his cum. Quickly handing the camera to Ernie, I removed the ring gag from her mouth. I was getting ready to uncuff her hands from the headboard so she could sit up, when she finally quit choking and started breathing right.

“I’ll get you for that, you little Black bastard,” she yelled. “You’re going to be sorry you were ever born.”

“You’re welcome, Mrs. Congressman,” Ernie said, climbing off the bed and smiling at her. “But, the pleasure was all mine. If you would ever like to eat my cream again, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“All right, God damn it, you’ve had your fun,” Angie said, glaring at me. ” Let me loose this instant.”

“Oh, we’re not finished with you yet,” I said, moving around to the foot of the bed. “I don’t know about Ernie, but I want to fuck you.”

“Count me in,” Ernie laughed, placing the camcorder on the nightstand.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Angie blurted. “You’re in enough trouble already. You better stop now, you little shit. You can’t keep me like this forever. As soon as you let me loose, I’m calling the police and having you both arrested.

Ernie and I each grabbed one of her feet and I opened the pad lock between her ankle cuffs, letting the loop of rope that had been holding them in place fall away. As we pried her legs apart, I laughed and said, “I don’t think you will. Imagine the scandal. It would ruin my dad’s career and you would wind up married to nothing more than a small town lawyer. Do you want to be responsible for that?”

Angie didn’t say a word, but her non-answer spoke volumes – I was right. She twisted and turned, fighting like a wildcat, but she didn’t disagree with what I had said. My gamble had paid off. We wouldn’t tell anyone about us raping her.

Once we had her legs spread and secured to the corners of the bed, she tried bluffing her way out of being fucked.

“I don’t care what happens,” she lied, unconvincingly. “I won’t let you get away with this. Let me go!”

I motioned toward the camcorder, smiling at Ernie and saying, “Act two, scene one. The scene opens on the damsel in distress as her pantyhose are being cut away. Prop department… I need scissors.”

As I undressed, Ernie went over to the nightstand, picked up the camera and took a pair of scissors from the gym bag. Returning to the foot of the bed, he tossed the scissors on the bed between Angie’s open legs. He aimed the camera at her foot and slowly started panning up her body, asking, “Will you be wanting the insertion shot or the reaction shot, Mr. Director?”

“I think I would prefer the insertion shot,” I chuckled. “I’m sure the reaction shot will be better in act two, scene two.”

As I began cutting through my stepmother’s pantyhose, Ernie panned back down her body to her crotch. With only a few quick snips where they were stretched tight between her thighs, and I had complete access to her pussy. Angie started squirming like a worm being burned with a magnify glass. The look on her face was a wonderful blend of degradation and dread.

I kissed the inside of her thigh and considered eating her pussy. I knew it would upset her as much as it would excite me. I liked that idea. It would also allow her to get used to the idea of having sex with me. That wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted her to be as unprepared mentally as possible.

Granted, she had already swallowed two loads of cum. She was nearly naked and tied spread-eagle. I had already told her we were going to fuck her. It is just that somehow I knew she still hadn’t fully accepted her fate.

Oral sex would allow her to gradually accept it, like slowly walking down the steps into a cold swimming pool. I didn’t want that. I wanted to push her in, metaphorically speaking. That meant just pushing in, in a more literal sense.

Crawling up on top of her, I placed my stiff dick at the mouth of her damp vagina. It’s touch caused her to shudder. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she bit her plump, sexy, lower lip. I held there for a few seconds, delighting in the look of anguished anticipation on her face.

“How’s it feel having your stepson’s dick between your pussy lips, knowing its about to slide inside of you?”

She sniffled and her big, brown eyes welled up and spilled over with tears.

“Please don’t do this,” she whined. “Please.”

“Don’t do what?” I teased. “…fuck you?”

She sniffled again, and nodded her head. Then, realizing what I expected, she looked me in the eye. She must have known it was a long shot, but decided it was at least worth a try.

“Please don’t…”

She hesitated, not wanting to say the next word. She considered herself to be too much of a lady to use such coarse language. Then, swallowing hard, she continued, “…fuck me. Please don’t fuck me.”

She found it easier to say the second time. It was a change I didn’t particularly like. I had planned on pointing out that Ernie and I had already fucked her – in her mouth. She would then be forced to beg me not to fuck her pussy, or whatever she called her cunt.

If she did that, I was considering offering to fuck her asshole instead, knowing she would then change her plea. At that point, she would begin begging me to fuck her pussy.

But, realizing how saying “fuck” a second time had come easier for her, I reconsidered. She was becoming desensitized to the situation. That was the last thing I wanted.

“It’s too late, ” I said, nudging the head of my dick into her. “I’m in. Even if I stop now, there is no reversing the fact that you’ve been raped by your stepson. I know it doesn’t feel like much, just an inch of dick inside of you, but it changed your status forever. You’re now a victim – a rape victim.”

I very slowly pushed deeper into her, hoping Ernie was getting a good shot of my dick disappearing into my stepmother’s cunt.

“How does it feel going in, filling you up? I asked in a pseudo-romantic whisper. “Does it feel the same as when my dad fucks you? Does it feel good, Buttercup?”

I used my father’s pet name for her, knowing how much it would bother her. She cringed and turned her face away from me, trying to hide her shame. I worked my hips as slow as I could, fucking in and out of her at a leisurely pace. I wanted to savor every second.

She was tighter than I had expected her to be. For some stupid reason I thought that older women weren’t as tight. I was thrilled to learn I was wrong. If things worked out the way I planned…

“Just get it over with,” Angie said, closing her eyes tightly.

I smiled at her. She told me exactly what I had already assumed. The slower I fucked her, the longer I was in her, the more it tormented her. I wanted to prolong her torture as long as I could, but the smooth, wet, warm walls of her gripping pussy were starting to have an affect on me.

“…in and out, Buttercup,” I taunted. “Doesn’t it feel great having my dick sliding in and out of you? …deep inside of you, back out, and then filling you again? Mmmm, Buttercup. …so slick and slippery. …so buttery smooth.”

I don’t know if my words were affecting her the way I wanted, but they were certainly affecting me. I needed to take my mind off the delectable sensations I was experiencing. Fucking her slow, in and out at a snail’s pace, was far more exhilarating than I would have thought. Her tight pussy caressed and stroked my dick a millimeter at a time, stimulating each and every nerve ending to the fullest.

“Come get a shot of her face,” I told Ernie, hoping to distract myself. “I want to immortalize her expression when she feels my cum pumping into her.”

As Ernie moved into place, Angie tried to turn her face to the opposite side. There was no way I was going to allow that. Grasping her head, I forced her face toward the camera. She kept her eyes shut, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want her reaction to be staged. I wanted it completely natural. …completely honest.

The distraction worked. The urge to cum had passed, and I was able to continue her delicious torture for a while longer. The urge eventually returned. This time, I was ready. This time, I wanted it.

“Here is comes, Buttercup,” I groan, shooting into her. “Can you feel it?”

Her face twisted with anguish. I don’t know if my orgasm had triggered one of her own, but I knew she wouldn’t admit it if it had. Maybe her facial contortions were merely in response to having me cum inside of her. Whatever the cause, they were satisfyingly beautiful and captured on tape to be enjoyed again and again.

“Does it feel good?” I asked, as blast after blast shot into her. …so warm and gooey. …so wet. …so oily. …so slippery.”

It wasn’t the most intense orgasm I ever had, but it was the most gratifying. My stepmother was lying under me, my cum leaking out of her cunt. I can’t describe how it made me feel, and I can only dream how it made her feel. Our mental states were diametrical opposites. I was in heaven. She was in hell.

She didn’t make a sound as I eased out of her and climbed off the bed. As I took the camcorder from Ernie, and he started undressing, her head shook from side to side.

“No,” she begged. “Please, no.”

Frantically, she tugged at her bonds as Ernie crawled between her open legs. She had to know it was fruitless. I guess there was something about her southern sensibilities that compelled her to struggle. It just wasn’t proper to be fucked by a Black man. She simply had to struggle no matter how useless it was.

This time, Ernie was the one who lacked control. His dick was already dribbling cum when he shoved into Angie. His hips jerked as he slammed into her, actually bouncing her completely off of the mattress and into the air. He was fucking her as hard, fast, and furiously as he could. The entire time, Angie’s head tossed from side to side as she hopelessly tried to pull her arms and legs free. Over and over she repeated, “No… no… no…”

In less than two minutes time, Ernie started growling like an animal. He pounded into her relentlessly, and the sound of their bodies slamming together filled the room. Angie went silent and the color drained out of her face. Even through the tiny viewfinder I could clearly tell she was responding to having her vagina flooded with a Black man’s cum. The horror in her eyes told the whole story.

“That was great, Mrs. Congressman,” Ernie laughed. “Was it good for you?”

He leaned forward and kissed her pale, ashen face. Angie didn’t move a muscle or even blink. It was as if she were in shock. She was totally and completely defeated.

As Ernie got dressed, I unfastened my stepmother’s ankles. At first, she just laid there with her legs open and limp. Then slowly, she rolled onto her side and drew her knees up into a fetal position. It was hard to believe her transformation had only taken a few hours. She was no longer the proud, confident woman she had been.

Removing her nipple clips, I put them, her ankle cuffs, the clips I had threatened to put on her clit, and the camcorder into the gym bag. I handed it to Ernie and he hurried out of the room. I still wasn’t absolutely sure Angie wouldn’t call the police, so I gave him a few minutes head start before I uncuffed her.

I needn’t have worried. Once I had freed her, she curled into a tighter ball, and just laid there weeping softly. I almost felt sorry for her. But the satisfaction I felt far outweighed any pity.

“Clean yourself up,” I told her. “When you are ready to discuss your future, I’ll be downstairs.”

It was over two hours later when she came downstairs. She had taken a shower and was only wearing a robe. I was sitting at the dining room table eating dinner and she started to sit down across from me. I motioned with my finger for her to come and stand beside me.

“Take off your robe and come over here,” I said, trying to sound authoritative. “I sent Marta home.”

She just stood there glaring at me for the longest time. I can only guess that she was trying to size me up, trying to determine just how to deal with me. Crossing her arms over her chest, she stood up tall, thrusting her small chest out and asked, “What do you want for the tape?”

I smiled and shook my head, saying, “If you want to talk, take your robe off and come over here. I’m not making any deals until you do.”

Stubbornly, she remained where she was.

“You’re not going to get away with this,” she said, moving her hands to her hips. “You don’t want that tape made public any more than I do. I’m willing to make a deal, but don’t press your luck. Now what do you want?”

I blatantly ignored her and went back to eating my dinner. It was hard. I wanted to see the expression on her face, but I didn’t want to weaken my position by looking at her. We remained that way for over a minute, her refusing to budge, me ignoring her.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her open her robe. I smiled at her triumphantly. Standing up made her little titties look even better than when she had been lying on the bed. They stood up like they belonged to a woman half her age.

“Fine,” she said, the disgust showing in her voice. “It’s not like you haven’t already seen me naked. Now what do you want?”

Pulling her robe off of her shoulders and letting it drop to the floor, she walked over and stood where I told her to. I let here stand there for a few seconds, then placed a pair of nipple clips on the table in front of her.

“Put them on,” I said, grinning at her.

She looked at the clips and then slowly raised her eyes to mine.

“You’re crazy,” she said, rubbing her nipples which I assumed were still sore. “I told you not to press your luck. I don’t have to have that tape. When I tell your father what you’ve done, he’ll deal with you and your little friend. There won’t be any scandal, your father will see to that. And I guarantee if he sees that tape, your life will be a living hell.”

“You won’t tell my father,” I said, pushing the clips closer to her. “You’re damaged goods. If he learns you’ve had a Black dick in you, he’ll throw you out on your ass.”

Her face turned bright red and she spun on her heel. Scooping her robe up off the floor, she stormed across the dining room. I watched her, amused but secure in the fact that she was bluffing. She stomped up the first few steps of the staircase then stopped.

I was right, and she knew it. Slowly, she turned and descended the steps. As she walked towards me, her eyes were locked with mine. She didn’t want to look like she had lost the battle of wills, but we both knew she had. Standing precisely where she had a few seconds earlier, she dropped her robe and picked up the nipples clips. As I grinned at her, she put them on, wincing with pain.

“What do you want for the tape,” she asked, her voice quavering. “How much will it cost me? I can’t give you much without making your father suspicious, but I’ll do what I can. …a new car? I could probably talk him into that.”

“I don’t want money or a car,” I said, reaching out and stroking her soft, black bush with the back of my index finger. “The tape is not for sale. It’s not even open for discussion. I said to come down when you were ready to talk about your future.”

Angie tried to ignore my fondling, but she knew better than to back away. Taking a deep breath, she went on, “You said if I did what you wanted we could make a deal.”

“That’s right,” I said, gently nudging the insides of her thighs, indicating I wanted her to spread her legs.

“What sort of deal?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. Instead, I gave her a questioning look and waited for her to comply. Exhaling loudly, she nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other, opening her legs in the process. She tried to act as if it was coincidental, as if she wasn’t taking orders, but we both knew she was.

“I will keep the tape —and the copies Ernie is making at this very moment— safe and private, not showing them to anyone or even hinting of their existence,” I told her, working a finger into her cunt. “In order to hold up your side of the bargain, you will behave normally in public; as if this afternoon never happened. When we are alone, you will do as I say and cater to my every sexual whim. Do we have a deal?”

“You expect me to be your sex slave?” she asked, her eyes opening wide in disbelief.

“Call if what you will,” I said, pulling my finger from her pussy. “Eventually, I’ll get bored with you, and I’ll sell you the tapes. Do we have a deal?”

She didn’t answer. She didn’t have to. I stood up, and as a gesture of sealing the deal, I pressed the finger that had been in her cunt to her lips. Her eyes closed. My finger slipped into her mouth. She sucked. We had a deal.

“You might as well throw away all of your panties,” I said, pushing my finger in and out of her mouth, finger fucking her face. “I don’t want you wearing them anymore. And no more pantyhose. Get yourself some stockings. If you wear anything other than a dress with your naked pussy underneath —slacks, shorts, a swimming suit, anything— it’s going to cost you. Keeping your schedule full and avoiding me will cost you too. If I don’t get enough pussy here at home, I’ll be coming for it in less private places. If you don’t want to be spreading your legs and bending over in some closet or in the bushes somewhere, you better be spreading them for me here before you go out.”

She nodded. I removed the clip from one of her nipples and tugged on it gently as if it were a leash. She winced and moved closer.

“You’re going to get your nipple pierced,” I told her, removing the other clip. “You will then present me with a foot long, solid gold chain leash. It’ll have a black leather wrist strap on one end, and a clasp for your new nipple ring on the other end.”

I pulled my finger from her mouth, and sat back down, returning to my dinner.

“I can’t do that,” she said, giving me this scared look. “How will I explain it to your father?”

“That’s your problem,” I grinned. “Tell him you did it for him. He’ll probably think it’s sexy. Maybe you should have a second leash made, and give it to him as a present.”

Without another word, Angie picked up her robe and went upstairs. Approximately an hour later, she came down fully dressed. As she headed for the front door, I followed her. Just as she was about to go out, I said, “Show me.”

There was hate in her eyes. But more than that, there was a look of defeat. I was her hated enemy, but I had won the war. …to the victor go the spoils. A sigh of reluctant acceptance escaped her full, luscious lips, and she lifted her skirt. …no panties. She had signed the surrender agreement.

The End of Chapter One

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