Society Slaves Chapter 8

by Jefferson James

My session with Vivian had renewed my interest in bondage. I decided to have a little fun with my sexy stepmother. I knew I had to go easy on her because of the still all too real threat of her going to the police. Spyder had talked her down once, but I wasn’t sure she could do it again. Straight sex wasn’t enough to make Angie go to the cops, and I knew she’d put up with a little bondage and humiliation. But it was going to take a little creative thinking and some preparation to have some real fun with her and still be sure she wouldn’t go to the authorities.

One morning, while my father was in the shower, I went to their bedroom. Angie had just woken up. But even with her short, dark hair mussed up, she still looked pretty hot…there was a certain glow in her face. The moment I entered , her expression changed from contentment to fear. Her big brown eyes darted back and forth between the master bathroom and me.

“Not now,” she said, hopping off the bed and motioning for me to go.

She was still wearing the top of her lacey white nightie, but her panties were conspicuously missing. Her muff looked a bit damp too. I suspected they had just had a little morning sex. If I was right, it was a bonus I hadn’t counted on. Smiling, I motioned for her to come closer and said, “Nipple.”

She stayed where she was and shook her head, saying, “Not now. Your father could come out of the shower any second. I’ll do what you want after he leaves the house.”

“You’ll do what I want right now,” I told her. “If you don’t want to get caught, you better quit wasting time. Nipple.”

Nodding, she rushed over to me, lifting the front of her nightie. The instant I leashed her, she dropped to her knees, took out my dick and started sucking as best as she knew how. She was determined to get me off as quickly as possible.

“I really appreciate your initiative, Peaches, but I had something else in mind.”

She quit sucking, glanced toward the bathroom and hurriedly got to her feet.

“Can’t this wait?” she asked.

Tugging on her leash, I pulled her closer and said, “On my bed you’ll find a set of wrist and ankle cuffs, a black leather peek-a-boo bra, a pair of black leather panties with a zipper crotch, and your favorite ring gag. In exactly one hour from now, you will go to my room, put everything on, and lie spread-eagle on the bed. There are chains attached to the corner posts. Connect the ones at the foot of the bed to your ankles. I’ll fasten the ones at the head of the bed to your wrists when I get there.”

“I need to take a shower first,” she said, softly.

Grinning, I forced two fingers between her legs and into her pussy. My suspicions had been correct. Her cunt was freshly fucked.

“I know,” I said, wiggling my fingers in her juicy hole. “You’ll want to take a shower afterwards too. I’ll be replacing the load he gave you with a load of my own.”

When I pulled my cum-coated fingers out of her twat and held them in front of her face, I saw a touch of unmasked anger in her eyes. Then, she cringed slightly and slowly, grudgingly, opened her mouth. As my gooey fingers slid between her lips, I added, “…and a load in here too, of course.”

She tried her best to hide her disgust, but I saw it. Slowly, her eyes closed and her mouth tightened. As I facefucked her with the gooey fingers of one hand, I gently backhanded her thigh with the other. Her legs opened, and I slide into her cunt, pumping her, loading up my fingers with more left behind cum.

“It would really turn him on to know what you’re having for breakfast,” I said, fingering her from both ends. “He doesn’t get to cum in your mouth like I do, does he?”

Angie’s eyes opened and she gave me a cold look. Switching hands, I started feeding her another helping of my father’s cum. Her eyes closed again with the same little cringe, but her legs stayed spread and her mouth started sucking again. Every few seconds, I would change hands, transferring as much of my dad’s load from her cunt to her mouth as I could before I finally unleashed her and allowed her to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand and return to the bed.

“That ought to put you in the mood for later,” I said, leaving. “In one hour, bound and spread, with a ring gag in your mouth. Don’t be late.”

An hour or so after my father left, I went to my room and found Angie waiting. She looked absolutely delicious, her legs spread and chained so wide that her pussy was barely covered by the crotch of her zippered panties, her sweet little nipples poking through the holes in her peek-a-boo bra. She had obediently fitted herself with the ring gag and now had her arms over her head and spread wide, waiting for me to finish chaining her to the bed.

Allowing her to postpone a session or two in the previous weeks had made her a little more cooperative. Being able to reschedule made her feel a little more like she was being obliging rather than forced. She had actually had an orgasm or two and didn’t hide them from me. She didn’t really like the idea of having sex with me, but she didn’t hate every second of it, either. The fact that she was cheating on my father seemed to bother her the most. She was, however, starting to get used to the idea.

“And where is the first load going?” I asked.

Angie sighed. She lowered her arms and unzipped the crotch of her leather panties, exposing her dark black muff and pretty pink pussy lips. As I gave her a little feel, she made a little complaining sound and returned to the same position she had been in when I entered. I fasten the chains to her wrist cuffs and said, “You don’t sound too happy about it. I thought you’d be glad to be on your back. If I remember correctly, the last time I told you to wait for me in my room, you took it up the ass. I’d think you’d be grateful you aren’t face down right now.”

Angie nodded.

“You are grateful?” I asked. “You’re glad I’m going to fuck your pussy and fill it full of cum?”

She nodded again. I pushed a finger through the ring gag, into her mouth, stroking her tongue and asked, “And taking a load in here and swallowing it won’t bother you a bit, will it?”

She blinked slowly and then shook her head.

“Then I guess the sweet talk is over and it’s time for some foreplay,” I told her, taking my dick out of my pants. “My cock in your mouth seems a good place to start.”

Straddling her head, I pushed through the ring in her mouth and she began flicking my dick with her tongue. I don’t know what it is about a ring gag. You can’t really get a proper blowjob when the woman can’t tighten her lips around your shaft, but I still find it extremely sexy. Just knowing how helpless and subservient it makes her more than compensates for the lack of physical stimulation.

Even though Angie had closed her eyes, I could still tell she was more distressed by having her mouth used like some sort of masturbation device than she would have if she had actually been giving a normal blowjob. As an added benefit, I knew it brought back memories of the day Ernie and I had raped her. Just like then, all she could do was lie there as my dick moved in and out, sliding over her tongue and deep into her mouth.

I had been going at Angie’s face for a couple of minutes when suddenly the sound of my father’s voice came booming from the living room.

“Damn it! I don’t have time for this crap,” he said. “Honey, are you still here?”

Angie went crazy. She started choking and fighting her bonds. She was desperately trying to get free, but of course couldn’t. Yanking my dick from her mouth I snatched up my underwear and stuffed them through her ring gag in an attempt to silence her.

“Relax,” I whispered. “He won’t come in here looking for you. Besides, this is kind of kinky. You’re getting fucked by your stepson and your husband is in the next room. This is great. I wouldn’t miss this for anything.”

Angie’s eyes were begging and pleading like never before. All the times I had degraded and humiliated her were nothing compared to now. I was loving every second. Pushing into her cunt I started fucking her hard and fast.

“If he does walk in on us, this might be the last time I get to fuck you, Peaches. You ought to be flattered that I don’t want to miss out on that. If he catches us, we aren’t going to be trying to hide; we’re going to be going at it like bunnies.”

Tears poured from Angie’s eyes as she struggled in vain beneath me. The look of terror on her face was more intense than I had ever seen. Even when she knew she was about to get her pussy beat with a belt or her ass raped hard she hadn’t been as scared. Betraying and hurting her husband was worse in her mind than anything I had done to her.

“Where the hell is everyone?” my father’s voice called out.

It was louder and sounded like he was upstairs now.

Angie had the same look on her face as Claudia did, like a she-wolf caught in a steel leg hold trap, willing to gnaw her own leg off if it were possible, just to escape. Between her hysteric struggling and me relentlessly pounding her pussy and jamming her cunt full of dick, the bed was rocking and creaking like it had a life of its own. I had never known her eyes could open so wide. Harder and harder she fought. Faster and faster my cock stabbed into her pussy.

When I had fucked Angie in the men’s room of her country club, I couldn’t imagine sex with her could be any better. But, this was the greatest ever. She was truly terrified and could move just enough to give me one wild ride. I was ramming and slamming into her like there was no tomorrow and she was bucking like a bronco with its tail on fire. It was the fuck of a lifetime and my dick knew it. I didn’t just have an orgasm; my cock fucking exploded.

My father’s angry voice called out again. He said my name and asked, “Why the hell aren’t you answering me?”

This time it sounded like he was right outside the door.

“Maybe he will come in here,” I said, grunting, thrusting and shooting my thick, warm cum into Angie. “When he sees how you’re dressed and remembers how you hurried him out of here this morning, he’ll know you wanted me to fuck you. Who knows? Maybe seeing my load oozing out of you will turn him on and he’ll want to join in. You might have to take it up the ass after all. Imagine, me in your cunt and my dad up your ass. …both of us fucking you at the same time.”

Pulling out of Angie, I got up on my hands and knees and looked down at her. She was like a dolphin caught in a tuna net, unable to move, unable to have any influence over her own destiny. At any moment, she expected her life, as she knew it, to be over. If my father came through that door, she would be disgraced, abandoned, or worse. I drank in the dread in her wide eyes and then scrambled up and over her face, reaching underneath me to remove the underwear gagging her.

Using my fingers like a squeegee, I squeezed the juice off of my cock and onto Angie’s lips. Then, lying down over her face, I shoved my dick into her mouth and started humping and stuffing her face for all I was worth. Even though I had already cum once, it was only a matter of a few seconds before I was flooding her mouth and filling her throat.

Usually, a second orgasm isn’t as copious as the first, but that wasn’t true in this case. Spurt after spurt of thick, rope-like strands blasted into her. I was moaning and groaning so loud, if my father had been in the hall outside my door, there was no way he wouldn’t have heard. Angie was coughing, choking and sputtering. Her chains were rattling and the headboard was banging against the wall.

Gradually, I slowed my pace, pushing into my stepmother’s overflowing mouth, squishing some of the milky white cum out and over her full, lush lips. Most of my load, though, she had to swallow out of self-preservation. My dick was a meat piston and I kept it stroking, pushing and force feeding her every last slimy drip and droplet before finally rolling off of her and staggering to my feet.

I relished the panic in Angie’s face for a few more seconds and then released her arms, telling her, “It was just a tape recording. I set up a little situation and recorded it about a week ago while you were at your club. Right now, he’s at his office. I called and double-checked just before coming in here. Our little secret is still safe.”

Angie took her ring gag off and threw it at me, cussing a blue streak. She was madder than hell, but at the same time relieved. It had been too real. Now more than ever she could imagine what it would be like to have my father learn the truth about her and me. Having him learn the truth about Ernie’s black dick being in her was still unimaginable, but easily more than twice as scary.

She knew I’d raped Claudia and she almost went to the police because of it. But now the threat of what it would mean to her and her future was much easier for her to envision. I wasn’t going to test the theory, but I probably could have gotten Angie to hold a girl down during a rape, and stay quiet about it. I had seen that much terror in her eyes. And, more importantly, she knew I had seen it. She was mine, much more so than she had been that morning.

The End of Chapter Eight

(c) Copyright March 2001 by Jefferson James. All rights reserved. No portion of this story may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author, except for a single copy, by and for the person reading this notice, for private reading.