Society Slaves Chapter 6

by Jefferson James

The next morning, the entire world seemed to come crashing down on me. I was just getting ready for school when Angie came into my room. She had never come to me, but I flattered myself, thinking she was beginning to enjoy having sex with me. She started to say something, but stopped when I lifted her dress and started feeling her up.

Despite what I had thought, she wasn’t wet. My touch actually caused her to tense. She was worked up about something. There was more than the usual look of dread in her eyes. I started working a finger into her cunt, trying to decide whether to fuck her or just make her give me a blowjob when she said, “There’s a police detective downstairs. He wants to talk to you.”

Claudia had told a girlfriend that I raped her, and the girlfriend had called the police. I don’t mind telling you; I was scared shitless. Angie looked like she was on the verge of spilling her guts. It seemed like everything was going to unravel. The cop asked if I knew Claudia, and if I had ever had sex with her.

After the initial panic, I started thinking a little clearer. He hadn’t read me my rights, or arrested me. He was fishing for incriminating information, or possibly even a confession. If he knew the whole story, I would have been arrested immediately, and they would have searched the house for the pictures and video tape. I admitted to knowing Claudia, but nothing more.

The detective asked a few more leading questions and gave me the usual bullshit about not leaving town, how it was an ongoing investigation, and that we would talk again. Angie quit her hovering and excused herself saying she had an appointment. I gave a silent sigh of relief. She looked like she was really close to telling on me. I realized fist fucking her hadn’t been a good idea. It was scary how close I had come to pushing her too far. I had to learn to handle her or everything would go to hell. She still might tell my father, and that was something I would have to deal with later.

After the detective left, I went to school. I had already missed most of first class and had to wait until between classes before I could talk to Ernie. He told me that Claudia was dropping out of school and returning to France. I had correctly read my encounter with the police. It had been a close call, but without Claudia’s cooperation, the matter would be dropped. After all, my father was too important for the police to do anything without very solid evidence.

That evening, I got a few hours alone with Angie. I leashed her nipple and led her to a spare bedroom. When I pressed on top of her head, she knelt down in front of me, ready to suck my dick. The little bit of willfulness I had seen in her eyes that morning was gone. All I saw was resignation.

“This morning, you looked like you were about to say something you shouldn’t,” I said, bending down and removing the leash from her nipple ring.

“You raped that girl, didn’t you?” she asked.

“That’s not important,” I told her. “What is important is that you remember that I have a video tape of you being fucked by a Black. You don’t want my father to know that you had a Black dick in your pussy. Don’t forget that.”

Angie closed her eyes. I could tell she was trying to block out the memory of Ernie’s cock moving in and out of her. She opened her eyes and looked up at me.

“I was raped,” she said, softly. “It wasn’t my fault.”

“That doesn’t matter, and you know it,” I said, trying not to smile. “Damaged goods are damaged goods. How it happened wouldn’t matter. You’d be history, and I’d hate to see that happen. I like you, and our special relationship. I know I’ve been a little hard on you, but I promise to ease up. I want us to be friends. We are still going to sleep together from time to time, but I’m going to start being much nicer to you. I’ll ask for sex instead of demand it. If you don’t say no too often, I’ll respect your wishes. Now, may I have a blowjob?”

Angie looked up at me with a slightly confused look on her face and asked, “I can say no?”

I smiled at her and nodded.

“If you would rather wait until later, that’s fine,” I said, motioning for her to stand.

As I helped her to her feet, she said, “I’m afraid your father or one of the servants might come in.”

Her bra and sweater were bunched up over her breasts. I slowly and gently pulled them down and back into place.

“What about later tonight?” I asked.

I could tell by the look on her face that she wanted to refuse, but knew she shouldn’t say no again so soon. There was a hint of reluctance in her face, but not the usual dread. I was going to miss that look and the look of humiliation I had come to love, but it was better than losing everything. I’d still get to fuck my stepmother, just not as often and not as a whore. From then on, I figured she would be more like a disinterested lover who felt obligated.

“Okay,” she said, softly. “I’ll come to your room after your father is asleep.

I reached under her dress, felt her up and told her, “Don’t bring me his sloppy seconds. He just got back in town and you know he is going to want some. Douche afterwards.”

Angie glanced over her shoulder at the door. She was still afraid someone might catch us.

“I thought you only wanted a blowjob,” she whispered.

“That was now,” I grinned, still rubbing her pussy. “I might want more later. Who knows? He might not get you off and leave you frustrated. You might decide you want more than a mouthful of cum. Having a young stud like me around can be good for you too.”

That pissed her off a little. She pushed my hand away and said, “Then this can wait until later too.”

“Okay,” I grinned. “Wear something sexy. Back when I used to sniff your dirty underwear I found a pair of crotchless panties. Wear them.”

I knew I was pushing her again, but I couldn’t help myself. I just loved treating her like a fucktoy.

“I’m not allowed to wear panties,” she said, with just a touch of sarcasm in her voice.

“You are from now on,” I said, patting her on the butt. “I told you I was going to be nicer.”

Angie didn’t show up that night. The next morning, she avoided eye contact all through breakfast. After I had finished eating, I went back upstairs to get ready for school. When I got out of the shower, she was sitting on the edge of my bed wearing nothing but a pair of crotchless panties.

“I’m sorry about last night,” she said, fidgeting slightly. “I fell asleep. I swear.”

She was obviously expecting to be punished. Showing up naked except for the panties was her idea of a peace offering. I was pleased. She had come to me. It seemed she might be getting used to the idea of being my sex slave. I walked up to her, and without the least bit of coaxing, she put my dick in her mouth and started sucking. I nudged her knee, and she spread her legs, letting me see her pussy peaking out through the opening of her crotchless panties.

I knew my dad and his assistant weren’t there. She must have sent the cook out too. She was much more relaxed than she had ever been. As I stood there, her thick, full lips slid slowly up and down my cock and her hands cradled and lightly fingered my balls. It was the best blowjob she had ever given me. I don’t know is she was starting to get into having sex with me, or if it was out of gratitude for the fact I hadn’t punished her for not showing up the previous night.

After a minute or so, I started breathing harder. Angie responded by sucking harder and faster. Her tongue was rolled around my dick and hugging it as her face moved in and out. I let out a little groan, and she grabbed my ass, pulling me closer, taking me deeper. I knew then that she was thanking me for not hurting her. She was going to willingly take my load in her mouth, and that was something I knew she didn’t like to do.

Gently stroking her short black hair, I smiled and started filling her warm, sucking mouth with my cum. She made a little face, and then started swallowing. It was great. The whole time I was spurting into her, she kept going at me, mouthing my dick, and downing every drop.

When I pulled my dick from between her lips, she glanced up to see if I was pleased. I was smiling. Our eyes met for a second, and then she blushed and looked away. Hurriedly, she got to her feet and turned around. Bending over the bed, she spread her legs.

I was really enjoying her enthusiasm and wanted to give her some encouragement. I knew what was motivating her, and decided to give her a little something else to be grateful for. I bent over and softly kissed her on each butt cheek, then lightly touched my tongue to her asshole. She let out a little gasp and tightened up slightly.

“You don’t want it in the butt, do you?” I asked.

She shook her head.

“Okay,” I said. “Come with me.”

I leashed her nipple and led her down the hall to her room. I had resolved not to hurt her anymore, and to try and not humiliate her as much as before, but I wanted to see that embarrassed little blush again. I figured that getting her to express a little of that grateful enthusiasm in the same room my dad screwed her might just do the trick. I unclipped her nipple leash and laid down on the bed.

“I want you on top,” I told her. “Climb on, Buttercup”

As she crawled onto the bed, she whispered, “Please don’t call me that.”

“Okay,” I said. “I won’t call you Buttercup anymore, but you’re going to do something for me. I want you to fuck me until you cum. …and no faking. Agreed?”

She nodded. I had hoped she’d blush, but she didn’t. Straddling me, she gently took hold of my dick.

“If I can’t call you Buttercup, what’ll call you?” I asked as she guided my hardon into her pussy. “You don’t want me to all you mom, do you?”

She was a little moist and it only took a few short strokes before she was able to settle onto me with my entire dick up her cunt. Shaking her head she asked, “Why can’t you just call me by my name?”

“That’s too impersonal. Our relationship is special and calls for something a little more intimate. …something like slutbunny or fucktoy,” I said, sliding my hands up and down her shapely sides.

Her face reddened a little, but it wasn’t out of embarrassment. It was out of anger.

“Whatever you want,” she said, trying not to sound as angry as she was.”

“I know,” I said, caressing her thighs. “You’re from Georgia. You can be my Georgia peach. …peaches and cream.”

I gently pushed upwards on her hips and she started riding me, slowly stroking up and down.

“Oh, yes. This is great,” I moaned. “…you fucking me instead of me fucking you.”

She took a deep breath and started moving faster, lifting and lowering herself on and off my dick. Thrusting upwards, I banged into her, matching her rhythm, and told her, “That’s it, Peaches. Pump that sexy ass. Ride my big, stiff dick.”

Gripping her waist, I started pulling her down on to me. Her cunt was wetter than it had ever been in our other sessions. She may or may not have been enjoying herself, but her body was certainly responding.

“Fuck me, Angie. Fuck me hard,” I said, sliding one hand around her butt and touching her asshole, reminding her of why she was grateful. “I want your cum. Coat my hard cock with your female sauce.”

It worked. Her enthusiasm increased and she started working her hips faster and faster. After almost three minutes of pounding herself down onto me, she slowed her pace and began moving back and forth as well as up and down.

Trying to concentrate, she closed her eyes and leaned forward, grinding her clit against me. Her tits were almost in my face. I leaned up and kissed her nipples. She quivered a little. It may have been my imagination, but I think she may have pushed them even harder against my lips.

She was breathing hard and I could tell she was getting close. I was even closer. Knowing my father’s wife was going to have an orgasm with my dick up her cunt was as exciting as raping and abusing her had been. I was just starting to realize that giving her pleasure against her will was as much fun as hurting her.

“Here’s some cream for you, Peaches,” I said, arching my back and stabbing into her. I groaned and shot a blast of warm cum up her cunt. As I continued shooting off in her, I started mouthing her tits. She let out a little moan, and I felt her twitch. My orgasm had triggered hers. Her eyes opened and she looked to see if I had noticed. When she saw me grinning at the slightly contorted expression on her face, her eyes snapped shut again and she blushed. It was absolutely delicious.

After a few seconds, her hips slowed to a stop. She sat still for a while catching her breath, and then asked, “Are we done?”

“Yes,” I said, nodding. “We’re done for now. You can get dressed, but I don’t want you taking a shower. I want you to spend the rest of the day with a mixture of our cum inside of you. …something to remind you of our new, gentler relationship.”

That evening, I was just starting to feel in control again when I got a phone call from a strange woman.

“I know all about you and your stepmother,” she said. “I also know you raped that girl, and I have proof.”

She said we needed to discuss things further, and told me when and where to meet her.

Marta knew about Angie, and me, but she had left before my session with Claudia. Besides, she was far too afraid of being deported to try and use what information she had. The girl who had told the police about Claudia’s rape had no way of knowing about my stepmother and me. Ernie knew everything, but he wouldn’t have said anything to anyone. He had as much to lose as I did. Angie was the only other one who knew the whole story. But if she was behind the phone call, why did she have sex with me that day? And why didn’t she take a more direct approach and tell my father or the police?

As soon as I got off the phone, I went to where I had my souvenirs of Claudia hidden. All the pictures and the video were gone. Plopping into the nearest chair, I buried my face in my hands. This woman, whoever she was, wasn’t bluffing.

The End of Chapter Six

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