Society Slaves Chapter 3

“Have you got any dirt on her yet?” I asked, handing Ernie a beer.

Twisting off the cap, he took a swig and nodded saying, “Maybe. She keeps a diary on her computer. I hacked into it and found out little miss innocent does drugs. Her favorite after school activity is to drink a bottle of champagne and do a line of coke.”

“…not good enough,” I said, opening my own beer and taking a drink. “There’s no way she would be willing to put out just to keep her drug use quiet.”

“I guess not,” Ernie laughed. “She’s not a congressman’s wife.”

“Where does she get her coke,” I asked, taking another drink.

He shook his head and said, “I’m not exactly sure. In her diary she refers to a couple of guys she met on the internet. She calls one Tooter, and the other CatMan. She’s playing them both for fools. She arranges to meet them someplace, gets her nose packed, and all they get is a little tittie sucking – if they’re lucky. According to her diary, she’s still a virgin. Neither of them like champagne, but she generally gets them to pay for it too.”

“…stringing along two guys,” I grinned. “Maybe you do have something.”

“How’s that?” Ernie asked. “She wouldn’t care if they found out about each other. She could always find another sucker. …no pun intended.”

As we both laughed, the wheels in my head were turning.

“Could we impersonate them online,” I asked, not being the more computer literate of us.

“Hijacking a registered nick on IRC is a bit tricky,” he said, making no sense at all to me. “Spoofing an email is easier. Which one would you want to impersonate.”

“…neither and both,” I said, grinning at the confused look on his face. “Could we send her an email without her knowing which one of them sent it? …arrange a meeting in a nice, quiet, secluded spot?”

Ernie’s eyes lit up and he nodded. I filled him in on the rest of the plan and we started putting it into action. That night, he sent Claudia the email. He didn’t identify himself. In the letter he said he was using a friend’s email account, but that it was ‘you know who’. There was a time and place to meet, and a promise of more coke the she had ever seen. The next evening, Ernie gave her some flowers and a bottle of expensive champagne, claiming they had been delivered while she was in class.

Later that night, we were waiting when she arrived at the meeting spot. She was sitting in her car drinking champagne straight from the bottle, waiting for her mystery man to arrive. We were sitting in my car watching her through binoculars, waiting for the roofies to kick in. She was about to be date-raped, and didn’t even know who her date was.

About fifteen minutes later, Claudia slumped over in her seat. We waited another five minutes just to be sure, then we cautiously walked over to her car. Fortunately, the doors weren’t locked.

As we laid her out in the grass, her long blonde hair fell around her head and the soft moonlight shone on her face, making her look almost angelic. I was starting to have second thoughts. What if she was really as innocent and wholesome as she acted? Watching Ernie squeezing her tits and feeling her up, I realized it didn’t matter. There was no way he was going to stop now. Her fate was sealed.

While I stood guard, he opened her blouse and pushed her bra up. She had huge tits with big tan nipples. Ernie sucked on them for a few seconds, and then unzipped her and starting tugging her pants down over her narrow, petite hips. He was in such a hurry to fuck her, he didn’t even take them all the way off. He just bunched them up around her ankles, pulling her feet up until her knees bent and her legs fell open.

“This is going to be great,” he moaned, pulling his big, black hardon out.

He looked her up and down for a few seconds, savoring the sight. She looked so innocent, and was so vulnerable. …a lamb about to be slaughtered. Licking his lips, Ernie pulled the crotch of her white cotton panties to one side and feel between her thighs.

He worked his hips for a few seconds and groaned, “Damn, she might really be cherry. I’m having a hell of a time getting in her. Ahhh…. there we go. Man, is she tight.”

I’ve never been excited by the thought of fucking an unconscious woman, but I have to admit I was enjoying watch her limp body moving back and forth in rhythm with his thrusts, her boobs jiggling in time, and knowing she was totally unaware of any of it. I was turned on.

Ernie was going at her like there was no tomorrow. He was jamming his dick in her cunt and pulling down on her shoulders, filling her as full as he could. His hips were jerking so fast they were a blur.

After a minute or so, he started grunting and making faces. He was obviously cumming, but he didn’t slow down. He just kept fucking her at the same rapid pace. He went at her like that for another two or three minutes, his hips pumping as hard and as fast as they could.

Her cunt was full of his cum and was making loud squishing noises at he slammed his dick in and out of her. You could literally smell the sex in the air. His pelvis was smacking into her crotch so hard I half expected her to come to.

Suddenly, he froze in mid stroke and started grunting again. Stabbing into her with several, quick, erratic strokes, he shot off again. She was getting a second load of cum, and didn’t even know about the first one yet.

“Was it as good as you thought it would be?” I asked as Ernie crawled off of her.

He nodded.

“Even better,” he grinned. “She had to be cherry. I’ve never fucked a girl that tight before. And I didn’t have to buy her dinner, seduce her or anything. That’s the way sex ought to be; you want pussy, you take it.”

I hadn’t planned on fucking Claudia. I figured it would be even worse than fucking a drunk. But after watching Ernie do her, I had a raging hardon that needed attention. I could have gone home and fucked Angie, but Claudia was younger, there, and sure to be accommodating.

Even if she had been a virgin, I figured that after two loads of cum her cunt she would be too sloppy for a decent fuck, so I rolled her over. Straddling her legs, I took my dick out of my pants.

“She might not be cherry back there,” Ernie laughed. “That’s how some girls keep their virginity, you know. …taking it up the butt.”

“That’s okay,” I grinned, pulling down her grass stained panties. “I haven’t buttfucked a girl yet that didn’t have a tight asshole. I’m sure she won’t be any different.”

Spreading her small, firm buttocks with my fingers, I worked the head of my dick into her little anus. I was right. Her butt was incredibly tight. It was a good thing she was so relaxed or I may have never got in. Her sphincter grabbed me like fist.

As I was ass-fucking her I kept wondering what she would think when she came to. Obviously, she would know that her cunt had been fucked, but would she know she got it up the ass too? Even as relaxed as she was, would her asshole still hurt? If she had a butt full of cum, would she know it? Would she be able to feel it in her?

All these horny thoughts coupled with the wonderful squeezing tightness of her asshole was driving me crazy. I started jamming into her butt harder and harder, faster and faster. I was discovering that fucking an unconscious girl was a lot more stimulating that I had thought it would be.

Gritting my teeth with a ‘take that, bitch’ attitude, I started shooting her full of cum. It was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. I was cumming in Little-Miss-Goodie-Two-Shoes’ butt and she didn’t even know it. …she might never know it.

We took a couple of pictures of her lying there fucked and used, then put her back in her car. We left her with her tits showing, her panties around her knees, and her slacks around her ankles. As a further indignity, I put the champagne cork up her gooey cunt.

Back in my car, we watched. We had raped her, but we wanted to make sure no one else did. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe we thought of her as ours. It’s strange, but watching anyone else fuck her would have made me jealous.

It was over an hour before she regained consciousness. She came around slowly, but it was easy to tell when she realized what had happened to her. She covered her face with her hands and started crying her eyes out. It was a delicious sight. …the proverbial rape of innocence.

The End of Chapter Three

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