Turkey and Stuffing

by Jefferson James

Absent-mindedly singing along with the radio, Diane began clearing away the dinner dishes. Thanksgiving had been a success. Her date hadn’t made too big of a fool of himself, and her parents actually seemed to like him. Being 34 years old, she didn’t know why her parents’ approval meant so much to her. But she had been raised very conservatively, and it did. She now felt comfortable about taking her relationship with her new boyfriend to the next level.

Now that everyone had gone and she was alone, she started thinking about that next step. Flipping her short red hair out of her flashing, emerald green eyes, she grinned devilishly. Slowly and seductively, she slid her hands across her large breasts, down her sides, and over her wide hips. Her grin broadened as she wondered if he had any idea that he was going to ‘get lucky’ on their next date.

Suddenly, the rear door of her small house burst open with a loud crash and a shower of splinters. The security chain was ripped from the wall as the doorjamb broke into a hundred pieces. Charging through the doorway and across the kitchen toward her was a tall, drunken man nearly twice her size. As she cowered in the corner behind the table, she looked desperately for a route of escape. There was none. She was trapped.

She wanted to scream. She wanted to shout. But the most that she could squeak out was a terrified, submissive sounding, “What do you want?”

The man slung his long, stringy, black hair over his shoulder and leered at her.

“I’m going to give you something to be thankful for,” he drawled. “Yes, ma’am. Ol’ Jake here is going to give you a right nice fucking.”

“Get away from me!” Diane yelled.

Staggering toward her, Jake swung his arms wildly, telling her, “Shut up, Bitch! You got it coming and you know it.”

Hoping that in his intoxicated state she could knock him off balance, Diane attempted to push her way past the disgusting brute. Somehow, Jake’s large hand found her throat. As he tightened his grip, choking off her breath, he slammed her against the wall. Barely able to breathe, she pulled helplessly at his muscular arm.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Diane begged, gagging and gasping on every word.

Jake’s face contorted with anger. He let go of Diane’s throat and punched her hard in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her.

“I told you to shut up,” he roared. “You ain’t in charge here, missy.”

Tears streamed down Diane’s cheeks as she doubled over in pain. Frantically, she gulped down air, fighting off unconsciousness. She thought she heard Jake say something, but the buzzing in her ears was too loud for her to understand a single word. The next thing she knew, her feet left the ground as he picked her up and bodily threw her on top of the kitchen table. Food, plates, and eating utensils flew in every direction.

As her breath began to come back to her, Diane twisted and squirmed atop the table, swinging her legs, trying her best to kick her attacker. One of Jake’s hands grabbed the front of her blouse and yanked her upward as the other laid a stinging slap on her face.

“Just lie still and take what I got to give you,” he said, throwing her back onto the table. “You got a cuntful of Jake coming your way, bitch.”

Wild-eyed, Diane furiously shook her head and tried to slide away further up the table. The expensive china handed down to her by her mother was pushed off of the table, smashing on the floor. She didn’t care. She had never been so scared in all her live. Her heart was racing and her only thought was of escape.

“Come here,” Jake ordered, grabbing her calves and dragging her closer. “You think you’re too good for me, don’t you? I’ve seen how you are. Ill bet you don’t even remember me or what you did.”

It was true. Diane didn’t even vaguely recognize Jake. Even so, she couldn’t imagine what she could have done to make him so angry. She made a point of avoiding eye contact with men she saw on the street. Perhaps he was a homeless person whom she hadn’t given money. Did he think her lack of charity meant she deserved to be raped?

As she was dragged across the table, Diane clenched her eyes shut and sobbed. She didn’t want to admit it, but she knew her struggling was in vain. She knew there was no hope of preventing him from doing as he wished. He was too big and too strong.

“Just lie on back and enjoy it,” he told her. “A fat, ugly bitch like you probably hasn’t had a decent fucking in years.”

His words stung almost as much as the slap she had received earlier. Diane had never considered herself pretty. It was true she was a few pounds over-weight, but she had never thought of herself as either ugly or fat. With all the defiance left in her, she clamped her knees together and whimpered, “No.”

Jake laughed and said, “Give me a gander at them boobs.”

Folding her arms over her breasts, Diane vigorously shook her head. Jake cussed at her and picked up a fork. Violently stabbing it into the table just inches from her thigh he bellowed, “I thought you didn’t want me to hurt you. You best be doing what I say or I’m going to hurt you real bad, cunt.”

Closing her eyes and turning her face away, Diane sniffled. She hated herself for not having the courage to refuse. But the very thought of what might happen if she didn’t cooperate terrified her. Slowly she nodded her head, saying, “Okay, okay. I’ll do what you want. Just don’t hurt me.”

As she fumbled with the buttons of her blouse, Jake walked to the refrigerator and got himself a beer. Twisting off the top, he stared at her crotch and licked his lips.

“Skin to the wind,” he told her, taking a swig of his beer. “Don’t you dare stop when you get to your bra. I want to see your melons, not your underwear.”

Pulling open the front of her blouse, Diane nodded. Still sniffling, she undid the clasp of her bra. As she peeled the cups off of her large breasts, Jake let out a loud belch. She was horrified by the prospect of having sex with this man, but she was much more afraid of what he might do if she tried to resist.

“Not bad,” Jake chuckled. “They’re shaped a little funny and sag, but they’ll have to do. Now get them britches off.”

His derogatory comments about her breasts made Diane cringe. She had always thought of them as her best feature. Scooting to the edge of the table, she stood up and reluctantly began opening the front of her slacks. For a brief instant she considered trying to make a break for it, but Jake stood between her and freedom. She knew it was hopeless. He was going to rape her. Angering him would only decrease her chances of survival.

“When was the last time you had a real dick in you?” Jake asked, rubbing the beer bottle against the large bulge in the front of his jeans. “…a flesh and blood dick. Not one of those rubber ones you homely girls use.”

Diane lowered her head in shame.

“A couple of months ago,” she said softly, letting her slacks drop to the floor, and stepping out of them.

Jake laughed.

“What kind of dog was it?” he asked, chuckling. “It had to be a big one. …a German Shepherd or something to get his paws around your waist and hump that fat ass of yours.”

Before Diane could say anything, Jake put his hand in the middle of her face and pushed her onto her back atop the table. Suddenly, her body jerked involuntarily as her panties were soaked with cold beer. The chilled liquid touching her warm flesh sent shivers up her spine.

“That ought to make your filthy hole taste a little better,” Jake snickered, tossing the empty beer bottle across the room. “Now get them undies off.”

Diane closed her tear-filled eyes and wiggled her way out of her wet panties. She heard the refrigerator open and the sound of a twist top as Jake got himself another beer.

“Make it quick,” he told her. “You’re eager to get a human dick in you, ain’t you?”

Diane laid her beer-soaked panties on the table and covered herself with her hands. Then, hearing the sound of Jake’s zipper going down, she started crying harder. She had resigned herself to submitting, but the dread she felt was almost more than she could stand.

“Move your fat ass to the edge of the table so that I can get in you,” he told her. “Spread them chubby legs good and wide, and put your hands behind your head so that your tits don’t sag as much.”

The way he was treating her made Diane detest Jake even more. No man had ever dared talk to her like that before. Hate, fear, and humiliation were three emotions she had never before experienced in unison. But of the three, fear seemed to be the strongest. Swallowing her pride and pushing her hatred aside, she did as she was told. Then opening her eyes, she glared at Jake, unwilling to let the degradation she felt show.

“You are one sorry excuse for a woman,” Jake said, adding fuel to the fire. “Here, let ‘ol Jake wipe up them tears.”

Picking up Diane’s beer soaked panties, he wiped her face, making it more wet than before. The angry look in her eyes made him laugh. He obviously understood what she was going through mentally, and seemed determined to push her to the brink. Slowly wringing the panties out over her face, he let the beer drip onto her sneering lips.

With a twisted grin on his own lips, he finished opening the front of his jeans and took out his hardon. The sight of him stroking his stiff penis was more than Diane could take. She bolted upright and tried to get away. But in spite of being drunk, Jake’s reflexes were too quick for her. He grabbed her with both hands —by the hair of her head and by the hair of her pussy— holding her atop the table.

“What do you think you’re doing, you fucking sow?” he asked. “You wanting to turn over? Is that it? You want me to jump in your mud hole? …roto rooter the ‘ol rectum? …give you a right good cornholing?

Suddenly realizing that rape could mean more than just having a stranger’s penis in her vagina, Diane quickly shook her head.

“Then get back the way I told you, you ugly dog fucker,” Jake said, releasing her.

When Diane had moved back into position, with her butt at the very edge of the table, her hands behind her head, and her legs spread wide, Jake picked up a plate of food from the counter and dumped it on her face. The thought of anal rape frightened her so badly she just laid there, perfectly still with bits of turkey and stuffing on her forehead, eyes and nose. Mashed potatoes and gravy ran down her cheeks, chin, and neck.

“There. I think that’s an improvement,” he said, dumping cranberry sauce on her breasts. “You’re a mite less ugly now.”

Diane felt lower than she had ever felt before. It was bad enough that she was being forced into sexual submission, but to be regarded as a piece of garbage made it all that much worse. Her self-esteem was all but gone, and all because of this horrible example of a man.

Lowering his face between her wide spread legs, Jake sniffed Diane’s crotch.

“Ever had a man go down on you,” he asked?

“No,” she whispered.

Slowly dragging his middle finger up and down between her labia several times, he asked, “…a girl?”

Diane shuddered and said, “No.”

His fingertip twirled around her clitoris for a few seconds, making Diane arch her back. The sensation was far too intense to even be remotely enjoyable.

“Just dogs, huh?” he said, pulling away. “Hell ain’t no way I can compete with a tongue that long.”

He placed his hand on Diane’s face and smeared the food, mixing it with the fresh tears pouring from her eyes. After a few seconds, he moved back to the counter. His back was turned to her, but she heard a strange sucking sound. When he turned to face her, he reached out holding a turkey baster he had filled with beer.

“Douche!” he ordered, with a grin on his face.

Diane looked from his face to the baster and back again. She couldn’t believe he was serious.

“Either you douche, or I’ll do it for you,” he said, grasping her thick, curly pubic hair.

Swallowing hard, Diane reached out with a shaking hand and took the baster. She guided its nozzle into her vagina and squeezed the bulb on the other end, filling herself with beer. It was so cold, it burned as it squirted into her, leaked out and ran down over her anus.

Nodding his head like an imbecile, and literally drooling on himself, Jake said, “Do your butt too.”

“Please, no” Diane begged. “It’ll hurt.”

“Not as bad as other things might,” Jake laughed, picking up a fork.

As Diane slowly worked the tip of the baster into her anus, Jake turned the fork upside down and dragged it across her vulva. The tines of the fork bit deep into the delicate flesh making up the hood of her clitoris, causing her to whimper in pain.

“Hurry it up,” he told her. “I’m getting a mite impatient. I got a real hankering to start porking you. And I know you would rather have a porking than a forking.”

When she had finished emptying the remainder of the beer in the baster into her rectum and was about to remove it, Jake reached down and pushed on the back of her hand, forcing the hard plastic tube deep into her anus. Diane screamed as she was impaled. She clawed at the table with her free hand and threw her head from side to side, slinging food onto the walls. The pain was agonizing.

When she had finally grown accustomed to the intruder in her bowels and calmed down, Jake grinned at her, rubbing his hardon against her mons veneris.

“You squeal just like a pig, ” he laughed.

“Please don’t do this,” Diane whined. “Just leave. No one will know.”

Jake chuckled and lined his penis up with the opening of Diane’s vagina.

“Who’s going to care, anyway?” he asked, pushing himself inward. “I ain’t going to tell anyone I fucked a sow like you. And if you tell, no one will believe you got someone to screw you without you paying for it.”

Diane knew he was lying. Even though she considered herself to be a little heavy, her friends told her otherwise. And she had no trouble attracting the attention of men. No one, not even her worst enemies, had ever said such things about her. She wanted to tell him off, but her fear kept her quiet.

Jake pushed and pulled his dick in and out of her pussy at an agonizingly slow pace. Diane just wanted it to be over with. The beer had done nothing to lubricate her and each stroke made her wince as she was rubbed raw.

“Play with your boobs,” Jake said, increasing his pace.

His scrotum pressed against the turkey baster in her butt causing it to push and poke the flesh pinched between it and his pistoning hardon.

“Please,” Diane begged. “Let me remove the baster.”

“No.” Jake answered, swatting at her breasts. “I told you to play with your fucking jugs.”

As Diane rolled her erect nipples between her fingers, Jake shook his head.

“Jesus,” he said. “I thought a homely cunt like you would be tighter because you never get fucked. But your twat is the loosest I’ve ever had. Without that baster in your ass, it would be like jacking off through an open window.”

Diane knew he was lying. The pain she was enduring proved just how tight she was.

Gradually, Jake’s hips began moving faster and faster. With each thrust, Diane winced and whimpered. He was fucking her deep now, and the baster was scraping her delicate flesh on each stroke.

“Damn! I’m never going to get my nut like this here,” Jake complained. “I hope your ass is tighter. You haven’t been letting the dogs fuck you in the ass too, have you?”

His words terrified her, and Diane moved up the table away from Jake. But before she had moved more than an inch, he pulled out of her and slapped her breasts. When she tried to protect herself, he grabbed her wrist and dragged her to her feet.

“Get that thing out of your ass,” he ordered. “Don’t use your hands. Squeeze it out.”

Diane found the instruction degrading, but she did as she was told. Bearing down, she attempted to force the baster out of her butt. As she did, Jake rummaged through the refrigerator.

“Hurry it up,” he growled. “If I go soft, you’re going to have to suck me hard.”

Diane strained, and the baster fell to the floor. Giving her a twisted smile, Jake took a cucumber from the crisper. Handing it to her he chuckled and said, “…up the cunt. It’ll make your asshole tighter.”

“Oh God, no,” Diane cried.

“Oh God, yes,” Jake said, mocking her. “You can put it in, or I will.”

Diane looked at the long, thick vegetable in her trembling hand and slowly nodded her head. Fighting back her tears, she spread her labia with her fingers and began working the massive cuke into her vagina. It was much larger than any man she had ever had, but her pussy grudgingly and painfully stretched to accept it. The big vegetable was so cold it burned. Only the fear of death gave her the strength to continue.

“Waddle over her and bend over the sink,” Jake said, smearing more food on Diane’s breasts. “You’re dripping food all over the floor, you filthy pig.”

Being called a pig was more than Diane could stand. Lashing out with her foot, she kicked Jake, just missing his crotch. In retaliation, he punched her, knocking her to the floor. As she laid there momentarily dazed, he knelt behind her and yanked her to her knees.

“All righty then,” he told her. “…hands and knees like you fuck the dogs. You want me to bark for you too?”

Diane felt the wet, sticky head of his penis press against her anus. Curling up into a ball, she tensed up and braced herself for the pain she knew would follow.

“If you oink for me, I’ll pour a little salad oil on your shitter before I ream it,” Jake laughed.

Diane desperately wanted the lubrication, but she couldn’t bring herself to do as he asked. Shaking with fear, she shook her head.

“Suit yourself, piggie,” Jake said, pushing forward, stretching Diane’s sphincter.

“I’m not a pig,” she whimpered.

“…just a dog fucking slut?” Jake taunted.

Diane started to protest, but her words were drowned out by her own screams as Jake jammed the head of his dick into her ass.

“It’s okay,” he said, pulling out and stabbing in again. “Your secret is safe with me.”

The pain was much worse than Diane anticipated. She fought to remain conscious as Jake brutally shoved himself deeper into her bowels.

“Oink, oink, oink,” Jake laughed. “This is a mite better. At least it’s tight. Woof, woof. Moooooo… Come on, you little barnyard bitch, oink for me.”

He pounded his dick into her clenching asshole so hard Diane began scooting across the floor. She had never been fucked so savagely and actually began to feel like an animal.

“Oh yes,” Jake groaned. “…tight little pig butt. …premium ham. Oink? Oink? …little piggie?”

Jake changed his angle of attack. He raised his hips and began punching downward. His hardon slammed against the cucumber in her vagina, doubling the severity of the pain. She just couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Take it out,” she bawled. “Oh God, please take it out. I’ll do anything!”

“Oink, little piggie,” he prodded. “Oink for ‘ol Jake.”

Diane swallowed the last of her pride and quietly oinked.

“Louder, you fucking sow,” Jake roared, pinching her nipples. “Louder.”

“All right. All right,” Diane cried. “Oink! Oink! Oink! Oh, God, stop! You’re killing me. Oink!”

Jake laughed and pulled out of Diane’s tortured asshole. Kicking her in the side, he knocked her over and onto her back. As he squatted over her he chuckled and said, “Here’s some slop for you pig girl.”

With a loud groan, he began ejaculating on her food-covered face. As he jerked his erupting penis with one hand, the other smeared the gooey mess on her lips. Diane just laid there sobbing, too exhausted to do anything else. When the last drops of semen had dribbled from his penis, Jake stood up. Staggering out the kitchen door, he said, “Clean yourself up, piggie. You’re a fucking mess.”

The End

(c) Copyright November 2000 by Jefferson James. All rights reserved. No portion of this story may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author, except for a single copy, by and for the person reading this notice, for private reading.