Society Slaves Chapter 7

by Jefferson James

I barely slept at all that night. By the next morning, I was a nervous wreck. Skipping school entirely, I spent the first half of the day pacing back and forth in my room. The mystery lady and I had agreed to meet in an upscale restaurant downtown near the statehouse. I wanted it to be earlier, but she insisted on lunchtime.

At twelve noon, I had already been sitting for more than a half-hour at a small table in a quiet corner. As I was pushing the last of my food around the plate, a tall skinny woman walked up. She had to be at least six-foot tall and couldn’t have weighed more than 130 pounds. Her jet-black hair hung almost to her waist, and her eyes were huge.

“Good afternoon,” she said, sitting opposite me. “Have you been waiting long?”

It was her; I recognized her voice.

“Did you bring everything with you,” I asked, not even acknowledging her question.

She nodded and patted her purse, saying, “It’s in the bag.”

I don’t know if she was trying to be funny, but I wasn’t amused. I sneered at her and asked, “Who are you?”

“You can call me Scorpio; it’s my sign,” she grinned. “I know it’s a little melodramatic, but I can’t risk having you using my real name at the wrong time.”

The waiter came over and took Scorpio’s order. When he had gone, I asked, “What will it cost me to get my stuff back and for you to stay quiet about what you know?”

“What makes you think I want money?” she asked.

“Listen, I know how this game is played,” I told her. “The only difference is this time I’m the fly and you are the spider.”

“I like that,” she laughed. “Instead of Scorpio, I want you to call me Spider. Spelling it with a Y would be even sexier. Make it Spyder with a Y.”

I was starting to get pissed. Here I was scared to death about what was going to happen to me, and she was toying with me. Now I knew how Angie must have felt that first day. I wanted to tell Spyder off, but I knew that would probably make things worse than they were.

“If not money, then what?” I asked trying to stay as calm as I could.

The waiter brought her some water. After he has gone, Spyder took a sip and said, “I want the same thing you want.”

Her nose was a little large, but she wasn’t that bad looking. I couldn’t imagine she had that much difficulty getting laid. I was thinking I misunderstood what she was implying.

“You want sex?” I asked. “I’m sure you can get that from a lot of guys just by asking for it.”

“Thank you,” she smiled, obviously flattered. “Sex, however, is a pretty broad term. What if I like rich young boys groveling at my feet and sucking my toes? …dressing them up in frilly clothes? …putting their cocks and balls in restraints and teasing them until they bleed but never letting them touch me?”

I had heard of such things, and none of it appealed to me. Things seemed to be going even worse than I had expected. There was no way I wanted to be some leather bitch’s sissy boy. My reaction to what she had said must have been showing on my face. Spyder reached out and took my hands and said, in a conspiratorial whisper, “I said I want the same thing you want. You don’t blackmail boys and make them do those sorts of things, do you?”

I was getting real confused. Not saying a thing, I just sat there shaking my head. The waiter brought Spyder the lunch she had ordered. It seemed like forever before he left. When had gone, Spyder slowly sliced and spread cream cheese on her bagel, stopping to sip her coffee, before finally saying, “You blackmail women. I find that exciting. I like to know people’s dirty little secrets. And, you don’t want what’s in their checking accounts. You want what’s in their panties. You want pussy and I want it too.”

She took a bite of her bagel and continued, “You’re probably wondering how I found out about all the fun you’ve been having. Angie told me. She tells me everything. I’m her therapist. You see that woman behind me, on the far side of the room, in the booth near the corner, the one trying to look inconspicuous?”

The woman she was referring to looked vaguely familiar, as if I had seen her on the news, or something. She had shoulder-length, dark brown hair, and was a little overweight. She wasn’t looking at anyone and kept her face turned to the corner most of the time. I looked back at Spyder and nodded.

“She’s a high profile lawyer,” Spyder whispered. “Soon, she hopes to be the State Attorney General. She’s on retainer for several big hitters in the Religious Right. I’m her therapist too. Like many other important women in this town, she tells me all of her dirty little secrets. Unfortunately, until now, I couldn’t use that information. You can have your stuff back, but what I want from you is a partnership. I learn their secrets. You blackmail them. We share the benefits. Do we have a deal?”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I was so damn relieved and excited; I wanted to dance around the room. Grinning from ear to ear, I nodded. I must have looked like a fool, but I didn’t care. There was no way I could have imagined things working out this perfectly. Spyder took a newspaper clipping out of her purse and slid it across the table to me. It was a picture of the woman in the corner.

“Her name is Vivian Stockwell. When she was a freshman in college, and a few pounds lighter, she posed for pictures in a fetish magazine. She wore a hood. In fact, her entire body was covered in red vinyl except for a red ponytail, her chest area and her cock-stuffed pussy. She does have, however, a very distinctive pattern of moles in her cleavage, which can be clearly seen in this newspaper photo. She wasn’t concerned about the fetish pictures until now because the magazine had a small circulation and went out of business a few years ago. Recently, however, she learned that the pictures are very popular on the Internet. As I understand it, they are known as the “Red and Ready” series.

Spyder took a key out of her purse.

“She received an anonymous note this morning,” She said, sliding the key across the table to me. “She’s expecting trouble. Tell her you saw the pictures on the Internet and the one in the newspaper. Invite her back to your room at the Sheraton to ‘discuss’ the matter. …no anal, no pain, no fat jokes or other humiliating comments. You pushed Claudia too far too fast. You almost made the same mistake with Angie. If I hadn’t talked her out of going to the police, you’d be sitting in a jail cell right now. We can get these women to do almost anything we want, but we have to pace ourselves. For now, I want you to do as I say. After you’ve learned a little better how to handle women, you can act on your own. Now, go get her.”

“What about my stuff?” I asked, eyeing my prey.

“I’ll give it back to Angie,” Spyder said, following my gaze. “She’ll put it back where she found it.”

Spyder gave me a couple more instructions and then left. I went over to Vivian Stockwell’s table and placed the newspaper clip in front of her.

“Your hair isn’t red anymore, ” I said, sliding in beside her. ” Are you still ready?”

She gave me a stern look and asked, “…ready for what?”

“…ready to hear the terms of our agreement,” I said, placing my hand on her knee. “I’ll even make it easy on you. You don’t have to say anything unless you disagree.”

She pushed my hand off her knee, gave me a nasty look and said, “Listen, young man, you don’t know with whom you’re dealing. I am a very powerful lawyer and I can have you crushed like a bug. Blackmail is a very serious crime. You are treading on very shaky ground. I can ruin you.”

“Are you going to have me arrested?” I asked. “Don’t you think the trial is more likely to ruin you than me? You can’t accuse me of blackmail without the “Red and Ready” pictures becoming common knowledge. Your ultra-religious clients may enjoy seeing them, but they will still fire you. You’ll never be State Attorney General or anything else.”

“I’ll be ruined anyway,” she said, glaring at me. “Everyone knows blackmailers are never satisfied. You’ll keep demanding more and more money until I have nothing left.”

I knew she was bluffing. I placed my hand back on her knee and said, “I don’t need your money. I have a trust fund that would choke a horse. All I am asking for is your cooperation.”

“…cooperation in what regard?” she asked, trying again to push my hand from her knee.

I gripped her leg, refusing to remove my hand this time. Looking first into her eyes then to her lap and back to her face, I said, “You don’t seem cooperative enough to even hear what I have to say. Your political rivals may only be able to offer me money, which I really don’t need, but they would at least listen to me.”

Trying to act as if it had nothing to do with what we were talking about, she took her hand off mine and said, “I’m listening. What is it you want me to do?”

I patted her knee and said, “We’ll discuss the specifics in my hotel room. Let’s just say I want to do a few things to you, and I want you to do a few things to me. …nothing too out of the ordinary.”

“You want me to have sex with you?” she asked, more surprised than I expected her to be. “I’m married and have two kids. You’re asking me to cheat on my husband?”

“It’s probably not the first time,” I grinned, sliding my hand up her leg and rubbing the inside of her thigh through the thin fabric of her loose-fitting pantsuit. “Besides, unlike money, you aren’t going to run out of sex.”

The movement of my hand caused her to flinch, but she didn’t try to push it away. She was giving my proposal serious consideration. She was a strong, proud woman, but her morals weren’t as high as she pretended they were, or she would have never posed for the pictures in the first place.

“Then you admit you will be coming back again and again?” she asked in a hushed tone. “You don’t just want me to go to bed with you once; you want me to have an affair with you?”

I smiled and nodded. She looked around nervously. Most of the color had drained out of her face, and she was trembling slightly. She closed and opened her eyes, looked at me, and looked away a few times. She was obviously having trouble putting her submission into words. I decided to push her a little and starting easing my hand toward her pussy.”

“Please don’t,” she whispered, clamping her thighs together. “…not here. Someone might see. I’ll go to your room with you.”

“We’ll go in a minute,” I smiled. “First, we need to seal the deal. No one will see a thing unless you draw attention to yourself. Now open your legs.”

She looked at me like a puppy that knew it was going to be whipped. I gave her my best Poker face and waited. She looked around the room again then turned her head away from me. Nodding slightly, she slowly moved her legs apart. My hand slipped into her crotch and she made a quiet gasping sound.

“I’ve agreed to your terms,” she said, still not looking at me. “Can we go now? I wouldn’t be letting you do this here if I wasn’t willing to have sex with you.”

I shook my head and told her, “You haven’t agreed to all of my terms, yet. You haven’t even heard all of them.”

As I continued rubbing her pussy, she looked at me and said, “I’m listening.”

I knew I was pushing her further than I should. I just couldn’t help myself. From my limited experience, I already knew that women always felt more degraded when first accepting their fate. The look of desperation and humiliation in her eyes would never again be this intense. It was something I just couldn’t pass up. Moving my hand back to her thigh, I said, “Unzip your pants.”

Her head shook so quickly and minimally it looked like she was shivering.

“No,” she said, firmly. “Not here.”

I hoped that she was too upset herself to see the fear I was feeling and trying to hide. I didn’t know Spyder that well and didn’t know how she would react in I lost Vivian by pushing too hard. I was considering backing off, but I felt any sign of weakness could screw things up just as badly.

“It’s all about cooperation, Mrs. Stockwell,” I said softly.

Vivian looked at me and then looked away. She didn’t say a word, but I heard the quiet rasping of a nylon zipper going down. Turning slightly on the bench of the booth, I reached across my lap and slid my fingers in through the fly of her slacks. The front of her panties weren’t very low-cut, and it took a little maneuvering to get my hand inside them. As my fingers moved down through her thick bush, she sneered at me and said, “You’re sick. You should see a therapist. You’re making me let you do this in public because you are getting some perverted thrill out of humiliating me.”

I almost told her I had seen a therapist earlier, but decided it was too risky. My fingertips probed the folds of her labia until I located her vagina. Smiling at her, I pushed a finger into her, loving the distressed look in her eyes as she resisted the urge to react, by pushing me away, hiding her face in the hands, or crying with shame.

“You’re wet,” I said, looking at her breasts. “Your nipples are probably hard too. I’m a pervert and you’re a slut. We should get along just fine.”

She gritted her teeth and asked, “What are the rest of your terms?”

“You’re going to make yourself available for fucking at least once a month, but no more than once a week,” I said, wiggling my finger in her cunt. “I’ll call for an appointment. You say when, and I’ll say where. If you try avoiding me by being unavailable, I may just drop in at an inconvenient time and fuck you in your office, your car, your home, the courthouse, a fund-raising event, or where ever else you might be at the time. Whenever we meet, you’ll wear a dress and no panties. That means you might want to start dressing that way all the time from now on. You never know when I might drop by just to get my fingers wet. If you weren’t wearing slacks and panties now, you wouldn’t have to worry as much about someone noticing what a slut you are. If you agree to these terms, suck my finger.”

The instant my hand came out of her pants, Vivian grabbed my wrist. She took a quick look around to make sure no one was looking, then lifted it to her mouth, pushing my finger between her lips. She sucked on it for just a split second than threw my hand at my own face in disgust, asking, “Can we go now?”

“You want it bad, don’t you?” I laughed as she tugged up her zipper.

Vivian insisted on arriving at the hotel separately. By the time she got there, I had ropes with leather cuffs tied to each of the bed’s corners. She took one look at them and started to protest.

“Put this on,” I said, holding out a black leather blindfold.

She looked back and forth from me to the bed and shook her head.

“I didn’t think a woman who got fucked in front of cameras while wearing red vinyl in a fetish magazine would consider bondage as being too out of the ordinary, ” I said, laughing at her.

She gave me this nasty look and said, “It’s not that. I don’t trust you enough to let you tie me up.”

“I don’t care if you trust me or not,” I told her, moving my hand and making the blindfold swing from side to side. “You can either put this on, lie down and let my tie you up, or you can go out that door and let me make a few phone calls to your clients and rivals. The choice is yours.”

She looked like she wanted to spit on me. Snatching the blindfold out of my hand, she began putting it on, saying, “If you hurt me, you son of a bitch, I swear to God I’ll kill you.”

“I’ve got a big dick, but it isn’t that big,” I laughed, moving behind her, feeling her tits with one hand and her pussy with the other. “I’m sure it’ll fit in your pussy and mouth without any pain at all.”

When she finished buckling the blindfold behind her head, she dropped her arms to her sides and just stood quietly as I fondled her. After a few seconds, I opened the front of her slacks and pushed them and her panties, over her wide hips and down her legs. Other than stepping out of her shoes and clothes, she didn’t react at all.

I led her the edge of the bed and she sat. I gently nudged her shoulder and almost mechanically she moved to the center of the bed and laid down. As I tied her wrists to the corner posts of the headboard, she moved robot-like and remained completely passive. Even when I spread her legs the placid expression on her face didn’t change.

As I tied her ankles, I felt a slight shiver and realized what she was doing, and why. She was pretending to be a cold fish in hopes that I would get bored with fucking her. The very thought that she was planning on lying there without giving me the satisfaction of seeing her squirm pissed me off. I was tempted to take my belt to her cunt and tits and teach her a lesson, but I remembered what Spyder said about going slowly. Smiling to myself, I ran my fingers through Vivian’s pubic hair. I decided I’d let her be a cold fish for our first session, but she wasn’t going to get away with it next time. I was looking forward to throwing her in the skillet, so to speak, and watching her flip and flop to my heart’s content.

I double-checked her blindfold to make sure she couldn’t see, then opened the door to the adjoining room. Spyder had taken a shower and changed clothes. She didn’t smell like the perfume she had been wearing earlier. In fact, she had the slight aroma of the same cologne I wore. She was completely naked except for a tight, black leather corset that pushed up her little titties, and a pair of black leather short shorts with a large chrome zipper that went all the way down around through her crotch and up the crack of her ass. She could take it in the butt and not even have to take off her shorts.

Flashing me a smile, she laid a camcorder on the dresser and walked over to Vivian, slowly looking her up and down. As she studied our fucktoy, I undressed. Vivian didn’t move a muscle or make a sound. She had no idea that another woman was standing a few feet away getting horny just looking at her naked body spread-eagled on the bed.

Looking at my stiff dick, Spyder grinned and moved to the opposite side of the bed. She opened her mouth and pointed inside then pointed at Vivian. I smiled, knowing exactly what she wanted. As I straddled Vivian’s face, Spyder reached out and took hold of my hardon. She moved her face in as close as she could then guided my dick so that my pre-cum smeared on Vivian’s lips.

Vivian cringed, dropping her cold fish facade for a split second, then opened her mouth. Releasing my cock, Spyder moved her hand to the small of my back. I slid deep into Vivian’s mouth. When I tried to pull back, Spyder pressed against my back. She wanted me to stay deep. After a few seconds, she released the pressure and I slid my dick outward. Spyder set the rhythm, slow and deep. I fucked in and out, she watched intently, and Vivian just laid there sucking gently, unaware of the Spyder’s presence at all.

I don’t know if it was because of going slow, or whether having Spyder watching had anything to do with it, but I was able to go much longer than normal. After nearly twice the time as usual, I started breathing hard and moaning. I felt Vivian tense. She knew I was getting close. Spyder must have known it too. She tapped me on the shoulder and motioned for me to pull out. Vivian winced, turned her lips inward and bit them. I think she was expecting to have cum blasted on her face.

When I got off the bed, Spyder wet her fingers and began rubbing the nipples of her small breasts, making them hard. She eyed Vivian’s well-endowed chest for a few seconds and then smiled at me. Nodding, I gave Vivian a couple of tit squeezes and then began opening her blouse. She just laid there, but she was breathing harder than before. Her bra was one of those longline types; it went down almost to her belly-button and had about ten hooks. As I undid them, Spyder moved around behind me.

The moment Vivian’s big boobs spilled out, Spyder leaned in and started tonguing their large brown nipples. Vivian made a little face I would have missed if I had been sucking on her tits. She wasn’t quite as mentally detached as she pretended to be. I had seen facial contortions like that before. She was nearly overcome with humiliation and was trying hard not to cry. If Spyder hadn’t told me to control myself, it would only have been a matter of seconds and Vivian’s face would have been wet with her tears. I would have made sure of that.

After a minute or so of licking, slurping and sucking, Spyder lifted her head from Vivian’s breasts and took the camcorder from the dresser. Handing it to me, she smiled and moved to the foot of the bed. I started taping and she moved in between Vivian’s spread legs. For almost a full minute, neither woman moved. I don’t know if it was the first time Spyder had ever seen a pussy so close and was enjoying the sight, or whether she was purposefully letting Vivian’s anxiety build. She seemed to be inhaling deeply, savoring the aroma and then blowing gently onto the damp cunt in front of her.

Slowly, snake-like, her tongue extended from between her lips. Her technique was nothing like mine. I would have clamped my mouth on Vivian’s cunt and jammed my tongue into her, but Spyder was teasingly slow and gentle. The very tip of her tongue barely touched the lips of Vivian’s cunt, but it might as well have been a whip. Vivian arched her back and moaned.

Three more times, Spyder breathed in Vivian’s scent, blew lightly on the cunt spread in front of her, and gently teased with her tongue. Each time, she got the exact same reaction. It was the first day of school, and I was learning a valuable lesson. Taunting wasn’t just a mental thing, and the anguish was far more intense if you didn’t allow your victim to become desensitized.

The fourth time, Vivian didn’t twitch nearly as severely, and Spyder moved on, slowly dragging her tongue up Vivian’s slit and then quickly flicking her clit. Arching her back and pressing downward with her hips, Vivian tried to pull away. Spyder waited until Vivian relaxed and then flicked her clit again.

“God damn it, you little son of a bitch,” Vivian groaned. “Just do what you’re going to do and get it over with.”

Spyder turned her head and smiled into the camcorder. With the heel of her hand, she pressed hard against Vivian’s clit. A small droplet of juice oozed out of Vivian’s cunt accompanied by a loud moan. Pounding rhythmically on Vivian’s clit with her hand, Spyder closed her mouth over the swollen cunt lips in front of her face and sucked.

Moving her head up and down, she stretched and pulled on Vivian’s labia, letting them slip from her lips with a loud plop. Her tongue snaked out, slithering through the thick folds of skin from bottom to top, under her own mound-thumping hand and the hood of flesh covering Vivian’s clit. She would touch and go, flicking, licking, prodding and probing here and there. Then, she jammed her face hard into Vivian’s open crotch. I couldn’t see, but I was sure her tongue was buried deep. Then, rapidly shaking her head, she let out a long, low, vibrating moan.

The entire bed shook as Vivian shuddered and whimpered. She was fighting as hard as she could, but it was obvious that her body had won out over her spirit. Her head tossed from side to side. Her hips bucked and she fought her bonds. Never, not even in a porn flick, have I seen a woman cum so hard and for so long. She just kept thrashing, pushing herself into Spyder’s smacking hand and sucking mouth.

Eventually, Spyder pulled away. Vivian fell limp. Both women were actually blushing. Vivian was obviously embarrassed by her orgasm. I think Spyder was just a little uncomfortable by the fact that I was watching. She slowly looked me up and down, and then her eyes stopped on my stiff dick. Reaching out, she stroked it a couple seconds and licked her lips.

Looking back at Vivian’s wet cunt, she smiled and slowly, silently unzipped the crotch of her leather shorts. Vivian was so distracted with trying to regain her composure she didn’t hear anything and just laid there breathing hard. Spyder rubbed her cunt for a few seconds and then held her wet fingers to my nose. Her aroma was lighter than the strong scent of Vivian, but she was obviously primed and ready. She moved her mouth close to my ear and whispered, “If you want some of this, screw Viv hard, make her cream, and then make her swallow your cream.”

As I climbed between Vivian’s spread legs, Spyder moved to the head of the bed and spread her own legs so that I could see her cunt while she watched. Vivian took a deep breath, mentally bracing herself. I touched the tip of my dick to her pussy lips and I sensed her tense, but she remained quiet. Slowly, I eased into her, gradually filling her a millimeter at a time, doing a little physical taunting of my own. Her breathing got a little harder and faster, but other than that she didn’t react. With the tiniest strokes possible, just enough of spread the lubrication, I gradually filled her with my hardon.

When I was finally in all the way, I held there for a few seconds, teasing her further. Spyder started playing with herself, and I pulled back, slamming into Vivian as hard as I could. Spyder smiled and Vivian moaned. With the fingers of one hand, Spyder spread her cunt lips and pushed the middle finger of her other hand into herself. I pulled back and slammed into Vivian again. As I did, she raised her hips to meet me. My pelvis smacked hard against her clit and she threw her head back, whimpering loudly.

I was fucking Vivian, but I was thinking about Spyder. Vivian felt good. She was tighter than I had imagined a mother of two would be. Her cunt was wetter than hell, but not at all sloppy. She had wonderful vaginal muscle control. Her cunt bathed me dick with warm pussy juice when I pushed in, and wiped it almost dry like a squeegee when I pulled out. It was like getting a blowjob and fucking at the same time. But there was something incredibly intriguing about Spyder, and I wanted her bad. I was determined to make Vivian cum.

One of the things I had learned about Vivian so far was that she responded to having her clit banged rather than rubbed. Having her spread-eagled like she was didn’t give me quite the right angle of attack, but I had to make the best of it. Her bonds were loose enough that I was able to slide my legs under hers. Grabbing her ass, I lifted her and moved my knees under her thighs. Being in a kneeling position, I didn’t have the same range of movement. I couldn’t fuck her as deep, but her clit was right up where I could get at it. As I slowly thrust in and out of her, I started patting her pussy with the back of my fingers.

Spyder smiled. She was impressed with my ingenuity. Vivian responded too. She didn’t smile, but she dropped her cold fish routine. Her head began turning from side to side matching my rhythm. Arching her back to give me an even better shot at her clit, she started moaning and urging me on.

“Spank it,” she whimpered. “…harder. …harder. Spank my pussy.”

“You threatened to kill me if I hurt you,” I teased, turning my hand over and gently caressing her cunt lips with my thumb.

Her entire body shook and she whined, “I don’t care what I said. Spank my fucking pussy. Make it sting.”

I moved my hand away and completely froze with just the head of my dick in her. It seemed like a real good time to remind her of who was in control. She wanted it bad, but she was powerless. She couldn’t do it herself, and she couldn’t make me do it. All she could do was lie there trembling waiting for it.

Raising my hand, I looked at Spyder. She had frozen too. Just the tip of her middle finger was still in her pussy. From head to foot she glistened with perspiration. It was like she was in a trace. Her eyes didn’t blink. They were locked with anticipation of what was to come next.

Almost imperceptibly Spyder nodded her head. My hand swung downward and my dick plunged inward. Flicking my fingers like a whip I snapped Vivian’s clit at the very instant I was as deep in her as I could go.

“Yes,” she gasped, throwing her head back. “Oh, God, yes!”

Not even giving her a chance to catch a breath, I yanked out and stabbed in, slapping her pussy again. This time her head flew forward and she tugged wildly at the ropes holding her. Over and over, faster and faster, I slammed into her cunt, flailing her clit with my fingertips.

She went completely wild. Her head flew from side to side and she thrashed around on the bed as much as her restraints would allow. She was whimpering, crying, moaning, begging for more. If there was anyone in the next room, they were getting an earful. Spyder was fingering herself so hard and fast her hand was a blur. Her other hand was working her clit in a gentle imitation of what Vivian was getting. All three of us were about to get off at the same time.

“Oh God, Oh God,” Vivian cried. “I’m cumming! Shoot your load on my hot pussy. Put out my fire.”

I pulled my dick out of her and started pumping it with my hand. At the last second, I remembered what Spyder had said and I quickly moved to the head of the bed. Vivian was oblivious to everything except her orgasm. She was twitching and jerking around like she was having convulsions. There was no way I was going to get her to cooperate in time.

Grabbing her hair, I forced her to hold her head still. My other hand swung through the air and landed with a loud smack right in her wet crotch. When her mouth opened to scream, I feel bent over her face, burying my dick deep in her mouth. It wasn’t a moment too soon. Working my hips as fast as I could, I fucked in and out between her lips, blasting thick jets of cum down her throat with each thrust.

Vivian sucked and tongued my cock like a fiend. When my hips began to slow, she moved her head up and down, milking me of every single drop of cum. The euphoria of her own orgasm was obvious in the soft mewling sounds she made as she undulated beneath me.

I looked up at Spyder. She was barely standing. Her knees had gone weak and were bent as she slumped against the wall. The finger that had been fucking her was now in her mouth and her eyes were closed. Her face was an expression of pure ecstasy.

When I finally moved from over top Vivian’ s face and got off of the bed, Spyder hurried back into her own room. I was ready to follow her and fuck her right then, but I had to release Vivian. As silently as I could, I closed the adjoining door. Vivian was lying silently now with a contented smile on her face. When I uncuffed her ankles, she closed her legs, moaning softly and rubbing her thighs together.

The moment her hands were free, Vivian removed her blindfold and looked at her watch.

“Damn,” she said, scooting off the bed. “I’m late for an important meeting. I don’t even have time for a shower.”

Running into the bathroom, she grabbed a towel and wiped her pussy. As she headed to where her pants laid on the floor, she looked at the camcorder still sitting on the dresser.

“I figured as much,” She said pulling her panties on. “Gathering more incriminating evidence?”

She didn’t seem too concerned. I smiled and said, “It’s just a little extra insurance. As long as I have this, you can’t claim I raped you. It would only take one look at the way you were carrying on to get that case thrown out of court.”

Vivian blushed slightly and fastened the hooks up the front of her bra. As she finished dressing I told her, “You’re going to get your nipple pierced. …nothing fancy, just a plain gold ring. Next time, I’ll be bringing my leash.”

She cocked and eyebrow and gently rubbed her breast, contemplating what I said. Then, smiling slightly she nodded. Things had turned out totally different than I had expected. She wasn’t the same woman I had molested in the restaurant Her opinions of me had changed too. Smoothing her clothes and making a few final adjustments she went to the window and peeked outside. Then, turning to me, she said, “Next time we should find a more secluded place to meet. Things got a little loud. …not what I expected from a boy your age. And, you won’t need that videotape. I’m looking forward to carrying on like that again.”

Obviously, I was flattered, but I didn’t dwell on it. As soon as the door closed behind her, I headed for Spyder’s room. I couldn’t wait to crawl between those long thin legs of hers, fuck her smug little mouth and give that skinny little butt a serious reaming. Spyder wasn’t on the bed like I thought she would be. I checked the bathroom and she wasn’t there either. She was gone.

The End of Chapter Seven

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